It’s Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party

Nepal’s largest political party, whose President is the Prime Minister and acting Head of State, has officially adopted the policy of federal democratic republic

Sixty years after it was established with the mission of turning Nepal into a nation of constitutional monarchy by removing the autocratic rule of Rana family and three years after it became neutral on monarchy, Nepali Congress formally adopted the policy of republic today. The maha samiti meeting of the party, highest policy making body after the general convention, passed the party’s Constituent Assembly manifesto today that aims to establish the federal democratic republic system of governance in Nepal. The maha samiti meeting has just concluded (at the time of this writing). The manifesto promises to table a proposal to declare Nepal a republic on the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly. The manifesto also proposes that the new head of state or the President would be elected by the members of the central and regional parliaments.

With Nepali Congress adopting the republican policy, it’s almost certain that monarchy will be abolished from Nepal by the first meeting of the Constitutional Assembly of whose election is scheduled for November 22. But the election itself has been pushed to uncertainty because of the Maoist decision to disrupt them. It is expected that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, who is also the president of NC, will strike a deal with the Maoist to pave way for the timely election.








13 responses to “It’s Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party”

  1. Paribartan Avatar

    Kudos to all those Congress activists who have lobbied hard for republican set-up from within Nepali Congress. Prof. Krishna Khanal, Narahari Acharya, and Gagan Thapa along with hordes of other congressmen deserve the greatest appreciation for bringing in such a drastic policy change in Nepali Congress. It is noteworthy that some Congress papers, which are surviving on dole outs from the likes of Sujata, left no stone unturned in questioning efficacy of “Lokatantric GanaRajya Abhiyaan.” However, with present policy change, it appears that Congress workers have also changed themselves as they are now focussed more towards the party policy than the party leaders.

    With this policy decision, Congress has again asserted that it is all set to assume leadership of Republic of Nepal. Many leftists may disagree with me in this respect. But, I like to assert it once again that NC is the one made for assuming leadership as other parties, mainly the leftists, did never believe that they alone would be able to wipe out monarchy from Nepal.

  2. rdr Avatar

    How original?! So next thing NC will say is what Maoists say now … mediocrity has really taken its toll.

  3. puspa kamal dahal Avatar
    puspa kamal dahal


    I will be the first President of Nepal.

    Won’t I , Mr Neil Horning (my imported follower) ?

  4. B Avatar

    There is no nepal anymore and hence the need for CA elections is nill. This country has failed and only fools like wagle talk about the significance of NC union. Nothing is working in this country, not one single institution or organization (governmental) and it seems it is going to be even harder for anyone to get things back on track, the longer we wait. GPK, the person responsible for the destruction of Nepal as a nation, is hailed as a prime minister today how can there be any hope?

  5. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Congress will loose major supporter as this step is taken by Girija as he wants to die as next raja or president. Afterall he is lovi bahun and lovi bahun will not even leave shit if they get it. There will be civil war in Nepal as leaders are too focused on this fucking gantantra slogan and has not time for governing the country. They have no time to control the skyrocelting prices, closing down of industries by Maoist terrorist, killing and looting of innocent people everywhere in country. These so called leaders are busy in bhagbanda and running the country without anybody’s mandate. This is sure fire receipe for civil war in Nepal. I see they have no plan or future except to loot the country in name of Loktantra (for whom ??) and gandtantra. jai Naya fucking nepal

  6. antwi Avatar

    So the Grand Old Bahun Party severes it’s ties with the royals whose blood it used to suck on. Now I guess it’s just the poor blood of the people it will feed on.

  7. Avatar

    So what next ?

  8. suresh Avatar

    republic nepal will eventually be a state of the southern neighbour.

  9. bengali_friend Avatar

    So all of Nepal’s problems are fixed…..I think not!!!

    Now you’ll have to deal with self-serving ministers and members of parliament at both the federal and state levels. Good luck my Nepalese friends.

  10. Sujan Avatar

    the country is a step ahead towards a civil war and we are step closer being an indian citizen.

    GPK is the curse on Nepali people. I will celebrate the day he dies. he is a liability to nepali people.

  11. phoenix Avatar

    its really good to see the two NC s united , but more than that its awesomely good to see the departure (resignation ) of that old faggot Krishne budha’ who never did anything good except buying pan’ and supadi’. i’m really glad to see him outta’ the party and may be from this world shortly. faggots and maggots like him should withdraw themselves from the politics and make it somehow little fresh and appealing. i really thank Mr. Faggot a lot for starting this new campaign of saying goodbye to their messing-with-the-people’s-future kinda’ politics.
    bye mr. Faggot and never appear again in the eyes of the people.
    take care , i’ll send your pan n’ supadi in hell.

  12. nepali Avatar

    nepali ppl always come under blind excitement. they don’t care who r playing with them. just jump as the frogs. selfish ppl are winning their motives in the name of ‘janata’ (ppl). haha.. aren’t all nepalese ‘janata’. only those blind men are ‘janata’ hahahahahaha………. o god… just u r the one to help nepal. please help. help monarchy. it’s so necessary and ppl are just fed with the bad sides of it. so dumb!

    with the king Gyanendra, corrupted ppl didn’t get chance to take bribes. everyone knows the f**king government officials.. jasko sakti oosko bhakti! n selfish motives!!

    nepalese pple want nepal. not an indian state.

  13. Geda  Ko Tauko Avatar
    Geda Ko Tauko

    The political Party Nepali Congress is the tail of King Gyanendra, so what are you expecting from them>>>????

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