Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?

By Prakash Bom

What is the primary objective of the CA Elections? Are political leaders clear about it? If so, have they made it clear to their party cadres and their supporters in general public?

CA elections are the elections that all political parties of the nation and the general public must be aware of their urgency with clear objective for building a democratic nation– ‘a new democratic Nepal’. This is the mandate of the people’s movements and the aspiration of people that no political party can overrule it.

The ‘Constitution’ that will be drafted for the new democratic Nepal must guarantee the ‘Civil Liberty’, ‘Civil Rights’ and ‘Human Rights’ of people, and the ‘National Integrity’ of Nepal. The general voters must be acquainted about the objectives of the CA elections. Campaigns for CA elections should not only be the campaigns of political parties but also of all Nepali people who trust in electoral (competitive) process of democracy.

The other question has come up for the Republic setup with the failure of the institution of the monarchy. The majority of the political party leaderships and cadres are aware of this choice. This change has come about with the aspiration of the majority of people for the republic. Should the CA elections make this decision for the nation or the Interim Parliament? The nation now needs immediate attention.

SPA leaderships in the government have failed with the lack of vision and the justice over the national crises. People were worried, especially those who were marginalized by the current governance structure and practice. Therefore with the questions of the restructuring the nation people have come up with the demand of federal structures that will give people the opportunity for the direct participations in nation building process with the electoral rights for ‘self-governance’. If the political leaderships had the vision for the nation; if the elites were honest with their knowledge and experience; the federalism could have been the need of the time for the nation building mechanism.

It is absolutely necessary at this point for political leaderships and ruling elites to understand the federalism that it is the mechanics of the democratic government without which the competitive electoral system cannot be institutionalized. Democracy without the right to self-governance people will not have right to participate in nation building process – only chosen elites, as the government authority will dictate the process. The political leaderships have not done any homework on this issue. If they have done they could have come up with some proposals for the federal governance structures.

Under Interim Constitution we have accepted federalism but we have not come up with any proposal that will give incentives to people for CA elections. For example, if we federalize five states that will equally share the national resources from Indian boarders to the Tibet – plains, valleys, mountains and Himalayas will have local governments based on population for village (county) governments and city municipality governments by dismantling districts of feudal oligarchic governance structures.

Five states will have state assembly, governor & cabinet, and state Supreme Court through competitive electoral process. The constituencies of the state will be determined on the population basis for the representatives of the Federal Parliament of the nation.

Each village (county) or city municipality government will have assembly, mayor & cabinet, and county or city judge, attorney, law enforcement officer, comptroller (audit) through competitive electoral process. The nation will have employments through the electoral process and appointments by the public service commission from federal (central) government to the village (county) governments.

If the political parties desire to win the elections on the party basis by having voters ignorant about the CA elections then the issues are something other than building a new democratic nation devoid of feudal oligarchic or totalitarian government mechanics. Otherwise they must face that they have not done any homework for the CA elections for making people aware of elections’ objectives. The party based elections will not be fair election. For general voters have rights to information on CA elections before they walk to the voting booths. The reasoning for the deferral of the CA elections must touch these pragmatic issues for change.

Frankly, political parties have no preparation for the CA elections. This is what I have observed on my visit to Nepal last month. The attitudes of the political parties have not changed in their campaign for CA elections. It seems their campaign is motivated with the intimation and bribing to get the votes of ignorant yet innocent people who are deprived of information. Their strategy for the elections is like of the Budhiman Tamang as the representative of the ‘Forum for Dhading Development’ informed me that Mr. Tamang is busy giving water buffalo party in his constituency for the guaranteed vote bookings of CA elections.

Political parties, which are rushing to CA elections, might be afraid of those, which have assets to give water buffalo parties and strength to intimate people with death threats. What could be the best strategy for those who cannot afford neither other than educate voters with the primary objectives of CA elections to create a new democratic Nepal? There could be then hope for establishment of the competitive electoral institutions of democracy.






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  1. Gossip corner Avatar

    everything is uncertain now

  2. GossipCorner Avatar

    Now everything is uncertain

  3. CornerGossip Avatar

    Everything now is uncertain!

