The Presidential Shock to UML: Ultimately Madhes Leads!?!

Or is it the Maoists who will actually lead?

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

There is a saying in Nepali: thangna ma sutaunu. CPN Maoist has done the same to the CPN UML (United Marxists & Leninists). UML is out in the cold thanks to the cunning politics played by the former rebels. It appears almost certain (though you can never predict political happenings, especially the Nepali) that the Maoist’s candidate for the president of Nepal will be indeed the first president of Nepal. Events are evidences that Maoists are succeeding to guide the Nepali polity by their, and only, their, terms. First they gave the lollypop of president to the UML and got the UML vote in the CA (as legislative parliament) to thwart the Nepali Congress proposal of providing a seat to the leader of the opposition leader in the National Security Council. Maoist continued luring UML with the President lollypop while they strategically sidelined the NC, second largest party in the CA. UML kept dancing while Maoist was having second thought about the lollypop. UML was all high thinking that Maoist would help elect one of their top leaders, namely the poor unfortunate MK Nepal, as the first president of Nepal.

Ram Raja Prasad Singh, the man whose controversial act of letting off bombs in several location of Nepal during the Pachayati regime against the regime, is the man we are talking about. The senior citizen of Nepal, from the Madhes, was portrayed by the Maoists as their candidate for the president from the very beginning. By doing this, Maoist is trying to achieve two objectives: place a politically feeble and relatively unknown face in the presidential palace so that the upcoming Maoist Prime Minister- executive, mind it- would not be overshadowed by the President as it would have been certain if the person was GP Koirala or MK Nepal. Second, yes you get it, the Madhesi card. Maoist will be able to say, proudly, to the Madhesis: look folks who our candidate is!

This election has also shown how important the issue of Madhes is becoming nationally. All major parties have filed a Madhesi as their candidate for the President. NC: Ram Baran Yadav (and Maan Bahadur Bishwakarma for veep), UML: Ram Prit Paswan (Asta Laxmi Shakya for veep), Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF), while expressing solidarity to the candidacy of RRP Singh, filed the name of Parmananda Jha for the veep. The Maoist’s candidate for the vice president is Shanta Shrestha.

These different names come after political parties failed to reach consensus for the single name for the presidential candidate. It remains to be seen who will be able to muster the required number of votes (single majority) in the CA.

UML not joining Maoist-led govt: Yes, that the shocked and awed UML taking a decision finally! The UML central committee meeting held in Singhadurbar today decided that while also finalizing the names of their candidates accusing the Maoist of ignoring the past agreements (of supporting UML for presidency). Emerging from the meeting today, UML leader Ram Chandra Jha informed that the cooperation with the Maoist has been wrecked. He also said that the party will not be joining the Maoist-led government.

Maoist decision: A meeting of the Maoist parliamentary party held today morning concluded that the party’s earlier decision to elect RRP Singh president was correct and they will move ahead with the same decision. Who knows Maoists might pull RRP Sing in favor or UML’s Paswan who is less known and politically not as grand and strong as MK Nepal!

Meanwhile Prez, VP office bureaucracies get ready:

By Kiran Chapagain in the Kathmandu Post
With the country set to have its first president finally by Saturday, the government has also finalized the size of the bureaucracy for Shital Niwas and Bahadur Bhawan, the offices of the country’s first president and vice president respectively. Highly-placed government sources at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers told that the cabinet has approved a secretary to lead the bureaucracy at the office of the country’s first president. The sources further said that the name of the secretary is likely to be finalized today after consultations with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN-UML General Secretary Jhala Nath Khanal. Initially, the Ministry of General Administration had proposed a principal secretary, who would be junior to the chief secretary and senior to other government secretaries, to head the bureaucracy at Shital Niwas. But the cabinet rejected the proposal.

According to sources, who sought anonymity, the cabinet has also approved four joint secretaries, six under secretaries and six section officers to work in Shital Niwas. Similarly, the government has also decided on Bahadur Bhawan as the office of the vice president. Currently, the Election Commission (EC) occupies it. Both the EC and the vice president’s office will be located there. The vice president’s office will occupy space once used by the then Raj Parisad Standing Committee, the privy. Besides, the government has also deiced the size of the bureaucracy at Bahadur Bhawan office. A secretary will lead a joint secretary, an under secretary and two section officers.

The number of lower rung staff at both offices will be decided as per the need, another government source said. In the meantime, the government is deploying officials for work at the president’s office from Thursday, sources at the Prime Minister’s Office said. Likewise, the Foreign Ministry is starting to shift its three departments to Narayanhiti Palace premises from Thursday. The ministry is going to use the office building of the Principal Secretariat of the former King.

