Constituent Assembly on November. What About Election Laws?

For many it was a sudden development but today’s ending of political deadlock was the result of long bargaining, blame games and backbiting. Ruling coalition of eight parties decided to hold the election of Constituent Assembly at the end of November. Not only that the Parliament session today went on smoothly after two months of disturbances. On the peace process front, the meeting of the Joint Monitoring Coordination Committee (JMCC) took place and all three parties of the JMCC- UN, Maoist and the government- discussed about the second phase of verification of arms.

Now, don’t ask what about the earlier Eight Party Alliance commitment (which is actually printed in the current constitution) of holding the CA election in June. Didn’t you notice all the allegations and counter allegations, blaming and backbiting in the political theater in the past several weeks after the Election Commission announced its inability to hold election on scheduled time? Finally they have decided that enough is enough, if we don’t get our acts together, we will be in trouble because as we were busy in the blame game Gyanendra got salute from Army in Dakchhinkali temple.

But the original question remains unanswered. Will the ruling alliance be able to formulate key election laws that the EC has been pressuring it to bring out soon? Mixed voting system or proportional representation? They have agreed to review the Election Constituency Delineation Commission (ECDC) report but will they be able to reach consensus so that no voice of resentment will be raised in the run up to the biggest democratic process in the history of Nepal? What about holding talks with agitating groups like Madhesi Forum, two factions of TJMM and Indigenous groups?

It seems the process of reconciliation has just begun and it has a long way to go.






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  1. Rakesh Avatar

    If parliament run, the Eletion laws will comes with time. But elction will no happen on November also if parties fight

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    CA elections in November? Sounds like a story that’s too good to be true. There is too much that can happen between now and then for us to be sit back and relax. Things are still so uncertain and this alliance can be disrupted way too easily. Furthermore, I doubt if the SPAM even want CA elections. They would be so much better off being in this interm state. That way they can aviod all accountability.

  3. rajnish Avatar

    TGW Analyst
    When enough becomes enough, some one has to take the necessary and the required courage to point out to the ailments that this beleaguered nation has been plagued with.

    Bluntly speaking, Nepal’s cancer is its own leaders.

    The problems are Nepali, and hence a Nepali solution should be found.

    The issues are Nepali and thus we the Nepalese ourselves shoulder the burden in devising schemes on how to find a suitable exit to the issue.

    Nepali politics has been derailed and thus it would be advisable to seek the processes on how to bring back the politics to its original track.

    The Terai/Madhesh is boiling. We must sort out the issues in question amongst us. The Janajatis have become restive, let’s sort out it amongst ourselves as both the Madhesis and the Janajatis are the sons of the same soil and thus we can and we should extract some solutions to their issues and problems.

    These are some examples, among others, that we can sort it out in between and amongst ourselves without hurting the ego of the other. We need not go abroad to seek solutions that are exclusively a Nepali one.

    Stomach Problem: Go to Delhi
    Pile Pains: Go to Delhi;
    Urinal Disorder: Go to Delhi;
    Cardiac Problems, let’s see a good doctor in Delhi.
    Impotency: Find a good doctor in Delhi
    Terai/Madhesh Issue: Let’s proceed to Delhi,
    Unification issues: Let’s all go to Delhi,
    Throwing the King: Let’s seek the blessings of Delhi
    Bringing the King in: Ask Delhi to interfere
    Want a movement: Contact Delhi
    Want a counter revolution: Demand the blessings of Delhi
    Want a divorce from your partner: Seek Delhi’s advisory and
    what not and what not, perhaps many more. Examples galore indeed!

    Analysts at the got stunned when they read a small piece of news in today’s The Rajdhani Daily. The daily newspaper stated, “Dr. Shekhar Koirala, Mr. Sushil Koirala and Dr. Ram Baran Yadav were currently in Delhi to get the “blessings of Delhi establishment” prior to the congress unification.

    What a shame! What a cruel joke?

    Nepal’s two parties are in the process of unification. This news in itself is “a good news”. However, how come Delhi suddenly crops up in the unification process? This is puzzling indeed and a matter of shame to us all.

    Why a Delhi trip? The unification of the two parties meant that the members belonging to both of the parties were uniting by heart and soul. Now, when it is so, then how come Delhi in the process crops up?

    Does that mean that President Koirala and President Sher Bahadur Deuba do not possess the string of their own parties? Should it mean that the “unification” order has to come from Delhi?

    Or does it mean that Koirala and Deuba are just the presidents of the parties for namesake only? The real unifier is in Delhi?

    Analysts hope that the news disseminated by The Radhani daily be incorrect. We would enjoy if it were an untrue story. However, that is not forthcoming. The news is a fact and thus a matter of shame for us all, more so to the NC men who are about to complete the process of unification. Perhaps the unification would be declared only after Delhi provides its positive nod?

    This is Nepali fate. Bear it sine die. Long live Nepal Mata with such horrible sons. May 31, 2007

  4. harekrishnahareram Avatar

    Blessing from Delhi…I think we people should also go to Delhi Durbar to kick out the cheaters…

  5. harekrishnahareram Avatar

    “Hamara Bharat Mahan”- spaM leaders

  6. Captain Crash Avatar

    Guys! where is our politician’s a sign or token of respect “Dignity” since they cannot face the NEPALI they go for Delhi. Come to us…….. &…….. face us……. we are THE ONE so bloody do it…

    Enough is Enough…..

  7. arthas Avatar

    Ugly horse trading seems to be happening in the name of organizing a free and fair election.

    Its a good news that new date for constituent assembly has been set. About Election Laws, they are as good as the campaigning parties.

    The solution is simple: establishing a new fair delineation of territory which is generally acceptable to all parties and swiftly organizing the elections. The only thing which is holding back is the vested interest of the ruling parties. So its time to press for a rapid election.

  8. noname Avatar

    If you have the elections the SPAM parties will stand for the elections and the same parties will win because only their cadres will vote in the elections in which laws and guns formulated by SPAM warlords will be applicable. What is the use?

  9. KathmanduCitizen Avatar

    Stupid Girija just knew that YCL stands for young criminal league, wHICH I HAVE BEEN TELLING for long time. They have crossed all limits because of the protection they have been getting from Randi ko chhoro Prachande ko Habaldar Krishna Sitaula. Girija should have sacked Krishna Sitaula long ago. Both Prachande and Krishna sitaula were born as a result of their mothers sleeping with at least 100 people.

  10. ravan Avatar

    What about Election Laws ?

    There is no need for spaM.

  11. Dalal and company Avatar
    Dalal and company

    Timeru pani Indian dalal jastai lagchha. Mero posting kina hatako?

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