Nepal a Republic? Not Yet. Cool Down Comrades. Don't Party!

I am shocked, genuinely shocked, to see the Maoists partying and celebrating yesterday’s 23-point deal by equating that to the declaration of a republic.

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

Almost 98 days after the Maoist ministers’ withdrawal from the cabinet, the Prime Minister today “accepted” their resignations. Prachanda has said that the party will send another set of leaders in the cabinet within 48 hours. In these wasted 98 days, we have lost the opportunity to hold the CA election and declare Nepal a republic through the peoples’ verdict. And it was all symbolic: the resignations of the Maoist ministers, pending and approval of those resignations. We all knew even after quitting the portfolios, Maoists were in fact running the ministries that were assigned to them in April.

Yesterday’s 23-point deal, which is making headlines on the international pages of the world press just because it said a word republic would be added in the interim constitution, is no more than a symbolic gesture too. That is a great face saving for the Maoists who are busy portraying the agreement as a victory in their ‘peaceful war’ to declare Nepal a republic. I am shocked, genuinely shocked, how Maoists can interpret the decisions in their favor. A hastily called and obscure gathering of some members of the civil society was THE Round Table Conference for the comrade Prachanda. Adding one word republic somewhere deep inside the constitution is the declaration of republic for the Maoist party. Not to forget the fact that even that addition of the word will come into effect (implemented!) after the meeting of the CA convenes. So this, in fact, is the declaration of republic in credit, the term coined by the Maoists themselves! We thought they were against such credit declarations.

Maoists should understand this: just putting one word republic in the statue doesn’t make a country republic. Maoists haven’t been able to convince us as to how the favorable situation has been created to hold the election that they couldn’t think was possible in November. The only concrete change that the deal promised is the increment in the number of seats in the Constituent Assembly. Out of total 601 members, 335 (or 55.74 %) will be elected through proportional system while 240 (or 39.9 %) will be elected through first past the post system from same number of geographical constituencies. The remaining 26 (or 4.32 %) will be nominated by the prime minister.

Phew! But that’s okay! If the adding just a word makes comrades happy, we are happy for them! So much with your republic demand! Good that adding one word in the constitution and adding a few seats in the assembly makes comrades feel that favorable environment for the election has been created. Now let’s get ready to vote!





41 responses to “Nepal a Republic? Not Yet. Cool Down Comrades. Don't Party!”

  1. well-wisher_of_Newars Avatar


    Some days ago, JTMM led by most notorious Jwala singh killed Shrestha brothers in Saptari. Now, JTMM led by another mother fucker Goit killed manohar shrestha in Birgunj, but these stupid newars of Kathmandu are doing nothing against these madhesi criminals. So, i request all newars of Kathmandu to take stern actions against these madhesi criminals associated with these Jwala singh and goit. So, If these newars of Kathmandu are real sons, not hijadas, they should start killing people like Upendra Yadav, Mathanta Thakur, Jaya prakash gupta, Hridesh tripathi and others who have links with these criminals Jwala Singh and Goit. Also, every time one people of pahade origin is killed in Terai, we should kill one madhesi in Kathmandu. That is the only way to stop killing of people of pahade origin in Terai.

  2. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    It just shows NC is hijacked by Maoists. There will be more demand from Maoists and NC will comply. Maoists have never won election and they will not win election this time either. Their demand will keep coming and Girija will be happy to make them happy so that he could be prime minister/president/head of the state.
    And yes Newars in Kathmandu will be happy when NC/Maoist government move their capital to Surkhet or Biratnagar or to Patna.

  3. Rame Avatar

    I agree with Waglejee. It is all comedy.

    Actually, neither maoist nor any party wants election in Nepal. In my opinion, a reason for this is because none of these party men have any answers to problem that country is facing right now.

    Girija Prasad’s (I mean NC) so called “prajatantriK samajbad”, UML – only “samajbad” and maoist- “ultra samajbad”, have all no answer to any of samajik problem of country. I hope everyone would agree with me if I say we are facing a “samajik” problem today. Rapid rise of maosit was epic of this samajik struggle.

    Well, the formula of these “Samajbadi” leaders are to “wait and see”. They can’t make any decision, but only comment on reactions. They are no leaders of action. Comedies like recent re-agreement between parties will happen again. It is unfortunate reality. Sati le sarapeko desh paryo ni.

