Roundup: Madhes and the Obstruction at CA

Protests start against ‘One Madhes, One Province’ outside CA

Today: With the government all set to address the demands forwarded by the Madhes-based parties through a supplementary amendment bill, various indigenous groups residing in Terai have expressed strong objections to the “One Madhes, One Province” demand. Some 22 organisations including Tharu Welfare Assembly have been staging demonstrations outside the Constituent Assembly (CA) venue at New Baneshwor in the capital on Saturday (today). Earlier today, representatives of about 15 organisations concerning the Tharu community took out a protest rally against the ‘One Madhes, One Province’ demand in the capital. The participants of the rally that was organised by Tharu Welfare Assembly, an umbrella organisation representing the Tharu community, appealed to stop converting Tharuhat land into Madhes immediately. They also requested not to use the term ‘Madhes’ in the interim constitution. They stressed that the entire issues including that of the Madhesis must be decided by the CA.
The indigenous groups of Terai said that the identity of the indigenous groups will disappear if the whole Terai region is declared Madhes. They also expressed concern claiming that attempts were being made to hand over their native land, political and civic rights to the Madhesi community.

Meanwhile, Federal Republican National Front (FRNF), Chure Bhawar Ekata Party and Nepal Loktantrik Samajwadi Dal among others have been carrying out an indefinite general strike in the Terai since Friday expressing objections to the government’s preparations for including the provision of “One Madhes, One Province” in the interim constitution. Various organisations have expressed solidarity with the protests of the indigenous groups of Terai. The government has already decided to table the supplementary amendment bill which calls for including the provisions of autonomous Terai and mass recruitment of Madhesis and other marginalised groups in the interim constitution.

Madhesi parties dissatisfied with supplementary bill

Yesterday/Today: Three constituents of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), who had signed an agreement with the government on February 28, have expressed dissatisfaction over the issues included in the draft of the supplementary amendment bill.
Accusing the major parties of betraying them, the UDMF’s constituents— Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum (MPRF), Terai-Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) and Mahato-led Nepal Sadbhawana Party- (NSP-M) — have decided to continue their struggle in the Constituent Assembly (CA) and the streets. A meeting of the Madhes-based parties held in the capital today has demanded that the agreements forged with the government in the past must be implemented through the CA.
They have also warned the parliamentary session of the CA not to run on Saturday as well.

Emerging from the meeting, MPRF Coordinator Upendra Yadav charged that the decision taken by the government on Friday was a conspiracy to insult the Madhes-based parties. The Madhesi lawmakers will boycott the CA meet until the demands are met, Yadav informed. Only yesterday, the Council of Ministers had endorsed the draft of a supplementary amendment bill prepared by the three ruling parties Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist.

CA postponement saga drags on
Today/Yesterday: The agreement reached yesterday by five of the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) to resolve the Madhes issue has been called unsatisfactory by the agitating Madhesi-based parties today who continued with their protests putting off the legislative session of the Constituent Assembly (CA) for the ninth straight day. The CA members who had filled the International Convention Center returned after the parliament secretariat published a postponement notice.

The lawmakers of the agitating Madhesi parties have been obstructing the CA procedures since June 26 to press the government to mention their demand for ‘an autonomous Mahdhes province’ and ‘mass recruitment of Madhesis in the security bodies’ in the interim constitution through a supplementary amendment draft bill.

The government was expected to table a supplementary bill proposing for an amendment to the interim constitution at today’s CA meeting.
After days of hectic parleys, the major parties yesterday reached a common stance to table the agreements reached in the past with various groups including the Madhesis at today’s CA meeting. The government had confirmed that the proposed supplementary draft bill fulfils not only the demands raised by the Madhes-based parties but also other indigenous groups. The cabinet endorsed the supplementary amendment bill to the interim constitution that was approved by the five political parties of the SPA yesterday.

The Madhesi parties with whom the government had signed an agreement on February 28 expressed dissatisfaction over the issues included in the supplementary amendment bill. Stating the ruling parties have tried to betray the Madhesi people, the Madhes-based parties have announced to continue their struggle at the CA and the streets as well. Chairman of Mahato-led Nepal Sadbhawana Party (NSP-M) Rajendra Mahato had already declared that the CA session will not be allowed to resume today as the proposed supplementary draft bill failed to address the Madhesi parties’ demands.