  4. Corner Gossip Avatar
    Corner Gossip

    Uncertain is everything, now!

  5. cornergossip Avatar

    uncertainity is everything now!

  6. damn cornergossip Avatar
    damn cornergossip

    Damn! uncertainity is everything, Now!

  7. Patriot Avatar

    “Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?”

    I’d say both.

  8. Jai Hind Avatar
    Jai Hind

    Now the Chogyal (Gyane) will step in sometime in Asar. That will prompt a massive public uprising against the monarchy. The interim legislator will vote to abolish the monarchy as well as to merge with India. Some Janjati leader — preferably from the Maoists — will become chief minister. The madhises will be the short-term losers, until the state of Nepal is bifurcated a couple of years later. India will expel the Dalai Lama, who will find sanctuary amid Richard Gere et al. The Chinese will be happy to cede ground to the Indians as long as they keep the Americans out.
    Mera Bharat Mahan

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Now the Chogyal (Gyane) will step in sometime in Asar. That will prompt a massive public uprising against the monarchy.”

    Not necessarily!

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Not necessarily to both your statements.

  11. sarki ko choro Avatar

    Bhudai, don’t take the bait.., you are wiser than that.

  12. sonam Avatar

    “Frankly, political parties have no preparation for the CA elections.”

    When were the parties ready, even now they are not interested in the CA
    Prachanda says remove the King and the CA can be held after one year. CA is just a disguise for the 8 parties to hang on to power.

    Jai Hind :

    Why should India take over Nepal. There is no point, right now India already controlls nepal, economically & politically.

  13. haisanlu Avatar

    Referendum on Monarchy Now !

  14. sonam Avatar

    Lets not divide the people using the referendum on Monarchy.
    Suppose the votes are split 50-50 on ceremonial monarchy and republic, then what ???????

    Let the CA decide the fate of king.
    If the parliament removes the king now that will one of the major bluders of Nepal which could even threaten its very existence.
    We should work towards holding the CA at the earliest possible and for that 8 parties and especially the moaists must improve their behavior and win the confidence of the people.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Referendum? That’s actually not a bad idea except I am not sure a free and fair referendum can take place.

    I hope people are taking notice of how Prachanda is demanding that Parliment declare Nepal into a republic. Well I would ask him why? And just who the hell is he to demand anything? Why can’t he wait for the CA elections? What will changing Nepal into a republic accomplish anyway?
    Prachcanda is desperate to show the YCL goons some progress to save his own face. But I doubt any of the parties will actually agree to this.

  16. gaunle Avatar

    Referendum, its a good idea.

    whey not go for referendum on Maoism?

  17. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    My thinking is that CA election is stupid idea. We should have gone straight towards the election for the House (100,000 people choosing 1 representative) and for the National Assembly (1 from each distrcicts). Since our SPAs and Maoists are determined to have CA election, it will surely happen. But It will not happen untill SPAs and Maoists are not sure of themselves on the outcome of the election. My solution is still to sack the King before election and declare Nepal as the People’s Republic of Nepal. At the same time present interim government must be bold and use NA to crush the Maoists’ goons. We can not have election when Maoists are running wild with guns while NAs are confined in the barracks.

  18. scoop Avatar

    The thing with Nepali politicians is that no idea is good unless it eventually comes out of their own mouth. Anyone else having a good idea can’t be accepted – no way. The referendum idea has been around for a while. The first public mention of it was believe or not during the King’s direct rule in 2005 by a Minister in that regime. But since it is’nt a SPAM idea they flogged it off till people forgot and now are bringiong it up again. With these baun bajes leading all these parties we will be lucky if we can have simple decisions made and enacted leave alone big decisions.

  19. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Nor it is pragmatic or crises- it is runwaya freight train.

  20. TheWho Avatar

    Nepal forum tackles fate of Monarchy

    Monarchy conservation experts are gathering in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, to discuss the future of the endangered species.

    The conference is being organised by conservation group WHF and its SpaM monitoring network, Anti-SPAMMER.

