Second Loktantra (Democracy) Day

Click here for a report in Nepali and photos of the second Loktantra day party hosted by the Prime Minister.
From UWB archive: April Revolution
For the record: The second anniversary of the historic Loktantra Day was observed throughout the country today to commemorate the victory of Nepali people over the direct rule of King Gyanendra. Exactly two years back on this very day (Nepali month Baishakh 11), democracy was restored following a nationwide mass uprising popularly known as April movement for the reinstatement of parliament dissolved by the King.

Prime Minister and chairman of the Loktantra Day- 2065 Main Organizing Committee Girija Prasad Koirala has said that no one can now snatch away the Nepalese people’s rights achieved from the people’s movement. In a message given at a special function organized at Tundikhel on the occasion of the Loktantra (democracy) Day, Koirala said Nepal has entered into a new era of loktantrik system, and we should transform the nation into a peaceful and prosperous country by establishing new thinking, new culture and new traditions on this historic day.

The sacrificial movement of Baisakh 11 restored the parliament on this very day in 2063 BS by defeating the autocracy and Nepali people achieved all rights, he said and added, “This is a glorious day of the people in the history of Nepal”.

The historical constituent assembly election has been already completed, he said while offering tribute to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Minister for Peace and Reconstruction, Ram Chandra Poudel read out the PM’s message at the function, although PM Koirala was himself present.






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  1. yellow Avatar

    Well, i don’t have much to say regarding this, because my office didn’t allow me holiday on this day. All the same, had I been allowed holiday at Loktantra Diwas, I would have been confused because:

    1. I wouldn’t know how to celebrate the day.
    2. It would be like a normal holiday for me where I could end up watching some hollywood flick or etcetera.
    3. And again, I wouldn’t want to goto Khula Manch or anywhere where some prominent leaders might speak, because despite everything that has happened so far, the country seems to be on the same lane ie fuel crisis, hike of price for almost everything.
    So no point in listening to the leaders.

    “Joon Goru Aaye Pani Kanai Chireko”

  2. jiban Avatar

    I think this is not second Loktantra this is fifth
    1.2007 strugle
    2 . 2036 election
    3. 2046
    4.2052 marxist conflicr
    5. 2063 joint strugle between the seven parties and the king

  3. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Dear all,
    Still now we have not achieved the full fledged democracy. The democracy in Nepal has been financed in istallment basis. Up to now we experiemced verious forms of so called democracy; sometimes Just DEMON and sometimes Just CRACY.
    Let’s not hop but hope, Real democracy is about to step in….. but sometimes I afraid watching Pracanda’s mustache and 60 years infant democracy

  4. xyz Avatar

    NC, UML leaders attribute their humiliating defeat in the CA election to lack of security and maoist intimidation. Then who is responsible for this?

    I say KP Sitaula and pataki Girija .

    Girija is also considered to be the most unauspicious person in Nepal. That is why he is also called Giddhe Budho (Old vulture). It is believed in our culture that a vulture brings something very unauspicious to our family if it lands on the roof of our house. Pataki Girija landed on the roof of Nepal (i.e., Singha durbar) five times, and everytime he brought miseries to the people and the country.
    For example, great palace massacre happened during his tenure, but he failed to punish the culprits. Great aeroplane disasters like Thai and PIA crashes took place during his tenure.
    And this time great party like NC and UML lost to maoist due to insecurity and maoist intimidation. He was supposed to provide enough security during the CA election, but he failed to do so. What he cared in his life is how to save his PM position. This man is solely responsible for the current disastrous state of the Nc party. This man should have been cremated at Pashupati Aryaghat long long ago so that the NC and UML won’t suffer such humuliating loss to Maoist at the CA election.

  5. bishnu Avatar


  6. krishna Avatar

    KP Sitaula lost election, so he is not going to retain his HM position. Then what is he going to do? I think he is going to be the permanent habaldar of TTT Prachande.

  7. saman Avatar

    Mother f’cker KP Sitaula should be hanged for being maoist spy and failing to provide enough security that resulted in NC party’s loss in the CA election

  8. vaastu Avatar

    NC was prone to lose whether it was KP Sitaula or not. It had won the past elections just by capturing booths.

    NC had already lost reasons in the people, for
    1 Creating corrupt bureaucracy.
    2. Not representing commoners like majdur, etc and acting like the party of capitalists.
    3. NC has always been a party of individuals, not a party with policy.
    4. Talking about ceremonial king, baby king blah blah…
    5. Sujata Koirala saying that we need a king.
    6. Not allowing Gagan Thapa in Direct Election.

    UML still has space to grow because it doesn’t has a tarnished image. But, we can never expect a corrupt royalist party like NC to grow up unless you have honest guys like KP Sitaula.

    If there are some people who I like in NC they are:
    Narahari Acharya.
    Gagan Thapa
    K P Sitaula

    Rest goto hell.

  9. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Dear xyz and saman,
    First mind your language. It seems your still in semi barbaric age.
    Regarding GP, Whtever he did in the past forget foget it. conducting CA election, he purgated himself. Now don’t have prejudice. We have to respect him. He is the one who brought maoist in democratic way.May he get Nobel Prize for peace.

