Constituent Assembly Preparations and Maoist Celebrations

Amidst the preparations of the Constituent Assembly elections two months away, the Maoists celebrate their Thirteenth Anniversary in the valley today. The streets have been decorated with graffiti through which YCL (Young Communist League) offer their “Red Salute” to “Prachanda, the Future President” of the Nepal. The “Future” is yet to be seen as the elections are still two months away. And given the political climate of Nepal, anything can happen even in the eleventh hour. Keeping those possibilities aside, the Elections Commission has asked all the political parties to erase all graffiti by Feb 20. The Election Code which such comes into effect from the very date bans graffiti writing, painting on walls and putting up of posters and banners by parties and candidates at public and private sites in the course of electioneering. Feb 20, doesn’t seem to be a date in near future for our political parties as they are still continuing with their graffiti. The Constituent Assembly Elections has been for April 20,2008 after postponing it twice in April 2007 and then Nov22,2007. Thirteen may not after all be an unlucky number for the Maoists ( and the country) if the polls take place as planned.

On a different note, the Three major madhesi groups — Tarai-Madhes Democratic Party, Sadbhawana Party and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum – launched an alliance on Saturday and announced that they would take to the streets from Monday to press their six-point demand. The new front, United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), has called for declaring 45 people killed during the madhes movement as martyrs and constitutional guarantee for autonomy and right to self determination for madhes in the future federal system. More here

Soon after the formation of the alliance the government renewed its dialogue call with the protesting tarai groups and asked them to resolve the issues through talks before launching any protest. More Here

The editorial in The Kathmandu Post ( Feb 13,2008) talks more on the issue of the polls

Polls apart

The three-day ultimatum given by the chief election commissioner to the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) points to the uncertainty looming large over the Constituent Assembly (CA) election slated for April 10. The other day, the chief election commissioner criticized the government for the way it was handling the security situation both in the tarai and the hills. He had to issue an ultimatum to the SPA demanding that it address the existing problems so that he could proceed with the electoral preparations. Holding the CA polls on schedule is, no doubt, the EC’s responsibility; but the electoral process seems to be moving at a snail’s pace due to the indefinite general strikes in parts of the country. For weeks, the recently formed United Madhesi Front (UMF) has paralyzed life in the tarai, while the Young Communist League (YCL) has disrupted political campaigns in the hills.

There are hardly two months left for the CA polls. And the Election Commission (EC) has geared itself up to hold the election on April 10. However, current events paint a very disturbing picture. The UMF has put forth six demands that it wants fulfilled before the CA polls are held. This has posed a new hindrance to the electoral process. The UMF, composed of three tarai-based political parties, has already disrupted public meetings; and the YCL has brought election campaigning in parts of the country to a virtual halt. Political leaders have not been able to visit their constituencies because of the YCL’s atrocities. At this juncture, the chief election commissioner cannot adopt any alternative electoral procedure. The EC plans to train returning officers starting this Thursday. Next week, it intends to set up election offices at the district level with an aim to mobilize volunteers for a voters’ education campaign.

The rescheduled election cannot be carried out at one go. The SPA has neither nominated the required number of women candidates nor has it been able to deal with the security problems. Given the current security situation, can the EC hold the CA polls on schedule? When will the SPA partners sort out their differences? The Maoists claim that the revival of the United Revolutionary People’s Council (URPC) does not constitute forming a parallel administration when the world knows that violence, brutality and highhandedness are part of the Maoists’ strategy to win the polls. YCL cadres have attacked NC leader Dilendra Badu. They have abducted local leaders. Unless the Maoists dissolve the YCL and withdraw the decision to reactivate the URPC, the EC will find it hard to continue with the preparations for the polls. The UMF may not budge from its political agenda, which will affect the CA polls.


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  1. ???? Avatar

    The streets have been decorated with graffiti through which YCL (Young Communist League) offer their “Red Salute” to “Prachanda, the Future President” of the Nepal……………’s a dream only,…………………..for it first there should be CA elections…………….and also YCL……..should becom young communist league………and maoists should have earn reputation from nepalease……………..that’s all………

  2. aAkaR Avatar

    The streets have been decorated with graffiti through which YCL (Young Communist League) offer their “Red Salute” to “Prachanda, the Future President” of the Nepal……………’s a dream only,…………………..for it first there should be CA elections…………….and also YCL……..should becom young communist league………and maoists should have earn reputation from nepalease……………..that’s all………

  3. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    The electoral commission is a toothless tiger (read: a meek sheep totally dependent on the SPAM for its existence). It can’t do nothing to Maoists murderers. I don’t think it will dare to impose any penalty to the hooligans gang (which they call party) for breaching the “electoral rules”.

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    The celebration was fantastic with red flags everywhere. Prachanda said not only people but even security forces are with them. Then who else with six parties? The grip in the whole madhes is also gone.

