“Maoists Killed Journalist Birendra Sah”: Source to Kathmandu Post

[Update: Nepali journalists are organizing a protest rally in Kathmandu now (10:30 AM) to raise the issue of Biredra Sah abduction.]

family of journalist birendra sah

Umarawati Devi Sah, wife of missing journalist Birendra Sah, with son Bibek and daughter Bidhya wears a weary look at a meeting with a Kantipur journalist at a guest house in Kathmandu on Monday. Umarawati arrived in Kathmandu seeking help to trace the whereabouts of her husband who was abducted nearly a month ago. Pic by Narendra Shrestha via the Kathmandu Post.

According to a news report published in today’s edition of the Kathmandu Post, the Maoists have already killed journalist Birendra Sah. “The Maoists shot Sah dead the day after he was abducted,” told an unidentified source to the Post. The source, whose identity withheld by the Post “for obvious reason” said Maoist cadres Ram Ekwal Sahani and Kundan Faujdar approached Sah and his journalist colleague Ram Dev Das, who is the FNJ district member in Pipraha market of Bara on October 4.

“They (the Maoist cadres) asked the journalist duo to follow them to cover news of timber smugglers whom they claimed they had caught red handed,” the source said. The Maoist cadres then took the journalist duo to a nearby jungle from where Kundan made a phone call. They then returned to Sakhuwa village where another Maoist cadre Hareram Patel and ex chief of the Maoist people’s government, Lal Bahadur Chaudhari, were waiting for them.

Chaudhari then told Das that Sah was in the Maoist’s “red book” and asked him to return home. Chaudhari also said Sah was abducted under the party’s directives. When Das insisted that he wouldn’t return until the Maoists released his friend Sah, some Maoist cadres, beat him. Das was later taken to Ganjabhawanipur by a local Junga Bahadur Sah for medical treatment.

Outcry over Sah’s abduction: Twenty five days have passed. But Maoists haven’t yet made public the status of journalist, Birendra Sah. That has irked the journalist fraternity, angered Human Rights community and even UN bodies have shown grave concern. Following national and international outcry for Sah’s immediate release, the Maoists on Sunday formed a three-member committee to investigate the abduction. (more here)






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  1. Paribartan Avatar

    This is indeed a sad development. No words to express outrage. God give senses to the Maoists.

  2. आकार Avatar

    It’s a very sad news,and one another black tag over maoists.May be maoists have killed him.They are against the humanrights.If he is alive they have already released him.In this sense Maoists are criminals,who thinks themselves as a superior,and oneday will come when they are punished by Neplease,they may vaniced from Nepal.We need Press Freedom for Republic Nepal, but we dont want Republic Nepal of Maoists type.]
    ” पत्रकार बिरेन्द्र साह को अवस्था तुरुन्त सार्वजनिक गर । “

  3. आकार Avatar

    Look up the above photo… those innocent children and wife…..what r they thinking?…….Hey criminals can u read their eyes?………their feelings?……Have you ever think about their fulture?…… here children lost their father……wife lost her husband……and nation has lost a journalist……

    — फोटोलाई धेरै बेर बिचार गरेर हेर । —
    — केही बुद्धी आउथ्यो कि ??–

  4. आकार Avatar

    प्रेस स्वतन्त्रताको कुरा गर्छन् हजुर

    प्रेस मै दागा धर्छन् यहाँ

    आफु कमजोर देखिन्छ कि भनी

    प्रेस कै सिसा फोर्छन् यहाँ।

  5. S1:17 Avatar

    a joke on democracy.
    these criminals should be brought to justice.
    and an adequate compensation should be paid to the family paid by the maoist.
    im sure this balant murder by the maoist is just the tip of an iceberg. there are many more that dont see the light of the day.

  6. Kishan Avatar

    There is a reconciliation bill drafted already which once passed by the self-proclaimed leaders will wipe out their all the crimes committed to the Nepalese, in the name of Nepalese, and this evil-alliance-of-power-grabbers will share even more power hijacked from the people.

  7. matribhumi Avatar

    madhes should unite aginst the Maoist, long live JTTM. I think it is time we really swipe these pahades out of madhes including the pranchande and his thugs. The sooner we do it the better we are. They are still killing us, so we must kill these pahade terrrorist for our LAND.

  8. Special Avatar

    We need suicide bomber to slaughter Prachanda and other Maoists leaders. There is no other way than to find ways to slaughter these criminal leaders. The government is not doing anything instead going hand-in-hand with these criminals and giving them save haven. This is only the beginning. So many other lives have been taken and no one has heard about them. This is what maoists communism does. There is no othe way but to destroy this type of communism.

  9. Chhetri Avatar

    Nepal is becoming another Somalia because of wrong leadership in almost all political parties. Time is now to preach them to stay away from the sins.

