An Alternative Constitution for Nepal

While the CA, elected to draft and promulgate a constitution, failed to live by its self imposed deadline of 22 January to finalize the works on a new constitution, a growing political movement called BibekSheel Nepali just released its own version of Nepali Constitution — yesterday on ८ माघ (22 Jan). Ashutosh Tiwari asked 5 quick questionsContinue reading “An Alternative Constitution for Nepal”

“अग्रगमनको सिरक ओढ्ने प्रतिगामी”

 प्रविधि र ज्ञानको विश्वव्यापीकरणले गर्दा अब २०१७ वा २०५२ मा गरिएका कुतर्क र हो-कि हो-कि जस्तो भान पार्ने भ्रामक गफ र आस्वासन, विषयको सार होइन व्यक्तिको नियत, तुच्छ गाली र ad hominem आक्रमणको बलमा गरिने राजनीति अब सकियो । डा स्वर्णिम वाग्ले हिजो (माघ ६, २०७१) हिंडेर सीतापाईलाबाट त्रिपुरेश्वरसम्म र त्यसपछि प्रहरीको गाडीमा संविधानसभाको बैठक हेर्नContinue reading ““अग्रगमनको सिरक ओढ्ने प्रतिगामी””

Constituent Assembly term extended for three months

By Phanindra Dahal After hectic parleys late into Saturday night and wee hours of Sunday (today), the political parties struck a five-point deal, paving the way for a three-month extension of the Constituent Assembly. According to the pact signed by top three leaders of the three major parties:  1) the Constituent Assembly term will beContinue reading “Constituent Assembly term extended for three months”

Communist Manifestos: Maoist Vs UML (United Marxist Leninist)

Two major communist parties of Nepal make their Constituent Assembly elections manifestos public this week. Read on before deciding to vote for anyone of them: [Next blog: Wagle has been following the campaign trail of Maoist Chairman Prachanda for the past few days. How do people who were seen in Prachanda campaign rallies think aboutContinue reading “Communist Manifestos: Maoist Vs UML (United Marxist Leninist)”

Four Reasons Why Prachanda Chose Kathmandu-10 to Fight CA Election

Does Prachanda have a chance of winning? The answer is yes and no. By Bishnu Budhathoki the Kathmandu Post Maoist Chairman Prachanda was born in a remote village of Kaski district and brought up in Chitwan district, but he has chosen Kathmandu Constituency-10 and Rolpa Constituency- 2 to contest the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election.Continue reading “Four Reasons Why Prachanda Chose Kathmandu-10 to Fight CA Election”

Election Fever Grips Nepal

Days after the government and the protesting United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) struck a crucial deal on Feb 27,2008 (see inside if you haven’t already!) the political parties have started their Constituent Assembly Elections campaigns all over the country. The Maoists party who will be participating in the elections campaign for the first time afterContinue reading “Election Fever Grips Nepal”