The Presidential Shock to UML: Ultimately Madhes Leads!?!

Or is it the Maoists who will actually lead? By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal There is a saying in Nepali: thangna ma sutaunu. CPN Maoist has done the same to the CPN UML (United Marxists & Leninists). UML is out in the cold thanks to the cunning politics played by the former rebels. ItContinue reading “The Presidential Shock to UML: Ultimately Madhes Leads!?!”

Roundup: Madhes and the Obstruction at CA

Protests start against ‘One Madhes, One Province’ outside CA Today: With the government all set to address the demands forwarded by the Madhes-based parties through a supplementary amendment bill, various indigenous groups residing in Terai have expressed strong objections to the “One Madhes, One Province” demand. Some 22 organisations including Tharu Welfare Assembly have beenContinue reading “Roundup: Madhes and the Obstruction at CA”

TWTWTW: Looking for a Term to Define a Madhes State

There are many differences over the definition of a “Madhes autonomous province” and “group entry” of certain communities into Nepal Army among the top three political parties- CPN Maoist, NC, CPN UML. That has made them fail to prepare the draft of a supplementary constitution amendment bill that was supposed to address the demands raisedContinue reading “TWTWTW: Looking for a Term to Define a Madhes State”

The Prime Minister Announces Resignation

Breaking blog: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, the man who led the historic people’s movement of April 2006 and the country during the past two tumultuous years has announced his resignation in a meeting of the Constitution Assembly that is currently taking place in Kathmandu. Koirala was also assuming the role of acting head ofContinue reading “The Prime Minister Announces Resignation”

Nepal is Declared a Republic!!!

The proposal to declare Nepal a republic is passed by 560 vs 4 votes. [Here is the minute by minute account of the first meeting of the CA.] Remove former king and his secretariat from the Narayanhitti palace within 15 days; the CA meeting directs the government. The 240-year-old institution of monarchy is formally abolishedContinue reading “Nepal is Declared a Republic!!!”

Jhalanath Khanal, the General Secretary Part 2

They say history repeats. The resurrection of Jhalanath Khanal in the CPN UML is just an example. The man who led the party (when it was called CPN ML) some 20 years ago but surrendered the leadership to the then rising star Madan Bhandari has made an unexpected come back. Unexpected because very few hadContinue reading “Jhalanath Khanal, the General Secretary Part 2”

Prime Minister's Tea Party and Other Political Updates

Organizing a tea party today in his official residence in Baluwatar the Prime Minister told the invitees (top political leaders of most of the parties) that a constitution that represented the aspiration of all Nepali people needed to be drafted by the constituent assembly. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala announced today that he has startedContinue reading “Prime Minister's Tea Party and Other Political Updates”