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hey T: Matribhumi is an idiot but you have fallen to the same kind of rethoric and reasoning. Your assessment of who contributes more to Nepalese economy/society is not accurate to say the least. The Terai is perhaps THE most important and crucial region in Nepal. The majority of our economy is based out of Terai. And it is no secret that if it weren’t for Madeshis people around Nepal (especially KTM people) couldn’t even cook their daily daal bhaat tarkari. The Madeshi crisis was our own making – it was a situation waiting to come back and bite us in the as*s. For too long Nepalese discriminated and belittled Madeshis. Try to look past this moron Matribhumi and try to refrain from making smiliar statements like “you madeshis are just Indians who captured land…”

  11. S1:17 Avatar

    ignorance is bliss

  12. tooree lahuray Avatar
    tooree lahuray

    tyo sah madise le harmo suraki gareko le tesko safaya gareka hau.
    Jo hamro birudhha bolchha tyasko yestai habigat huncha

    maobadi jindabad
    ycl jindabad
    janamulti sena jindabad

  13. YCL_Killer Avatar

    Our mission is to kill as many YCL goons as we can to bring peace to Nepal because peace in Nepal without eradicating YCL thugs is not possible.

  14. sankalpa Avatar

    this tooree lahurey is one of those people who cannot survive without the blessing of his parties leader, he is a f***king parasite. He will not hesitate to take his own sister to prachande for one night.
    I am sorry for the family of journalist shah and i am also sorry for those people who have died at the hands of JTMM and so on…………..
    The idiotic government should step up and slove terai crisis NOW, we have no where to run this time. So deploy the army and get rid of india financed armed groups in terai. There is certainly discrimination against madhesi people in nepal but it is only true for the poor people , rich madhesi,s have always enjoyed nepal like any other rich bastard, so stop people stop supporting these groups who say they are fighting for madhesi people. all these thugs once belonged to maoist and they are doing nothing more than instigating violence.
    And mr pundit, yes terai is the most important region in nepal but terai was built by madhesis of pahade origin. And the people of terai who are called madhesis(the ones that speak languages like bhojpuri, maithali and so on..) really want to be liberated then they should ask for education and not an autonomous reason for the madhesi.
    and to all the bloggers refrain from making racist comments. and toooree lahurey comon man don’t be such a pussy.

  15. admin Avatar

    Justice delayed is Justice denied.

    I feel very bad for the Birendra Sah’s family.

  16. sagarmatha Avatar

    This is totally inhuman rule of this Girija Koirala.

  17. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    See what these seven fools SPA and one dangerous idiot ( maoist) did to us Nepalese. This blog reflects the deep mistrust they have managed to foster among us. Instead of focusing on real issue here ( abduction fo Birendra Sah by Maoist) we have degenerated into making rascist remarks againts each other. First of all we are all Nepalese, I do not means to say that in the past there was no discrimination and rascism but it was contained. Now we got so called loktantra, now atleast we have to have civilized discussion and decide how to solve this problem as Nepali not as Pahade, Madhesi, Janjati etc we can not afford this.

    Now, to real issue here, abduction of Birendra Sah is condemable and it is more condemable that Maoist are refusing to take responsibility despite so many proofs and eye-witness report. this proves that terrorist are terrorist are terroist. They have proven to be power hungry thugs, their behaviours are more like mafia than party. We Nepalese are also to blame and specially media is to blame becuase we were blinded by hatred toward Gyanendra and failed to see that we are rearing monster among us by supporting Maoist and these stupid SPA. Now, I am afraid that Genie is out of bottle and we will face lot of bloodshed before Nepal can be Naya Nepal.

  18. tooree lahuray Avatar
    tooree lahuray

    oye mandale sankalpa,

    gyane ko bhada ko tattu hamro mahan party lai aroop lagauchas. talae pani thik parnu parcha. jaba samma yee gyane ka tattu haru karauchhan harmo desh ko kehi bikas hudaina.

    Samsad bata ganatantra ko ghosana gar.
    Purna samanupatik lagu gar.

    Jai prachandapath
    Jai janamukti sena

  19. A Peace-Seeker Avatar

    For all those in leadership, all these so-called patriots and leaders, for all these shameless persons masquerading as the ‘peoples’ voices’: Nepal deserves better than you all, better than this present king, better than this present PM, better than this republican-wave, better than the shameless bastard Prachanda and his cohorts. This present government is our biggest shame, and our most embarrassing presentation to the whole world, which, by the way, is laughing at the joke that Nepal has become. Goodness….till when is this country going to suffer and tolerate useless, incapable, heartless, unremorseful, lying, sniping, crooks and leaders like these? To hell with the anarchy, violence, mayhem, and chaos…..let us try non-violence for a while. Let the damned against speak for forgiveness and let the guilty come out to support their victims and effect a nation-wide change of hearts. How long will their bullets last? How long will they raise their sticks and axes? One day….they will have to put down their weapons and embrace us. Not for ourselves….not for our party or their’s….but for one another, for Nepal. Till then….may God help us.

