It's Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party

Nepal’s largest political party, whose President is the Prime Minister and acting Head of State, has officially adopted the policy of federal democratic republic Sixty years after it was established with the mission of turning Nepal into a nation of constitutional monarchy by removing the autocratic rule of Rana family and three years after itContinue reading “It's Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party”

Constituent Assembly on November. What About Election Laws?

For many it was a sudden development but today’s ending of political deadlock was the result of long bargaining, blame games and backbiting. Ruling coalition of eight parties decided to hold the election of Constituent Assembly at the end of November. Not only that the Parliament session today went on smoothly after two months ofContinue reading “Constituent Assembly on November. What About Election Laws?”

Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?

By Prakash Bom What is the primary objective of the CA Elections? Are political leaders clear about it? If so, have they made it clear to their party cadres and their supporters in general public? CA elections are the elections that all political parties of the nation and the general public must be aware ofContinue reading “Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?”

CA Election Uncertainty: Maoist Reaction

In protest of the Chief Election Commissioner’s announcement that Constituent Assembly (CA) polls on June 20 was not possible, Maoist combatants in Chitwan and Nawalparasi came out of their cantonments yesterday. In Chitwan, Maoist combatants of third division main cantonment in Shaktikhor, came out of their camps to protest the postponing of CA polls. AccordingContinue reading “CA Election Uncertainty: Maoist Reaction”

Nepal Will Have Interim Constitution in Maghe Sakranti!

Finally, clouds of doubts have been cleared in Nepali politics. It seems we can now be confident that the election of constituent assembly will be held in time. This Maghe Sakranti will have a new dish on menu: tarul, ghyu chaku and INTERIM CONSTITUTION! Today’s meeting of the top leaders of the Seven Party AllianceContinue reading “Nepal Will Have Interim Constitution in Maghe Sakranti!”

Conspiracy Against Interim Constitution?

Another Janandolan if Interim Statute delayed, warns Prachanda: Maoist Chairman Prachanda has warned the government of another “Janandolan” if the Interim Constitution is not issued by the end of this Nepali month (January 14). He, who made the comment while talking to journalists in Dolakha on Jan 5 said that the government and the MaoistsContinue reading “Conspiracy Against Interim Constitution?”

Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063

For the record: The ruling seven-party alliance and the CPN-Maoist leaders today morning finalized the Interim Constitution following 17 hours of intensive discussion at the prime minister’s residence at Baluwatar. In the preamble of the Interim Constitution, a firm determination “to restructure the country progressively for the resolution of class, ethnic, regional, and gender relatedContinue reading “Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063”