    Ma pani Girija Babu ko chela hu, “wait and see what happens next”, Kuri rakheko.

  4. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar

    A land-and climate theory of political ecnomy was developed at the social science laborataries of US think-tank.The centre for Development and Administration at Tribhuvan university was where ideologues like Mohamad Mohsin and Pashupati Shamsher debated grassroot democracy,Maoism was bound to emerge as the alternative discourse.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  5. Reality_bites Avatar

    Girija is the worst animal I have ever known. This stupid bhahun could not maintain law and order in the country. As a result, they are paying the very heavy price. When ordinary people were being killed by these criminals, these stupid bahuns like old vulture Girija did not do anything to take actions against these criminals. Now, stupid Sheker koirala, your brother-in-law was killed by these criminals, and how does it feel?. These koirala family do not care about anything as long as they can hold power.

  6. Hunter Avatar

    The folowing people are in our hit list because they have links with Jwala singh and Goit, and they might be gun downed any time. I will spend millions of rupees just to wipe out these people:
    1. Rajendra Mahato
    2. Mahanta Thakur
    3. Upendra Yadav
    4. Hridayesh Tripathi
    5. Jaya Prakash Gupta
    6. and anyone who has links with notorious criminals Jwala singh and jaya krishna Goit

  7. lakure Avatar

    All the three crooks want is power and much more power nothing else. These crooks should be responsible for terror in terai. They are just buying the time to stick in power.

  8. Ma_bahun Avatar

    Lakure saathi,

    Tapai kasto santoshi maanche. K tapai lai power chahidaina.

    Chahi daina bhanne ghurki ta hamra GP le paani bela bela ma dincha.

  9. lakure Avatar

    tapaiko GP ko ta kurai chhodnus, party lai nai thati rakhera sasan chalako chha aru ko ta je sukai hosh…mare maros bache bachos…india le desai lage pani lagos tara bachunjel samma para dhan mantri pae pugchha…

  10. guyfromktm Avatar

    This is a good effort by wagleji to divert the country’s attention from Girija’s failure to maoists arrogance. What transpired in the past few weeeks is a perfect example of how curropt Girija wants to cling on to power at any cost. Only 98 days ago, it was giddhey Girija who was telling the people of the country that the parliament, at no cost, will be able to declare a republic and he was also shouting about how the electoral system has already been determined by the earlierr corrupt+ terrorist pact. However, once his PM tenure started to be threatened by the new developments, he has done a complete u-trun and has agreed to both making Nepal a republic and chaging the electoral system. All in the name of peace and janata– the idea is to prolong his stint as a PM and prolong the uncetainty in the country. The corrupt and the terrorists should feel ashamed of themselves that whateverr they have done in hte past two years have all been to serve themselves and even very monior issues of the janata that they usually talk about have not been solved. I sometimes find it apalling to see these corrupt and terrorists thugs come out in public and talk about janata. shame on them– anyone with a little integrity would have retired from politics by now– but then we are talking about corrupt and terrorist thugs here.

  11. newa Avatar

    hmmm this is another symbolically bullied victory in nepali politics. looks like its the trend in nepal.
    maybe its just word more in the paper but symbolic it is.
    and its also quite clear that nothing is what it seems to be.

    and pls dont incite racial voilence.

  12. Peace in Nepal Avatar

    It is really hard to understand politics. On top of that, Nepalese politics… it’s all messed up. Hope it gets corrected soon.

    Let Peace Prevail.

  13. Sangesh Avatar

    Yes, I think the politicians are celebrating too soon…

    Let us first see a solid political stability.

    Then let us all celebrate.


  14. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar

    Thakur and company have the potential to revive political in the plain and give the tarai asemblance of orgnised leadership that it sorely needs. Finally, politicians of differenthuese some of them discredited, have token up the political agenda of the madhesis. This will marginalise the fringeand criminal outfit.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  15. hope Avatar

    Celebration?? What celebration??

    Celebration of daily murders??Daily abductions?? Shortage of Gasoline?? Loadshedding??
    All SPA leaders must be hanged alongside the King then only new breed of leaders with new way of thinking will emerge. With these bunch of criminals and traitors Nepal will even loose it’s identity as a sovereign nation! And celebration continues …….

  16. Rame Avatar

    Pusp Prasad ji,

    I disagree with your argument that, “Thakur and bunch of other can revive political stability in Terai”.

