Nepal is Declared a Republic!!!

The proposal to declare Nepal a republic is passed by 560 vs 4 votes. [Here is the minute by minute account of the first meeting of the CA.]

Remove former king and his secretariat from the Narayanhitti palace within 15 days; the CA meeting directs the government.

The 240-year-old institution of monarchy is formally abolished in Nepal.

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly, which was elected by the people of Nepal on 10 April, declared Nepal a republic a few seconds ago. In fact, the CA meeting implemented the constitutional provision that already declared Nepal a republic but gave the power to implement that decision to the first meeting of the CA.

Here is an excerpt from out post on 29 December 2007:

The Interim Parliament yesterday (28 Dec) passed a third amendment to the Interim Constitution, stating that Nepal would become a federal democratic republic after the Constituent Assembly poll. Parliament amended Article 159 of the constitution. The amendment reads: “Nepal will be a federal democratic republic.” The amendment also says the decision would be enforced by the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.” The amendment provides for parliament, through a two-third majority, to abolish the monarchy before the CA poll if the government is convinced that the king is conspiring against the poll. The amendment also formally transfers the position of head of state to the prime minister. (Here is more.)

People who are already on the streets to celebrate the declaration of the republic from the morning are chanting slogans welcoming the decision of the CA.

Earlier in the day, before coming at the International Convention Center in New Baneshwor, top leaders of the big three parties also agreed on the rights and privileges of the President and the Vice President.

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78 responses to “Nepal is Declared a Republic!!!”

  1. Harke Avatar

    Hey Major Sharp you sound like you are one of those Maoists who were killing teachers in villages. You are the one who killed Ram Hari Shrestha.

    Why the f*** should we give Prachanda a chance? Lets see how much vote will he get if he throws all his weapons and obeys the law.

  2. had belief in the army Avatar
    had belief in the army

    I agree in one thing with Prachanda. These numbered Nepali Army is useless! Yes, even YCLs are better than the Nepali Army!

  3. y Avatar

    yes Gyane is out but don’t be fooled the king is gone – there is the new defacto king who will call the shots ( a revolving king who follows the emperors orders) – the one gleefully sitting in Lainchaur Durbar – the example of reading out the Indian Speakers (not even their PM’s and not even the joint message of international community, just the Indian) long message in our first CA meet while only giving our own mps 2 mins is proof enough. Poor fools.

  4. y Avatar

    that very message from the dhoti is to say listen you Bahadurs don’t have aby illusions that we are’nt behind your every step towards today, don’t be diiilusioned that you brought in a republic (without us laddoo) – WE CALL ALL THE SHOTS AND HAVE BEEN – KNEEL BEFORE YOUR NEW LORD.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    Oh dear the Indian bogeyman again!

  6. Raj Avatar

    Indian boogeyman??? No this is a reality. Why was the words of the Indian speaker read in our parliament. India, not the king and not Maobadi is the biggest threat to Nepal. We should deport every one of those dhotis back to that shithole.

  7. Harke Avatar

    Baba Gorakhnath ko jai hosh… !!!

  8. bhote Avatar

    nepali dude go n hang urself, as for me i hav never felt nepali ever as now after nepal has become federal democratic republic. it aint only the place of hindu n bishnus incarnation, its of everyone. accept the reality cry baby. stop cursing for indian to take over nepal, pathetic loosers…..

  9. hemant Avatar


  10. y Avatar


    You seem naive to believe that the Induans are’nt the architects. Wait and see.

  11. Kirat Avatar

    y, Raj-Don’t worry I resent the Indian influence as much as you-but blaming them isn’t going to help. Why do they exert so much influence in Nepali politics? It is because we let them do this. So don’t blame the Indians they care about India not Nepal, blame our Nepalis who don’t care about our own country.

  12. TNT Avatar

    its sad that a benevolent monarch had to sacrifise his crown because he made the efforts to salvage the country from terrorism and anarchy. in nepal, good gestures are seldom appreciated. the same folks you help will betray you, leaving you high and dry. you have to be a heartless conniving d*ck if you don’t want to be trampled in nepal. so, yes, king gyanendra was utterly naive to enter the jungle infested with ugly animals and assume that he would come out of it unscathed. he did it with the best intentions and in the best interest of the nation, but sadly in nepal best intentions alone are not enough. you must have a hide as thick as rhino’s to survive the bloodbath. in nepal, you either obliterate your foe or get vanquished. its as simple as that. if you are too soft on your foe, you will be putting yourself at a great risk of getting mauled. king gyanendra was a benevolent king and certainly the lesser of the three evils. certainly no where as evil as polpot prachanda who butchered 14000 innocent people. its ironic that king gyanedra has been punished for trying to put out the fire that had engulfed the country whereas polpot prachanda has been transformed into a messiah.