    The forum is likely to see combative debate on the ethics of anti-monarchy politicking and demand for its abolishment.

    Anti-monarchy politicking and the call for setting up of a republican state has put pressures on the monarchy’s natural habitat which has reduced significantly after the reinstated Parliament decided to nationalize the property of the Nepalese King.

    Bone debate

    The conference delegates come from more than 12 countries, including “Stable Nepal Support” states such as China, Russia and US as well as Nepal, the Nepal Broadcasting Corporation’s (NBC) Chabilal Havilal in Kathmandu says.

    India has sent 17 people, but its position is controversial, our correspondent says.

    Prior to the Royal Takeover and the Royal government’s calls for including China in the regional cooperation organization SAARC, India banned the politicking in Anti-monarchy issues, he says, but it has many Anti-monarchy supporter farms.

    Conservationists say Delhi wants to lift its ban at the behest of influential leaders in the Congress-led coalition government and so-called socialist thinkers in South Block.

    They argue anti-monarchy campaign in Nepal has medicinal properties for all ills which are prevalent in the Indian Soil.

    But some scientists say it barely differs from the bone of Nepali Congress, UML, Maoist or other fringe political groups and human rights groups.
    Supporters of the politicking in Anti-monarchy issues say it will bring Nepalese society down and with it a reduction in its ability to control its vast natural-resources but their opponents say such commerce will only stimulate demand for power from many splinter groups.
    The conference will last until Friday.

    The author of this article expresses his due apologies to the BBC NEWS for twisting the tail… oops..tale around!
    The actual news article can be see at

  21. TheWho Avatar

    We have so much at stake! If we fail to act we will lose them forever. Read on….

  22. TheWho Avatar

    Please read

    “Some argue anti-monarchy campaign in Nepal has medicinal properties for all ills which are prevalent in the Indian Soil.”

    instead of

    “They argue anti-monarchy campaign in Nepal has medicinal properties for all ills which are prevalent in the Indian Soil.”

  23. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Kirat: where are you these days?

  24. Kishan Avatar

    The evil alliance of the power-grabbers is blooming. So what is the hurry? Even the royals are cornered. Impunity is maintained. The road is open for assimilating more and more power of all forms. No ambitious leadership will consider an election as a rational choice, unless the self-proclaimed leaders are altruist, which is very unlikely. No one in a such a position will like to undercut his or her own bargaining position. Election is just a mirage and a blinder.

    Two strategies may help ensure an election: 1) Reduce the power the present government is enjoying (no new decisions, only day-to-day work until the elected government is in place; and/or 2) increase the international pressure (no substantial moral, political or financial support from internal communities until the elected government).

  25. sonam Avatar

    With no international financial support or too much of International pressure, Nepal will be corned and will be bound to seek India blessing.
    Then we will start anti-india bashing and forget the real problem. The real problem is not the SPA but the maoists. The SPA will go for the elections but the maoists are unsure of people support and they are the main reasons for the postponment of the CA.
    May be a referundem on Ceremonial King vs Maoists. Let see who wins.

  26. sonam Avatar

    CPN-UML demands public apology from Maoists for thrashing cadres

    Kantipur Report

    Ramechhap, April 17 – Reacting to the thrashing of its cadres by the Maoists, CPN-UML Ramechhap Tuesday said that it would not participate in the all-party meeting of the District Development Committee (DDC) until the CPN-M publicly apologizes for the incident.
    Stating that 15 of its members, including central committee member Bhairav Karki, had been injured after being beaten up by the Maoists, the UML has demanded that the CPN-Maoist issue a public apology for the incident.

    Earlier, in Ramechhap’s Betali on Friday, Maoists had attacked CPN-UML cadres protesting against the Maoist excesses.


    These are the reasons for the postponment of the CA Elections.