    Lastly, I request blog hoster to check the blog regarding vulgar language. or close it

  10. kpyadav Avatar


    Do you know what nobel prize is and who deserves it? I don’t think so. Certainly not a corrupt and incompetent person like KP Sitaula!!

  11. kpyadav Avatar

    Do you know what nobel prize is and who deserves it? I don’t think so. Certainly not corrupt and incompetent people like GP Koirala and KP Sitaula!!

  12. kpyadav Avatar


    Do you know what nobel prize is and who deserves it? I don’t think so. Certainly not a corrupt and incompetent person like KP Sitaula!!

  13. Chandra Avatar

    Mr. XYZ.

    Cool down my firend. Your raze will kill you and no one even know you are dead if you take so much animosity in other people. Seems to me you even dream about Girija. He is old he is going to die, there will be a long procession in KTM all Leaders, Maoist, UML, royalis etc. etc will participate in that rally. There will be a condolance from all around the world. And, you will die in a dark room with rage and no one around to even to understan why you were die. Cool down, look on sky there is black cloud but sky still blue.

  14. manan Avatar


    Do you have any answer why Nc faced such humuliating defeat in this election. It is because of you Bharaute who licks Koirala family’s foot. you are a mentally retarded person who can’t see the fineline that divides what is wrong and what is right.

  15. truthSupporter Avatar


    I fully support people like XYZ who tell the truth and hate people like CHANDRA WHO can’t digest the truth.

    Girija Koirala and his family looted this country, but there is no improvement in the economic welling of the people. Every year more than 700 people who go to gulf countries seeking for employment are killed. Who forced these people to go to Gulf countries? The answer is Girija Koirala.
    Who is responsible for the current poor state of Nepal Airlines Corporation? People like Girija and his daughter Sujata (who was involved in such big scandal like Dhamija.).
    Thus, People like Girija, Sujata, and Koirala family’s dalal like CHANDRA are responsible for the current disastrous state of Nepal.

    Reality bites for asslicker like CHANDRA

  16. Kamalesh Avatar

    Mr Chandra,

    When sun rises in the morning, then it is not necessary to get together to determine whether it is day or night. Likewise, it is futile to discuss who you are. The answer is: you are a faceless, brainless, and useless creature who is inclined to distort the truth for the sake of money. That is why people like you are called BHADA KO TATTU. If you are so proud of Girija prasad Koirala, then just tell me one thing that Girija has helped make difference in people’s life. A brainless person like you might say that Giraja brought maoists to peace process. That would be totally wrong if you say so because maoists were tired of spending their lives in jungle, and Prachanda is also as hungry as Girija for power. And that brought maoists to peace process, not Girija who is always involved in enriching himself and his Koirala family. People are sick and tired of Koirala family’ nepotism and favouritism. That is why all these Koiralas like Shekher Koirala, sujata koirala, Ashok Koirala, Sushil Koirala…. lost badly in the CA election.

  17. ram Avatar

    Mr. Chandra,

    GP koirala is the emperior in the story “Emperior’s new clothes”, and his chamcha (spoon) Chandra is one of the swindlers who has been robbing Nepal Since 1990 to date, and now the emperior Girija has been exposed badly in the CA election

  18. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Dear Chandra
    Your r right. Rest of othres criticize you are callow guys.Obviously, one day they will hang themselves due to their own mental problem. Everyone shoud ponder on present. We have to criticize GP,KP for their mistaks but forgetting their role in the present context is stupidity. Guys! don’t be blind, remove blind faith
    May god give you power to root out your stupidity!

  19. Ghanashyam Avatar


    It looks like both nepaleswor and chandra are the two sides of the same coin that revolves around the greedy face of GP koirala. You two need to do your soul-searching. There is no doubt that you two’ s brains are inverted. Mathematically speaking, if someone’s brain is inverted, then we need to take inverse of that brain in order to bring that person back to the track. I suggest you to take inverse of your brain odd number of times in order to put you folks on the track. Remember not take the inverse of your brain even numbers of time, otherwise there will be no hospital in the world that can cure your mental illness.

  20. vibek Avatar

    Chandra and nepaleswor,

    It looks like both of you get enough bones to chew from Girija and his family to work as their lapdogs. Do you two know the meaning of lapdog? I don’t think so. But your days will be over pretty soon since your master Girija, the most immoral person on this whole planet is going to be dethrowned before long.

  21. Rimal Avatar

    Everything that’s occurred here depicts the gutbandi in NC. NC never was a united party. It comprises of a number of groups that conspire against the other group’s success.

    And the worst part is that they claim it’s a democratic party like we would believe them.

  22. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Do you know? only real lapdog knows the meaning of IT. Who knows better than you. The devil dwels in empty mind.

  23. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Dear Ghanedaju,
    I know you r great mathematicain. Plese apply to school since many students are failure in maths. You know why great Mathemeticain forget themselves? sometimes syntax error

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