    Thakur and Bunches were part of “Kalankit” SPA’s. Terai just have lost confidence in SPA. So, first of all these neo-patriot Madhesis have to prove their creditability. Girija and others cannot make any statement on Terai, and they don’t even make, and a reason is that no one will listen to them anyways. Common, we know these leaders of SPA are seasoned politicians. They are no jokers. They have made millions $$$ out of us.

    Scenario in Terai have changed. People do listen to MRPF, JTMM (A-Z) and others instead of GP, Prachanda and MK.

  17. Rame Avatar

    Lot being said about Maosit and SPA’s. Arrogance and celebrations.

    Nepali Army and leaders of SPA’s don’t have lost confidence.
    To check maoist, “REPEAT GAUR”, make friend with MRPF, they have done it once.

    There want be any arrogance or celebration, all we will have to listen to is “Shardanjaali”.

  18. hope Avatar

    Mr. Pusp Prasad Luintel,

    I guess you are wasting your precious time in the US, There is genuine need and opportunity for new parties, at least new faces back in Nepal. Just go back and if your party is registered in EC try to file some candidacy, I am sure you won’t be dissapointed by SPA rattled populace. People are looking for some alternatives !!

  19. lakure Avatar

    Why RPP members are staying in the parliament like the bunch of jokers without value and ethics ? They should make guts to quit the failure and rubber stamp parliament like madhesi did. If anything goes wrong in the mis-rule of SPA, the history will also blame them. But if anything goes right, they won’t be included by SPA.

    The end of SPA rule is March 2008. Either, they are going to be toppled by united ethnic forces if other democratic forces do not come in front, or this country will be divided into two.

    The Girija’s saying of going to hell for talk will only implement to him and his blind folded followers. No one will prefer to go to hell with him, except heaven.

  20. lakure Avatar

    “Maoist leader Prachanda has said that all South Asian and Asian countries must help to Sri Lanka to wipe out the LTTE terrorism.”

  21. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I agree with lakure. Rana’s RPP and Thapa’s JSP should resign from interim parliament. Their voices are not herd anyway. Rather they should form joint party to confront NC and CPN(M). Combined together there are only 8 members out of 330 members in the interim parliament. I think they should quit and ask others to quit and pressure to dissolve this parliament.

  22. lakure Avatar

    Shree Shrestha,

    Yes we have to think about alternates also for the sovereignity and unity of this nation. We are not sheeps to agree everything whatever three crooks decides. To be very frank, it has been felt that SPA rule is more autocratic then Rana regime. If parliament and people have to obey what three crooks decides inside the restricted room then what is the use of talking full democracy and new Nepal ?

  23. lakure Avatar

    Read ;

    End of Nepal monarchy – or trouble?
    By Charles Haviland
    BBC News

    Monday, 24 December 2007

  24. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    One alternate I can think of is each district will elect their own Chief District Officer and District Council. This body will send the representatives to the national parliament. Right now, like you said lakure, three crooks, Girija, Madhav and Prachanda decide out of the parliamnet and then put the proposals in the parliament for passing. This is nor democracy.

  25. ???? Avatar

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  26. Ram bahadur lama Avatar
    Ram bahadur lama

    Dhikkar cha yesta bichar harulai… yo TIKE saamsad haru le desh lai tukryaune nai bhaye…TIKE haru lai je manlagcha tehi garne adhikar kasle diyo?? Dhoti ( india) ko yisara ma Nepal lai Sanghatmak Gadatantra ghosada gardai chan…yo desh lai jaati gat aadhar ma sangh ghosada garda bhayenkar dusparina aucha… yenha 7/8 jaati matra basdainan… kathmandu ma basne gair Newar hu.. yeslai Newa gadarajya ghosada gare hami gair Newar haru le hatiyaar uthaune chau… Yek jaati, Nepali matra hunuparcha.. ra Nepal lai yekatmak nai rakhnu parcha…. ani Greater nepal banauna parcha…. Jaya Greater Nepal, Nepali jaati, Nepali bhasa..

