Nepal Will Have Interim Constitution in Maghe Sakranti!

Finally, clouds of doubts have been cleared in Nepali politics. It seems we can now be confident that the election of constituent assembly will be held in time. This Maghe Sakranti will have a new dish on menu: tarul, ghyu chaku and INTERIM CONSTITUTION! Today’s meeting of the top leaders of the Seven Party Alliance and CPN Maoist decided to promulgate the interim constitution on Magh 1 (15 Jan). Present parliament will pass the constitution and the interim parliament, which will be formed on the same day, will endorse the statue. There would not be any change in the constitution as demanded by certain sections of society including conservative full bench of the Supreme Court. SPM and Maoist have requested all Nepali people to be ready for the election of the constituent assembly. They have agreed to reestablish displaced police posts and send Village Development Committee secretaries to villages. Leaders also requested all people to raise their voices peacefully fearing that any violent protest programs could be exploited by the reactionary forces.

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100 thoughts on “Nepal Will Have Interim Constitution in Maghe Sakranti!

  1. Neil wrote:
    Poised to re-enter parliament after a decade of guerrilla warfare, Nepal’s Maoists have said they are willing to forgive and forget the foreign governments that cracked down on them as terrorists and have no “working relations” with any terror group abroad.

    its absurd that it is the terrorists who are offering to forgive and forget. There is NOTHING for them to forgive and forget. If anything, the elections will tell if the people of Nepal Nepal who suffered immensely under the insurgency based on archaic principles will forgive and forget the atrocities of the terrorists or not. The foreign governments have to track down the terrorists and so was done to the Maoists as well.

  2. Guyfromktm: I did not write that.

    B: If that was indeed your point it was far from clear. Sure, I’m only articulating what the Maoist plan is. You asked for that, did you not? Whether it happens remains to be seen. But I have a feeling that the 1/3rd chunk of parliment that they hold will be a very strategic 1/3rd

  3. new interim constitution may be coming this “maghe sankranti” but it will not bring us “ghiyu chhaku”…it’s not gonna bring any changes…all it’s going to do is give the “sansads” a reason to sleep on their asses in the assembly or throw dirt on each other…nepal was,is and will stay where it is… amidst the third world country and sinking…so dont get all excited and hyped about this election thing…

  4. Neil– yeah, sorry, my oversight… it was a very pro-maoist posting and I must have jsut assumed it was from you which I shouldn’t have done…

    but I stick to my point.. that Maoists have none to forgive and forget.. they should be down on their knees asking for it to all the families of the ones they killed and displaced….

  5. Neil, u left out the following when you were publicizing the maoist economic policies as “a start”– this is what ceremonial Baburam had to say during the world bank meeting in kathmandu (of course that is after Puspa Kamal started the meeting on a very apologetic note that he has come underprepared for the meeting) –
    1. restructuring the agricultural sector through:
     land redistribution (20-25% of land could be redistributed, including because of the high rate of absentee landlordism)
    2. transforming the large agricultural labour force into an industrial labour force (25% of the agricultural labour force should remain in agriculture, the rest should shift into services and industry). This is proposed to be achieved through:
     a major programme of industrialisation where, first, own capital and investment will be used, and only later FDI will be allowed on an equal par
     stimulate the generation of own capital, and only if not sufficient invite foreign capital; foreign aid should aim to strengthen economic self-reliance.

    It means, it will be Maoists who will now decide what % of the people are to work in agriculture sector. The rest will be forcibly moved to “other” trades– in industries that they will open up first with local capital (which capital) and then with outside capital (which capital again). Now, they are talking about redistributing 25 of the land (which land other than the absente land?)– this is all great lip service… funny that he said he wants to use foreign aid for economic self-reliance– the sentence is loaded with oxymorons– but then it was a moron doing the talking anyway!!

  6. Neil, So you are building a new nepal during the interim period or are you saying that the maoists will take over during this period?

  7. I would be willing to bet money (though not much) that during the interim government the Maoists will be able support enough popular legislation that they will increase their popularity and do well in the constituent assembly.

    In addition, as I understand it, the constituent assembly are not going to serve as legislators. They are simply going to draft a new constitution. There is not going to be a new balence of power in the legislature until new elections are held under the new constitution. At the very least, that constitution will end up being under a secular, republican, set up. So while that doesn’t garantee development, it will at least be good for the Nation.