Agreement between parties regarding Madhesi demands was fulfilling: UML

Today: Ruling party CPN-UML Saturday (today) said that the agreement reached between the political parties on Friday regarding the Madhes issues was fulfilling enough. A meeting of the CPN-UML held at party headquarters in Balkhu said that the party will stand in favour of the government on the proposal of the supplementary bill, which was prepared by the three major parties CPN-Maoist, CPN-UML and Nepali Congress to fulfill the demands raised by the Madhes-based parties. UML leader Ishwor Pokharel informed that the meeting stressed on the need of understanding among the parties to resolve the political deadlock. If the Madhesi parties do not agree with the understanding reached among the ruling parties, the solution to the impasse will be sought through the CA, Pokharel added.

Also today, the Nepali Congress (NC) held consultations at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar on the problems concerning disruption of the CA meet. The NC leaders have urged the Madhes-based parties not to obstruct today’s CA session stating their demands have been included in the Article 138 of the Interim Constitution which provides that the to-be-formed High Level State Restructuring Commission will address their demands. The Madhes-based parties have been demanding to use the phrases as “autonomous Terai” and “mass recruitment in the National Army” in the amendment.

SPA decision a betrayal: Madhesi parties
Yesterday: Four Madhesi parties– Madhesi People’s Rights Forum, Tarai Madhes Democratic Party and Sadbhawana Party and Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandi Devi)–yesterday flayed the SPA decision terming it a betrayal of the people of Madhes. Their meeting held late night on Friday (yesterday) decided not to accept the SPA decision to add a portion in Article 138 of the Constitution giving the task of addressing their demands to the to-be-formed High Level State Restructuring Commission. “It is a blatant violation of the state’s agreement with us and a serious betrayal of Madhes,” said MPRF Chairman Upendra Yadav, after the meeting. Madhesi parties’ leaders issued a press statement at the end of the meeting condemning the SPA decision.

The leaders have alleged that the SPA decision is clearly against the sentiments of Madhesi people and their desire for autonomy. “It has not even respected the spirit of our discussions in the past few days,” said another MPRF leader Bijay Gachchhadar. “The decision has pushed Madhes to further suspicion and uncertainty.” Tarai Madhes Democratic Party leader Hridayesh Tripathi said Madhesi parties have condemned the SPA decision terming it a betrayal of Madhesi people and will meet Saturday morning to decide on the future course of action. Sadbhawana Party leader Rajendra Mahato said the parties will put forth the decision at a strong protest program on Saturday against the “betrayal”.

Major parties intensify internal parleys

TodayMajor political parties have intensified intra-party parleys today (Saturday) following the objections of the Madhes-based parties concerning the supplementary amendment bill to the interim constitution which is to be tabled by the government. Leaders of Nepali Congress (NC) held consultations at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar today to resolve the problems concerning obstructing in conducting the Constituent Assembly (CA) meet.

The NC leaders have urged the Madhes-based parties not to obstruct today’s CA session stating their demands have been included in the Article 138 of the Interim Constitution which provides that the to-be-formed High Level State Restructuring Commission will address their demands. The Madhes-based parties have been claiming for the phrases to be used as “autonomous Terai” and “mass recruitment in the National Army” in the amendment. (source)

5 SPA parties approve supplementary bill draft
Yesterday:Five political parties of the ruling Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) have approved the draft of the supplementary bill through which the interim constitution will be amended, to fulfill the demands raised by the Madhes-based parties. The five parties gave the green signal during a meeting of the SPA held at the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction in Singhadurbar yesterday (Friday).

However, two fringe constituents of the SPA have disagreed with the draft of the supplementary bill stating sufficient time was not given to discuss the phraseology to be used in the supplementary bill. The draft prepared by the three ruling parties — CPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML— through mutual consensus was presented at the SPA meet today. Although the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) and the People’s Front Nepal have expressed objections to the draft, the other two fringe parties have expressed their approval. According to sources, the draft will now be tabled as a supplementary amendment bill at the Constituent Assembly (CA) as per the agreement reached between the five parties of the ruling SPA.

