Kantipur and Maoist Agreement

The management of Kantipur Publications and the leadership of Maoist’s trade union today morning reached an agreement to end the current impasse and solve the problem via talks on Monday. In a meeting that was attended by Maoist Chairman Prachanda, senior Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and senior Kantipur/Kathmandu Post editors, Kantipur Managing Director Kailash Sirohiya and Chairman of the Maoist’s All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) Shalik Ram Jamkattel signed on an agreement paper. The Kantipur management agreed to withdraw case against those who were involved in vandalizing office and the printing press and take back the decision to expel those staffs. The Maoists agreed to take back all the protest programs against Kantipur Publications and disruption of circulation of Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post. Both sides agreed to hold talks on Monday to sort out internal conflict between the Management and the workers. Agitating workers were seen gathering in the Kantipur Complex and putting the banner (demanding release of their colleagues) back on the main gate. Meanwhile, the delivery boys didn’t take the papers to many of the subscribers’ homes this morning.






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  1. hope Avatar

    Oh, surprise surprise, Kantipur signed an agreement with Maoists leadership in their ‘internal dispute’!! So, kantipur agreed not to publish news defaming the maoists anymore, no more news on YCL atrocities!! Bravo Maoists!! Shame on you ‘Nepal’s largest selling daily’!!

  2. santosh Avatar

    The other facet of the dispute between two groups is simply exploitation. The K-management is very greedy that rarely shares few percentage of its benefits to its workers. The prime example is that the news readers were used to entitle less than 8,000 N-Rupees after investing 12 hours of work. The K-management’s exploitation force the worker to confront with the ‘sahujees’. The sad part of the story is that only few low level workers were fighting for the so called managers levels. The another sad face is the story is similar in case of other private sectors. by santosh

  3. endnote Avatar

    Maoist cadres abduct journalist
    Maoists yet to sign anti-landmine treaty’
    Maoists still using looted vehicles
    Maoists, FLSC continue taxation in east

    NOW KANTIPUR IS ON TRACK, UR arse hurts and u realise

  4. WEB DESIGNER Avatar

    So what really was the internal problem between kantipur publication and the employees, why id maoist supremo prachanda sign the agreement, he and the top leader had said it was the internal matter and they did not have any hand in it? in that case it should have been some union leader should have signed the agreement and not mr. prachanda

    do should we conclude that you, mr. prachanda, after all had your hands into this from the beginning?

  5. scoop Avatar

    At the end it’s all the same. What allowance did the maoists make for Kantipur? So much for Wagle and his grandiose ideas. All BS – “Money talks bullshit walks” that’s all Kantipur and ilk are about.

  6. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Kale Kale Miler Khaun Bhale !!

    Now, do not just turn again to be Maoist Mouthpiece as you have seen their true color. Maoist are strategically withdrawing for now as soon as they gain power again they will again attack Press and all other institution which could be potential enemy and challege them. Leopard never changes the spots.

  7. john Avatar

    Democratic forces’ myopic vision virtually triggered by grotesque lust for power and sordid rapaciousness appears to have plunged Nepal into an abysmal abyss of chaos and uncertainty. Playing foster father, Nepali Congress leader Girija Koirala, pampered the Maoist terrorists who were engaged in the gruesome killing of innocent Nepalese for more than ten years.

    Koirala provided them a safe haven at Singhdurbar apparently in return for their ‘commitment’ to multiparty parliamentary democracy. Koirala, the onetime diehard opponent of communists, kowtowed to the eccentric demands of the left extremists who were desperately looking for a springboard for advancing their nihilistic doctrine. The terrorist outfit proved extremely adept at political maneuvering. The deadly manipulations and machinations that it has resorted to, seem to have psyched the entire democratic forces. And there lies the dystopic decline of a serene Himalayan kingdom that was once famous for peace and harmony.

    It never occurred to Koirala that while buttressing the terrorists he was digging the grave of his own party that has a long history of fighting for democracy. He was prepared to go to any extent provided the shaking of hands even with the Maoist terrorists promised him the most covetous position of Prime Minister. But the octogenarian moron could never realize that his hobnobbing with the communist terrorists would, one day, destroy everything that his party stood for.

    Obviously, under the command of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Nepali Congress has officially decided to go in for ‘federal democratic republic’. It represents a major shift in the policy and principle of Nepali Congress that, since its inception, had been advocating ‘constitutional monarchy’ for more than six decades.