    In regards to the policies that the Maoists do pass, they’re implementation may be far more effective than those by the SPA, which are generally ignored. The Maoists still have hundreds of thousands of Militia that will no doubt be willing to volunteer to help implement various social programs. You may remember their garbarge collection in Thamel. If this done on a larger scale effectively, it may well translate in to votes.

  8. Neil: what you point out may very well be true. However, it is very disturbing. If the Maoist pull such feats and win votes, they would essentially be misleading the public. You cannot count on militias to implement policies. It just shows how the Maoist intend to run things.
    That being said the Maoists are undoubtedly the strongest political force in Nepal. In the event that something should happen to GPK (who is in his late 80s) the Maoists will sweep in and fill that vacum and the Nepali people are going to look on.

  9. I agree with you bhudai pundit. But i think a lot of things are going to happen before the ca takes place.

  10. Horning,

    Thank;’s for pointing out your undestanding of maoist agenda. It sounds all fine, but your parting note said
    “Of course they will also probably enact laws on completely ideological grounds and/or to appease their base that make little to no economic sense While continuing to insert their propaganda into the public sphere at any given opportunity. All the while they are going to moving their goal posts ahead.”

    And I am afraid it is this ofcourse that is unclear and probably will be the cause of evryhtiong else being pointless if pursued. This will ofcourse which makes no economic sense will be the cause of great failure for the country. Everything else sounds good but as we know it’s the footnotes that create all the problems to achieve anything at all.

  11. Those are some honest concerns there, Bhudai. In fact, some of the most sucessful policies in Maoist china were implemented in this way. Barefoot doctors for instance:

    I hope that if the Maoists do indeed sweep in and fill a vacume that they keep true to their new ideology of maintaining a healthy democratic opposition. If that is done, then down the road things may turn out a bit better than they did for the chinese.

  12. We saw in Prithvi Jayanti the day celebrated for the founding of Nepal what the maoists and gang did. Now, UWB has no reponse to this. This is the day celebrated because Nepali’s with Prithvi on the lead united Nepal way back over 2 centuries ago. I think we have lost sense of things and are now listening to foreigners giving us speeches on what the maoists are all about. Have’nt we experienced it (and are’nt we still) first hand (and not as visiting foreign journalists, not really in touch with reality) to know what they are about?

    The reality of Nepal is such that since the days of Prithvi Narayan Shah the Brahmins have been calling all the shots from the background at first and now right in front. They monopolise everything – politics, judiciary, beureacracy, media – name it. They pretend to fight each other, but get together behind the scenes. They place token people once in a while to seem progressive. They talk of inclusion but use all means even the law which they created to not make it happen. I’m afraid the sooner the rest of us realise this and do something about it the better. When something goes wrong they aptly point fingers at evaryone else and still keep on blaming ancient King’s for current follies.
    It is time the rest of us got together and asked not for just a quota sytem but 60% representation in all facets of this nation.
    The rest of us are better people. The Brahmins have ruined politics, and whatever else they get their hands into. They are dishonest at least. They always serve some other purpose – themselves.
    If this nation is to forge ahead, we need the Brahmins out and the rest of us in. Placing people like Subhash Nebwang (a gentlemen in my book) and the lady Yadav as Speaker and Deputy, is just a way to pretend to be inclusive, knowing full well that people like these two will do their duty well and without the cancerous treachery of the Brahmins, but nevertheless they are still doing the Brahmin bidding with the laws the Brahmins created. Time for a change. We should give the shrews this chance to make these revolutinary changes, otherwise we must make sure the next revolution is not to oust regimes and King’s but to oust these dangerous and pathetically uselesss and blood sucking people out of practice of monopoly for good.

  13. Chinese had always maintained that the Nepalese Maoists have nothing to with China or her ideology. Neil, you may have forgotten that Mao never restorted to extortion or arm tactics that the Nepalese Maoists are heavily engaged into.

    You talk as if building up a nation is like a piece of cake. The Chinese had been working their a$$e$ of for last 30 years (since 1978). And Mao did not initiate the economic reforms that has led China to road to economic prosperity. The current Nepalese Maoist leadership seems to fail to grasp economic realities by setting agendas and conditions on what will be allowed and what will not be. Which international business group is stupid enough to invest money in Nepal and that too in current situation? On top of that, Nepal is so heavily indebted by IMF and WB that Nepal has to accept all conditions set forth.