  27. Sangesh Shrestha Avatar

    I am not sure if we can ever get a cahnce to vote for CA polls. 2nd why so many seats needed for such a small country? it’s all political game and trying to make people fool showing they all fullfillinf people’s demands. If leaders act like the leaders of repulic nation, If we start to abolish saying our self dalits kamis sarki or newar bahun chetrri, or madhise tamu and think taht we all are human being and stop discriminating other group and cast, then we donlt need to announce republic, no need to make nepal secular country, no need to abolish monarchy, nepal it self head towards it’s road to NEW NEPAL.
    And maoist leaders please stop fooling us now, what if the up coming eletion is not favorable to you, what if you are sure u will loose that ? will u bycot the eletion? are you sure u will win this eletion?

  28. B Avatar

    Shree Shrestha,

    We should have the PM elected by the entire nation and that would solve all the problems. All parties could nominate one person for the premiership. The PM should not be allowed to run for more than three terms. When a politician loses an election to the premiership, he or she should not be allowed to run for premiership again although she or he can still participate in active politics. If we do this, most of the problems regarding our greedy, incompetent and corrupt politicians rulling this country perpetually. These 50 odd brahimins are disgracing the all the bahuns of this country. I say they should be hanged and we should create a more balanced and inclusive government before we even enter the elections.

  29. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar

    Mr. Hope
    Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. As much as my party would like to take part in the election and bring som positive changes for Nepal, I have to say that Hariyali party has not be able to win, so far. 45 members of Hariyali party took part in the election of 2053 but none of the member won. Our party is already registered with the signature of 67 thousand voters. It’s a very tight rope when the party lacks resources and is up against established leader like Girija Prasad Koirala.

  30. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar

    Mr. Rame,
    I have to agree that my political views about Thakur has been influenced by the fact that I am from Terai. But I also believe that everyone have their individual political stand and it deserves a chance. Your thought is appreciated too.

  31. hope Avatar

    Haha, when a president stays in the US and contest the polls in Nepal, what do you expect Mr Luintel??A defeat is a must when you have fear of loosing even before the battle.

    Sorry that I have wasted your and my time, thought people who go to US learn things from the country itself,hmm……, exceptions cannot be ruled out though!!

  32. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar

    My apologies to Mr. Hope, but in my earlier post I also meant to mention that I have been here in US only for the past few months, for my treatment at Boston Medical Center. I have no intention of staying here. Infact, I am leaving for Nepal soon. Your comment about “having fear of loosing”, I understand, but again, it is always easy to say than to actually do it. I am still going to try my best and I remain hopeful.

  33. hope Avatar

    Seriousely Mr Luintel, I see great potential for new and upcoming parties. As people are fed up with SPA traitors and they are searching for alternatives. If there are some new faces with trustworthyness and commitment and some good educational background ,believe me they would have fair chance to have their say. Having said that, if new parties just ‘another’ parties without any seriouse vision and way forward then would be dumped by people alongside with SPA. Why leaders of Terai hastely forming new regional parties?? Yes, you guessed it right they saw that potential, they know there is genuine lack of confidence in part of SPA and people would try anything but SPA ,provided the free and fare election environment.

    I believe if there would be some party consist mostly of people educated abroad with decent level of education can do very well if they are to contest in the polls in Nepal. At least they will try to make the society as per the standard they have been used to. They will use all the knowledge they gained which is very much advance to a country like Nepal. I wonder if anybody has initiated such kind of effort yet . It surely takes time but would worth every minute of it!!

    Yes, it is always easy to be said than done but you are the one who have the title of ‘President’ of some party, what’s that for buddy ??

  34. lakure Avatar

    According to Distri Weekly ; The draft of 12 points agreement was prepared by RAW in their office. And these filthy crook leaders went their office in Delhi to sign the readymade hindi draft just to get in power. Aren’t their act more than Lendup of Sikkim ?

    According to Janaastha; Sekhar Koirala took IC 76 cr. from RAW for Janaandolan-2 and where Krishna Prashad Sitaula also had share on it.

    The news of earning dollars and IC in the name of democracy and peace, civil socieities, human rights and media are coming in their own newspapers.

    Before, many crook brahmins enjoyed the money in the name of abolishing the king and bringing peace and democracy in Nepal. But people found worst ruling in the history of Nepal. And now madhesi groups are trying to copy the same. Now RAW is investing money to madhesi groups. Atleast madhesi are fighting for their rights. But It came to conclusion that spaM is fighting for nothing but power and money.