  13. y Avatar

    listen kirat,

    this is’nt about resentment, we’ve just followed their plan for nepal. I am sure they will help us economically as much as we help them. Nothing suspicious or nothing to resent, in that aspect I believe it is all good. But soveeignity we will never have. We will be run by India and I believe economically for the better. But we better bow to them for this. In other words theres nothing to be proud of for us without being proud of India – do you get the picture.

  14. y Avatar

    Rather a rich slave than a poor master – thats the moral. It’s the economy stupid.

  15. bhote Avatar

    ooi jatha hemanta, lagdina k garchas?? jatha haru rudaii bas king lai samjhidai.

  16. nepali Avatar

    hye hemanta, don’t reply to this bhote. look at his words. This type of people are from third class category! he is the ‘bahadur ‘ of his Indian master. Dance in party bhote! We cry for the nation. You dance for the Indians. But very very soon, you will be surely crying. Let’s bet !

    Just let us pray for the King and the country. mozzas, bhayenkar, hemanta, y, TNT, xyz, mahila sahu,… I thank you people and we are frens. Don’t lose heart. Let’s learn from our King. He is like the sun. His personality is like the sun- ‘with the same color during rising and during setting! Let’s learn from him. He didn’t kneel down before foreign powers but kneeled down before his own nepali people! If he was cruel, this day won’t come and there would have been much more dense bloods… but he really loves his countrymen. Let’s learn from him. Personally, King Gyanendra is my ideal hero that will lead me and teach me throughout my life.

  17. bhote Avatar

    watever dude, glad to know u r first class category types, ignorant hypocrites. i dont need ur judgments loosers. wont give u any advantage by abusing me personally casue i know my stance u sickos. b happy ur idol wasnt gullotined but given a respectful exit. u can drag ur ass from weherever u r to nepal n can join those underground royalist n hindu fundamentalists if u wish to instead of crying wolf here n praying for no vain, dont give bull about india n stuff, thats becoming too lame n boring already, as if i didnt see american marines in full military fatigue n M4 Carbine around suryabinayak army barrack in his time. i fking dare u ppl, who the hell is more nationalist n responsible citizen of this nation.

  18. bhote Avatar


  19. nepali Avatar

    Listen foreign powers, your day-dream to end our religion, our unity, our monarchy, our territory, our identity and our heritage WILL NEVER get success. Our King and our glorious history of patriotism have always inspired and taught us war for the nation. How you created the illusion to defame the monarch and how you made slave to our political parties will exist no more from now.

    Long live King Gyanendra ! We love our King more than our lives. Shree Pashupatinath le haami sabaiko kalyaan garunn! Jaya Nepal.

  20. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Just watching the yesterdays bhasan of Polpote Prachande and RAW trained Baburam, now their principal enemy King is gone they are targeting and threatning UML and Cogress. They are going to be next victim of Maoist. To give credit to Maoist they have never hidden their lust and quest and strategy for power. They will use the lesser enemy to destroy the major enemy then once done they will turn on lesser enemy. Now, it is turn of UML and congress to be eliminated and thanks to antarghati like SHIT Situala and Pataki Girija and stupid and Whiskey and perfume loving JHALE they will have not difficulties to do that. And thier New Indian Master SOOD will help them to acheive that. WAKE up NEPALI Janata we are in for totalitarian regime like POLPOT and North Korean soon. As for Monarchy most of people might not like Gyanendra but we still support institure of Monarchy which stupid foreigners like Major Sharp will never understand. Within few year of Maoist dicatatroship or Chaos of Kongressi and UML Nepali will bring back Monarchy in some form. History is full of example like in England, Spain and even Bulgaria where Former King became President even Cambodia or we would have been assimilated in Indian union. Sign is clear as some bloggers has pointed out that our first CA spend much time reading letter from master indian speaker than giving time to any speakers. First of all if we remember and not biased the mandate of Janandolan was restoration of parliament not ouster of King, later on it was turned on on Maoist agenda and there was no refrendum. In CA all the parties were carrying republican agenda and King was not given any chance to present his case to People. It was done Forcefully and illegally. This will have long term consequences. and beside there was no demand for turning country into secular country. This was done by force by so called party without proper discussion so there is bound to be another revolution. Right now Supporter of Monarchy looks small but remember few years back nobody belived Maoist will win. Until then let see our country decline, destroy ourselves by either totatalian Maoist or bloodsuckers parties. It is GAANDTANTRA we got not Gantantra. HAPPY GAANDTANTRA to all the Nepali let the GAI JATRA Begin!!!