    Politically, dices are loaded against the Maoists heavily. They are facing double whammy right now. In Terai, their sphere of influence has vastly eroded after formation of JTMM. Most of the cadres have joined JTMM because it offers them chance of extortion and false sense of pride. That is why you do not hear any top-level Maoist leader visiting Terai region. On the other hand, once the arms are surrendered to the UN inspectors, the Maoists will face even more hard time because their main source of power will no longer be there.

    You must be really blind not to realize that the Maoists are trained to use force for achievement of their objectives. Once the arms are surrendered, who will bow down to their pressures? They have been trained to think themselves as ‘above-the-law’ elements. Why should other Nepalese take them that way? You may have seen grassroot workers of the Maoists. You may also talked to them. Their behavior and their actions show that democracy is completely alien concept to them. What sort of democracy do you expect the Maoists will uphold with these cadres? Shooting in the head when someone protests or maiming arms and legs when someone disagrees.

    Well, that may be “healthy democratic opposition” to you but I cannot say about others.

  14. Oh yes, getting 83 seats in the Parliament right now is a big political achievement but you have already stated in your own posting that it is only ‘temporary’ arrangement. One day they will have to face electoral politics of which they have little experience. The PLA force (inside camps) and arms (in containers) will be missing. Since people are already aware of mayhem and extent of destruction they have caused, why should they vote for Maoists? Since they have added woes instead of easing them, why should people vote for them?

  15. “If this nation is to forge ahead…”

    Let me finish that sentence correctly for you, ‘question’. If this nation is forge ahead we need to get rid off low thinking communal scumbags like you.

  16. I am not a brahamin. But i think people should stop this cast thing. This is not the time to be talking about it. The brahamins did what they needed to survive. The chettris and thakuris had all the power. The Newars were into businesses and had money. The brahamins did not have both and out of necessity they did develop some social skill that everyone seem to hate now. Except for the corrupt politicians and a few landlords how many brahamins do you see power ful or rich? We are all the same. We are all vicitims of the system or systems that has failed to deliver to the people or work in the interest of the nation. If we keep using cast thing unwisely then it will indeed become a real big problem, where there will be associations of all cast which will be working against other casts.

  17. Neil,

    You should understand speaking and doing is totally different thing. The maoist are saying they divert the agricultural labour forces into industrial sector. Do you know how feasilble to establish the industries in Nepal?? Do they have done any homework on that? In this situation foreign investors and even local investors are not fool to invest their money in industries. Similarly, how much land the maoist can redistribute to 2.22% increasing trend of 30 million people. Are they going to finish all forest in the name of developing agriculture? Also, nation’s budget is depending heavily on 60% donation, grant and loan. How they are going to manage that thing just by verbal assurances without homework. Manpower is the only source at the moment, how long that will sustain? What happened once that sector collapsed? People are expecting too much in New Nepal because Prachanda’s assurances of changing Nepal into Switzerland after abolishing the monarchy, which he and SPA claimed that was the barrier for the complete development. What happened if the people found not even one step change in their living standard in New Nepal? SPA(+M) might be successful in demolishing the history of 238 years in the name of New Nepal but what is the return will be the big question mark of tomorrow. How long SPA with the help of maoist supress the voice of their anti whoever that might be? What happened if their anti raised the voice tomorrow by united for not fullfilling their commitments???The suppressing game of SPA (+M) in the democracy might bring unimaginable disaster in the country. Unity among the people and true assurances will be better than false assurances.

  18. i agree with Gauri. Let’s stop the blame game about the castes. Our whole system is failure so the system should be changed.

  19. Tribal, I’m afraid you have a very poor understanding of what happened in China. Mao waged an armed struggle that lasted decades. He took control of the country through military force and the support of peasants. The immediate aftermath of the revolution was a massive land redistribution program in which the government stood aside and let peasants hold impromptu trials for their previous landlords. Hundreds of thousands of the landlords were killed. The Chinese government are against the Maoists because the Chinese are no longer Maoist. Not the other way around.

    If you actually do on objective comparison of Mao’s ideology and strategy and compare it to what the Maoists did for the last 10 years the two are spot on. If anything the Maoists in Nepal have shown more restraint and been less violent than the forces under Mao.

