TWTWTW: Looking for a Term to Define a Madhes State

There are many differences over the definition of a “Madhes autonomous province” and “group entry” of certain communities into Nepal Army among the top three political parties- CPN Maoist, NC, CPN UML. That has made them fail to prepare the draft of a supplementary constitution amendment bill that was supposed to address the demands raised by Madhesi political parties and ensure smooth functioning of the Constituent Assembly meeting that has been stalled for five consecutive days. “We proposed that the constitution amendment bill should guarantee right to autonomous provinces for all ethnic groups and marginalized communities,” said Maoist leader Dev Gurung, a member of the taskforce formed by the parties to resolve the issue.

The committee comprising Gurung of CPM, Bimalendra Nidhi of Nepali Congress and Bhim Rawal of CPN-UML was supposed to hand over the draft to the cabinet before it would be presented at the Constituent Assembly meeting. After the taskforce failed to prepare the draft, the CA meeting was also postponed till today through a notice. “We could not agree on how to define some terms for the Madhes autonomous province and entry of certain groups in bulk,” said UML leader Rawal. Rawal said there was difference among parties on how to define bulk entry. “If we use the term without its proper clarification, it would mean certain groups would prepare a bulk of people and ask the army for their induction,” said Rawal. According to a leader, three parties were convinced to use terms that would not give a meaning of “Madhes as a single province”. “Home Minister Krishna Sitaula said at yesterday’s meeting that the terms used in the government’s agreement with Madhesi parties before CA polls do not imply a single Madhes,” said the leader.

The three-party taskforce was formed yesterday morning as three largest parties and three madhesi parties–MPRF, TMDP and Sadbhawana Party- agreed to prepare a common position and address the madhes issue by tabling a supplementary bill for statute amendment in the CA.

Maoists UML for addressing Janajati, other group issues along with Madhes

CPN (Maoist) and UML wanted to address the issues of Janajatis and other groups also when they deal with the Madhes issue. In a meeting of top leaders of three largest parties, UML and Maoists argued that they need to pay attention to the agreements made with other ethnic groups when they address the issues raised by the Madhesi parties. “Addressing the Madhesi parties’ demands is not a remedy to the present problems as we have to consider the agreements made with other groups too,” said Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, after the meeting. He said the parties have arrived close to consensus to introduce a bill with the consensus of seven party alliance but some terminologies are yet to be agreed upon by the three parties.

UML General Secretary Jhala Nath Khanal said parties have sought a common stance on the concept of all provinces along with Madhes. “We want to make a common position on how we can divide the provinces into Himal, Hill and Madhes and go for multi-provincial structure,’ said Khanal. He said the concept of single province for madhes is not scientific and it should not be decided by three Madhesi parties. “They have secured 1.1million votes while Maoists, NC and UML have bagged 3.3 million in Madhes,” said Khanal. “It shows the actual mandate of the people.” Khanal said the parties would table the issue for voting in the Constituent Assembly and pass it by two-third if efforts at making a common position fail.





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  1. Lokendra yadav Avatar
    Lokendra yadav

    Major political parties, NC, CPN(UML AND MAOIST) should not avoid the issue of one madhes as a single state. They must have to take postive for the demand of the madhesi parties. Ultimately we are not asking any thing which we will go against of the country. we are only asking our full right. We want to develop our madhes ourselves only. Nepal government has cheated us. They have no allowed us to lead the government, to take major post in army and also they are not developing madhes properly. They are not treating us as nepali. Now we want one madhes as a single state and group entry in army. Government should have to give the demand of madhesi parties. This the only way remaing for government to stop the violence, establish peace in the country and to creat the way of development. If government fails to fulfill the demand of madhesi parties then it will be untolerable for madhesi people and we madhesi people are with the demand of all madhesi parties. Ultimately we want our madhes as a single state and group entry of madhesi in army.

  2. United Voices Avatar

    Well I don’t understand why the “Madhesi” politicians are politicizing this “madhesi state”

    why did they not say a united nepal, peaceful nepal and a place where one can speak they word without any fear of any else.

