See You Again In A Republic Nepal: Deusi Re

nepal tihar festival

Nepalis are celebrating Tihar (or Dipawali, the festival of lights and flowers) all over the country singing and dancing deusi/bhailo and worshipping goddess Laxmi this evening. Texts and all pics by Wagle

nepal tihar festival

nepal tihar festival

Most of the Deusi/Bhailo songs talk about the political change in the country and stress on the need for the people to get united for further socio-political change in Nepal. Many of the Bhailo programs that I attended today talked about that the revolution is still going on and demanded the country be declared republic. They also hoped to play deusi/bhailo next year in a republic Nepal.

Many of the Maoist sister organizations also organized Desui/bhailo programs in Kathmandu. That was one way of earning money while publicizing their slogans.

Yesterday evening I saw a public Deusi on the street in front of International Convention Center in New Baneshwor where Sisnu Paani Nepal organized a political-social deusi. They posed satires to the political parties and stressed on the need to turn Nepal a republic.

nepal tihar festival

nepal tihar festival

nepal tihar festival






18 responses to “See You Again In A Republic Nepal: Deusi Re”

  1. Mero Avatar

    Shame on you – using a cultural/religious festival to promote your political beliefs. This is not what Tihar and deusi are about Wagle. Sad signs of the times for Nepali culture. Very sad.

  2. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    i thought maoist didnt believe in god and religion???????????
    hmmmm so much propaganda around in nepal nowonder ppl are so confused.
    well everyone better enjoy it now sooner or later after nepal is declared republic these things will die out and those which are reamining will remain for economical intrests.

  3. Sangesh Avatar

    Happy Deepawali to all Nepalese.

    Happy New Year to all the Newar community.

  4. GAESO Avatar

    Peace in Nepal….. Deusi re

  5. lakshmini Avatar

    I already did puja for money and health

  6. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    nuhu da ya bhintuna,

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    With all that’s happening it astounds me to see that people are still stuck on the republic issue. The country is literally going down the drains and yet no one cares. What’s going to be different if Nepal was a republic? Would the Maoists stop abducting journalists? Will Madesh return to normalcy again?
    I don’t think so. The monarchy/republic issue can only be decided through the new CA after elections are held – period. So Wagle shut the fcuk up. You and your Kantipur publication have lost all credibility (although how much credibility you had to start off with is another question) by compromising and giving into the Maoists.

    And Wagle while you are busy bending over for the Maoists do something about this website. There seems to be alot of technical issues… like often you can’t post comments and this box is too small etc. Stop thinking about Gyanendra all the time and do your job.

  8. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Happy New Year to all the bloggers.

    (It’s so sad that Nepal celebrates Bikram Sambat from India rather than Nepal Sambat from Nepal)

    (Nepal Sambat started as a debt free nation while Bikram Sambat started with blood)

  9. Madhesi Avatar

    Yes, minister Gurung is right that maoists have nexus with Gyane for a long time. They are the most shameless, brainless, useless, worthless, reckless, merciless, faceless, emotionless, directionless, pigs created and fed by Gyane.

  10. guyfromktm Avatar

    it’s sad that these deusi/bhailo were only talking about a republic Nepal but not about letting us decide the fate of our countyr through Constituant Assembly– hte argument for the CA seems to have taken the back-seat and people like Wagle seem to be losing sight of this. Republic or not, what the people of Nepal want is fair and free elections. But every day that passes by, the present seven party coalition, unity, the current weak government and the dishinest parliament seem to be increasigly unable to carry out the elections. True, they wil continue to blame the palace and the uprising in the Terai for the delay, but hello, wasn’t this parliament reinstated so that they can carry out the CA elecctions. But as they become increasingly incapable, we need to start a debate about what to do with this asaksham parliament.

  11. Nishant Chalise Avatar
    Nishant Chalise

    Recently Mr Prachanda along with Mr Baburam Bhattrai and others decided not to celebrate ‘BhaiTika’, showing their fidelity towards the communism. If you go through grilling children of Rolpa about the biggest festivals of Nepal, you will be amazed. Their answer will be all those days related to Maoist incidents in Nepal. I would like to ask comrade, is it fair to load these indecision to the children? Isn’t this a kind of totalitarianism? Doesn’t they have rights to celebrate the festival which their ancestor used to?
    Morever you and your comrades seem to loose command over party and the party’s behavior? ‘Coz at one side you follow communism and on the other side your party members are organizing deusi-bhailo programme to collect money. Mr. Comrade, These festivals are those that make all Nepalese United? This is not a burden, but is refreshment from the daily busy life.

  12. Nepali Avatar

    Dear Wagle,

    I have just gone through your blog (this article)… what I would like to make a correction is: We do not call it Dipawali right – we Nepalese always call it tihar . I know your are very respected journalist , but please do not mess with words that sound so funny . It is not giving right message or information to us. Please try to be realistic .. do not force people to adapt wrong thing.

    your fan

    Wagle: Well Nepali, what I would suggest you is stop being my fan and learn some Nepali language. Find some Nepali sabdakosh and see the meaning of Deepawali before wasting your (and most importantly my) time.

  13. smayna Avatar

    hi ani namaste
    khusi lagyo nepal ko tihar dhekhda

  14. SMAYNA Avatar

    namaste again
    i wis
    h if u upload more photos from itahari

  15. ShutUp Avatar

    Loved the fourth picture – NOICE!

  16. pratistha Avatar

    hi how r u all . what’s up dude?

  17. Dibakar Kaurhinya Avatar
    Dibakar Kaurhinya

    I am also a nepali.I am from Assam.I feel proud of being a nepali.Our duty is to put our community in top of the world in field of culture and tradition.Ok thats it

  18. Dibakar Kaurhinya Avatar
    Dibakar Kaurhinya

    I am also a nepali.I am from Assam.I feel proud of being a nepali.Our duty is to put our community in top of the world in field of culture and tradition.Ok thats it…..jai gorkha

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