  20. Neil– do you think that the Maoists can fulfil all their promises that they have been giving until now and that your hopes will also come to be true as you wrote “I hope that if the Maoists do indeed sweep in and fill a vacume that they keep true to their new ideology of maintaining a healthy democratic opposition.” Do you think that their social and political policies can be very democratically implemented, one of the democratic conditions being others idealogies to also get space for debate, respect polling outcomes, take accountability of what goes wrong and havea rule of law where people can live freely. I don’t even want to delve into the more complex issues of land distribution, autonomous state, whether Pushpa Kamal has aspirations to be the President of Nepal or not and how militia will be mobilized to intimidate people to smoether every voice that will be raised against the Maoist ideology. SInce you seem to udnerstand the ulterior movties of the Maosits very well and we can udnerstand only what meets the eye, it interjecture might help here.

  21. All was well but once inflamed- the caste issue, autonomous region and separatist movement will take life of its own. And who would you blame for all this- I guess the King and his feudal cohorts, ain’t that a bitch. I have heard enough from Neil, he talks no better than that deadly duo- Baburam and Prachanda. In their wake (India Assisted) they have intentionally brought Nepal to state of disintegration in all lines (no need to explain). They request the money from the goverment, government gives without even blinking an eye- where the f–k is accountablity. The precedent is any group of thugs can band together and start a revolt (may be they don’t like the name Nepal) and at end get rewarded. And Neil will be right there supporting it.

    We a soveriegn nation has been a eyesore for Indians for they have never really gained the full Independence. How come country has two name- one India and another Bharat?? Legacy continues and pretenders,Brown shahibs, at south block just cannot get over it. Call it whatever but this nation has lost it pride and all because BHAHUNS were ready to sale it down the river.

  22. Pontiff,

    Which other casts have done more than bahuns? Again, stop aggrevating the caste issue.

  23. Pontiff:

    It is not clear what you are trying to say in your pontification, please help me understand– you are blaming the king, political parties, baburam, pushpa kamal, India and bahuns – so, who is clean? …. also, I am not sure what u mean by Bahuns were ready to sell it down the river….can you please exlain?

    You asked why India has two names– here is your answer:
    India is not an exception…

  24. Communual and regional feelings is bad for the nation. The example we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Targeting Brahmanbad in recent scenario will not solve the problme but Brahman has to understand they should agree to share the power to other castes atleast based on the population, otherwise they might be next target.

  25. Gauri,

    I can bet my bottom rupee you’re a brahmin.
    “The Brahmins did what they needed to survive” – yeah right while the rest of us had a ball? My a$$, this is what I mean by these cancerous, tracherous lot my brothers and sisters. Here is the example of the leeche laid bare in front of you.

  26. pontiff: your post was fine until the last line. Let’s not get into this caste issue because it takes two to tango and I would rather not get into issue in the first place. You have already debased and humiliated yourself by giving us a glimps of your communal mindset. Why not mention particular leader or time in history that frustrates you rather then name an entire ethnic group? Just a suggestion.

    Neil, I don’t know why you think the Maoist will be able to implement anything. All they do is talk and frankly people are getting really sick of it.
    The Maoists have inadvertantly created a mobocracy in Nepal. Now mobs rule the land (at least in KTM) and the name of the game is ‘zulus.’ There is no law and order and its basically a free for all situation. So even if this sweet talking Baburam comes to power things are not going to be rosy. Like you mentioned the only the Maoists are going to implement anything is if they use their militias and do it with force. Say good bye to democratic process and accountability…

  27. Gayri,
    One more thing if you mean whuch other caste’s have done more DAMAGE than the Brahmins, I can ansewr none. For a self proclaimed non-brahmin you seem extremely defensive. Like I said I will bet my bottom rupee that you are a chor Bahun.

  28. Pundit bahun,

    I am really not interested in your kind. You’re kin are the very cause of the state of affairs of this nation. This is what Dor Bahadur Bista described a s Brahminisation of a nation. I am here to convey my message to the brothers and sisters of the soil and soul of this nation and don’t have time to go on a nonsensical debate with two timing, nation looting and selling serpants like you and your kin.

  29. chup lag [icd]. bhun na bhadiye bai alai Ranaji ko nokar [icd].

    [icd] bhun ra takuri na bhabe ta Indian [icd] koi Indian mansai ko security guard bhayera [icd]. laat hanuparni ho [icd] jaat paat ko kura garda.

