Update Burma: Momentous Movement in Myanmar

Our solidarity to the momentous freedom movement in Myanmar

While Nepal is going through disappointing uncertainties in the past couple of days, something extraordinary is happening in Burma that’s reminding me of our own April revolution of 2006. I feel like I want to be there hitting the streets of Sittwe, Pakokku, Rangoon and, of course, Mandalay along with those brave monks I am seeing on TV. With the posters of Lord Buddha in their hands and voice of freedom in their mouths, highly revered Bhuddhist monks are on the forefront of an unprecedented revolution that is silently taking place in the country that is suffering from one of the most repressive regimes of the world.

The fact that some of the biggest demonstrations in the past two decades are taking place in Rangoon suggests Burmese people have finally decided to fight against the bloody and disgusting tyranny of the Army generals. And the best thing about these protests, in my personal observation, is that the participating of monks is not for a religious movement, it’s not about some Muslim fanatics in some parts of the word waging jehad. Though the initial demonstrations were basically about expression of frustration over the fuel price hike, the silent and organized protests are purely about freedom and democracy. I am keenly reading/watching reports that the participation of general public in the rallies are dramatically increasing. This makes me really excited. My best wishes to the freedom loving people of Burma for their effort to have a free and democratic society.-by Wagle

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7 responses to “Update Burma: Momentous Movement in Myanmar”

  1. ripvanwinkle Avatar

    hit the streets of kapilvastu,

  2. coke Avatar

    This is not the Indian line beb, India wants gas pipeline from Burma first!!!!!
    Anyway solidarity to all the freedom fighters all over the world inclucing those in our Madhesh.

  3. introvert Avatar

    good start in burma. good wishes to them.

    wish for their freedom from 58 years long imposed military government.
    burmise can learn something from our april movement but we still need to learn from them as well and use effectively wot we got with us. here i want to use nepali pro verb,,,,,,KASTURI KO BASHNA KASTURI AFAI LAI THAH HUDAINA.

    lets learn from burma for our own national benefit…….
    lets compare burma with nepal……… in terms of politics and lets look back how we could defeat feudalism( its not established yet though)……… why burmise cant get rid of army government? do they have wot we nepalese got?

    its not easy to win burmise military government unlike in nepal but its start…… long way to go

    they have political parites as we have, they have insurgant militia as we had but they are very weak compared to burmise national army. to suppress ppl revolt, army camps are established almost every kilomiter. anyone who against army government, its difficult to escape from them.

    strong point is monks started to protest and they are getting massive support from public. army generals will have to take good care to suppress this time.

    lets comeback to our problem coz we still have pain. if someone analyse king kneed down due to 19 days protest on the street will be big mistake(if that could happen burmise will be free from army government in few days).
    that mass movement for 19 days was on the foundation of 12 years long peoples war and maoists played role as a back bone of the movement.

    why do i say so? lets go back to the movement by 4 or 5 parties in arround 2004/2005. ppl didnt support them and king found they didnt have public supprt. they were arrested some and some in house arrest.

    the difference between burma and us is armed force. they dont have strong opposition of national army and we had. thats why we won once but its uncertain whether we can establish or not, its coz of autocratic girija, he never learned to be democratic but calls himself a demorcrat. same day as they recommended girija as prime minister, i said its big mistake from maoist coz maoist trusted him too much. now he started to show his true color though he pretended that he realised his mistakes in the past.

    plus UML became such a vulnerable party in our country nothing but just to dance on wot india plays. anyone can see fool leftists in nepal full in parliament and letting non leftist to rule the government and non leftist awalys use the formula given by power centre to betray general public.

    wen ppl of nepal will know the fact?

  4. CafeDeNepal.com Avatar

    Communism and dictatorship is things of past, but still prevails in present Nepal – reason PROVERTY & ILLETRACY.
    Had politicians and Nepali people more focused on these basic stuff instead of running behind big fangled ideas, then Nepal wouldn’t have lagged so much behind.

    Nepalis want everything soon and a easy way without any hardship. If I support my uncle in politics then i would get appointed in some big govt. office despite my qualification – not even 10th pass. Is it ignorance or illitracy, or sheer power to do anything these politicians want ?