Search on for temporary residence: As the renovation of Shital Niwas is unlikely to be completed within a short time, the government is searching for a temporary residence for the country’s president. “We are searching for a residence,” said Chief Secretary Dr Bhoj Raj Ghimire. However, bureaucratic sources said it is likely that whoever becomes the president will use his/her own residence as the president’s residence until Shital Niwas becomes ready. Bureaucratic sources said that the vice president is likely to get the Speaker’s Residence at Baluwatar as his official residence. Currently, the Speaker’s Residence remains unoccupied.






44 responses to “The Presidential Shock to UML: Ultimately Madhes Leads!?!”

  1. Vic Avatar

    A solemn attempt by all three parties, perhaps to prevent the country from inclining towards “Ram, Ram, Ram Satye Ho” Hope this tactic will work..

  2. himal Avatar

    There is a proverb in Nepali:
    “Badar badi batho bhayo bhani chappiyara marcha” (A too cocky monkey dies as a result of sqeezing its own testicles).
    This is how it happened:

    Once two male and female monkeys were watching two carpenters who were working underneath the tree to smoothen the wooden window frame with a tool called ranja. When the carpenters went for a lunch break, the two monkey couple came down from the tree and started to smoothen the wooden window frame by imitating the carpenters. During the smoothening process, the ranja slipped from the hand of female monkey while the male monkey was pulling the ranja towards its direction. The tragic result was that the ranja squeezed the male monkey’s both testicles so badly that it led to the death of male monkey.
    Our politicians like Girija, Makune, Prachanda, and others are like this unfortunate cocky male monkeys. Both Girija and makune have already squeezed their testicles. And sooner or later Prachande will also squeeze his both testicles. Let us wait and see!!!

  3. mukesh Jha Avatar
    mukesh Jha

    Ofocurse this is politics and every party think to get the superior position. But leaders of parties must be aware about future loss and benefits.
    Madhav Kumar Nepal of UML is a person who always like to see day dream, always imagine this and that. So the maoist take advantage of his mind and got UML’s vote in CA.
    Now there is issues of madheshi’s and Maoist is trying to bring president from one of the madheshi that the problem will be cool down.
    Now it is the time for madheshi to think that will they stop their demand from nepal about AUTONOMOUS MADHESH???? In my opinion they should not stop this even maoist will make UP Yadav President.
    it is a long history that RRP Singh said to King Mahendra that once he will be the president of Nepal and now he is going to be, this is good for him but if now madheshis think same as Maoist thinking it will be betray with madhesh and madheshis.

  4. biru Avatar

    It is a pity that a criminal like RRP Singh is going to be the first president of Nepal.

  5. mukesh Jha Avatar
    mukesh Jha

    I ti foolish to say that RRP is criminal , otherwise all the leaders of world is criminal , including chairman Mao, Lenin, Cheguovera, Prachanda etc.
    The main concern here that maoist kept a net to Madhesh, if madheshis will trap in that it will be very bad to madhesh and madheshis freedom.

  6. sujan Avatar

    Now there will be a coaliotion govt. headed by Maoist & supported by Madesh Parties.
    No Petrol No Diesel No gas No everything and let see how long the coaltion lasts, especially with the prospects of BJP coming to power in Delhi.

  7. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    The best candidate among the three Ram is Dr Ram. He is most
    qualified and have clean image. Most importantly acceptable to
    both Pahade and Madhesi community.

  8. noway Avatar

    Ram Raja Prasad Singh is absolitely the wrong candidate as President. I’ll give you three reasons:

    1. He endorses the culture of violence (the buck should stop here).

    2. Although people claim that he is a madhesi etc. I’m afraid he is a high caste Rajput and therefore the argument of inclusion is flawed in this respect.

    3. He’s way over the hill.

  9. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    UML trusted Maoists despite knowing their political character.
    Maoists have never shown political character. The best thing
    is to allow Maoists to run the govt and all parties should remain united in opposition working as watch dog.
    The coalition among parties can start with supporting a common
    president and vice Pres from them. In that case Maoists will
    be out of equation in electing President, vice pres and Chairman
    of CA.
    In my opinion Dr RAM is the best presidential candidate.

  10. Budhi Karki Avatar
    Budhi Karki

    Nepal Communist Party UML now is a bunch of jokers. You know there are certain types of jokers who do not know more than self depreciating to make others laugh. There is a saying in English, “Man makes mistakes but only a fool repeats it.” But even a fool has some limits. When you are there to make only mistakes every time, you are something more than a fool. I don’t know whether there is a superlative of a fool.
    UML used to be considered the best option for those who could neither endorse Nepali Congress’ full-fledged capitalism nor the parties like Maoist’s orthodox communism. But sadly enough, it has turned to be a bunch of jokers. You might have seen in pictures every time the Hero punches someone, the victim is the joker! But yet the joker never learns from the mistake because he is destined to be punched. A sandbag anyone can punch whether it is Nepali Congress, the ex-king or the Maoists. So sad!

