My faith in NC leadership is dwindling

By Puskar Magar Bharatpur, Chitwan Currently in United Arab Emirate The selection of Nepali Congress (NC) candidates for CA election has been completed. My nightmare turned out to be true. Most of the corrupt leaders such as Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka etc. were awarded with the ticket. NC supporters like me are stunnedContinue reading “My faith in NC leadership is dwindling”

37 parties submit closed list:Some 4,000 candidates in fray

Report BY BISHNU BUDHATHOKI, The Kathmandu Post ( Feb21,2008 edition) Out of the 74 parties registered at the Election Commission (EC), 37 parties including those in the ruling seven-party alliance submitted closed lists of their candidates at the EC Wednesday for contesting 335 Constituent Assembly seats under the proportional electoral system. After submission of hisContinue reading “37 parties submit closed list:Some 4,000 candidates in fray”

Constituent Assembly Preparations and Maoist Celebrations

Amidst the preparations of the Constituent Assembly elections two months away, the Maoists celebrate their Thirteenth Anniversary in the valley today. The streets have been decorated with graffiti through which YCL (Young Communist League) offer their “Red Salute” to “Prachanda, the Future President” of the Nepal. The “Future” is yet to be seen as theContinue reading “Constituent Assembly Preparations and Maoist Celebrations”

The Constituent Assembly Elections: hindrances and hope

The Constituent Assembly Polls around the corner, YCL cadres are being dragged into more than one controversy,with condemnations of trying to disrupt the elections.National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday condemned the Maoist attack against NC activists including Badu two days ago in Darchula district. The human rights watch dog has also slammed Maoists forContinue reading “The Constituent Assembly Elections: hindrances and hope”

The 'Voting Day' Demand: Declare New Election Dates

Had Maoists not gone mad and pulled out from the government, we would be voting today to elect the Constituent Assembly that would abolish the monarchy from Nepal and bring out new constitution. Election didn’t happen because Maoists were afraid of their possible pathetic loosing in the elections. Holding of CA elections is one ofContinue reading “The 'Voting Day' Demand: Declare New Election Dates”

Election Update: Commission Extends Nomination Deadline

The Election Commission extends nomination deadline by five days The Election Commission today postponed the nominations deadline following the government’s request to do so. The cabinet wrote the letter after top leaders of the seven parties agreed to push the nomination deadline by five days. Top leaders of seven parties met at Prime Minister GirijaContinue reading “Election Update: Commission Extends Nomination Deadline”

It’s Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party

Nepal’s largest political party, whose President is the Prime Minister and acting Head of State, has officially adopted the policy of federal democratic republic Sixty years after it was established with the mission of turning Nepal into a nation of constitutional monarchy by removing the autocratic rule of Rana family and three years after itContinue reading “It’s Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party”