My faith in NC leadership is dwindling

By Puskar Magar
Bharatpur, Chitwan
Currently in United Arab Emirate

The selection of Nepali Congress (NC) candidates for CA election has been completed. My nightmare turned out to be true. Most of the corrupt leaders such as Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka etc. were awarded with the ticket. NC supporters like me are stunned by this decision.

This is a vivid example that NC leadership doest not recognize people’s voices. All sister organizations from Joshi’s and Wagle constituencies had written to NC leadership and requested not give ticket to these leaders. These corrupt leaders have not been to district for years if not months. Mr. Joshi tried to go to his district Tanahun twice but was turned away because of his misdeed. Khadka’s popularity has plummeted in Dang. Chiranjeeve has not been to his district Gorkha for at least two years. These leaders are not popular and there is rare chance for their victory in this election. Then, the question remains why these leaders were awarded tickets?

NC’s decision makers (primarily Sushil Koirala, Shed B. Deuba and Ram Chandra Poudel) have to explain us why these tainted leaders were chosen for the election. What are the rationales? Why other hardworking cadres from Gorkha, Tanahun and Dang were by passed? We also want to know why NC leadership has unfairly protected/projected these corrupt leaders? Let’s face it. These leaders are one of the main reasons for last 17 years’ failed democracy.

During Andolan II, these corrupt leaders did not join a single mass protest. Mr. Joshi wanted to attend a program at Gongabu, but he was turned away by NSU activists. NSU activist were worried about possible backfire from Joshi’s presence. There is no single record of these corrupt leaders participating in the Andolan II.

Since 1990, only contribution from these leaders I can see is that they always fought for powerful portfolio. I remember Khum Bahadur not taking oath for weeks, when he did not get the portfolio he wanted. It has been all about money. Their corruption cases are still pending and they were released from custody on technicality. Not because they were proven innocent.

My faith on NC leadership is dwindling. I have not found any reasons to be hopeful about current leadership and NC’s future. Give me one good reason, why should I campaign for Chiranjeev Wagle, whose entire family members became millionaire in his tenure? Why should I support the Head Master turned filthy rich Govinda Raj Joshi? Or why do I support Khum Bahadur who openly said “If I do not take the bribe, my secretary will take it.” And why do I vote for Bijaya Gachhedar?

NC has immensely failed in this candidate selection process. I thought that NC learnt lessons from 17 years failed democracy. Apparently that is not the case.

My eyes well up when I remember the hardworking NC workers and their dedication. At the same time, when I look at the current failed leadership, I can see another imminent revolution emerging within the party for internal democracy. I think we need this revolution, at least for sack of dreams of many martyrs. Let’s remember martyrs like Dahal brothers, Yagya Thapa, Bhim Narayan Shrestha, and many more in this difficult time. And let’s be prepared for another revolution, which will bring new leadership and true democracy within the party. So that we do not have to see Khadka, Wagle, Joshi, Gacchedar etc. again.





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  1. true son Avatar
    true son

    Bahuns have repeatedly failed this country by nepotism, corrpution and enforcing their outdated values on the rest of the Nepal. The most glaring example is the current state of the country. Virtually everything is constipated. It is high time all the bahuns like Girjia, Nepal, Dahal and Bhattarai should go to Benaras and rest their bones there for the rest of lives and wash their sin in ganges. and maybe Nepal will see better days

  2. RealityBites Avatar

    How can people have faith in a party that is led by most immoral person like pataki Girija who used to have immoral relationship with his own Bhauju. This stupid old vulture has always given rise to nepotism and favouritism in the NC party. He should have been cremated at Aryaghat long ago.

  3. guyfromktm Avatar

    who is this Puskar Magar and who, among those who read this blog, gives a SH** about what this guy thinks in UAE. NC was never a party to be trusted– they are the biggest bhadragoley and undemocratic party of Nepal. It is a so called democratic party the supreme leader of which party doesn’t believe in joining the fray in first past the post but is included as number one candidate in the propotional list. what a joke are these corrupt thugs and their terrorist friends turning out to be.