    Protesting this ‘aberration’ on the part of current leadership, one of the founding fathers and former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai has publicly severed his relationship with Nepali Congress.

    By deciding to go for republicanism, especially at this juncture, when anti-democratic communists are in the ascendant, observers believe, the incumbent NC leadership has not only betrayed their past but also consigned their beloved leader BP Koirala to the dustbin of history. Retrospectively, BP was a staunch advocate of reconciliation between the democratic and nationalist forces.

    Nepal is steadily sliding downhill. It has emerged as a classic example of chaos and uncertainty. According to the Transparency International global Corruption Perception Index – 2007, corruption in Nepal is growing over the past three years.

    In a similar vein, the World Bank has recently painted a very dismal picture of Nepal’s business and economic reforms. There is complete absence of law and order. Anarchy is all-pervasive. Recent carnage at Kapilvastu district, patently at the connivance of incumbent government, is a clear testimony.

    The cadres of Young Communist League (YCL), an affiliate of the Maoist terrorist outfit, are terrorizing people by taking the law into their own hands. They have already declared their intention of taking ‘physical action’ against those who were involved in the erstwhile royal government. The manner in which the Prime Minister is ingratiating himself with the Maoists has provided them with impregnable impunity.

    The government is woefully impervious to the sufferings and hardships facing the general populace. Koirala is more concerned about Maoist demands – no matter how destabilizing they are – than the legitimate grievances of the ordinary people. Virtually, he has established himself as an obsequious puppet at the hands of Maoist terrorists.

    It is an open secret that Kantipur, one of the publishing houses of Nepal, once used to serve as the crypto-mouthpiece of Maoists. Their publications were always on the frontline when it came to deifying the Maoists and denouncing the institution of monarchy. Observers would go even to the extent of relating their subservience to the proprietors’ past allegedly festooned with shady deals and businesses. Instead of an abiding commitment to a certain principle, theirs was an attempt at preempting potential reprisal should the Maoists come into power.

    However, with complete disregard for their genuflection, Maoists have come down heavily on Kantipur publications. This is not the first time that the Maoists have attacked media. In the recent past, they had disrupted the publication of Nepal Samacharpatra too. Over and above, that their hands are stained with the blood of journalists can never be forgotten. There need not be any illusion that Maoists’ approach to media is based on zero tolerance towards any kind of dissent.

    Growing Maoist atrocities and callousness is compounded by their enigmatic role vis-a-vis Constituent Assembly elections that are slated to he held on 22 November. In spite of being the first in advocating Constituent Assembly elections, Maoists are now seen to have been creating enormous obstacles apparently aimed at stifling the impending vote.

    The Maoist leadership has been insisting that their key demands – declaration of republic by the parliament and fully proportional representation-based electoral system – must be addressed before going to the polls. The so-called alliance of democratic parties, SPA, is not prepared to endorse their demands.

    As if to mollify the terrorist outfit, the members of the alliance agreed to pass a commitment proposal on republic through the parliament. But the ultras are not prepared to accept anything short of parliamentary declaration of republic and proportional representation-based electoral system.

    With all the courage he could muster, Koirala has also, so far, managed to resist their demands. But, for how long? After all, he is left with no choice but to submit to the Frankenstein, his own creation. Or he should be prepared to face the complete dismantling of the tenuous equation that has been meticulously crafted by ostracizing the monarchy and deifying the terrorists.

    Interestingly, Gyanendra, the lame duck monarch of Nepal, went to Kumarighar to pay homage to the living Goddess. He is reported to have gone there not as a King but as a commoner. But the incident was not taken as such. Premier Koirala, having been irked at Gyanendra’s ‘obduracy’ ordered to cut down the palace security by half.

    Despite having been encumbered by enormous humiliations and snubs, the Nepalese monarch does not seem to have made any reaction. Observers wonder whether his eerie silence represents cowering or a proverbial lull before the storm.