  3. paribartan Avatar

    I am amused to see this new standstill of political progression by the so-called Madhesi parties. We are humans, we shoud be ruled by conscience, not by foolhardy thoughts, ramdom ideas, rampant ideals. let me have my say about madhes…umm..i dont like even the smell of racism..but i have some suggestion for the madhesi people out there..the basic right things..the representation..its helpful..but on the long run only political rights will lead you nowhere..You guys have flat lands in madhes..u can grow things bettter..think of all those people who need to walk to reach a swastha chowki for hrs in a mountain or a farmer who has to plant paddy on his ruddy terrace farms..Madhes lacks social justice than other areas..It is home to dowry system, boksi pratha, extreme sexism and ……s. It would be better to change the mentality rather than just thinking that political power will do anything. the main problem not just in madhes..not just in rugged mountains..but also in the streets of New Roads..the examples lie everywhere in plenty of numbers..the main problem of nepal is economical backwardnes..if we can get better with our own pockets everything’ll work out fine..we should never compromise with discrimination and human rights and social justice…but that lies in theory.. but in reality we all will be equal only when we can get jobs or create jobs that can earn us a living (i dont believe only gaas..baas..and kapaas is a living)..Its a long hard road..but lets be positive..all this ethnicity and stuff has nothing to do with the real problem (i dont mean the issues are totally pointless but they are minor to the REAL issues)

  4. Vic Avatar

    Inhabitants of Madhes are not a homogenous hence fulfilling their pathetic demand with ingrained ill political motives of “one madhes, one province” will only disintegrate the country. The madhesi leaders must come out of their political trance, perhaps hypnotised by southern neighbour and stop having reveries of improving lives in Madhes as one province. We have co-existed for centuries and its an oppurtunity that we strengthen our diverse cultural and ethnic relationship more. Yadavs’ and Mahatos’ must learn to respect the wishes of diverse populace that inhabits the region. Separatist political ideology will be an open invitation, yet for another bloodbath, the last thing we want…

  5. Vic Avatar

    Thomas Griffin.

    Are you implying that Nepal is a city of india? If so, than you need elementary history lessons man! Nepal prides its history of independence, perhaps one of the few nations in the world that has enjoyed such freedom in its history. Stop offending us with your extreme vulgar comments…..

  6. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    One Madhes one Pradesh is sure shot design for disintegration of Nepal. Dear Mr. Yadav study the History. The so called terai region was inhabitated by bhumiputra THARUS and RAJBANSHIS before any one would have as this area was malaria prone and other population could not have survived. These Yadavs, Pahadis and other people migrated to terai in mass when malaria have been controlled. So these people resides there since maybe three or four generation ago. So if any one have more right it is Tharuhat regions. So called Madhesi and pahadi ( not all of them) exploited the simple Tharus and ruled over them. Infact many Madhesi Zamindars were more cruel to them and their own betheren than Pahade Zamindars. The term Madhesi came and was implied to people who migrated from Madhya Pradesh, India. Therefore, if we accept this so called madhes pradesh, we must kiss integrated Nepal bye bye. And look at who is leading the agitations it is Misra, Yadavs, Sings who are elite of Terai and has well connection with Indian politicians. They want to be new raja and prajas will be same poor marginized Tharus and other down caste like MUSHHARS, CHMARS etc. Therefore, we must resist this idea even in risk of civil war.

  7. ignorance Avatar

    well all nice but the same way that people felt marginilised under monarchy the madhesh have felt marginilised under kathmandu rule – if monarchy can be gotten rid of so easily why cant the madheshis ask for a separate state?????

  8. pritam Avatar

    These recent problems are being created just because of “Pahadia Bahunbad” even after introduction of republic.

    Brahmin still demanding the President, PM, and like to occupy all high posts. How can 10% population enjoy all higher post ignoring 90% others?

    The democracy is needed first in political parties, then in beuraucracy, definately security forces as well.

    It is alreay more than 65 years of introduction of democracy in Nepal where Tamang, rai, magar and madhesi are being still treated as labours considering them inferior.

    For them, the federal system is only way to come up as real citizen of Nepal.

  9. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Most of people here are saying Madhesi should not do this or that.
    They are the marginalized and discriminated.
    1. Not more than 5 CDOs are Madhesi.
    2. Not more than 5 secretary are Madhesi
    3. Not more than 5 ambasadoor are Madhesi
    4. Not more than 5 ministers are Madhesi

    They have seen all sorts of Govt. None were liberal to them.
    Now they think they can change their fate themselves. They simply want a state within state. Thank god they are not demanding separate country. So why hue and cry?
    You can cheat some group for some time but not for ever. If you
    push them to wall then there is all possibility of disaster.

