By a disgruntled graffiti artist?

While the CPN-Maoist continues to engage in talks with the government and the alliance of parties that dictate the government, they have already started publicity campaign to boycott the elections scheduled for 19th November. We present here photos and this update: KATHMANDU, AUG 13 – The dialogue held between the government and the poll-opposing 33-partyContinue reading “By a disgruntled graffiti artist?”

Nepal Needs More Transparency in Political Finance

By Siromani Dhungana UWB Political parties in Nepal should recognize the value of transparency in the political process and the importance of providing citizens with information on funds raised and spent in the election to influence their votes. It is clear that money counts in elections where there are needy voters and greedy politicians. PoliticiansContinue reading “Nepal Needs More Transparency in Political Finance”

Constituent Assembly Has Made Substantial Progress in Constitution Writing

Despite all the chaos and apparent differences of positions/opinions/ideologies of political parties, they have made significant progress in drafting a new constitution. If one looks at the debates that have occurred in the CA over the past year and a half, it is clear that although differences between parties have persisted, there have also beenContinue reading “Constituent Assembly Has Made Substantial Progress in Constitution Writing”

Nepali Constitution: In search of Excellence

By Prof. Suryabahadur Singh* The experimentation of various types of Constitutions was carried out in Nepal. The country had to experience six more Constitutions until elections to Constituent Assembly, 2065 (2008) were held. It had been observed that, these procedural delay jeopardized the growth of democratic system to a greater extent and derail overall nationalContinue reading “Nepali Constitution: In search of Excellence”

Historic Session of Constituent Assembly Begins in Nepal

Now (23:32), K B Gurung convenes another meeting of the CA tomorrow at 11 AM. The first meeting is over. Now (23:25), K B Gurung declares the proposal passed. He also tables a proposal to direct the government to remove the former king and his secretariat withing 15 days. This proposal is passed by theContinue reading “Historic Session of Constituent Assembly Begins in Nepal”

People on Streets to Welcome the Declaration of Republic

Update: (21:19 hours) The first meeting of the CA has begun. Soi Dhole Soi, Ganatantra Khoi? Thousands of jubilant people have hit the streets chanting slogans that hail Nepal as a republic country as the Constituent Assembly is about to declare Nepal a republic. People who have gathered in New Baneswor where the first meetingContinue reading “People on Streets to Welcome the Declaration of Republic”

Nepal Awaits To Be the REPUBLIC of Nepal

I am writing these lines on the second hour of the day (that is 28 May 2008) that is expected to be a historic. Nepal, a 240-year-old monarchy, will formally be declared a republic today by the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly. The CA will meet in New Baneshwor’s International Convention Center that hasContinue reading “Nepal Awaits To Be the REPUBLIC of Nepal”