Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit and Kathmandu in New York Times and Time

Sunrise on Poon Hill, with a view of 26,795-foot Dhaulagiri. Pic: Ethan-Todras Whitehill for NYT By Dinesh Wagle The New York Times and Time magazine are working closely, so to speak, to cover Nepal in the past couple of weeks. First came Jim Yardley, former Beijing bureau chief of the Times now posted in NewContinue reading “Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit and Kathmandu in New York Times and Time”

Resham! Nepathya Shares Sorrow and Joy with Sydney

Nepal’s Premium Rock/Folk band performs in Australia “Let me share with you all a real life story,” said Amrit Gurung amidst his debut performance in Sydney on Saturday. “I was talking to a second generation Nepali immigrant residing in Europe. When I asked him if he liked visiting Nepal, he simply answered ‘no’. When askedContinue reading “Resham! Nepathya Shares Sorrow and Joy with Sydney”

HAPPY HOLI!! (The Threats and Joys)

[Blogmandu: A hilarious Prachanda Parody in front of the leader himself. Article in Nepali. Click on the link. नक्कली प्रचन्डले सक्कलीलाई हसाउदा] By Zade Zade Express I was a little girl, five most probably. She was in Grade one while my sister was smaller still. Face? I don’t remember, nor the dress (which I generallyContinue reading “HAPPY HOLI!! (The Threats and Joys)”

Nepal Declaration of Girls of Even Worse Character

UWB Note: Tired of reading declarations of political parties and agitating organizations? Here is yet another declaration, which is not really boring, from our own Girls of Even Worse Character! [नेपालीमा यहाँ छ: चरित्रहीन चेलीहरूको नयाँ अवतार] FEBRUARY 2007 DECLARATION of Jhan Charatraheen Cheli [Saturday Blog] [Inside: A CharitrawanChela responds The text has some adultContinue reading “Nepal Declaration of Girls of Even Worse Character”

Happy Marriage Devyani!

Devyani the Behuli (here is a big pic) The name Devyani Rana still generates tremendous amount of curiosity in Nepal. “Devyani sanga bihe garna napayera Dipendra le testo gareko re!” People still whisper (these days they say it loudly because of the freedom that has come with the restoration of democracy in April.) People saidContinue reading “Happy Marriage Devyani!”

Ozomatli in Nepal: Music Makes You Loose Control!

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal. Saturday Edition All pics by Wagle. [नेपालीमा यहाँ छ: ओ ए बेबी, ओ ए मामा] Wil-Dog Abers: Hami Ozomatli Los Angeles Bata! Oh… Khulamanch (open air theater) what a fate you have! A day before Valentine’s Day, you hosted a spectacular show titled Huge Mass Meeting in which aContinue reading “Ozomatli in Nepal: Music Makes You Loose Control!”

Another History in Nepal: Snowfall in Kathmandu On a Romantic Day

After witnessing so many histories created in peace process in recent months, it was time for the residents of Kathmandu to witness a history created by mother nature today. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Wagle’s Web Log [नेपालीमा यहाँ छ: रोमान्सका दिन राजधानीमा हिउँ] Snowfall in Patan Durbar Square. Pic by Rajesh KC WhenContinue reading “Another History in Nepal: Snowfall in Kathmandu On a Romantic Day”