  10. sunil Avatar

    madhesi leader were teh racket. they did on their own intention.and they wqere the agent of indian embassy and RAW. in the past days the traitor upendra has gone to hotel yak and yeti. meeting was with indian ambassodor.they were demanding the madhes autonomous without scientific base and they didnt have clear vision. they were doing politics for other interest but not for madhesi people. kick them all.

  11. WTF Avatar

    To Bitter truth:

    First, tell me, how do you define a Madhesi?

    Is he/she the one who lives or from Madhes (or Tarai)?

    If yes, who do you think Girija Prasad Koirala who is from Madhes (or Tarai) if you agree to put Biratnagar in that region?

    Isn’t he a Madhesi?

    Or, one has to be a Yadav to be qualified as Madhesi? Enlighten me.


    let the truth be anything but the need is now the seperate state for madhesi. we are fedup of the system of nepal. no system in nepal led by pahadi leaders can bring the changes in madhesh. this is the truth . all the pahadi have the negative impact on madhesi. it is in their BLOOD —MADHESI. although they say build the nation by joining the hands of all the races, madhesi n pahadi. but the internal feeling is opposite. they all are the parasite over the madhesi people .

  13. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    To WTF

    Well, everyone knows the answer and you also know.
    The most important thing is to realize the seriousness of the problem rather than to go on arguing the crystal clear thing. The
    fact is that even Girija Prasad and so many other political leaders
    have realized that Madhesi people have been marginalized no matter they themselves are the culprits. For hundreds of years
    half the population of Nepal could not feel their presence in
    state mechanism. Now some people are crying and forwarding the theory that if autonomy is given to Madhesh then what will happen to Pahade of Madhes. The answer is they too will be
    benefited. In any case you cannot block prosperity of whole Madhesh by keeping the concern of few thousand people from

  14. WTF Avatar

    Pahade of Madhes!

    What are you talking? Again, are you trying to say that to be a Madhesi in Madhes, you have to be a Yadav?

    If not, how come Girija Prasad Koirala, who was born and raised in Madhes, be not just a Madhesi but a Pahade in Madhes?

    And to those who want One Madhes, One Pradesh and include Jhapa to Kanchanpur in that:

    Why don’t you then include Dolakha and Jumla in that Pradesh?

    Lets include all other districts in that state!

  15. Matt. Avatar

    I have better solution to this problem.

    If we name the new madhesi state something other than madhesh, then that might be way more acceptable and get a lot of favour from all around.

    whats there in name? the one who will be ruling if it is named madhesh will rule even if the province is named differently. those in advantaged position will get no less opportunity than if named madhesh. as they tend to agree now that whole terai might not be considered one province. so be it, but without having the name ‘madhesh’ to any province.

    INSTEAD, I propose to have a name that comes from the indegenous language, minority tribe. Something that will show that that province values the minority rights, gives credits to the indegenous people. Something like “Tharuhat’. The rulers will be same, you cannot change that overnight. The oppressed will also be same, you cannot change that either. But you can at least have a name that will show your goodness.

    Better though, it would be good to have neutral name, like Terai. that word doesnt belong to any specific populace, ethnicity or whatever. many will support such demand.

    whatever the size of ‘madhesh’ would be, naming a province ‘madhesh’ will not be considered inclusive. Since the ruling class will be ‘madhise’ in that province, non-madhesi will feel same thing you are feeling right now in Nepal country. Thus, this rather brings the problem to province level from the country level, with the ruled class fighting against the ruling madhise class.

    For these reasons, I want to ask the madhises to demand for ‘Terai province’ rather than ‘madhesh province’ as it will be more logical and acceptable, and thus achievable.

  16. Shreemani Avatar

    If we start putting forward different pradesh like “madesh”, “terai” and “hill” and whatever… only time will tell in how many parts will Nepal be divided.

  17. too much Avatar
    too much

    down to pahade aristocracy IN NEPAL!!


    shreemani ge!
    to make different pradesh dont mean to divide the nepal. u can see many countries having the divided autonomous states has clear intension towards development . it is the way to respect the people rights, to let them free. non of the pahadi leaders have ever thought abt madhesi~s right then whats the use to be ruled under their leadership! we want our leadership!

  19. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    To those who fear disintegration of NEPAL !

    Ask any Indian they will tell you INDIA is in existence only because
    of federal structures. People of different states are ruled by themselves. If there were no states it would have disintegrated to pieces. So federalism provides integration not disintegration.