    Nepal will never see the brighter side unless, the mindset of top politicians and the comman man is not changed – educated, enlighted and acted.

  5. sagarmatha Avatar

    Don’t you have solidarity with Madhesis’ and other ethnic groups’ genuine demand ?

  6. sagarmatha Avatar

    6 days of horror in Kapilvastu ; historical event in rule of Girija Koirala

    The kapilvastu incident is atrocities of a civil war, where thousands of thousands people are fled their homes to other destinations to save their life. The estimated brutal killings of more than 100 (but still unknown) and destruction of around 500 houses, 100 shops and 150 vehicles shows that Nepal is likened unto Sudan likened unto Rwanda, likened unto Cambodia, likened unto Nazi German, likened unto to illness of the heart of man-kind.

    There seems to be no concern or care from the great international community to put a lasting halt to this diabolical scheme from this government who has allowed these atrocities to occur upon its citizenry and landscape. The events like this were especially shameful. In the name of democracy and peace, the eight parties’ alliance allowed anyone to kill each other due to lack of law and order.

    Many children of the victims are struggling to live without parents and many of them are surviving homeless in Kapilvastu but Girija is not concerned with this and no single sympathy word is coming for the victims from his mouth. But busy in taking place of king by celebrating cultural-programs like Indra Jatra, Bhoto jatra, Ghode Jatra etc.

    We need to understand that civil war is started in Nepal for imperialistic purposes and these leaders seems to be puppets. But this same puppet government is taking each and every advice from the imperialists…but why? This government seems to think that by turning a blind eye to such atrocities won’t somehow effect us. This country and its people are paying heavily due to the lies of eight party leaders. We have got to make this an issue with all the candidates of the CA election whether we think it will make a difference or not. The media and civil society have for years are silent about this government misrule while doing nothing to stop this “ethnic” and cultural fighting. This is nothing but one of the most brutal massacres in our history.

  7. KAWA Avatar

    The thing that confuses me about this tyrant General Musharraf is as to why he has a different set of rules in dealing with MQM (Muhajir Quami Movement) and it’s terrorist leader Altaf Hussain.

    They kill with complete freedom, they threaten media and other political leaders with complete immunity while other are held accountable for simple acts like throwing a stone or for not addressing him bowing on knees…Atleast that’s what MQM Minister babar seems to be mad about..

    Now MQM activist on orders of their Don are sending letters and e mails threatning the lives of all anchors (who not surprisingly are not Urdu Speaking) like Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid, Talat Hussain, Kashif, etc BUT NOT KAMRAN KHAN? Coincidence!!! Geo, Aaj and ARY are bombarded with letters and e mails with threats of murdering these anchors. Musharraf keeps mum!

    And surprisingly, the very next move that Musharraf makes is to put an APP on the very same anchors.. News today is that the above are being declared persona non grata and Musharraf has been talking about his strong dislike about the above anchors EXCEPT KAMRAN KHAN!

    Is it because Musharraf as a Muhajir (Urdu Speaking Immigrant from India) beleives in the MQM cause so dearly that he is willing to put his entire legacy at stake? The people of Pakistan are questioning his motives? It is common question being asked by the officer cader of Pakistan Armed Forces.

    The acts of terror and murder of 60 people on May 12th by MQM activist and sector commanders is still fresh in the minds of every citizen of Pakistan EXCEPT Musharraf?????

    I am glad that Punjab,NWFP, Baluchistan & Sinhis have seen the true face of this party (MQM) and it has opened the eys of all political parties in absolute terms once and for all. The MQM is smart enough to know that they have been exposed and that is why it needs Musharraf for their own survival. Iwas taking to a senior officer of Karachi Police who stated that WE NOW HAVE so much on this party that it will be a miricle that they will get away with it…. as soon as Musharraf goes. He stated that they have strict orders NOT TO TOUCH THEM from the highest level/s.

    The good part is that the would is now better aware of this criminal party along with human rights organizations. Canada has declared it a terrorist party and are no longer offering asylum’s to its memebrs. U.S.Homeland security web sites openly talks about the deeds of this party.

    It will be easy for the next democratic government to bring these murderes to justice… time is running out for them..


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