The big three parties finalised the draft of the supplementary amendment bill after four days of marathon talks. According to UML leader Bhim Rawal, the meeting agreed to finalise the draft including the phrases which will act as the basis for all the agreements forged between the government and the Madhesis, indigenous and marginalised groups in the past. The Madhes-based parties have been disrupting the CA session since last Thursday pressing the government to fulfill their demands.





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  1. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Memo to Madhesi Leaders:
    1. Forget all the agreements you made with SPAs.
    2. Forget what Girija promised.
    3. Work within CA to make inclusive Constitution.
    4. With your action you are raising the status of Girija and Prachanda.
    5. Demanding your rights from Girija and Prachanda you are betraying your fellow Madhesis.
    6. Working within CA elect President and Prime Minister first.
    7. Out of 601 CA members help to:
    a. Choose 75 for CDOs (State Minister Level)
    b. Choose 150 for National Assembly (2 from each districts)
    c. Choose 1 Minister for each Ministry and 1 Assistant Minister for each Department
    d. The rest of the CA members will make House of Representatives
    8. Time to act is now.

  2. aAkaR Avatar

    no…….. “ek madesh ek pradesh”….

  3. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    i am no bahun or even chettery but still i do not support this state system especially divided on the basis of cast.

    i do want four development areas whre there will be four big cities, and two small cities each. and only power they have it to generate income and spend budget.

    what kind of people are demanding states………… looks like those who do not have hope to be king of nepal so are trying to be a king of small state. nepal is a very small country and how could small state function independently.

    today, govt.’s income comes from a few cities and that income is sent to other areas for development, so how would states in future run their state.

    why are limbuan talking about dual citizenship, do they want to seperate from nepal and merge with gorkhaland (of india) and firm new nation in future. will they try to bar other nnepalese from intering their state.

    why are some madeshis demanding one madesh, do they have right to dominate other cast in the area.

    even indians do not want to speak hindi, and some madeshis whose mother tongue is not hindi are demanding hindi as a national language. shame on them.

    beware of dumb netal.

    dumb, opportunist prachanda, maoist started cast politics and now we are facing the consequence.

  4. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    in democracy, in assembly you bargain with other group, you give and take, you support other demands and ask for others support……………..but some madeshis are 30/40 madeshis are black mailing remaining 560, bulling others to force dumb demand.

    this is all because we have been behaving softly and they are dumb and opportunist and could be the agent..

  5. pritam Avatar

    Foolish leaders had signed just to fool madheshi in Falgun…

  6. thuldai Avatar

    Shree Shrestha:
    have you heard of a phrase “hai sancho” in Nepali? Your memo is another example of an empty pot making ” hai sancho” sound!

    Honey, political agreements are made to overcome political impasses. They are, hence, to be followed faithfully. How easily you say forget the past agreements that madhesis did with the SPA.

    How if i say forget the 12-point agreement done with the MAoists? Wouldn’t that be even better? No ethic tension, no YCL, and no attack on media.

    Sweetie, do some reading. You need to enlighten urself.

  7. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    CA is formed to write new constitutuin. Why bother ammending interim constitution? Unless Madhesis are thinking to convert Interim Constitution into permanent one.

  8. lol Avatar

    how can u just brush off agreement, then we can brush off all agreemenrts with maoists as well. this isnt a PROCESS FOR OPEACE WITH MAOISTS ONLY WE HAVE GONE WAY BEYONG. if you have agreed you have to kep your end of bargain preconditions for elections were agreem ents otherwise there would be no election in the first place.

  9. lol Avatar

    CA was formed with many agreements before CA which were to be fulfilled. the new constitution has to be written with all the agreements in mind with the maoists and the madheshis etc. now maoists are in power they have forgotten anjd want to centralise power.

  10. limbuwan Avatar

    dont doubt our nationalism, we r proud limbu nepali n all indegenous r. the country is going through changes for which it fought for so long. maoist didnt instigate these issues but used the same platform to popularize themselves, even any other parties wid watever ideologies that had supported these very right issues would hav achieved similar level of sucess. these r the real local home grown probs to b solved for which the country is going through transformational process. remember, we wont hesitate to pull the first trigger towards any invaders if there r any, be it india(that u guys fear so much of living abroad after king left) or any other forces that threatens our soverignty.

