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Jimmy Carter Interview: Unprecedented Achievement in Nepal

The following interview with Jimmy Carter, former US President and founder of The Carter Center, was conducted today by Narayan Wagle, Prateek Pradhan, Damakanta Jayshi and Dinesh Wagle today in Soaltee Hotel. Photo by Chandra Shekhar Karki via Kantipur

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter: This is my third visit in the last nine months. I have begun to feel home here. And I came early on back in the 80s. Went up to Pokhara and Namche. So I love this country, beautiful terrain. I am praying for peaceful and successful elections.

What makes you so much excited about coming here time and again?

One of the major purposes of the Carter Center which has been operating for more than 25 years since I came out of White House is to promote peace and democracy and freedom and we have a policy of helping with elections that we felt were troubled and that we might be of assistance.

This is our 70th election, one of the most interesting and exciting. This is the first election that I come three times. I came here in June, I came here in November and this is the third time. But we are very excited about the prospect of this country finding peace and also finding democracy based on a republic.

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My faith in NC leadership is dwindling

By Puskar Magar
Bharatpur, Chitwan
Currently in United Arab Emirate

The selection of Nepali Congress (NC) candidates for CA election has been completed. My nightmare turned out to be true. Most of the corrupt leaders such as Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka etc. were awarded with the ticket. NC supporters like me are stunned by this decision.

This is a vivid example that NC leadership doest not recognize people’s voices. All sister organizations from Joshi’s and Wagle constituencies had written to NC leadership and requested not give ticket to these leaders. These corrupt leaders have not been to district for years if not months. Mr. Joshi tried to go to his district Tanahun twice but was turned away because of his misdeed. Khadka’s popularity has plummeted in Dang. Chiranjeeve has not been to his district Gorkha for at least two years. These leaders are not popular and there is rare chance for their victory in this election. Then, the question remains why these leaders were awarded tickets?

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Constituent Assembly Preparations and Maoist Celebrations

Amidst the preparations of the Constituent Assembly elections two months away, the Maoists celebrate their Thirteenth Anniversary in the valley today. The streets have been decorated with graffiti through which YCL (Young Communist League) offer their “Red Salute” to “Prachanda, the Future President” of the Nepal. The “Future” is yet to be seen as the elections are still two months away. And given the political climate of Nepal, anything can happen even in the eleventh hour. Keeping those possibilities aside, the Elections Commission has asked all the political parties to erase all graffiti by Feb 20. The Election Code which such comes into effect from the very date bans graffiti writing, painting on walls and putting up of posters and banners by parties and candidates at public and private sites in the course of electioneering. Feb 20, doesn’t seem to be a date in near future for our political parties as they are still continuing with their graffiti. The Constituent Assembly Elections has been for April 20,2008 after postponing it twice in April 2007 and then Nov22,2007. Thirteen may not after all be an unlucky number for the Maoists ( and the country) if the polls take place as planned.

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