  4. Betrayed!! Avatar

    NC has finally shown its true color by going against people’s mandate. It didn’t even consider candidates from its own youth wing NSU.
    But leaving all this NC has also betrayed people of terai and terai will backfire this time in the Upcoming election(if its happens). NC has ruled our nation for many years before Jan Andolan and after that too . But can anyone just give me a simple reason why NC never came out with their own idea of solving terai crisis, why they never thought about the “fisible ” demands raised by terai people even though their main voting boxes came from terai, why always they are the one sitting their and fulfilling demands raised by other organizations like MJF, NIFN, UMDF etc.
    Why they never stood with a demand that people of terai should be incorporated in army and every nation organ….and this time we will ask those fuk… leaders why and see what speech they have for us…hopefully Sujata Koirala comes back alive from Sunsari or Morang from where she got NC ticket and other leaders too.

  5. KP Avatar

    I think Thats not a true. In a election party leader selected their cansiated from their popularity.
    So Khumbagadur Khadka and Govinda raj joshi Succed to grabed Ticket.
    For Example, In Gugrat, Mr Modi is SO much Unpopuler outside Gujrat. But Inside of Gujrat Hs is most populer. So His party always win election.

  6. Roshan Avatar

    go to hell you and you indian congress party. the main culprit Girija should be deported to india as soon as possible. the pack of wolves under girija distributed 3 million citizenships without public opinion and they are crying when the same people chased them from terai. Girja n MKN ‘s property from terai should be confiscated and both of them should be sent to exile. Prachanda should be tried in internation court.

  7. sagarmatha Avatar

    What NC did till now since 2007 ? Nothing..
    But in the name of democracy they looted the poor people and the nation. They always gave false assurances to the poor people and different deprived ethnic groups. They treated those poor people as vote bank only. Now, in the name of CA, they are trying to exploit the poor people and different ethnic groups. If they were sincer and real democratic then the issues of federal system and grivances of different ethnic groups would not have been there now.

    They just played the dirty politics in the name of democracy like making agreement in Delhi for not only political issues but even economic issues like different rivers. They always tied up rivers and politics for Indian support, and Girija played the main role on this. So, people feel laughing when Girija talk about sovereignity and unity.

  8. Sanjog Khatiwada Avatar
    Sanjog Khatiwada

    It is strange that these people..likes of Khadka and Joshi have been getting tickets. It is sad for our country. another strange thing from my district Tanahun is that while NC gave ticket to a corrupt man like Joshi NC has sidelined an honest person like Amar Raj Kaini from constituency no 3 has been denied a ticket….seems more and more likely that NC is on its last legs….seems its all set to be wiped out. Buts its sadder that parties like Maoists will be gaining from all this NC fiasco

  9. Revati Dahal Avatar
    Revati Dahal

    Is it true Amar Kaini has been denied ticket from Tanahun – 3. I thought he was the only person who could win from there. Can anybody check this /

  10. shreejan Avatar

    but there are some fresh faces, democracy fighter and HOPE they will get ppl’s mandate and play crucial role to make PPL’s constitution.

    Specially, i wish BIR BAHADUR BALAYAR a good luck since he is the one who has suffered a lot during his CHARISMATIC student leader, vocal opposition of PANCHAYATI regime.

  11. Bideshi Avatar

    “My faith in NC leadership is dwindling”

    That you had any faith in them to begin with is nothing short of astonishing.

  12. Bideshi Avatar

    Roshan, you and I are in total agreement. All the people’s money and property should be recovered from the criminals that stole it. All guilty traitors should be imprisoned.

  13. Hari Naam Avatar
    Hari Naam

    Dear Pushkar,

    The title is wrong: its because if Nepali Congress that democracy was killed in 2017. The great leader of Nepal BP was equally bad as Girija.

    You didn’t mention the names of Sujata, Shekhar, Shasanka and Ashok Koirala, did these 4 individuals deserved a seat? Moreover, Shekhar and Shasanka just entered politics 3-4 years and I don’t know anything about Ashok Koirala.