  27. sonam Avatar

    Sujata accuses YCL of training on ‘booth capturing’

    A central member of Nepali Congress (NC) has accused Maoists’ Young Communist League (YCL) of training its cadres on ‘booth capturing.’
    Sujata Koirala, daughter of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, also accused that each YCL cadre possessed a weapon and were preparing to capture booths during elections by using those weapons. Her accusations come in the wake of police raids at YCL offices in Kathmandu valley. Police said they did not find any weapon in the raid.

    Speaking in Biratnagar, Koirala said she obtained the information after touring villages of Sunsari district. “The reason why elections could not be held on June is the Maoists,” she said, adding, “Maoists are the obstacle to the polls. Fearing they would lose elections, the Maoists do not want it to be held.”

    Koirala further charged that despite bagging plum cabinet portfolios and enjoying government allowances, the Maoists were yet to stop collecting ‘donations.’

    She said the Maoists were still running parallel government and refusing to return seized properties. She added that before improving the security situation and resolving Terai problem, elections cannot be held. sd Apr 17 07


    These are the reasons for the postponment of the CA elections.

  28. sonam Avatar

    Maoist pressure displaces police units

    Kantipur Report

    DANG, April 17 – A police post located at Ragechaur of Salyan district has been shifted to the area police post at Tharmare due to Maoist threat. A group of Maoists led by Ramesh Koirala pressurized the policemen to leave Ragechaur area and go to the district headquarters, according to district police office Salyan.
    The Maoists have also been pressurizing policemen at Bhalchaur post and Tharmare area police office to leave the area and go to the district headquarters. Krishna Shyam Budhathoki, chief district officer, stated he was constantly trying to contact Maoists to find out the reasons behind this but the latter were out of contact. An all-party meet was held on Monday to discuss the matter.

    Meanwhile, Maoists in Bardiya district have been hindering officials of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) from reading electricity meters.

    The eight-party meeting held a month ago in the district had decided to deploy NEA employees to read meters in the villages. However, Maoists threatened NEA personnel not to start work and returned them from the field, according to Kusheshwor Prasad Shahu, chief of Bardiya branch of NEA.

    He stated that while political parties take decisions in the district headquarters on certain issues; Maoists on the field behave otherwise.
    Posted on: 2007-04-16 20:21:45 (Server Time)

    These are the reasons for the postponment of the CA elections.

  29. Shame Avatar pb Apr 18 07

    Police take into control Prachanda’s vehicle

    Police on Tuesday took a jeep used by the Maoist supremo Prachanda under control after businessman Raju Shrestha claimed that the vehicle belonged to him.

    Superintendent of Police, Dhak Bahadur Karki confirmed that police seized the vehicle, adding, “The vehicle is in Kathmandu District Police Office, Hanumandhoka. We will hand it over to the person who comes with legal document.”

    The Nissan jeep with plate number Ba 5 Pa 1718 was in the parking area of Hotel Ashoka at Bagbazaar when Shrestha, a resident of Budhanilkantha, claimed that the jeep belonged to him and it was stolen. He then got into it and started the vehicle using the spare key he still retained.

    But Maoist cadres surrounded the vehicle before Raju could drive away. As a scuffle ensued between Shrestha and Maoist cadres, police arrived at the scene and seized the vehicle.

    Shrestha said the Maoists abducted him and forcefully took away the vehicle including some valuables on October 19, 2006. He also said the real number plate of the vehicle was Ba 5 Cha 1718.

    Maoist Central leader Ananta said the Maoists were planning to return the vehicle on Wednesday.

    “We told Shrestha to come to the police office with sufficient official documents. We will hand over the jeep to the “actual owner” after an investigation,” SP Karki added.

    It is said that the jeep is normally used to ferry top Maoist leaders, including Prachanda.

  30. theheightenedeverentiation Avatar

    Chaos spreading exuberantly in it,
    Couldn’t strengthen the ties of da political parties.

    Jay Ganesh, Hey Ganesh !