    Girija, MKN, Prachanda, Pashupati, Gyanendra, and all concerned ‘leaders’……shame on you all for making Nepal your personal battleground, your personal ego shield. Shame on us Nepalese for supporting and electing you blood-suckers….but the biggest leech of them all is you-Prachanda. If you hadn’t been born, if Prachandapath had not been invented, so many rivers and seas of precious human blood would not have been spilled. I am one for peace, a non-violent confirmist, and yet….when I see and read your mind, I’m revolted….alarmed by the fact that you’ve brainwashed thousands of our young unemployed youth with your 15th Century-relic ideology. The very fact that you’re still alive and Maoism is rampant in this country is Nepal’s biggest tragedy ever.

    And you, Gyaney……when you came to power, we gave you a chance. When you wiped out our beloved Birendra and his family, we gave you a chance. When you unleashed the army in full combat, we gave you a chance. Instead, you gave us blood, violence, rape, murder, extra-judicial executions, and sheer disorder. And for this, you will pay. You have to…..or else, the blood of all those that you’ve wiped out will boil for eternity.

    But then again….if tomorrow, you wipe out all these shameless thieves and re-start a clean slate of governance, and put us civilians in the forefront of every policy, perhaps….the country will forgive you. After all….better you or a new, dynamic leadership than these old, naked but still shameless fakes, these so-called visionaries of a ‘new Nepal’……how much new does it get? More anarchy, more mob-rule, more lawful disorder and anarchy…..more loktantrism….that’s your New Nepal, led by the old Nepalese ‘leaders’…..wake up, my fellow countrymen, our country has to rise above this….violence or non-violence, purge the blood of sin and crime off this land, and start anew. However…..as hard and difficult it is, it must be done. Oh…i salute the dynamic, visionary that is hiding in these ruins and making his slow path towards the surface of the ruins of this cursed land….He will be our savior. just don’t know who it’s yet…..but time will show.

    Till then…may god have mercy on us and show us vision, clarity, morality, and honesty. We are accountable to self, so let us add our productivity and be accountable to our motherland…..fifty years later when our grandchildren ask us, “Hajur bua, what did you do for the country in your time?”….are we going to evade the question or inflate our chests and answer, “I did this…..”

    Think about it….will our actions echo across the ages? Will our children remember how bravely we fought and how fiercely we loved? Men rise and fall like the winter wheat but some names will never be forgotten…Gandhi, Mandela…..will a Nepali please stand up and be counted?

    I rest my case…..for I believe in my countrymen, for my country believes in me. If I don’t even have this at heart, I have nothing. I’m no Nepali.

  20. cyclone Avatar

    Now you tell me, thats all yesterdays news.

  21. hope Avatar

    Daniel Pearl abducted and later beheaded, the whole world made huge outcry and Pakistan govt made one of the biggest search operation in it’s history and the perpetrators were killed later on. The organization was declared terrorist and the whole world joined hands to condemn the incident.

    Daniel Pearl and Birendra Sah, Marian Pearl and Umarawati Sah is there any difference between them?? Yet why the intl community are keeping their mouth shut?? Why a governing coalition abducts and kills a jouranalist and still are “legal” entity in Nepali politics? Why nobody from FNJ,Nagarik Samaj voices for the action against the culprit terorist party?? Are they trying to justify the killing of their so called journalist Krishna Sen by the state??Are they insinuating you can do anything when you have 83 parliamentarians in TIKE parliament??

    Make no mistake about it the precedent set by Maoists will be followed as it has been a case all over Nepal.

    Are maoists journalists listening??

  22. ram Avatar

    See how innocent family of journalist shah? This shows that Mr Shah must be innocent and fair journalist. What happened to this Maoist? Are they fighting for People? do they know what they are doing?are maoist changing from maoist to terrorist? If not why they donot stop such activities? Maoist activities are not in favor of Nepal and Nepali people. Nepali civil society should be careful.

    i wish we will get journalist shah again in Nepali journalsim. i wish he is still alive.

  23. aakash Avatar

    maiost are terror in the country.we all have to unite to fight with maiost.

  24. sankalpa Avatar

    oye toore lahurae, ta jasto khate, joslai bachna ko lagi, aafno didi bahini lai bechnu parcha, taile malai ke thik parchas.
    taile yo des ko bikas garne re. garis bikas, ta ra tero bau khana na paye ra maobadi bhako sablai taha cha, maobadi ko sarkar aaula ani maja le ghus khayera dhani banne tero sapana kaile pura hudaina.
    ta chor haru lai hami nepali janata le jhan dukha payo bhanera andolan ma support gareko ta aile ultai tauko ma tekchas, sale ta jasta maobadi chor haru mero ghar ma aayera hajur chanda dinu paryo, hajur basnalai kotha dinuparyo bhaneko yad cha malai, aja malai thik parne re taile, sale chor malai jhok chalyo bhane terai party ko mache lai paisa diyera tero hat khutta bhachna lagaidinchu, sale paisa ko lagi mobadi bha chas ajai , ganatantra ra samanupatik bhanne kura garchas, talai taha cha tyo sabda ko artha haru.