  14. Bideshi Avatar

    The only faint hope for Nepal is for the Army to stage a coup, arrest all the criminals from all parties, all corrupt officials, purge the army itself of criminals and the corrupt, and start over from scratch. The cancer of Nepal is corruption.

  15. nepaleselaw Avatar

    I do not know why Wagle published such a “cheap” and ‘senseless’ article in his blog though he has all the right to publish what he wants.

    Now, regarding some of the issues in the article. The problem in Nepal is we, the brainiest, the most talented, the absolutely clean people, the people having the best vision to develop Nepal, do not stay there in Nepal. Either we are in India, or UAE, or as illegal immigrants to various country. It’s too easy to do internetivism (internet based activism) for us than join politics in Nepal. It is not exactly brain drain. We earn that amount in Nepal even today to subsist our ordinary life if we go back to Nepal, work and do politics but Material satisfaction and glamour of world always tempts us. So, we love to blame Bahun Girija, Madhise Tripathy, and all those politician in Nepal. Rather than Blaming, why not we go back and start joining politics, educate people and start creating awareness. If not today, people will understand at least after 10 years and do never again vote for corrupts.

    Another point, if corrupt leaders are given ticket, people will vote against them, is not it? so, let’s go back dude…tell people in gorkha, dang whereever they are contesting. Tell the people that these corrupts do not deserve win. Let me see your gut!!

    Third, politics is not that easy thing to do. U may not like it but u need to take help of many people and many tactics-sam, dam, dhanda, bhed and niti. I think these people are getting tickets because of one of these tactics, Unless the court in our country puts them in prison, I doubt our cry will have any meaning. For that there is a need of judicial reform. Again, brainy and best people like us are in Dubai and elsewhere, So again time to go back!!!!!

    Solution can not be found by just pointing problems. Pointing to problems is just a start. If we need solution, we, gain the best and the most talented should go back to country and work there in our villages, in our terai, in our hills. and I am sure all of us have postponed going back to country at least for 3 to 5 years. is not it?

  16. aAkaR Avatar

    yes,it’s a problem but what can we people do, whom do we have to vote in the election.Because, all are the same corrupted faces………so, even there is option to choose one,but permanently we are failing to choose a leader who speaks our voice !

  17. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    why do yhou blame only the joshi, wagle and Khadka as terrorist with blood in hands like prachande, baburam ( RAW Agent) is fighting the election, they look far more innocent than these terrorist murderer and destroyer of this once peacful country. Look what they have sown and now we all are bearing fruit of hatred, racism, communism. Is this new Nepal we are looking for ? We have no hope with all these fucking parties Congress, commies, terrorist, panches ? if we want new Nepal we have all to eliminate them, dice has not stopped yet let new war begin which will make this 13 year war as kids play then only we will have new nepal, this will happen wheather we like or not.

  18. NST Avatar

    “The only faint hope for Nepal is for the Army to stage a coup, arrest all the criminals from all parties, all corrupt officials, purge the army itself of criminals and the corrupt, and start over from scratch. The cancer of Nepal is corruption.”

    its not going to happen and even if it does happen it’s not going to work and will only precipitate the country to utter pandemonium and anarchy. this is what was attempted when the king took control of the government in feb 2005 but his attempts to restore peace and salvage the ailing “democarcy” were opoosed tooth and nail by all the political parties and the international commuity. india, the sworn enemy of the king, exerted all sorts of overt and covert pressure to thwart the king and bring him down to his knees. india engineered the alliance between the political parties and maoists in order to throw the king. nepal is a republic today through india’s blessings.

    i see absolutely no hope for nepal. it’s a dying nation in its final moments on its death bed. no power can rescue this country coz its beyond repair.

  19. sagarmatha Avatar

    If spam leaders have open heart then they should give chance to rule all ethnic groups in equal manner, means 100% proportional, atleast to make new constitution.

    Small heart and democracy cannot run together and which will be temporary only. This history is showing these incidents.

