Happy Republic Day Nepal :)

The Himalayan Republic Celebrates First Republic Day Anniversary [From a year ago: 1. Nepal is Declared a Republic!!! 2. Minute by Minute Account of the Historic Session of the CA that Declared Nepal a Republic Republic Day rally in Pokhara, Nepal. Pic by Krishna Mani Baral The first anniversary of the declaration of federal democraticContinue reading “Happy Republic Day Nepal :)”

On the Highway to People’s Republic

By Krishna Giri I do not know much about Tanka P Acharya, who broke the traditional trend by visiting China, and hence can not speculate on the facts of media coverage then. However, when Maoist supremo followed Acharya’s footsteps, many Nepali and Indian tabloid have covered the news as ‘first time’ adding historic, challenging, braveContinue reading “On the Highway to People’s Republic”

Press Statement of Gyanendra (the Last King of Nepal)

Nepal’s deposed king has left the royal palace for the last time but has no plans to leave the Himalayan country. Former King Gyanendra says he wants to stay to “help establish peace” as the country moves from a monarchy to a republic. Hundreds of people came to see Gyanendra leave Katmandu’s royal palace WednesdayContinue reading “Press Statement of Gyanendra (the Last King of Nepal)”

First President of Nepal to the Indigenous People

View from the other side. by Krishna Giri in Canberra I do not want to craft any statement on the legitimacy of the declaration of the ‘Republic’. The country is now a ‘Republic’. Chief Justice Kedar Giri had no guts to discuss the legitimacy of this historic event and put aside the writ to proveContinue reading “First President of Nepal to the Indigenous People”

Kingdom to Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means A report by Conflict Study Center The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) overwhelmingly voted in favor of republicanism by 460 to 4 members. The meeting finally ended at 23.25 hrs on May 28, 2008 ousting the 449 year old Shah Dynasty (initiated by Drabya Shah in 1559). BeforeContinue reading “Kingdom to Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal”

The Kingsized Presidential Debate of Nepal (the Youngest Republic on Earth)

First it was all about whether to install the presidential system or not. Then it was about what type of president? Executive, as proposed by the Maoist, or ceremonial, as proposed by NC and UML? That debate finally ended after political parties finally decided, on 15th Jesta when the first meeting of the CA wasContinue reading “The Kingsized Presidential Debate of Nepal (the Youngest Republic on Earth)”

Nepal is Declared a Republic!!!

The proposal to declare Nepal a republic is passed by 560 vs 4 votes. [Here is the minute by minute account of the first meeting of the CA.] Remove former king and his secretariat from the Narayanhitti palace within 15 days; the CA meeting directs the government. The 240-year-old institution of monarchy is formally abolishedContinue reading “Nepal is Declared a Republic!!!”