  30. Question: first I’ll try to be civil with you.

    You are going off on a mistaken premise. You cannot lump an entire ethic group in this way. There are alot of people responsible for where Nepal is today. Yes I agree that the majority of the political leaders are from the Bhun ethnic group but this certainly doesn’t mean that all the Bhuns get togeather at night and sit around a camp fire and conspire against other Nepalis. Or is that what you really think? Do you think I like GPK or Mukune? Do you think I am going to get a share of the millions his daughter embazzeled? Let me guess I suppose you also think that we Bhuns have a common bank account from where we are at liberty to withdraw money.

    And you mention nothing about the positive contribution Bhuns have made to Nepali history. Who started the revolution against the Rana regimes? From what I remember I believe they were a Bhun. Actually I never really though in that way but since you bought up the subject I thought I would mention it.
    So let me get this right: the Bhuns put the Ranas in power and MADE THEM opress the people, made the Newars successful to divert attention and now we all sit around and think of more conspiracies.

    Man this is excatly what Nepal needs right now. Keep the great ideas coming!

  31. Neil,

    1. “The immediate aftermath of the revolution was a massive land redistribution program in which the government stood aside and let peasants hold impromptu trials for their previous landlords. Hundreds of thousands of the landlords were killed.”

    Well, haven’t Maoists in Nepal already sent landlords packing to district headquarters? What has become an outcome? Many of landlords have been shot dead in rural Nepal or are displaced. I have not read anywhere that it was a good move that ushered your proclaimed ‘changes’in anything. Provide few evidences.

    2. Your “massive land redistribution program” has been already tried by previous governments (during Panchayat regime and by Deuba as well). At least, there is no conclusive result published anywhere that says it has done any good like increased agriculture produce or farmers have benefitted economically. You can fall back on one argument that ‘social justice’ has been achieved. Unfortunately, whoever got land has ended up selling the land to another.

    3. “Mao waged an armed struggle that lasted decades. He took control of the country through military force and the support of peasants.”

    I agree with your point that he had support. Do you really think that the Maoists enjoy that massive support as Mao did? If it is so, why is that people are standing against them from time to time? Why is it that international agencies are pointing at their double standards? Why is it that NGOs in Nepal often point at their crimes? Going by your logic, there must be conspiracy against the Maoists and these all are planted stories. Of course, you will provide a clean chit to them.

    4. One thing the Maoists have done good is that lots of Nepalese are working abroad and sending money back home (or remittance). This way they saw foreign land, they could understand that what Maoists preach is all farce, and they realize that life indeed is very difficult. It did good for the nation because even if we do not produce anything and even if there is no economic activity in Nepal, at least Nepal has adequate amount of foreign exchange to support imports of food items and basic necessities.

  32. yeah question pat, sorry to say folks but if it happens then the worst victims will be Bahuns, according to personnel expereince no one likes them, sorry folks its quite true….

  33. gangster:
    No one likes them? I can understand the resentment although I don’t agree with how people like ‘question’ blame the entire Bhuns ethnic group.
    Again I don’t care if no one likes them. The point is there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it! So if you want to be productive and lessen your chance of sounding like a fool (although it’s a little too late for that) you should point out certain leaders and flaws in the system.

  34. Maoists continue extortion from tourists


    BIRETHANTI, Kaski, Jan 11 – Violating terms of the historic peace accord, Maoists have continued to collect ‘taxes’ from tourists who come to the Annapurna region for hiking and trekking.
    According to locals, Maoists, who earlier used to ask for donations clandestinely, now openly ask for money in the name of ‘taxes’. “They have made it mandatory for all tourists visiting Annapurna region to pay a certain amount,” they said.

    Annapurna circuit, considered one of the best trekking routes in the world, begins from Nayapul, located 42 kilometers away from Pokhara. Half an hour from the starting point, a Maoist check post greets visitors.

    Landruk, another gateway to Annapurna circuit, is also affected by Maoists’ illegal activities. They have also established another check post there.

    Due to the presence of checkpoints at the two entry points to the Annapurna region, tourists who come to the area are forced to pay money to them.

    Locals said that tourists have to pay a tax of Rs 100 per day to the Maoists, for which they are given a receipt with Tamuwan Autonomous Region (TAR) printed on it.