  20. Revati Dahal Avatar
    Revati Dahal

    News-Analysis : In the NC, little change in the power structure since 1991

    Ajaya Bhadra Khanal
    Kathmandu, February 27:

    The Constituent Assembly election is the result of the April Revolution which has been widely interpreted as a desire for change in the political system as well as in the way the country is governed. But a key question is: Are we going to see any meaningful change in the people’s representation.
    If the selection of candidates in the Nepali Congress is any indication, we are unlikely to see a shift in the power structure of the major political parties.
    Although the Nepali Congress has fielded new faces in more than half of the seats for the 240 seats of the Constituent Assembly to be contested under the “first-past-the-post-system,” there has been no fundamental change in the party’s power structure.
    “Sushil Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba haggled over which of their supporters should get the ticket,” a disgruntled party worker who was given a ticket says. “Some seats trickled to the supporters of others in the party.”
    Sher Bahadur Deuba and Sushil Koirala were the key players on the 11-member Parliamentary Committee, which decided the ticket distribution. Others on the committee are Girija Prasad Koirala, K B Gurung, Ram Chandra Poudel, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, Prakash Man Singh, Bimalendra Nidhi, Gopal Man Shrestha, and Binay Dhoj Chand. K P Bhattarai was also a member, but he has chosen to remain outside the party.
    The candidates were selected on the basis of the names received from the districts, NC lawmaker Binay Dhoj Chand says. The parliamentary committee had asked for two -to -six names from each district. And the final selection was done considering their contribution to the party and going through the bio-data of each candidate.
    According to Binay Dhoj Chand, NC lawmaker and a selection committee member , there is no fundamental change in the NC power structure compared to the 1991 or 1998 elections. “Everything is decided through discussion,” he said. Many liberals within the party, however, thought that the Constituent Assembly is a new phenomenon in the country, and the party would adopt a new approach in selection of candidates.
    “But there was never a discussion about the criteria for the selection of candidates. The basis for giving the tickets was not transparent,” says Narahari Acharya.
    Senior leader Chakra Bastola is not also happy. “I would have liked at least 25 % of the seats to be given to young leaders,” he said.
    The expected change has not taken place in the party. “It has made the people who didn’t get tickets unhappy, and even those who got tickets are not sure whether they deserved it or not,” says Narahari Acharya, who is contesting the election from Kathmandu Constituency No. 5. A comparative analysis of the candidate selection indicates several trends. There has been an addition of 35 more constituencies, leading to 35 new faces.
    Stalwarts and royalists like KP Bhattarai, Shailaja Acharya, GP Koirala, Taranath Ranabhat and Ram Hari Joshi have allowed space for new faces .
    Another significant phenomenon is the Madhesi movement. Mahantha Thakur, JP Gupta and Bijay Gachchadar are among the old guard missing from the NC candidates list, allowing space for new faces to emerge.
    Most new faces are from the eastern Tarai and from districts in which the Nepali Congress has not done well in the past general elections.
    These include the western hill districts where the left has a strong hold, and the central and eastern hill districts where the rightist parties have done well.
    About 104 candidates are well known faces, and these are the individuals who traditionally have had a strong hold in the party since 1990.
    Even the new faces have had preferential treatment from the selectors at the centre .Young leaders who played a significant role in the overthrow of the monarchy and in the restoration of democracy, like Gagan Thapa, were sidelined. These young leaders, working on the platform of party reforms, are considered a threat to the establishment.
    Another major concern is the influence of the Koirala family. There are 11 candidates in the first past the post system who are close kin of Girija Prasad Koirala. All of them hold influential positions within the party.
    Krishna Chandra Nepali, who had been the chairman of the Nawalparasi district committee four times, was displaced by Dr. Sashank Koirala, an active medical practitioner based in Kathmandu.

  21. Bideshi Avatar

    “see absolutely no hope for nepal. it’s a dying nation in its final moments on its death bed. no power can rescue this country coz its beyond repair.”

    So is your belief that we are doomed to become another Sikkim? Anarchy cannot continue forever, and a power will fill the vaccuum. Let’s not just roll over and die. There is no hope for a political process with greed, and “Aphno Manche” mentality everywhere. The Army must step in to save the nation. There is no alternative unless you will be happy with an Indian passport.