  31. Hem Dulal Avatar

    it is unsure whether the constituent assembly polls are going to happen in Nepal. because political parties themselves don’t know what the CA polls exactly meant for let alone their voters..
    There is a whim–a whim of democratic nepal. ..there are a handful of nepalis to have known about the CA polls, its procedures, legitimacy, goals and would be outcome…ca polls alone will not bring wealth, career, development and so and so to the Nepalis..u must know CA polls would be a fresh beginning. after ca polls we expect the political questions of the country pending for more than half century would be solved.. and we will have a fresh beginning..then we will have environment to take initiatives for the overall development of the country–i mean..economic growth..trickle down approach of development….freedom..options and acces and and all ……For more information….click……………

  32. sagarmatha Avatar

    I doubt about the CA election because;

    -CA itself is vague to the majority people which effectiveness might be questioned in future if proper homework is not done before
    -many existing parliament members are going to loose the election so they have more advantage in lingering it
    -maoist swept away from terai and might face similar cases in another regions once the date is declared
    -terai people are united for their own ethnicity and their own ethnic leaders which might be copied to other regions by different ethnic groups
    – the existing majority power holders and leaders of different parties are of particular caste, so majority of them are going to abolish after CA election due to the demand of ethnicity rights and their own ethnic leaders. So, the existing power holders try to confused the ethnic groups by any means which cannot be effective in CA election due to the awareness among them by this change
    – individual spaM leaders itself have less interest in CA elction

  33. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Bom- define Federalism in the context of Nepal before you pour out your anger against SPA. You know, what we know- the mumble is nothing new. You got one feet in US and supposedly one in Nepal- it ain’t right to sound so analytical because you don’t taste Nepali wind, dust nor water. Give it a rest. Sick and tired of people who assume they know better just because they skim and skinny dip in foreign land.

    As for the fiasco in Nepal- learn to be Nepali before speaking out. We have lost that loving feeling of being a Nepali. We comment as we are the one to decide , wisful thinking. If it ain’t obvious till now then- go kill yourself.

  34. guyfromktm Avatar

    Firstly, it is very unfortunate that the alternative to a “failed monarchy” as Bom puts it is the group of thugs and terrorists. How unlucky can a citizen of the country get than this? Secondly, Bom says that the aspirations of the majority of the people were refelcted in April. I am not sure where Bom was during April but the slogans during the uprising ranged from plainly restoration of democracy to dealing with repressive monarchy to the extreme of republicanism etc. However, the groups were divided about what they wanted among these three options. And this is why rather than the 5 million odd who joined the movement, all of the eligible voters from the 27 million Nepalese need to make a decision by VOTING and not by the thugs and terrorists through parliament of the “behalf of the people”. Now, this joint government came with only one mandate to carry out the CA by the stated date. The alternative for the failure of this government to carry out the elections as promised is definitely not forcible declaration of Nepal as a republic but it is more like the ouster of the government for its “ashaksham” performance.

  35. sonam Avatar

    Just because a couple of ppliticians utter republic, does not represent the views of the Nepalies. If this becomes the trend, then put 100,000 people in Kathmandu streets and then you can get whatever you want from the govt.
    The proper way for the removal of the mocharcy is through the CA elections and not through the backdoor of the parliament.

  36. funny Avatar

    leader of maobadi travels around town in an suv that has been stolen from a citizen !!!

    Oh wait, no, the royalists must be behind this?

  37. sagarmatha Avatar

    spaM is showing their naked picture of authoritarian rule in their democracy. Both Prachanda and Girija deciding the major changes in the politics just inside the room and 27 million people outside supposed to be living in the open-air of democracy have to accept it whether they like it or not. Do they think people are sheep (used it, cut it and eat it) having no defensive power for their own rights and decision?

  38. gaunle Avatar

    Dont get surprize is some one claims for Coat and Pant worn by Prachanda.

    Of course, the hair gel he is using is bought from our money.

  39. sagarmatha Avatar

    Constituent assembly in coma !!