  11. Lokendra yadav Avatar
    Lokendra yadav

    If madhesi parties are obstructing CA for their right then they are doing well. And I think they are doing well by doing so until and unless they will get their major two demands. There is nothing wrong by giving madhes as a single state. Country will develop soon if there will be competition in between different state like other countries. I request all tne major political parties not to help in arising the issue of tharu and other communities people. Bijay gacchadar is also from same community but he is with all the madhesi parties. This is the proof that tharus are also in madhesi community only. There should not be any discrimination with madhes and madhesi people. Government should immediately fulfill the demand of madhesi parties to create the way for peace and development. We want our nepal as peaceful and developed country in the world.

  12. Neil Horning Avatar

    It’s fairly clear by now that Upendra Yadev and his party represent the ruling class of the Terrai. This is a play to preserve their own power at the expense of the low caste and indigenous community.

  13. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    gacchadar, sing, bhandari, the one from sadvabana etc are the corrupt ministers, royalist who went to tarai aand started regional, cast politics to loot nepal and they are doing it successfully.

    why cant madeshis see this? are madeshis trying to break nepal or they are trying to make taria like UP, Bihar of india where powerful leaders acts like kings, workers kiss their bottom. police, govt. are intheir control, workers, criminals, killers belolg to them.

    do you madeshis really think those so called madeshis leaders are loyal to madeshi community, loyal to nepal, they have big brain enough to develop tarai, nepal,

    dont you see, they are the same ministers who used to be corrupt, royal supporters but today they are acting like madeshis’ god father. are you sure they are not indian agents.

    they are similar to those of indian netas who are always right and others are slaves.

  14. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    The need of hour is to reconstruct the states with autonomy.
    If Autonomy is denied to various states then NEPAL will break up into pieces. All parties have to take this issue very seriously.
    Various communities have now become fed up with imposed rulers.
    They want to rule themselves. There is nothing wrong. The wrong
    lies in the traditional mind set. Traditional rulers are not ready
    to give up powers.

  15. hope Avatar

    No demand in Nepal is illegal,illogical,unreasonable and undemocratic as if unfufilled they will inundate Nepal with barrage of armed outfits which has already dessimated the nation. We have accepted all MAOISTS demand to legalize all the murders, we gave up against MPRF when they ravaged GAUR with 29 brutalities, we surrendered infront of CHURE BHAVER, we were shivering infront of LIMBUWAN, we bowed down with students demand for half free ride, we submitted with transporters association, we…….. so what if there is some new demands, just agree on them, and continue to do that when and if it comes. BTW, has anybody ever remember what they previousely agreed upon?? Or is it really necessary at all?? Well done, they are doing what they are asked to do!!

  16. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I am always for Madhesis right. I think they should be included on every level of government. But they went too far with their demands. These Madhesi leaders are not looking for Madhesis, they are driven by greed and power. They need to understand that CA is formed to make new constitution. Any past agreements have no bearing at all. Once Constitution is ratified even Interim Constitution will be null and void. If they are truly concern about the Madhesi welfare they should sit down in CA and discuss how to write new constitution where each and every groups’ right will be protected.

  17. SB Avatar

    Greed and power has always been the norm of the political class. All that bullshit about New Nepal…and to think that we all believed it, when THESE very leaders failed to give us anything during the 10 years they were in power since 1990. Poor king Gyanendra, he also suffered from greed and power but i doubt not so much that he would have let the country to what it is now. OPEN YOUR EYES ALL MY FELLOW NEPALIS and see the reality of what is going on.

  18. Doug Avatar

    The demand for “autonomy” or an “autonomous state” is spreading. The news seems to be that every ethnic and linguistic group would like some form of that “autonomy.” Yet the meaning is not clear. News articles and even Wagle’s blog do not identify exactly what functions are being demanded. Would autonomy mean separate police forces? Would it mean separate school systems and education laws? Would it mean different criminal laws? Would it mean separate tax systems? Different citizenship and immigration laws? Different environmental policies?

