Jhalanath Khanal, the General Secretary Part 2

They say history repeats. The resurrection of Jhalanath Khanal in the CPN UML is just an example. The man who led the party (when it was called CPN ML) some 20 years ago but surrendered the leadership to the then rising star Madan Bhandari has made an unexpected come back. Unexpected because very few had expected the heavy defeat of UML in the April 10 CA polls and had the party done better in the polls there would be no need for Madhav Kumar Nepal to vacate the post of General Secretary of the party.

KP Sharma Oli, strongman, was another contender for the post. He had lost the CA election where as Khanal won. MK Nepal had proposed Khanal as his successor in today’s meeting.

Khanal might be appointed General Secretary by the party’s Standing Committee. With that the UML will be continuing with the current central committee that unanimously proposed the name of Khanal, a sixty-year-old senior leader, for the top position of the party. Khanal might be appointed its coordinator if the General Convention Organizing Committee is formed replacing the current CC. The UML is currently preparing to hold its eighth General Convention in November.





4 responses to “Jhalanath Khanal, the General Secretary Part 2”

  1. UML Guy Avatar
    UML Guy

    Comrade JN, as he is called in the party, congratulations for the second chance!! Are you still critical of Madan Bhandari’s Janatako Bahudaliya Janbad?

  2. Vibek Avatar

    Look at these maoist thugs. They have not spared anyone, including their own cadres Ram Hari Shrestha. This is what happens when you join a wrong party. Now , you paid a very heavy price of joining a terroist party.

  3. Tilak Avatar

    Where did these maoist thugs get 17 lakhs that has connection with the murder of Ram Hari shrestha? It clearly indicates that these YCL thugs are involved in all sorts of bank robbery, kidnapping, and intimidation to earn money.

  4. KingCobra Avatar

    Puspa Kamal Dahal and his deputy Baburam:

    Both of you will see something that you have never expected within one month.

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