  5. nepali Avatar

    it’s true that the red grafattis are more in the streets but one thing they proved that they can have big masses where others can’t gather…………. if CA is there, they should win………… hope they could handly this crippled Nepal with new ideaology of communism and let know the other countries to follow

  6. aakash Avatar

    it is nice to have day dreaming to become prachanda as prsident of nepal.they can gather 20thousand people force fully.but they can not win nepalese people;s heart.people are enough of maiost .so don’t day dream.

  7. guyfromktm Avatar

    it is a pity that biased newspapers like kantipur aren’t talking about how the shops in New Road and near by areas were forced to be closed down and each shop and house was asked to send in two representatives to “participate” in this so called Maoists function which was a farce. It is also a pity that one of the parties in the govenrment is robbing people of their demicratic rights and forcing them to close thier business and joing their red event although the ajority were against doing so. Where are the civil society thugs and the media? When will hte rights of the people be safeguarded– how long will these terrorists continue to terrorise the country– why are they being given this free ride while the rest of the countyr grapples with multitude of problems.

  8. hope Avatar

    Hmm, with 200 YCL gundas safeguarding the poll booths for “free and fare” election, it’s not a day dream to forsee Maoists’ overwhelming win, should CA election be held on April.

    What a mockery it has been, what a disaster it has been to have GPK as ‘acting’ King and what a shame and misfortune to think of Puspa Kamal as Nepal’s first President. How unfotunate a nation and people has been forced to cope with barrage of incompetent ‘leaders’ , even failed to deliver fuel and electricity.How do they think people will survive without thier basic neccesity?? And they still claim themselves as ‘Government’.Shame on you GPK!!

    One thing is very loud and clear: The fate of Nepalese ain’t gonna change in near future, definitely not with the existing bunch of thugs at the helm!!

  9. sagarmatha Avatar

    I don’t think there is anything fine now neither politicals nor economics. Why we are surrendering everything to these spaM government although they are heading country toward negative direction ? One thing to be sure that these leaders have their own vested interest to stick in power and not running this country for the people.

  10. Deva Avatar

    You Fools, can’t you all see the writings on theWall?

    The High and the Mighty are enjoying coffee, coke, and cakes, while the people of Nepal suffer. They bear the pains of shortages and also fear for their very security of their lives and property.

    Nepal today is on the verge of a total catasprophic collapse. She will not be able to recover for another decade should the politicians continue in their present course of actions.

    The country is supposed to be gearing itself up for the Constituent Assembly elections, but there is no security. The Maoists and their YCL cadres are acting like the thugs of the Nazis before Hitler grabbed power in the Weimar Republic. The other parties like the Nepali Congress and the UML are a despicable lot with neither the spine nor the brains to confront the Maoist menace. God save the nation!


  11. Sangesh Avatar

    Seems like only the CPN (Maoists) are gearing up for the elections. We can see all types of wall paintings all over the walls. They already have choosen Mr. Prachanda as the new President of Nepal too.

    Quite interesting… If there is to be any election as such then there should be some regulations too as to how they do their advertisements too.

  12. coke Avatar


    The bad thing about Girija is, he wants to settle everything inside the hole.
    1. He had quietly signed the Mahakali treaty in Delhi without informing the people.
    2. He had signed the 12 points agreements with maoist inside the hole of RAW office without giving single hints to Nepali people. He made the excused of ill while going to Delhi to sign the agreement.
    3. Similarly, all the major changes after Janaandolan-2 were done inside the room, by only including Madhav Nepal and Prachanda Dahal, without informing the people even who took part to make the andolan success.
    4. Now he is trying to settle madhesi problems inside his room in Balwatar.
    5.The question is what he agreed to Indian delegation inside his living room ?
    The difference between Jung Bahadur and Girija is; Jung Bahadur was supported by British and Girija is supported by Indian congress. The another difference is; Jung Bahadur was dictator in dictator era whereas Girija is democratic dictator in democratic era. But both played the similar game worshipping game to south block. But the difference might be the upholding the sovereignity in the future.

  13. Vashir Avatar

    CA polls will never be able to give people electricity, petrol, diesel, gas, freedom from highhandedness of certain groups who call themselves the savior of this once great nation.

    Instead of conducting CA polls (which will meet a similar fate as the one conducted by the royal regime), the money should be spent on paying the debts of the Nepal Oil Corporation, repairing the Kulekhani Power plant etc.

    Stupid leaders, stupid supporters, stupid people. CA polls is Indian propaganda. They have successfully brainwashed all Nepalese.

    The country should never be a puppet state like Bhutan. And if that is so, people won’t mind what kind of governance there is in Nepal- Kingdom or republic. People like me always put country before politics.