  11. pritam Avatar

    I have a pity to Girija Prashad Koirala and Madhav Kumar Nepal……cha…..cha….cha….cha…

  12. Vashir Avatar

    Haahahahahah- Makune= ultimate joker

  13. stopthewar Avatar

    karma is military dictature, democracy or military democracy?
    God will punish all who destroy Nepal more than they already did.
    Details of democracy are facts of life. Federalism, plurilanguagism, promoting women and unpromoted casts and ethnics, what a great job to do the coming 5 centuries.
    which way the wind blows today?

  14. arun Avatar

    maoist has taught good lesson to UML.

  15. mukesh Jha Avatar
    mukesh Jha

    Maoist are just making their platform for future rule on madhesh by using RRP Singh.
    Not Just maoist, all of these three parties has the same policy, therefore all of them has brought candidates from Madhesh. If maoist will make president, they will have chance of sympathy from madhesh and madheshis. If Nepali Congress or UML will get chace to make their president , same for them too, they will have place to get vote from Madhesh.
    Now I can’t see the place for UML and NC in Madhesh.

  16. top brash Avatar
    top brash

    you are100% right mukesh.
    i am quite happy about the way jhalnath khanal ,KP oli and their UML got dumped by maoist. UML can now dream for votes from madhesh…NC may get few votes coz of their old age supporters.

  17. sujan Avatar

    First NC licked the lollypop offered by the maoists, then the UML licked it, and now the Madesh parties are licking it.
    In the end the Madesh parties will also be in the same position as the NC & UML and Maoists will be standing alone. May be the NC, UML and Madesh parties should come together and Mr. Upendra yadav could be the prime minister.

  18. United Voices Avatar

    Well, it does not matter who the first president of Nepal becomes. May it be a terai, a madesi, a newar, a rai, a limbu, or whoever or from what ever the caste. But the main thing is that the person has to be able lead Nepal to a peaceful place.

  19. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    In my thinking it will be better that madheshi parties should not participate in CA and for presidentship or vice president, because MADHESHI FORUM has already started to go on the way of AUTONOMOUS, why forum is still want to be vice president??

  20. bipin chaudhary Avatar
    bipin chaudhary

    Ta mujhi bebakuf jha le ke khojeko.

    1. Tina Avatar

      This is the ideal answer. Evyroene should read this

  21. aljazzera Avatar

    nepal was n intrntnlnews dancing saris new president.

  22. peanuts Avatar

    do we keep the old man for 3 5 or reelected?

  23. Shreemani Avatar

    nirwachan garna many many months
    ganatantra decide garna 3 – 4 mahina
    royals hatauna pani many many months
    president decide garna pani months

    aba arko kun kun post haru banki chan… chitto bhannu paryo

    des ko barema sochnu pardaina…
    des kun awastha bata gujriraheko cha

    kasailai sochne fursad chaina, bas kursiko lagi ladne … basne…

  24. casjew Avatar

    dassein we get passports
    what is your president to us

  25. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Someone plz post news about counting of votes for our 1st president.

  26. nepal Avatar

    Isn’t it the puzzle game……

  27. Deshbhakta Avatar

    Yo sabai kukur Moobadi harule garda bhayeko ho. Jaatiye ra bhasik raajniti ko suruwat garne tiniharu nai ho. tiniharule RAW ko agent sanga raati barta garera UML lai dhoka diyera Madise haru sanga samjhauta gareko le nai yesto bhayeko ho. Je vaye pani Madise haru bhanda UML lai nai raatra pati banauna dinuparthyo. pheri madise haru lai power ko raaja banayekole jasari yiniharule UML lai dhoka diye, tesari nai madise le yiniharlai……. Maobadi lai thikka pare pani yo Desh ko lagi chahi yekdam naramro ho. Raati RAW ko agent lai bhetera UML lai dhoka diyebata Maobadi pani Dhoti ko DALAL rahecha bhanne pramadin bhayo………Jaagau rastrabadi haru… Jaya Greater Nepal, nepali jaati, nepali bhasa

  28. madhesi Avatar

    told you so i never believed maoism but i hope new majority does not betray the essence of the elections as much as maoism is a bad idea and a nasty club now the peope that write english manage a better idea for Nepal. How useful the stupid forainger when useful.

  29. inernationalcommunist Avatar

    just going through some international journals on internet the terrorist qualified senderistas are speaking of betrayal of maoists by their own leaders that would explain the delay in orderly ruling.
    lstop polluting and say the truth either way it is coocked up and yes i do want to know.
    is it business as usual? Interesting. Not necessarily who speaks nepalese language is a patriot but I do agree the foreigner does not understand what is good for you.