  20. pritam Avatar

    Until and unless free and fair inclusiveness exist in the country, the country will face the problem of different voices and andolans…. tomorrow other ethnic groups are going to raise the voices…

  21. dipendra yadav Avatar
    dipendra yadav

    In my openion madhes is a place where madhesi are staying from the ancient time but not now where few of the pahadi are migrated.
    I would like to comment on the demand of the madhesi parties also.
    The demand of the madhesi parties are genuine.
    If any body is discriminating us then we are having the full right to live separately.
    If you people are arrising the issue of tharu and rajbansi then you pahadi people only tell me what you have given them too? Have you given them any major post in government, in army?
    If not then how come they are other than madhesi?
    You have treated them also as a madhesi only.

  22. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Federalism need to be stopped for now. Keep the 75 districts as is. Let the people elect their own CDOs and have their own District Council for the development of the districts.
    Since election will ot be possible at the present circumstances let CA appoint CDOs for the time being. If the CDOs are from the same district there will never be a question on Pahade ruling Madhes or Bahuns ruling over Tharus. All the CDOs should be elevated at the level of State Minister.
    Group integration of either Maoists’ army or Madhesis in the Nepal Army is not a good idea either. Nepal Army should open recruitment offices in all 75 districts. This way local youth can join the NA if they want to.
    All the disgruntled Madhesis need to take a deep breath and work within CA for their demands. After all this CA’s job is to write Constitution. When Madhesis leaders demand their rights from Girija/Prachanda they are lowering their own status as the leaders and raising the status of Girija/Prachanda.
    Everybody should work within CA.

  23. matribhumi Avatar

    India is behind these madhesis politicians who are their chamcha, WE FEAR that WITH ONE MADHES THERE WILL BE A REFERUNDUM 10-15 YRS LATER and all the biharis who got citizenship recently and moved into Nepal will VOTE TO BE A PRT OF INDIA. Madhes is not only Madhesis, it is of others also and THE GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL HAS DONE NOTHING TO PROTECT them who are a minoruty in Madhes. If one madhesi gets beaten up in Kathmandu, there there will be civil war in the nation.

  24. Ravi Avatar

    Matribumi bhai……..
    Do you know what is The main problem ….between the madesi n pahadi bro…..have u ever tried to search the data regarding different fields……..
    just i will try to show u some of them………

    1. do you know that in the government jobs…how many madesi are gone to be in 1st class post? only 1 madesi is the CDO out of 75 district….

    2.Either it is girja or madhav or krishna praad…all of them went to beg vote from terai…why dont they went to pahad…….? the field of education shrestha n gurung and others are considere as low cast so that they can get easily admitted instead everyone know that they are those whose financial status is better than others…. pahadi are always happy to say that these darjeling or sikkim are our nepali brother but u regard the terain as dhoti or marsiaa……that means u are the first who are compelling them to feel that u pahadi are not there brothers ……n now u r expecting them to be in same line as you are…….how it can be?

    5.if you have went to terai than you can see how many pahadi are there are if they were thrown out of there how would be the life of pahad?……u said that u pahadi want to develop….but why you ran out of there and came to terai for better life….why did you develop pahad? whose fault is this?

    6.U know that sometimes it fells how mentally ingrorantable when u find some situations………i came to kathmandu in my early school life….i found myself been discrimineted by others saying dhoti n marsiya…It is in the blood of pahadi and now is being a inherited characteristic feature of all pahadi to consider all terain to be discrimineted by saying these rubbish words….
    So finally i will suggest that its not by fortune…its the mental problem of pahadi to consider madesi as indian…….
    therefore u first of all remove these kind of concept from the pahadi and these mental thinkingss……..
    Than after only i think that there will be a nepal inside which all terain,himaliyan or mountainers are considered to be brothers not by words only but by heart tooo….
    To mero Nepal

  25. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    To all,
    We madheshi didn’t start to discriminate pahade, they started it first and still they are saying us that we are Indian, dhoti and it is going more , the pahadiya whoever saying this, bringing more trouble for themselves.
    Even now they are not stopping to discriminate us Madheshi bros, They must have to pay for this and have leave our madhesh land and comback to Pahad to eat DHIDHO and SAAG.
    That is their fate, in future they will not see the plane land in their whole life and their generation will also not.

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