  14. Deva Avatar

    Sikkim is far better off than Bhutan. Think about it. No jokes, no sataire; it is a fact. Nepal has lesser influence than Bhutan, it is no longer taken seriously by other countries. Yet we become inflated by the so-called-sovereignty bluff.

    Do you think leaders like Girija Koirala, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal or Sher Bahadur Deuba and the rest will deliver us from the mess we are in? Do we really believe that these leaders will take us to prosperity? Wishful thinking at best.


  15. sankalpa Avatar

    if we have lost all hopes of a better nepal and if we are now thinking nepal’s fate will be similar that of sikkim then i must tell you right now that, bahuns will be more oppressive than they are right now and the so called inclusiveness will disappear in thin air.

  16. sagarmatha Avatar

    All empty gallons are put it in the Kalimati road demanding to fill it by the consumers. Tamangselo has started andolan sorrounding Kathmandu valley. Doctors closed the hospitals in Birganj except emergency. It shows that syndicate six and quater govt. is loosing its monopoly.

  17. Welcome to Paradise Avatar

    Don’t count your chickens until they hatch.

    But the situation in Nepal is just the opposite.

    Leader’s put themselves in President’s shoes.

    and general people in Nepal live without water, petrol, kerosene, diesel, electricity. The basic needs of the people is not even fulfilled.

    What are the leaders doing?

  18. Deva Avatar

    It’s just a question of time when the TAMANGS from around the Kathmandu Valley swoop down and begin looting the Capital. Will the law enforcement agencies including the NEPAL ARMY step forward to meet the challenge? Do they feel they have a responsibility towards leaders who castrated them? I wonder!


  19. who Avatar


  20. matribhumi Avatar

    It is sad. The only hope now is the Nepal Army. I hope they take absolute power and I hope and pray that they do not protect any of the current political leaders. Chances were always given to them and are still being given but they abuse these chances. They use nationalism for their own benefit. They manipulate the public for their own needs. Maoists are terrorists and no one can say this publicly. I pray for this country we do not need democracy which exists in this form. We do not deserve democracy until we know how to use it. King and the Army come back and save us now before we go into the depths of civil and communal war.

  21. sagarmatha Avatar

    Six and quater parties can’t give good things except bad. Ethnic parties are going to topple them soon.

  22. Deva Avatar

    The King; he is a fool and a scoundrel on whom, no tears will be spilt. The Nepal Army, a once proud army with a rich tradition, has now been religated to the dustbin of history, it’s place will be taken over by the PLA and the YCA. The only hope for the Nepalese people, if we can now still claim be be Nepalese, is a stick on the heads of our GREAT POLITICAL MASTERS from the South Block in New Delhi. Maybe the decision by Surya Bahadur Thapa’s party to boycott the CA elections is just that!


  23. Jaya Greater nepal Avatar
    Jaya Greater nepal

    Yesto RAW ko agent, dhoti ( indian ) dalal rastrapati hunchu bhanne kura kukur bhukeko jastai ho. Maobadi samet sahabhagi bhayeko ahileko kathit ”loktantrik”, sarkar le yek pachi arko rastraghati kaam gardai cha. Sabai bhanda thulo kura ta 40 lakhs indian lai Nagarikta bade jasle garda ahile ti naya nepali (indian) harule bastabik Nepali harulai tenha bata lakhetera Nepal tukryuna khojdai chan. halsalai bhayeko upper karnali, arun ra aru thulthula nadi pani India lai nai bujhayisake… yi bhatmara Indian dalal harule… Yek matra jaati Nepali rakhnuparne ma Jaati, bhasa ra dharma ko aadhar ma Rajniti gari sojha sajha janta lai bhadkayeko le garda nai ahile terai, hudai pahad samma sampradayik sangathan haru badirahecha…… yo prachande rastrapati ta hunasakdaina, tara haami deshbhakta haru le aba pani nabujhne ho bhane yo prachande ra saat dal milera Nepal lai Sikkim jastai gari India ma gavera tesko Mukhya mantri banna sakcha… Teshkaran hosiyaar Deshbhakta haru….
    Jaya Greater Nepal, Nepali Jaati, Nepali Bhasa….

  24. Deva Avatar

    Jaya Greater Nepal:

    Why should the people suffer or risk their lives or property for this abstract thing known as “Nationalism”? What do they have which is worth fighting for?


  25. sagarmatha Avatar

    Our decsions are made in Indian Embassy. Indian Ambassador is our actual future maker.

  26. nepali Avatar

    we all knew what the hell is going on in our once so called one of the peaceful country in the world. we all knew the roots of all the evils but still we all are quite cool just hoping for better tomorrow. let’s united we blog discuss how we together can make at least a try to change towards better nepal.

  27. Deva Avatar

    So we have decided to go ahead with the CA polls without the Terai political parties. That is a very big chunk of our population which may remain outside of the ballot box. Chilling thought!


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