  30. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Hi everybody there,
    Parmanand Jha from Madheshi Janadhikaar Forum got Vice Prez, this is a historical moment for Nepal specially for madheshis.
    Another parties , NC, UML and CPN (MAO) also has brought their madheshi candidates to get vote sympathy of madhesh and want to bypass the problem of Madhesh.
    Even whoever will be the president he will be from Madhesh , that is certain, but can anyone say that they will rule by their own mind?? Ofcourse not, they must have to rule according to PAHADE mind and pahade mind will never bring development to Nepal.
    Because of PAHADE leaders our country has this condition.
    These Pahade parties are just using the madeshi leaders to make MADHESH keep cooldown.
    Madheshi brother , dont think these madheshi leaders who have brought by PAHADE parties will do anything for madhesh, they will just support those pahade.
    Be aware and keep continue on the path of autonomous.

  31. nepali:not madheshi or pahadi Avatar
    nepali:not madheshi or pahadi

    It is because of some educated morons like this one upper, the integrity and unity of Nepal, as a country is in danger. I don’t see any need for autonomity of madesh or pahad, which certainly might lead to deletion of the country Nepal from the world map. What we need at this moment, what all people of Nepal must realise is we need unity among all Nepalese irrespective of their race, geographical distribution, community,gender, religion, blah blah…… which is the ultimate strength for the development of Nepal…..which possibly will never come by demanding autonomity of madhesh and calling madhesh and pahad, instead of calling Nepal. This is 21st century mate…talking crap like madhesh and pahad is absolute fatuousness!

  32. Ashish Dahal Avatar

    May be someone in this blog has forgetton that they belong to the country which was never to be slaved and ruled by anyone in the world.We are solely committed to our national sovereignty and intregity.We must be proud to say that we are NEPALI.If it is so then why we talk of being PAHADE and MADHESI.And putting the country to autonomous will bring the country to CIVIL war.Thats for sure.Why i tell this because if a pahade goes to terai then surely the madhesis will try to have dominance.Then pahade are also not so far behind.They will also try to have revenge.And this will make the system to continue very bad.ONE DAY A DAY WILL COME WHERE A PERSON FROM MADHESH AND PAHAD WILL REMAIN ON THEIR TERRITORY DUE TO THEIR LACK OF CONFIDENCE TO GO ON OTHERS REGION.

  33. braindrain Avatar

    look at belgium before they were with france and netherlands now again no government and no testicles so don´t worry be happy it is the same as usual but the difference is visa out is now impossible nobody wants these kind of people leave alone believe or help them do not put ALL DIRTY LAUNDRY IN THE INTERNATIONAL PRESS there are more poor countries with a minimum of dignity.

  34. middleclass Avatar

    Argentina and uruguay where one third emigrated had a middle class university people. Nepal has slavery, no working class therefore middle class went abroad or underground or dead=
    So much for Engels and Marx.
    But there is a ruling class that is guilty by THE DAY


    Now that Argentina is mourning the people martyrized innocent people christians with a sense of justice, people like you and I that were dissapeared and only because of families of victims so called mothers and grandmothers of plaza mayo kept protesting and asking history is not fully erased.
    Maybe the collective guilt towards those living without running water explains for maoism, but the lack of coordination and sincerity is transparent. As we write.

  36. police Avatar

    police and military rejoice democracy bury it

  37. lhasaapso Avatar

    lhasa is good place for nepali waiters, then dubai.

  38. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Hi there
    The fact is that, India will never comeover Nepal, if it is true then India will hand it over in 2007 when King TRIBHUWAN had gone to INDIA becuse of RANA rulers.
    It is not true and now in 21st century it is very hard for any country to take any one inch land of another country, so let us free and develop ourselves.
    I am sure that till Pahade leader will rule on madhesh , madhesh will always same even after 50 years.

  39. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    if it is true then India HAD handed it over

  40. Jet Avatar

    UML .. ajhai cheteko chaina.. still showing dual character.. while they are so stuck with Madhav kumar nepal with maoist, they later come up with Paswan with new alliances. .. but .. at last same bhrastachari faces certained the Prez and VP. .. Don’t know why these parties always does these things.. again.. and again.. and again… not at all satisfied …… again

  41. Ahj Hsikum Avatar
    Ahj Hsikum

    Beware !!!!!!!!!

    Nepal is in route of Sikkimization and this Mukesh jha is helping this process.

  42. diwakar Avatar

    congrats for the first medhasi president and vice president. And one suggestion to our vice president
    thanks for ur feeling for medhasi people.But i don’t have any idea about HINDI language used by any nepali as their national language.yes it is most spoken language in there but none of the terai living people used this language as their own national language.Now its poved that ur r not a able person to become a reputed position seater.ok may be i also need to learn hindi because if you follow the same way; One day we have to become the people of the sUGGESTION TO you please be proud to be a NEPALI.

  43. Jeneva Avatar

    I actually found this more enrintaiteng than James Joyce.

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