  35. Pundit,

    Yeah the bank account is called the Bank of Nepal and the sweat of Nepali brothers and sisters. The problem with your type is that you think that you are innocent because you do not embezzle funds and steal money etc., but you have throughout history been beneficiaries and had undue advantages which got you where you are. Not to mention making all the laws to suite your kind. You take these things lightly and say just because you are’nt like Sujata that makes you okay, but throughout the ages you and your kin have always had the upper hand and advantage and glaringly so – did your kin or you ever bother to uplift the rest of us?
    There is a line in a tale of two cities by Charles Dickens which is apt for you bahuns (corrupt or otherwise), – when a servant of a aristocrat is being taken to the guillotine, she asks the public watching, what crime she had committed, the reply – YOU ATE WHILE WE STARVED!

  36. Maoists collecting taxes in parallel system is not news until tomorrow. If they keep doing past that date then they have some explaining to do.

  37. I love it,

    Bahuns telling others not to be communal and even they themselves find it hard to cover up their communal feelings when pushed, with sentences like who started the revolution against the Ranas and who cares what others feel as if the rest of us are beneath them.

    Infact, I must correct people here and say the revolution against the Ranas were started by no other than Ranas themselves – Subharna Shumshere, Mahavir Shumshere, Sashi Shumshere, Bharat Shumshere, Rudra Shumshere and even Bijaya Shunshere (the son of the then PM Mohan Shumshere) all in the lead with many other Ranas supporting them. The bahuns would obviously sweep the facts under the carpet. Let’s not forget Subharna Shumshere single handedly funded the Congress party and is one of the founding members. Bharat and Sashi Shumshere led an army to oust even King Mahendra during the Panchayat with India’s support only to be cut short by the Indo-China war. Even Comrade Baburam Bhattarai claimed he was inspired to go into communism after reading Bharat Shumshere’s book on sociialist systems. I’m afraid the ignorant chaps in this blog have no clue as to how history was created. They still follow books written by royalists in the panchayat as to the story of how the Rana regime fell.

    Also, the bahuns have always been in power through Kingships, Rana rule and panchayat and so called democracy. One could call it one type of bahun rule replacing another. A clash of the bahuns so as to speak. Power changing hands between bahuns but never really getting to where it should – the rest of us. One would think the Kings and the autocrats of the bygone years would atleast have the sense ro get rid of the Bahun rule altogether and uplift the rest of us but – King’s and autocrats have always been scared of the bahun curse – pap lagcha haina ta.
    So when democracy came about without really anyone understanding it the bahuns were ready to take all the important positions of course, what with centuries of privilege and education who else? So now we have Congressi bahuns, UMl bahuns and maobadi bahuns, and royalist bahuns all cushily up there still fighting each other for power – who can challegenge them when they can have their cake and eat it too?

  38. “Bahuns telling others not to be communal and even they themselves find it hard to cover up their communal feelings when pushed”

    What the hell do you expect me to do CK? You think I am going to sit here and listen to you and ‘question’ go off on a rant about how the Bhuns are the devil?

    And why do you think only Bhuns are successful. Look at the Newars, Chettris who are even more successful and influential. You are looking the valley only… Bhuns are just as bad off in the rural areas.
    But let me bring myself down to your level for a moment: it was Praja Parisad that was instrumental in brining down the Rana Regime. And as far as I know Tanka Prasad Acharya was a Bhun!

  39. On and Question. Again why are you only blaming the Bhuns with your Charlas Dickens analogy? “You ate while we starved” – blame the Ranas, Chettris, Newars.
    Just keep playing this blame game and feel sorry for yourself. You remind of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who blames everything on the British and takes no responsibility.

  40. Pundit,

    Please did up history. Before Tanka Prasad waseven in the picture the ball to oust the regime was rolling and from within the house. Again, stop quoting from history written by Mahendra and then adapted until now by the “democratic” lot, a great tool to fool the people for decades to cover up their own weknesses. Blame it on old regimes if nothing is achieved. I don’t think you have been listening to what I have been saying.

    Anyway, I think the times have weighed the majority opinion against you lot, and just as the Rana regime and the Shah regime fell, the real skeletel system to all these past regimes – the Brahmin regime, will be the next target and it will fall.

  41. The picture goes on like this.

    Brahmins, Chettris, and Newars together constitute about 32% of the population. Unfortunately, they seem to be better educated, well resourced and well placed politically. And they have dominated for last 200 odd years. And it is likely that such complete domination may weaken to some extent. They will attempt to continue with their domination.

