While King Gyanendra Is Still Inside the Palace, Comrade Prachanda Says Monarchy Is Abolished

Maoist Supremo Prachanda today claimed that a new era has begun with the ‘legitimate end of the monarchy’. Referring to yesterday’s decision of the interim parliament, the Maoist Chairman added that now a new era had dawned with the end of the monarchy.

Third Amendment of Interim Constitution Clears Deck for Republic

The Interim Parliament yesterday passed a third amendment to the Interim Constitution, stating that Nepal would become a federal democratic republic after the Constituent Assembly poll. Parliament amended Article 159 of the constitution. The amendment reads: “Nepal will be a federal democratic republic.” The amendment also says the decision would be enforced by the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.” The amendment provides for parliament, through a two-third majority, to abolish the monarchy before the CA poll if the government is convinced that the king is conspiring against the poll. The amendment also formally transfers the position of head of state to the prime minister.

The constitution promulgated on January 16, 2007 was amended for the first time in March following a month-long Madhes movement, and for a second time on June 13 after the government’s failure to hold CA polls by mid-June.

Only three members — Pashupati Shumsher Rana and Krishna Pratap Malla of Rastriya Prajatantra Party and Pari Thapa of CPN (United) — voted against the proposal. Four members, two each from Rastriya Janashakti Party and Sadbhavana Party, boycotted the voting.

Amendment draws flak

“Constituent Assembly elected through fresh a mandate of the people is the only body that can exercise the people’s sovereign power,” said Rastriya Janashakti Party Chairman Surya Bahadur Thapa. “If this crucial decision is taken by the seven parties then where does sovereignty rest on?” He also warned of severe consequences because of SPA’s authoritarian attitude. (read here more about the amendment)







6 responses to “While King Gyanendra Is Still Inside the Palace, Comrade Prachanda Says Monarchy Is Abolished”

  1. Ram bahadur lama Avatar
    Ram bahadur lama

    yo TIKE saamsad haru le desh lai tukryaune nai bhaye…TIKE haru lai je manlagcha tehi garne adhikar kasle diyo?? Dhoti ( india) ko yisara ma 40 lakhs Indian lai nagarikta bade aba pheri Nepal lai Sanghatmak Gadatantra ghosada gardai chan, ahile pheri naya bida haru thapeka chan, jaati ra dharma ko aadhar ma. kina muslim ra christian lai matra aba jain, sikh, bon ani aru dharma sabai parwa ma rastriya bida dina parcha…. ani kina 2/4 wota jaati ko matra aba 124 jaat jaati ko harek parwa ma pani rastriya bida dina parcha… ani 365 din nai bida….
    …yo desh lai jaati gat aadhar ma sangh ghosada garda bhayenkar dusparina aucha… yenha 7/8 jaati matra basdainan…..ma kathmandu ma basne Tamang hu.. yeslai Newa gadarajya ghosada gare hami gair Newar haru le hatiyaar uthaune chau… Yek jaati, Nepali matra hunuparcha.. ra Nepal lai yekatmak nai rakhnu parcha…. ani Greater nepal banauna parcha…. Jaya Greater Nepal, Nepali jaati, Nepali bhasa.

  2. Welcome to Paradise Avatar

    Gee, man…. quite contradicting…

    since already the leaders have made contradicting statements before as well, why don’t they learn from their mistakes?

  3. ram Avatar

    Another Great joke. We should say we are also getting fun because we do not have any outcomes from our politics and politician except great jokes and dramas.

  4. Sangesh Shrestha Avatar

    WHo the hell are these 7 parties, this parlimetn and the MP’s are compromised ones with the moasit, they have no rights to do any thing wiht out people’s voice ( people voice mean a single nepali not just maosit cardes) how can they abolish monarchay with out PPL’s voice, Maoist is nto peopl’es vocie and the Party’s constituion is also not people voice. and to gather 10% vote, they are givign full national holidyay hahah very funny, then newar have every week one one festival, we demand holiday on yomari punhi also 🙂

  5. Sion Avatar

    Great day for all the nepalese!
    Learn to repect for what is best for the masses than for what is for you or me?


  6. Anon Avatar


    What do you think the voting was for? Was it not to get the will of the people? The monarch is dead, welcome to the New Nepal.

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