  22. sunil regmi Avatar

    hello wagle ji
    update is very slow in your blog.look nepali politics has been changed tremendiously but your blog is not updated still.

  23. sagarmatha Avatar

    In very near future, the regional parties will lead the nation. The name of NC, UML, Maoist might almost collapse in next phase of election (after CA). The votes will be divided according to caste and ethnicity. The federal system might bring the competition among the regions for the economic development. It can lead the nation into right direction if the understanding between different castes and ethnic groups exist.

  24. Bideshi Avatar

    “if the understanding between different castes and ethnic groups exist.”

    This will not happen in our life time. You are dreaming my friend.

  25. sagarmatha Avatar

    But we are already running in that direction, so we should take it positively. There is no way out except to understand each other.

  26. SUDIP JEE Avatar

    Puskar Jee,
    The concern you have raised is hundred percent correct. The messages to the people goes negative because Nepali Congress gave tickets to the wrong doing patry members of own. Instead of that NC should see to its young educated party members. NC makes mistakes time and again. Again, thank you Puskar jee for raising issue from UAE.

    -Sudip Adhikari
    Dubai, UAE.

  27. not required name Avatar
    not required name

    This is not 2007 BS

    This is 2007 AD

    Open Your Eyes NC
    Be Corrected

    Open Your Eyes Nepali People
    Why to give vote for such corrupted party

    N Congress is party of Jamindars & Udhyogpatis only
    THis will not do anything new to nepal after CA election.

    Utha Jaga Nepali Hoooooo

  28. ajay Avatar

    Why only critise NC, what about the other parties. This election is for the making of the constitutent. People who are educated should have been given tickets. The minimum criteria should have been at least a graduate person. Better still would have been a Masters degree. There is no point in sending uneducated persons to make the constitutent of nepal.
    This blog should come out with the educational qualifications of the candidates of all the parties, then only we can judge whether NC is good or bad compared to other parties.

  29. ritzy sharma Avatar
    ritzy sharma

    the young leaders have been denied the right to contest in the upcoming polls and instead the sycophants have been offered the tickets! great! no wonder, people are doomed to suffer from the lack of public utilities and the whole country is seething with discontent. as long as those corrupt leaders are there in the political mainstream, the idea of new Nepal is like castle in the air. and look at them! with the elections just a few days away, they have already started the smearing campaign to convince people against other parties. and what else can they do, when there are no good deeds to their credit? people aren’t gullible enough to get deceived by their hum-bug when they go for their whistle-stop tour.

  30. AP Avatar

    The youth participation is better from maoist which includes 52% of their candidates in age group of 25-50. It would be unfair to say the denied the right to contest. 35.42% of the candidates from NC are of age group 51-60. After all the party thinks of securing the seats first.

    Instead of party headquarter deciding who will run, the concept of primaries would be better to have, letting the people decide whom they want. Since most of the votes go to the signs(sun,tree and what else) and party they are affiliated with the true democracy cannot be achieved if 11 member panel are allowed to decide who will represent those votes.

  31. RealityBites Avatar

    There is absolutely no reason to have faith in NC party. Look at what is happening in the country currently headed by NC president pataki Girija prasad koirala. The law and order is totally broken in the country. Just yesterday Mrs Gupta was stabbed to death in the heart of Capital and her husband was badly injured during that incident. And this was not the first time that such incidence of murder happened in the capital. The entire business community demand the resignation of PM Girija koirala, Home minister (prachande’s habaldar) Krishna Sitaula, Bharang muni ko Rana Om bikram Rana, and the most incompetent IGP in the Nepal police history Basudev Oli.
    These four people are real assholes. They are just interested in their personal gains rather than the welfare of the entire Nepalese people. Now, the question is who are the GREATEST ENEMIES OF THE NEPALESE PEOPLE. They are as follows in terms of ranking:
    1. Girija prasad Koirala
    2. sher Bahadur deuba
    3. Prachande
    4. Gyane
    Girija prasad koirala is the greatest enemy of the Nepalese people because this is the fifth time that this pataki has become the PM of Nepal but he has not been able to solve the numerous problems facing the country. Even if Nepal has tremendous potentialities in terms of employment creation, people have been forced to go to these muslim countries for employment to suffer a lot. In 2007 alone, more than 700 people working in these muslim countries lost their lives. But Girija is doing nothing to solve the problems facing the country. He was busy having immoral relation with his own Bhauju (Nona koirala) when she was alive. This pataki should have been cremated at pashupati aryaghat long long ago.