    Such social structure will take long time to change. Even after reservation in India (except of Tamil Nadu), the upper caste domination continues.

    Rather than pointing at follies and historical facts, other ethnic groups must work towards uplifting the standard of education to remove such discrimination. Calling names may lessen anger but it will not reduce discrimination.

  42. Back off Question!

    Gauri’s question was…

    “which other cast has done more for the nation?”

    so to you question.. which other cast has done more (good!) for the nation? Please do not show your inferiority complex here. I can understand that you feel like a victim of the bahun society because you have been incompetent or just too racist to do any thing on your own. So, you need protection you would say, won’t you. How do you want the bahuns to make your life better without you having to work hard. I am a brahimin but i do not think any cast is superior to any other. However, if you feel inferior, i am willing to counsel you or help you emotionally or mentally to get of the feeling of being small. I agree with gauri in the sense that, a lot of them have built cunning abilities to achieve things without money and power. If you think taking all the bahuns out of power will solve the problems of Nepal, go ahead do something about it. Start another revolution from your bed. But the reason you feel small is because you feel it not because the bahuns make you feel small. Grow up!

  43. Tribal,

    Time has weighed nothing. It is still bahuns leading from all sides. Yes, i would love to see a more inclusive democratic system developed in Nepal but people like you bring out the worst in people. Your kindda of people just sit home and drink alcohol with you wives hard earned money, dont send your kids to school and when the sh@t hits the fan start complaining about how the society had a moral responsibility of feed you and your family while you were drowning yourself in alcohol and sexually abusing your child. Like B said, stop asking people to feel sorry for yourself. Stop blaming others for your incompetencies. I dont know what cast you are from but i am sure your if forefathers in heaven are reading your comments they would be hanging their heads in shame. They would have wanted you to be their proud representative instead of some one who has taken into blaming others for his or her failures. They would have wanted you to make a significant contributions to the scociety that gave you your identity and a sense of who you are instead of your worthlessness and a cheapescape of blaming others for all the wrongs. They would have………….

    Oh forget it, it is just too hard to reason with idiots because they bring you down to their level and beat you on the basis of their experience.

    Good luck man.

  44. I’m sorry marymay, but I don’t drink. So that would probably mean eveything you asuume and presume about me is racist bullcrap. Pundit, you are in denial go see a doctor. I dont feel sorry for myself , you must have misunderstood – I feel pretty confident that now is the time for the beginning of the end of the bahuns. I hope you won’t be feeling sorry for yourselves. And I don’t blame others for anything least of all incompetence if any on our part. We are quite competent thankyou and it will be proven when we get to the places we belong. The incompetency, I beg to differ has been shown throughout the existence of this nation by chor bahuns. I’m afraid marymay, you have really mixed up people like my so called “under- confidence” with prior lack of ambition and greed for power, this itself shows your lack of understanding of non-brahmins. This will all change.

  45. The fact that you need bahuns out of power for you to be successful itself proves that you need a knock in the head to wake u up. If you were competent enough i am sure you would be ready for the competetion. But instead, you pray or hope for the bahuns to be out so that there will be enough space for you. I really feel sorry for you man. As far as bahuns are concerned, with the king out of the picture, they will even excell more in all directions. Even in commercial sector they will be competing with the newars and thakuris. But you will down below crying for help, complaining that you never got a fair chance. But anyway, good luck. Let the civil war begin………………….

  46. Bob Dylan – Times They Are A Changing Lyrics

    Come gather round people wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters around you have grown
    And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you is worth saving
    Then you’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times, they are a changing

    Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pens
    And keep your eyes open, the chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon, the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no telling who that it’s naming
    Oh the loser will be later to win
    For the times, they are a changing

    Come senators, congressmen, please head the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt will be her that has stalled
    The battle outside ragging will soon shake your windows
    And rattle your hall
    For the times, they are a changing

    Come mothers and fathers all over this land
    And don’t criticize what you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughter are beyond your command
    Your old role is rapidly aging
    Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand
    For the times they are a changing
    The line, it is drawn, the curse, it is cast
    The slow one will later be fast
    And the present now will soon be the past
    The order is rapidly fading
    The first one now will later be last
    For the times, they are a changing

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