Nepal: Elections, Voters and the Economy

Nepalis Are Not Dumb. They Voted Parties with Best Economic Policies for Nepal By Siromani Dhungana/UWB “An empty stomach is not a good political adviser”- Albert Einstein The Constituent Assembly election is over now but its impact will remain until the next election. People have expressed their aspirations and exercised their power during this electionContinue reading “Nepal: Elections, Voters and the Economy”

Second Loktantra (Democracy) Day

Click here for a report in Nepali and photos of the second Loktantra day party hosted by the Prime Minister. …… From UWB archive: April Revolution …. For the record: The second anniversary of the historic Loktantra Day was observed throughout the country today to commemorate the victory of Nepali people over the direct ruleContinue reading “Second Loktantra (Democracy) Day”

While King Gyanendra Is Still Inside the Palace, Comrade Prachanda Says Monarchy Is Abolished

Maoist Supremo Prachanda today claimed that a new era has begun with the ‘legitimate end of the monarchy’. Referring to yesterday’s decision of the interim parliament, the Maoist Chairman added that now a new era had dawned with the end of the monarchy. Third Amendment of Interim Constitution Clears Deck for Republic The Interim ParliamentContinue reading “While King Gyanendra Is Still Inside the Palace, Comrade Prachanda Says Monarchy Is Abolished”

Down With Emergency Rule in Pakistan

UWB editorial: We angrily condemn the latest decision of the General Parvez Musharraf government in Pakistan to impose emergency, dismiss the Supreme Court chief justice and black out the private TV stations. It’s not surprising that THE dictator has imposed marshal laws in Pakistan. What is really surprising is why the people of Pakistan areContinue reading “Down With Emergency Rule in Pakistan”

“Maoists Killed Journalist Birendra Sah”: Source to Kathmandu Post

[Update: Nepali journalists are organizing a protest rally in Kathmandu now (10:30 AM) to raise the issue of Biredra Sah abduction.] Umarawati Devi Sah, wife of missing journalist Birendra Sah, with son Bibek and daughter Bidhya wears a weary look at a meeting with a Kantipur journalist at a guest house in Kathmandu on Monday.Continue reading ““Maoists Killed Journalist Birendra Sah”: Source to Kathmandu Post”

Kantipur and Maoist Agreement

The management of Kantipur Publications and the leadership of Maoist’s trade union today morning reached an agreement to end the current impasse and solve the problem via talks on Monday. In a meeting that was attended by Maoist Chairman Prachanda, senior Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and senior Kantipur/Kathmandu Post editors, Kantipur Managing Director KailashContinue reading “Kantipur and Maoist Agreement”