    Rather than argue about the general term “autonomy,” the parties should be discussing exactly what it would mean. And news reporters should ask political leaders and report on what they say it should mean in specifics!

  19. Avatar

    No autonomy needed, we are brothers and sisters, to separate in multiple pieces will destroy our the community rather than improving community, No Madesh, No pahad, only Nepal NEPAL THE GREAT

  20. keshar ghimire Avatar

    Mr Neil, you have now dug out the undebatable underlying truth. Thats the case with most of the politics being played around.
    Obstructing democratic porcesses to press on the demands will not bring solution. This might create pressure on related parties to agree on short term but the issue will keep coming up until everyone is prepared to get a logical share of their power.

  21. Shreemani Avatar

    gosh… isn’t it already late for the new constituent to be made?

  22. mediation Avatar

    Forget Nepal opportunists are always opportunists.
    Sometimes it is best to not ignore how to know. Do something about pollution create jobs for women I do not want to read about fighting every day.
    Let some foreing ngo brainwash you into peace education
    get a life

  23. nationalist Avatar

    We don’t realize how much debt we owe to ADB, IMF and World Bank. Just talking about foolish demands. Has anyone of them ever given anything to the country? Foolish people just demand their right and fail to do their duties.

  24. Manas Avatar

    This is simply a barganing chip for Tarai leaders at this time but it may turn in to a complete disintigration, if our leader still think it will serve their interest. Truth is they are not interested in all tarai province. They know this is a sucidal to them then that for other living Tarai. Other Ethinic groups has majority then people of so called tarai origin, if we includes all living in tarai. We mainstream Nepali still are in control of every aspect. They do have suspecion on our motives and they are valid. They are used by our leaders- Royalist, royal palace, NC, UML, Maoist even little splinter parties. They like to get enough gurantee at this time so they can not be manipulated in the future. Also, there is need of cultural change has to happen in Nepali society. We have colonial mentality which reflect “we love land but we hate people”. We have to love people equally as we love our land. Tarai leaders are craving for such recognation. GP,Dahal, Bhattarai, Khanal, Thapa came along and tell these people. We love you as we love Tarai. If you are looking this event as opportunity to serve you personal gain then we have possibilty to loose everything including our best citizen and our land.

  25. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Manas, well said.

    The root problem is we love land Terai, Himal and so many remote
    area in Mountains but we don’t care for people there. We say Terai
    is Nepal but we hate terai people terming them INdians.

  26. pritam Avatar


    Who is the ruling class of Nepal in present context, do you know that ?

  27. world bank Avatar
    world bank

    Micro credit and ngo should help reorganize society to heal the economies. When the people have jobs they will be busy to continue the civil war.
    the greates effort will be to creat jobs for all and education for women to put all back into balance. There is no place like home and why poor nepalis should all have to go abroad only because there is no work. Don’t focus so much on the current problems everyone knows that prices went up due to the prolonges conflict wherever I travel in nepal all need salaries. Focus on creating jobs not feudal style but proper way make people pro active there is a culture of dependance they do not even see. Swamis used to beg for a bowl of rice now it is time to have your own shop or business I do not see who could not do that, you do not need a government or democracy for that look at China isn’t that why u choos maobadi?

  28. Lokendra yadav Avatar
    Lokendra yadav

    Who is telling that madhesi leaders are indian agent? In my openion pahadi leaders are only the agents of india. Those people are only going behind signal of indian politician. We are not an indian. We love our country and also we want to make good relationship with india as a neighbour country and also because of we are having similar culture. We wre not going behind indian politician. We only want our right. We dont have faith on pahadi leaders, they have already cheated with us a lot. We dont want to be chaeted any more. We want to develop our madhes by ourselves on the sane side we will also help pahadi leaders also to develo pahad and himal.
    I request all the nepali people and leaders to creat good environment to fulfill the demand madhesi otherwise there is no more days remaing to see the second violence in nepal. I request every body to go for peace and development in nepal by giving the demand of madhesi parties.
    Thank you.
    Jay madhes, Jay nepal.

