Kantipur and Maoist Agreement

The management of Kantipur Publications and the leadership of Maoist’s trade union today morning reached an agreement to end the current impasse and solve the problem via talks on Monday. In a meeting that was attended by Maoist Chairman Prachanda, senior Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and senior Kantipur/Kathmandu Post editors, Kantipur Managing Director KailashContinue reading “Kantipur and Maoist Agreement”

Free Press Vs Maoists: Updates on Kantipur Struggle

Journalists and members of civil society in New Baneshwor before starting a protest rally against Maoist intimidation. Kantipur, TKP publication obstructed in Bharatpur again: Today’s (3 Oct) western regional editions of Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post dailies couldn’t be published on the second consecutive day. read here Govt vows to punish those involved in attackContinue reading “Free Press Vs Maoists: Updates on Kantipur Struggle”

Update Burma: Momentous Movement in Myanmar

Our solidarity to the momentous freedom movement in Myanmar While Nepal is going through disappointing uncertainties in the past couple of days, something extraordinary is happening in Burma that’s reminding me of our own April revolution of 2006. I feel like I want to be there hitting the streets of Sittwe, Pakokku, Rangoon and, ofContinue reading “Update Burma: Momentous Movement in Myanmar”

Our Solidarity to Democracy Movements in Burma, Pakistan (and elsewhere in South Asia)

Update: We strongly condemn the Musharraf regime’ decision to deport the former Pakistani Prime Pinister Nawaz Sharif to Saudia Arabia. This forceful deportation only proves how terrified the tyrants are with unarmed people. By stopping Sharif from entering the country, the military dictatorship has also brazenly ignored the Supreme Court order of not block hisContinue reading “Our Solidarity to Democracy Movements in Burma, Pakistan (and elsewhere in South Asia)”

Newspaper Closure: Maoist Madness

Nepal Samacharpatra daily is closed: The Maoists should understand that, though very young compared to the world journalism, Nepali media have gone through variety of tough tests and their effort to intimidate the critical journalism will be proved to be futile. By Dinesh Wagle Some reporters, proof readers and desk editors wait for vans toContinue reading “Newspaper Closure: Maoist Madness”

A Year of Democracy (Loktantra) in Nepal

Leading the nation to the Constituent Assembly election by addressing demands raised by various interest groups and move the peace process forward are the two biggest challenges for this year. We have come a long way in the past 12 months. The peace process, started immediately after the successful peoples’ movement (April Revolution), is alsoContinue reading “A Year of Democracy (Loktantra) in Nepal”

A [Royal] Nepal Army General [Rtd.] Is Maoist Member of Interim Parliament

“Maoists decided to nominate me because they were impressed by my articles published in Kantipur daily.” -Kumar Phodung By Bishnu Bodhathoki Having served in the Nepal Army (NA) [former Royal Nepal Army] for 35 years, ex-Major General Kumar Phodung has been nominated as a member of the interim legislature by the Maoists. Talking to theContinue reading “A [Royal] Nepal Army General [Rtd.] Is Maoist Member of Interim Parliament”