  25. tooree lahuray Avatar
    tooree lahuray

    “we all have to unite to fight with maiost.”

    aaaeeyaaa.. hasayo yesle..

    ja ja tero bau desh drohi gyane sanga milna aru k nai garna sakchhau ra namard haru le.

    timi haru desh drohi ko tyahi madise ko jasto habigat banaunu parcha..

  26. lipika Avatar

    gyane tero prachande ko bau hola.we never support gyane or prachande, all have proved to be criminals at times.
    Lahure bhai ek choti socha , ahile ta prachande le tanasahi lagauna khoj chha , power ma aye k garla.timi jasta desh prati samarpit lakhau nepali yuva lai bhramit parera tanasah matra banna khojeko ho tyasle, gyane chor jastai.madheshi bhaneka hamrai daju bhai hunn.Gyane ko sathi kohi chhaina, jana andolan ko bigul janakpur batai fukiako thiyo.Party bhanda pahile afno desh ko bhalo socha.

  27. a gal from BBA Avatar
    a gal from BBA

    Its really outrageous news .What the heck is happening in our country in the name of Loktantra . this country is misguided either by the international interference or by the outdated veichles(SPAs) . May god give insight to all these manimals soon who are committing all these hideous act.
    If the news is authentic may the soul of B. Shah rest in Peace and may the govt. provide the compensation to his innocent family.

  28. Kirat Avatar

    the moral bankruptcy of the Maoists in now complete. what positives can they possibly bring to Nepali society anymore? from lofty communist ideals to petty murderers and thiefs, that’s what the Maoists have become.

  29. worried man Avatar
    worried man

    this is crime against humanity. NHRC and other reports clearely speak about saha abduction by maoist caders. so maoist have to obligation to search saha. and government haveto punish culprit. and victims family should be protected.

    well, this is normal , everybody knows reality what is going in nepal. but some friends in this blog trying to politicize everythings. at least you all are educated people, ki can guess through your writing but some body have strong bias mentality.
    As a nepali , no body can support sepratist movement , which some terain groups are leading. and they are also culprit of nation. so need to treat these groups nicely and in timely.
    worried man

  30. Face The Music Avatar
    Face The Music

    The Maoists of Nepal can never change. They think they can do whatever they like. They are going down the drain very soon. If they have the guts, face the referendum. Nepali people will throw them away forever.

  31. Roshan Avatar

    To the ultimate idiot (tooree lahuray), use just a percent of your brain and stop being ignorant.

  32. Roshan Avatar

    and one more thing, look about the majority of opinions that are against you(your party) and your thoughts.

  33. kumar singh khadgi Avatar
    kumar singh khadgi

    I think some should shot dead all the leaders of maoist including Parchanda.
    They are the real terrorist who wants to rule Nepali people by force, Thats why they are so affraid of elections which they know they even can not win ONE seat and still making fool of poor and inocent Nepali people, But at the end they will loose this war & will be kicked out of nepal.

  34. yeskay Avatar

    Just one quotation to remind maoists leaders & cadres about their fate- VINASHKALE BIPARITTA BUDDHI. This is the beging of the end of maoists- RAWANRAAJ. May the soul of Late Birendra Sah rest in peace. God bless his family.

  35. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    Prachanda was not able to maintain eye contact with the Sah’s wife. His thumb flickering showed sign of nervousness. Yet he had audacity to tell her wife that their party is the victim of abduction and its their genuine concern to find the culprit within two day. The liar used to struck lie with a charisma but this time he ran out of words. Mr. Comrade your two days have run out and so you your day of politiking. Your support is now limited to YCL goons and few PLA in cantonement:many of whom have deserted. Ill live to the day when Comrade Awesome and Comrade Cloud is put in the open cage as with their Hero Comrade Gonzales of Shinning Path.

    Yet Six party considers this terrorist an important ally. This impish bastard thrives on chaos he has created. He himself is not able to control his own party. I sincerly hope they return in jungle with their YCL goons. At least this way criminals are distiguished as criminals. Enough of wolves in a sheep clothing.

  36. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    TIme for solidarity as we did in KTM for woodland owner. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  37. Hello Avatar

    we all know that Sah was kidnapped and killed by Maoist. Government should arrest Puspakamal Dhahal who is maintermind to this episode. Does this government has ability to put maoist killer leader into custody?

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