  29. arun Avatar

    TO change (human right, prosperous nepal),

    have you ever been to terai? what changes have u seen there? you mean to say pahadi leaders ruling madhesh has brought lots of changes? same on u bastard! we r the most poorest amongst others in all the aspect. we r one generation back than pahadi!
    it is better to be ruled by our culprit madhesi leaders than to be ruled by pahadi. and can u tell me the name of any leaders who dont love chair, who is not the culprit.? dont say there r many! ALTHOUGH some of the madhesi leaders dont have big brain enough to develop the madhesh but they have feelings of madhesi brothers n sister which will give 100% freedom to our madhesi community.
    dont ever write against our people.

  30. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    You know the problem behind this hard feelings in Madhesi community created by Rana and Shah regime and also led by Girija since the restoration of democracy. Newar, madhesi and people from other community were never been treated equally. Why? because of discrimination. who did that? our kings and prime ministers?

    These issues needs to be scrutinized first. We need to know – why we have so much hatred (ie caste, racial) in our society now ? people think that King is gone and we are in new nepal ” Republic Nepal” so what ? the people who were in the administration before are still playing their dirty game in Nepal!! Where is that party supposed to run the country?

    Still we are facing discrimination. Only being Bramin in most Government jobs, vip, first classes jobs all been held by Bramin. who says this issues are over and old concerns? Madhesi have lived quietly, not demanding anything rather lived suffocating their needs or demand….not only them but it applies to all apart from Bramins. They are people who seems always hunger for power /politics not only in Nepal but all over the world where Bramins dwell. They are too naive to understand that fact that people of nepal and nepalese have changed their way of thinking and living a life.

    Here is the problem on them not understanding the bitter truth which still exists on us. If they don’t understand these problems as problems then Nepal never will be improved.

    One of the Journalists living in USA (now married to an American, waiting for Green card) who supports king and probably die for king (according to her expression), reckons that she is happy if Nepal becomes India, if Nepal runs by India. For me she (any nepalese who think that way are) is indian and she could be an indian agent, but not Madhesi.

    With my knowledge and experience, I can confirm that Madhesi community are warm just as other do. When i was in Birganj VDC , I and my other friends had to live at their houses, not only they provide shelter but good food and respect too.

    We live in multi cultural society and government need to enhance the integration factors (social, cultural, economic and political etc). Politician who are in the position they tried to divide us but they are going let new government (Maoist) lead the country for once. We need to have maximum of 8 years periods (or 2 terms) of prime minister or president time. I am so over with Girija.

  31. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    same madeshi mantris who looted country are becoming heros for madeshis.

    some are saying they care for madesh,,,,,,,dont you see they joined madeshi movement they they thought their electivity is about to be lost, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    mjf started movement and they were attracting people, ,,,,other madeshi corrupt netas could not take that and they came into street with evenbigger dangerious demand ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is what some of the madeshi netas like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    what are you talking about pahade netas,,,,,,,,,,,,bahun and chettris are not only pahadeys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if we are going to talk about mantris,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,till date the most number of mantris are from chettris then bahun and then comes madeshis,,,,,,,,,,,,there are more madeshis mantris than other pahadis so if you want to blame other pahadis(except from bahuns and chettris) first of all blame madeshis mantris,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you kind of dumb is making heros to same corrupt ministers, you are being used by the same corrupt ministers,,,just use your head,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    and about tarai andolen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that madeshis people were demanding for what they would be getting after constitution is made…………..but your opportunist, corrupt madeshi netas started andalon, sent youi kind of dumb to give your bali for their personal benifit…………………………………………….and are you madeshis only the community in terai…………….there are many and why are you trying to take their right while demanding your right…………………..yor mentality is just like that of indians who wants to rule on weaker community………madeshis are more safe, have more pride, right in nepal than in india,,,,dont you know how people from bihar, up are killed, beaten in other parts of india. ……………………….and even dalits, small commuinty in bihar, up are killed, beaten you youi kind of bigger cast in up bihar………………………….just because you have a louder vioce does not make you right…………………………..may be that is why in india if some community tries to bully other community, the other community responds more brutally………………………………… you have a saying in india,,,,,lena ke dena.