    The constituent assembly may triggered a crisis and could lead to more “civil war” due to the fraction among the ideology of different ethnic groups. Lacking the interest of all ethnic groups brings conflict among them where political parties are going to be sidelined. The terai crisis showing the symptons of ignoring the existing political parties and their presence and expecting the new one of their own. This brings the polarization among the ethnicity where country is going back to history of 238 years. Neither the maoist nor the SPA are making guts to say that unification of Nepal was right. They frist made the propaganda that unification was done just to rule the different ethnic groups by monarchy. They thought this concept could be helpful to abolish the monarchy to topple the power. But, it has helped the different ethnic groups to open their eyes about their presence and rights in the spaM. Maoist strategy followed by SPA hadnot understood that they themselves are involved in suppressing the different ethnic groups by leading the parties by particular caste. Now questions started to arise them that whether to give the top positions to different ethnic groups to lead the parties or not? Now, spaM for the sake of their own interst in lingering the power, they are blaming others to be barrier for CA.

  40. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    The Essence of Constitutional Assembly

    (Courtesy: Kalyan Dev Bhattarai)

    Today the whole country is revolving around the issue of a constitutional assembly (CA) and the politicians are doing their best to deceive the innocent democracy and peace loving Nepalese citizens to fool them in the name of CA.

    There can be no doubt on the need of CA at this juncture of the country, which was the demand of the Maoist and wishes of the people expressed during the Andolan 2062-63. Many intellectual like us supported the demand of CA from the beginning, when the so-called political leaders of seven parties were against the CA. But unfortunately, today Maoists are not only fooled by the seven political parties but the CA is also being postponed indefinitely and its basic essence is being contorted and mislead.

    The essences of the CA are People’s participation, people’s concurrences on the issues, wide representation, and is basically different from the ritual parliamentary elections. Taking into consideration the methodology adopted for the proposed CA in the interim constitution, one can say that the so-called CA will only be a mockery of it, fulfilling the covert wishes of the corrupt, selfish politicians, as it does not fulfil any of the essence required of a CA.

    The wide participation of the people being one of the main essences of the CA, how an assembly election, where only the political parties’ representatives are allowed to participate barring the people’s participation can claim itself as a CA election? The interim constitution provides that only the politicians will represent the CA. This means only maximum of 3 % of the population will be participating in the process excluding the rest of the people. The total cumulative number of levy-paying cadres of all the political parties in the country will not be more that 7 lacks.

    Simply by voting a political party, the voters do not become the members of the party. Such vote is the compulsion due to faith in democracy and is only an endorsement for the selection of thieves from the bunch of dacoits, who stands in the election as party representatives. It is only intellectual bankruptcy to consider such endorsement as selection of people’s representation. 97 % of the people are not members of any political parties and only endorse the party candidates with the hope that they will act as per their declared manifestos, which has proven to be wrong every time, so far.

    I wonder when and how the so-called political representatives turns out to be people’s representative as claimed by politicians, when they stand and nominate themselves in the election as party representative, ask for support and act as party representatives in the assembly?

    The other essence of CA is that it should be able to decide, once for all, on the major social, economical political etc. issues of the country. However none of the political parties have put forward single issue for the verdict of the people. There are many political issues like the declaration of republican State, PM’s direct election, barring the parliamentarians from being ministers, confiscation of properties accumulated without legitimate source, capital punishment for the heinous crimes, and many others. Politicians will never put such important issues forward, as they are in politics to fool the people for their vested and selfish interests.

    If the CA is not able to decide on such important social, political economical and regional issues, the so-called CA will be only a fraud. Before we go for election of CA, we should put forward all the major political, social and economical and regional issues to be solved through the people’s verdict. Unfortunately, our so-called CA is only for fooling the people, as the new Constitution is to be prepared not by the people’s representatives but by the representatives of the political parties. Hence they will not make decisions on important issues affecting people’s lives.

    The other equally important essence of CA is wide representation of different sectors, covering professions, castes, religions, regions, sex, etc. In our so-called CA only and only politicians are represented barring others from various sectors. From the past experiences, one can easily say that the nominations will be from the same corrupt, useless bunch of party cadres whose only objective is to loot the country’s treasury. If Maoists think they can make new Nepal with the help of such proven dacoits, then it is as foolish a belief of putting 60-70 new potatoes in a sack of rotten potatoes and hoping that the whole sack of potato will turn out to be good.