  8. आकार Avatar

    प्रेस स्वतन्त्रता भनेको के हो भन्ने कुरा माओवादीलाई थाहा छैन जस्तो छ ।
    उनिहरु कान्तिपुर को अगाडि टि.भी पनि बन्द गराउछौं भन्दै कराइरहेका थिए ।
    तर फेरी उनिहरु नै प्रेस स्वतन्त्रता को परिभाषा पनि
    दिरहेका थिए ।मेरो केही भन्नु छैन । सबैले बुझेकै होला माओवादी को प्रेस स्वतन्त्रता को यथार्थ ।

  9. Baje Avatar

    This is just round 2. The next time the Maoists need a distraction, there will be a round 3 and a round 4.

    Kantipur was at the forefront of advocating the democratic turn in heart of the Maoists. Let Kantipur fight its own battles with the Maoists now.

    The Press in Nepal is truning into its own political entity and that too, is not very democratic.

  10. scoop Avatar

    Time for GPK to call it quits. Hand in the reigns to a younger person. good timing too , before the elections are postponed. Time for maoists to get the hard ball. Enough softly softly from the likes of GPK and Sitaula. Oh yeah this sitaula should just be put away – he has broken every law, human right codes, every standard that he advocates vis a vis the standards set by Rayamajhi commission to prosecute the likes of Kamal Thapa – (I mean Kamal Thapa looks like a pacifist after Sitaula’s reign), and has been plain disastrous at his job. Kantipur – it has always been for the money. They have nothing to do with promoting democracy. Andolans sell papers. Maoist excesses sell papers. It’s not about standing up for anything. If the maoists really play hard ball and they will Kantipur will just put up as long as the money is allowed to flow. Thi9s deal is the same, for now the maoists have allowed them to collect their greens (ads). So Kantipur is fine with that, no need to go on about democracy and press freedom as long as their money keeps rolling in. Yes they will go on with reporting of maoist highhandedness – but then that sells, so if they stop reporting all this no one reads their papers, no ads – no money. So round 2 with maoists. Catch 22.

  11. hawa Avatar


    As they say -“hoisted on your own petard”.

  12. RAM Avatar

    I am happy for a moment because kantipur can read by nepali people again. Thanks all of you even maoist. It must be forever. I recommended free trade union in kantipur not maoist affilated. so, why donot open free trade union by all workers? Donot disrupt the publication again. worker can padlock the manager office to fulfil your demand but you shouldnot stop the newspaper publication.

    Mr. wagley, this blog is really useful. thanks for you. But journalist must be aware about maoist defination that free press are those who support them and their party line like in North korea. so, Be careful and try to fight again those atrocities like Gyanendra, maoist .

    we wish prachand line should be dominant in maoist because it is very close to agreement and peaceful nepal. As a nepali citizen i request maoist to take part in election and establish republican nepal forever. All the Maoist comrede please follow the prachand, whose line establish maoist as a future of nepal, not a history.

    Kantipur is Kantipur, i wish good success. thank you

  13. Einsteinbrosdotcom Avatar

    Why did kantipur withdraw the case against wrongdoers?? In nepal, there is no laws and rules. One can do anything without any liability!! What a country!
    Kantipur also Sux!

  14. PATRIOT in capitals Avatar
    PATRIOT in capitals

    ”Why did kantipur withdraw the case against wrongdoers?? ” DID the Maoists promise to protect u in the future????????

  15. scope Avatar

    “Nepali people will not die without information provided by Kantipur newspapers. We do not need its information. We do not need its journalists either.”
    Maoists have proved to be correct. Nobody came out on the street to side with Kantipur. Finally, its mare-baun sahujis had to grovel in front to Jammarkattel so that their tax-cheating will be protected.

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What a cop out by Kantipur! It’s typical Nepalese apathy and indifference. We Nepalese are sheep/goat. They say the people deserve their leaders. I used to think that was wrong but now I am changing my mind. There is no sense of struggle and fight in the Nepalese people – we let anyone run all over us.

  17. sagarmatha Avatar

    Girija is failed.

  18. CafeDeNepal.com Avatar

    Even Press is now under Maoist power. Maoist is taking over everything;
    First they disrupt elections; then press, now what ?

  19. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    Great going kantipur, your hobnobbing with maoist is once more admired that you dont even care about making a headline news or beating drums about Birendra Sah, who has been kidnapped tortured by the Maoist. And yet you present view of Mahara to give him a safe landing.

    Is this the press freedom you guys are fighting for.

    Cheer will take back my condolence and you i guess survival to the fittest is the game KTMPUR plays.

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