  21. Kirat Avatar

    y-that’s my point. Why blame Indians when it is us Nepalis who blindly follow their orders just for the lust of individual power and money? Indians will do what is in the best interests of India not Nepal. It is up to us Nepalis to protect our own interests. If we can’t do this why blame others? That’s why I find this Indian bogeyman theory raised by the royalists, maoists and all other opportunists sickening-they would sell the country for a few crores yet they are the ones who constantly raise the issue of our sovereignity. Perhaps you should avoid being brainwashed by them.

  22. y Avatar

    I guess my point is your point. The other point is it is’nt a bogeyman (meaning something in the imagination often of a child), – it is very much reality that is my point . The fact that we follow India and have been is reality, how the maoists or royalists or congress politicise it is not for me to theorise. It’s a fact, and we have to live with it. And I’m hardly brainwashed by this but perhaps you are as you still term it as bogeyman when infact its fact.

  23. Kirat Avatar

    y-no the real bogeyman is our own stunted brains and that of our netas.

  24. sale Avatar


    again there is no bogeyman, its the reality.

  25. coke Avatar

    Jana Gana Mana…

  26. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    Dear Mahila Sahu, o course Maoists next victim is Congress and UML, if they still support King and Monarchy, and if they hinder Nepal’s land reformation and rapid economic progress, by handing power to Maoists who is the single largest party (whose seats in CA is more than Congress and UML combined, who thinks without them Nepal will not survive, who don’t want to leave the status quo. If Congress and UML don’t change their behaviour and comes up with policies and agendas much better and revolutionary than maoist’s, then people will have to support Maoists, because people don’t have any other choice. As I have already said Monarchy dies of its own fault, the same is true with Congress and UML. They will die if they don’t change for better.

    You are right Mahila Sahu, tha totalitarian rule is around the corner if the other parties don’t do something to bring strategies and policies better than maoists for the economic development. Nepalese have only two choice: either die of hunger or full their stomach in totalitarian rule.

    Nepalese people rarely liked Monarchy, because it is inherently an outdated idea. The concept of nations are fading in the globalization context, thus the concept of Monarchy has no value which thrives on ‘nation’ concept, because Kings/Queens need nations to rule. On the contrary, in the context of globalization, economic progress of societies is most valued. Nowadays people values money and prosperity more than national identity. But the paradox in Nepal is that Maoists appears the most nationalist party. All the other parties are afraid of showing their nationalism in fear that it will make them appear Anti-Indian. That’s a poor dilemma for them. Anyway, we cannot say anything with tasting Maoists rule. If Maoists cannot fulfill national interests and bring rapid economic change, they will disappear from Nepal’s political. That’s the beauty of democracy, which refines itself. Republicanism is the best form of democracy.

    Indian influence in Nepalese politics has never been less, it is true. The reason is India has the biggest stake in Nepal, security wise and resource wise. But do you think Nepal will be assimilated with India without Congress and UML’s support? Even if Nepal becomes Sikkim, we have to accept that it would happen because our elected persons signed for it. It is a far cry to be apprehensive that the 601 members will sign on it. It had greater chance that Gyanendra in his lust, greed and selfishness, was in fart better position to sign Nepal to become India’s part, because it is easier to make one man sign by bribery/threat than 601 members.

  27. manan Avatar

    And Prachanda has been making these crazy comments lately. So crazy that even his own party members are distancing themselves from him.

    Who is the real Prachanda? The communist fanatic? The pragmatic negotiator? Or the ruthless opportunist? He’s shown characteristics of being all three. Now that he’s the most powerful guy in the country, its really time we paid close attention to everything he says and does.

  28. yp Avatar

    29% of seats hardly qualifies the maoists to claim anything. They need to convince others to support them to form a govt. As far as maoists go 29% votes for them means 71% are not for them. They are’nt democrats so in theor terms its either for them or against – and 71% (an overwhelming majority) are against them.
    Let’s not tout the “largest party” banner too much.

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