    Stupid Sher Bahadur deuba is another greatest enemy of the Nepalese people. He was the PM for three times, but he also did not do anything to solve the burning problems facing the country.

    Prachande is another greatest enemy of the Nepalese People. Because of the war waged by him thousands of people were killed and displaced from their villages.

    Then came Gyane. he had the golden opportunity to make difference in Nepalese people’s lives, but he was totally involved in transferring late king Birendra’s property to his family and stealing nation’s property by increasing his salary from 11 crores to 88 crorers.
    Hence, the bottomline is these four people exploited Nepalese people so much that these four criminals deserve to be executed in front fo the general public.

  32. sagarmatha Avatar

    NC= koirala family and their core well wishers only

  33. PRABESH Avatar




  35. LookAtThis Avatar

    Who is Who?

    Just look at the vested interest of these dirty politicians!! They are not interested in solving the real problems facing the country. Instead, they are busy in serving their own interests.

    1. Sujata Koirala (not even a nepalese citizen, she is a german citizen), the daughter of GP koirala, one of the current ministers
    2. Pumpha Bhusal – one of the current ministers, is the undeclared wife (mistress) of Badal
    3. Hishila Yami – one of the current ministers, is the wife of Baburam Bhattarai
    4. Shashi shrestha – one of the state ministers, is the wife of Lila mani pokherel

    I won’t be surprised if makune and prachande make their spouses ministers tomorrow.

  36. sagarmatha Avatar

    There is a long list of family contesting in the election. Even, the leftist have many husband and wife and their relatives contesting the election. UML is almost family run party, most of them are relatives to each other. It has been heard that even Prachanda’s daughter is contesting the election. The highest numbers of close family contesting the election is of Girija Prashad Koirala. They are Sujata Koirala, Sasanka Koirala, Sekhar Koirala, Chakra Bastola, Mahesh Acharya, Sushil Koirala etc..

    It is a proportional representative of family not in actual of deprived ethnic groups in spam. The different ethnic groups are still being treated as vote bank and inferior by this spam leaders. That is why they are on the way of loosing the ground of politics in different places. The present scenario showing that the spam leaders are in one side and ethnic parties and others are on another side.

  37. rame Avatar

    Oh common! guys don’t worry about Koiralas’ anymore. Madhesi will wipe them up. They are against tough one this time.

  38. rame Avatar

    ‘What a joke….,

    Entire Nepalese Army is the family member of Kings. Who disagrees?

    So, what is wrong when GKP gives ticket to few of his family members.

  39. sankalpa Avatar

    i bet this rame is an illegitimate son of girija and he is looking for a ticket. So he is trying to defend his father.
    Rame, there is nothing wrong with girija giving you a “tiket”.
    And well madise people just struk a deal with girija so he must have cooked something up. so don’t be too hopeful on that,
    And the king well the king is long dead, so good luck on the elections, i wish i was there to vote. i have never participated in a nepali election. i wonder if it is like in the hinde movies, you know the gundas come and beat up the people and vote all by themselves, that would be fascinating to witness. i guess.

    well good luck for the election fellas! may the best man or woman win.

  40. Slok Avatar

    Nepali congress has the moral and ethical responsibility to see Nepal through in these times of uncertainty. It has to come back to what it was established for. it has to follow the principles laid out by the founding fathers of the Nepal congress. being the largest party( and no i still don’t think Maoist have such a support base) it must act wisely. It should not be ruining itself and its future for some key position know, it should realize the power of the Maoist right now, be the bigger person and step aside, restructure itself and come back .
    NC should left the maoist form the govt. or if the current alliance sustains stay on the humbler side of things in terms of ministerial position.

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