  32. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    who are more poor madeshis or pahadis,,,,both……………………but there are some royal madeshis who had been looting, sucking blood, exploiting labour of dalits, kaymais, by making them work on your land,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there are inhuman activities like tagging poor woman “bixy” and make her eat shit….evey nepalese should have human right. not just big case madeshis.

  33. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    it is a responsibility of nepalese government to tackle these issues. they need to reconcile with our divided society by integrating and understanding them. These are the simple things they need to carry out first in order to restore stability in our country. People are only concentrating on what USA perceive if Maoist lead the country? is that it? … We have our own problem – country is dividing…that is the thing we should be looking at not what USA or Euro or UN says.

  34. matribhumi Avatar

    NOW THAT THE KING AND PRINCE ARE GONE, We suddenly have great development in the country. Look:
    1. We have peace
    2. No more corruption
    3. We have great healthcare as the hospitals are running.
    4. We have great national integrity-madhesis, pahadis and janjatis all love one another and are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the country
    5. Girija and others have left the position for someone who does not need Viagra and can go to the office without using adult diapers.
    6. Maoists have returned the seized land of the people
    7. We have electricity everywhere
    8. We have drinking water everywhere
    9. The petrol prices have been coming down and Nepal Oil Corporation has been in profits.
    10. All the other previous ministers from whose water tanks on the roof tops crores of rupees were taken out have been arrested inclduing those who looted money from Nepal Oil Corporation and invested that money into personal funds in South America.
    11. The people once wanted for corruption by the CIAA have been arrested.
    WOW, new Nepal is great and has a very bright future.

    SADLY, Nepalis will never learn, they will worship the people who will never let them come up and loot their country left right and center. You deserve no better but to be a state of India and sooner or later that is what the madhise leaders will do as they ALL are chamcha of India.

  35. matribhumi Avatar

    Yes madhesi leaders are chamcha of Bharat, they should say Jay madhes Jay Bharat.

  36. matribhumi Avatar

    Who is more a nationalist GPK a Chamcha of India, whose daughter is German and almost all property is outside Nepal or King G?

  37. arun Avatar

    to matribhumi
    dont depress madhesi by making the false issue, “madhesi leaders are chamcha of Bharat, they should say Jay madhes Jay Bharat”. which leaders of nepal dont have connection with indians, china`s leaders. if madhesi leaders have connection means its against nepal but if pahadi leaders have connection means what? if u cant notice the problem of madhesi people and blame every moment taken by madhesi leaders against the nation means you also dont respect the rights of madhesi .and those who dont respect the madhesi n their rights is the enemy our madhesi and our nepal.
    we want our rights! for that we will go to any extent. its time for all the leaders to accept their mistake which they have done on madhesi till now and fulfill their demands without hesistation.

  38. diwakar Avatar

    yes it right madhesi community did’t get their rights
    they are right about their equal participatent in the development of the country.But the madhesi leader’s demand for one madhesh one state but they forget to include the THARUES.
    Speaking in hindi in CA don’t make the madhesi leader a true nepali yes if they want speak in abadhi.bhojpuri and other highly used language in Terai. but sorry for my ignorance cause i don’t know any community of Nepali in terai use Hindi as their native language.

  39. matribhumi Avatar

    Arun, what do you mean your NEPAL ? What is your NEPAL? YOURS is only madhes, Nepal is gone and is history, now there is madhes and Chure Bhawar.

  40. mukesh Jha Avatar
    mukesh Jha

    Hi Arun,
    I think The GP koirala is family chamcha of India , if you just look the history of his own family for last 50 years.
    The maoist leader PUSHPA KAMAL DAHAL ( PRACHANDA ) and MADHAV NEPAL is the 2nd class INDIAN chamcha.
    This is poor mind thinking even not poor , sick minded thinking that if there is any relation with india or china means CHAMCHA. In Nepal , is there anyone leader who has not any relation with INDIA??
    Does it mean that Nepal is full of CHAMCHA??

  41. matribhumi Avatar

    YEs, mukesh, you too are a chamcha.

  42. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    To Matribhumi
    Just you are pure , am I right?? except you all are chamcha.

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