    The other essence of CA is that it should be different from parliamentary elections as CA is not to rule the country but to prepare the ruling document. It is against the simple rule of law that those who rule the country should not be allowed to prepare the ruling documents. Unfortunately, in our case, same politicians who rule the country are also allowed to prepare the ruling document. In such situation, to expect that the rulers will prepare a document that is beneficial to people will be foolish. Their interest will be to fulfil their vested interests and will make such a document that provides them enough avenues to loot the country’s treasury.

    With these notions, I suggest the coming CA should be for the people, by the people and of the people, barring the political parties from participating as political entities and to stand as an independent Nepali citizen, prepare the constitution and hand it over to the political parties to run the country as per the constitution with the full support of people.

  41. Nepali People's Rights Forum Avatar
    Nepali People’s Rights Forum

    Under Federalism HOW Nepal can be decentralized with its state power TO RULE BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE AND:

    There will be 5 states of the federal government under geographical division to share equal natural and human resources and the revenue:

    —-State of East Nepal

    — State of the Centeral Nepal

    —State of the West Nepal

    — State of the Mid-West Nepal

    — State of the Far-West Nepal

    On the basis of the population each State government will have
    —Village Assembly (county) governments
    — & City Muncipality governments

    Village Assembly (county) government will have a cabint and the assembly of legislator of which elected Major will the the head of the cabinet.

    City Municipality government will have a cabint and assembley of legislature of which elected Major will the the head of the cabinet.

    ———–Each State Government will have the cabinet and the State Assembly of legislators of which elected State Governor will be the head of the state.

    ——-Based on the population the Federal Paliament members of the lower house and upper house will be elected from the constituence of each state.

    —–Form each Village Assembly (county) government and City Municipality Government of the State government assembly members will be elected.

    —The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Nepal will be directly elected by the popular votes of the people of all States.

    —The comment on this Model can be directely posted to this Democratic Blog of all Nepali people to explore……………………

    —Unfortunately the blog has anti-federal and pro-king brats more than serious thinkers for the nation.

    —Any way keep blogging Democratic ideas and values ———–

  42. Concerned Citizen Avatar
    Concerned Citizen

    What is going on? Whole Terai is going cazy right before your eyes and the present government is so inept to do anything about it! It’s time for the Girija government to resign and form a new coalition goverment who can govern and control the mess before it’s all going to go in flames. Girija- resign now!!!

  43. Concerned Citizen Avatar
    Concerned Citizen

    What is going on? Whole Terai is going carzy right before your eyes and the present government is so inept to do anything about it! It’s time for the Girija government to resign and form a new coalition goverment who can govern and control the mess before it’s all going to go in flames. Girija- resign now!!!

  44. Concerned Citizen Avatar
    Concerned Citizen

    What is going on? Whole Terai is going crazy right before your eyes and the present government is so inept to do anything about it! It’s time for the Girija government to resign and form a new coalition goverment who can govern and control the mess before it’s all going to go in flames. Girija- resign now!!!

  45. noname Avatar

    Nepali People’s Rights Forum (01:42:02) : “—Unfortunately the blog has anti-federal and pro-king brats more than serious thinkers for the nation.”

    Don’t worry, there are still a few left here to vote in your Federal Republic of Nepal…patriotic, manan, kirat and bhudey pundit. All 4 are together with you in your voting process. Why vote anyway? You all have the parliament…just chose and elect any warlord in any place…it’s a free for killing country for you all.

    The rest of us are a little too concerned regarding the following:

    “Strike continues (in schools around the Kingdom) as agitators stick with their demands”
    “(Parliament) House disrupted again”
    “Serial blasts in Janakpur”
    “IOC cuts petro supply again, nation set to face fuel crisis”

  46. Jake Avatar

    The king is still trying to destablise Nepal, by having a republic democracy is safe from his torturing, corrupt hands. Then all the achievements of the democarcy protests will turn Nepal from being among the most dictatoral lands in South Asia, under a anti democarcy king, into among the most democratic as he will have no control or positions of insane authority.

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