    Three crooks and their followers forgot one saying ” TALAI KHANE BAGH LE MALAI PANI KHANCCHA BHANNE KURA”

    So, talking about Indian involvement in Nepali politics by these three crooks (Koirala, Nepal, Dahal) is nothing but just to save their face in front of people. Even today they are constantly touch with their power and money giving MALIK i.e. RAW. But RAW alrady used them and found useless bunch of jokers and searching for trash to throw them out from power.

  35. nepali Avatar

    ******************lets talk about different story. on going chakka james***************************presently there are criminals/gundas being killed during gangfignt and their friends and relatives are staging violent protest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let’s talk about this. somebody start a blog for this. this is a very unacceptable situation

  36. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Hunter ! The actual culprits are missing from your list. The people
    you have named at least believe in politics of peace. They may
    bring all criminals under democratic umbrela like SPA have brought
    Maoists. So lets hope better .

  37. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha


    I still think we should bring 1990 constitution for amendment in the parliament. Forget C A Election altogether and forget CA for writing new constitution. This will save money and blood. As soon as 1990 constitution amended current interim parliament should be dissolved and we should go for election for President or Primeminister, National Assembly and House of Representatives.

  38. Jaya Greater Nepal Avatar
    Jaya Greater Nepal

    yo India ko dalali garera desh tukryuna khojne 7 dal ka neta lai turunta maarepachi dherai kura thik huncha. 36 lakhs dhoti harulai nagarikta badeko fal nai tarai ko samasya ho… turunta ti nagarikta jafat garera tiniharulai desh nikala garnu parcha. ani nepal lai Sangatmak saasan tarfa lagnu jati rastraghati kadam kehi hudaina. Yeutai jaati ra BhasaNepali matra banauna parcha… ani Greater Nepal ko mahan lakche ma agi badnu parcha…… Jaya Greater Nepal, nepali Jaati, nepali Bhasi

  39. Hare Avatar

    It just seems lot of people do want to fight it out with the madhesi issues in Terai. It is sad to learn that we didn’t learn any lesson from 12 years of Maoist violence.

    I am from Terai, and I am a Nepali bhasi as well. BUT I am also PROUDLY MADHESI and not from KATHMANDU or SHREE PANCH’s land.

    I will resist any movement from so called Nepal nai na chineko kathmandu ka bheda haru out of Madhes. They don’t realize that, it is them who have continuously favored proxy political systems of bull shit KINGS all through modern Nepali history and brought hatred among people.

    Ma Nepali bhasi Madhesi, kasko himmat cha mero nagrikta khosne, la herau.

  40. Rame Avatar

    Lakure saathi,

    I agree with you with your details on RAW paying KOIRALAS. Yo Koirala parivar ta dalal nai ho. Baburam must be one of them as well. Prachanada jasta lai ta bharat le na gannu parne ho. Tara bhau bhadeko hunnu parcha tyasko. MK ta patit bhai halyo.

    Khai saathi, malai ta Gyane nai yi neta bhanda thik laagna thalyo. RAW also reported sometime back that Queen Aishwarya had provided 30 crore to assassin former Indian PM Rajeev G. Aaba assassin ta ramro haina, tara garekai ho bhaane ta aat ta maanai parcha.

    Couple of days back, I read in Newspaper of GP making statement that, “King is not a symbol of national unity”. I was just wondering if he made a silent mention that he is the symbol of National Unity.

  41. lakure Avatar

    Why these THREE CHATURE (Koirala, Dahal and Nepal) and their followers are against the gunuine demand of the Nepali madhesi and other ethnic groups ? When they need the help from madhesi people to secure power, they went to them and made a hue cry against the royal regime for not giving enough sharing to all ethnic groups from central level to lower level (although they themselves suppressed for 60 years from 2007 to 2065 to madhesi and other ethnic groups in their own parties by not giving enough power to theml).

    Even after getting the full power from Janaandolan -2 with the help of madhesi and other ethnic groups, these crook leaders instead of sharing the power, they suppressed their demand by killing 42 people and wounding more than 1000 people. Now their treatment to same culprits are being differentiated.

    They are against the genuine Nepali madhesi demand but bowing the head to Delhi Durbar and presenting Koshi, Gandaki, Mahakali, Susta and themselves to worship Indian government to secure powers and earn money. And their followers civil society, human right and media groups are supporting them with bias. It has been heard that they are still receiving the allowances from RAW itself.

    These are the main reasons now the political movement has been taking a new direction to wipe out spaM from power.

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