The Prime Minister Announces Resignation

Breaking blog: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, the man who led the historic people’s movement of April 2006 and the country during the past two tumultuous years has announced his resignation in a meeting of the Constitution Assembly that is currently taking place in Kathmandu. Koirala was also assuming the role of acting head of state after the parliament in 2006 suspended the monarchy and before the CA declared Nepal a republic state and introduce the provision of presidential system last month. It’s still unclear whether he has actually tendered the resignation, if yes to whom. As per the interim constitution, the PM should tender the resignation to the President. The President is yet to be elected. The interim constitution is going to be amended for the fourth time in a while by the CA which is expected to pave way for the Maoist, the largest party in the CA, to form the government under the leadership of their chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda.

Latest: The CA meeting has been recessed for 45 minutes after the members of CA from Madhesi parties started sloganeering in front of the Chair. They demanded amendment in the constitution that reflects the agreement reached between the agitating Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and the government last year. They said the current amendment proposal tabled by the government yesterday is not sufficient and doesn’t address their demand.

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15 thoughts on “The Prime Minister Announces Resignation

  1. it is a very good news in the nepali politics. it is the only the political resignation.but it will lead nepalese poloitics in positive direction.the ending of koirala reign is must to build new nepal. the person with the old thoughts and classical view cannot lead the country in a quantum way.koirala wants to circulate the nepali beuracy in the elliptical form but is should be destroyed. now he must keep in the cocoon.BYE BYE KOIRALA>

  2. Its good that Mr. Prime Minister resigned. Now its up to maoist and Yamale to form a government with consensus of all the parties and interest groups. Its very difficult juncture in the history of Nepal. If the new government tries to be arrogant and bypass all the political parties and take decisions on there own, the new government would not run properly. On the other hand if they are able to be united with all the parties and interest groups, they can achieve peace and pave way for our leaders to work on achieving our vision of peaceful and prosperous Nepal. Lets hope god give some sense to our leaders……….

  3. Funny Mr wagle isn’t calling the resignation itself “historic”- Giddey Koirala was so close to be kicked out– some common sense finally preailed on this guy. He realized finally that ten out of his 11 relatives were beaten in hte elections, the party he leads only won 18% of the seats and the people’s mandate was loud and clear- the people wanted to see the back of this failed octogenerarian– too bad he sold the country to the terrorist maoist before he left.

  4. An old bull frees a cow at last, should we start celebrating his resignation? I think not! because we believed the election to the CA was a magic potion that would turn things right from wrong, two months on nothing happened than the power wrangling. The historic CA election and the oust of 240 yr old monarch seem to have made virtually no difference and what difference will GPK’s exit make? And what guarantees are there, the maos are any better than GPK? They are all the same……..the suffering continues

  5. he did not pave the way for maoists he considers what we think that you have to give them a break.
    when all is a mess people can resign, fire themselves.
    He did really maximum and resignation is a sing of strength.
    so we regret him.
    we regret the king.
    and we cry for actual multiparty system because we like dictator macho ship.

  6. Now, the real game begins. Gaddar Koirala and his des dhrohi nauker Situala is finally going from power but terrorist maoist will not find easy to form government with pathetic and power hungry YAMALE. I think out of this Shitty situation YAMALE will be the biggest loser and of course we will see the disintegration Nepal as we know of in our lifetime because so called seven party has singned the agreement with Madhesi party to effectifely divide the country and Madhesi party will now demand their pound of flesh before they will allow to CA to proceed. We all Nepali will regret bringing terrorist and corrupt leaders in sham election in behest of Indian masters. Whatever I have predicted is coming true. Now, what we are seeing is only the trailer of movie we will have yet to watch whole tragic movie. Jai so called GAANDTANTRIC NEPAL. NEW NORTH KOREA.

  7. “we were told that monarchy was the cause of all problems in Nepal and now that it has been done away with – thanks in part to the magnanimous act of the king – what has really changed for a common man other than the miseries that he has to face on a daily basis only seems to have increased, not come down. The shortage of fuels has hit the country hard, further aggravated by petroleum dealers’ indefinite strike bringing to complete halt the movement of public vehicles for the past several days and causing billions of rupees worth of loss to the national economy. As if this wasn’t enough the people are having to put up with bandas and chakka jams almost every day as though there is a fierce competition among various groups to outdo one another without any concern for the hardship and inconvenience they cause to the populace. And then to cap it all, the people are having to grapple with sky rocketing prices of basic goods that defy gravity forcing many nepalis to go to bed with an empty stomach. The government is so hopelessly incompetant that it cannot even carry out its basic duty like dispose off the garbage that have cluttered streets and alleys of the capital giving off nauseating stench that can choke you to death if you don’t run for cover. Let’s not kid ourselves, the monarchy was never the problem. The genesis of Nepal’s ills and problems lie in Girija Prasad Koirala, the most unprincipled and morally depraved person ever to have walked on the planet. He has been a curse to Nepal. Had he not existed, this country would not be in a situation half as bad as it is today and the history of the country would have taken a different course. Is it any wonder then despite all the maoists atrocities and murderous ways of the past and present, people still prefer and trust maoists than the congress. Why are we being made to suffer for Girija’s stupid actions over which we have no control, the latest being his decision to abolish monarchy which is clearly going to be very detrimental to the country? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Girija is so harmful and destructive that I actually prefer Prachanda over him if I had to choose between the two. “

  8. Monarchists love Maoists! Seems like they can’t function without someone kicking their backside on daily basis. This is something Girija never did. So monarchists hate him.

  9. Hi TNT

    Your logic is stupid! Try to understand the gravity of the situation. U seems to be one of those fancy people who belongs to shah or Rana family and have already amassed enough money to support seven generation as a result u support KINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…..

    Dude it takes time to bring nepal back in track. Please dont expect miracle. If u expect miracle to happen then u are one of those stupid fellow!!!!!!!!!

  10. leeches. not because dracula is gone there are no other bloodsuckers.
    We rejoice multiparty system in lord buddhas country hinduism will be prohibited. But buddhism somebody explain friendliness and ohm shanti not exactly to the chinese but to the tibetian and ethnic minorities. Why Nepal gave money to China if it is true ?
    Whole world has to give to Nepal themselves they give to Beijing a superpower? Chinese must be lying. Or do they all want to go Beijin?
    It is one psychiatric government so called feuds and freindships with the single purpose of unreliabliltiy and disfunction. There is a unesco exposition about unsafety of journalists in Paris. So Nepal has a mafia structure. The only real journalism can be anonimous because we never know but nice and intelligent braindrained exported or just tired.
    Miracle is I like Nepal.

  11. Don’t worry fellows,

    Deshdrohi Girija will play another new game with the blessing and planning of Delhi Durbar to regain the power. His followers are already started to reach the Delhi Durbar to bow the head infront of Indian premier to regain the power. We all people are stupid to analyse the happenings of Nepal although we know it is the great grand design of India. Otherwise how come hardly 3000 arm groups of maoist were being made success to win almost 170,000 arm groups of the government. If these leaders accept that success then whats wrong if maoist rule for coming 15-20 years, even autocratic ?

  12. “U seems to be one of those fancy people who belongs to shah or Rana family and have already amassed enough money to support seven generation as a result u support KINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG……” Ram Prasad Sharma

    You are the most dimwitted scum I have ever come across in my entire life. The country is a mess today because of lunatics like you who cannot even tell his head from his a** and accuse one and all holding the political parties responsible for the chaos in the country as being a shah or a rana. Using your logic, you must be a son of a corrupt neta then for speaking in favour of politicians.


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