Happy Marriage Devyani!

Devyani the Behuli (here is a big pic)

The name Devyani Rana still generates tremendous amount of curiosity in Nepal. “Devyani sanga bihe garna napayera Dipendra le testo gareko re!” People still whisper (these days they say it loudly because of the freedom that has come with the restoration of democracy in April.) People said all kinds of things about the almost mythical-like relationship of Dipendra and Devyani. She must be damn beautiful, people used to say, otherwise why would a MAN like Dependra go after her to that extent. Who is this Devyani, people used to ask. Pahsupati ki chhori re, some used to answer. While all these questions and answers were exchanged, Devyani never appeared in front of the Nepali public to present her side of the story. She vanished. Many thought poor girl, she became the victim of the “love web” of big folks in Kathmandu. Dependra Shah is a history now though he left many questions unanswered. Even the old Devyani is a history now. She will be Mrs. Divyani from today in a lavish marriage ceremony in the Indian capital. Here are images from her Swayamvar ceremony yesterday.

Here is a report published in TKP and Kantipur:Devyani Rana Becomes Behuli of Ashwarya

By Gopal Khanal in New Delhi

Devyani Rana, the heartthrob of late crown prince Dipendra, chose to make Ashwarya, a royal family member of Madhya Pradesh, India, her life partner by offering him a garland and a diamond ring, amidst a grand function held here on Thursday (22 Feb). At the Swayamvar Ceremony organized a day before the wedding, Devyani and Ashwarya exchanged garlands and a set of diamond jewelry as token of their vow to live together for the rest of their lives.

Devyani was clad in a red saree, while Ashwarya wore Ajakan, a specially designed dress for the bridegroom during the Swayamvar ceremony. The duo received blessings from relatives and held informal talks with their friends after they exchanged rings. Some 1,000 people, including Congress I leader Karan Singh, former British Ambassador to Nepal Keith George Bloomfield, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Basundhara Raje Scindia and officials of various diplomatic missions based in India were present on the Swayamvar ceremony.

Over 5,000 guests are expected to be present at the wedding ceremony to be held on Friday. “I am extremely happy,” Devyani told the Post, after the Swayamvar ceremony. To avoid any untoward incident, security was beefed up and media persons were denied entry to the Swayamvar ceremony.

Devyani did not want to talk about her past. “I do not want to remember the past,” she said for the first time to the media after the royal massacre in 2001. “I am happy with the marriage.” Asked if she wanted to comment on her future, Devyani said, “I have a job at the United Nations. I will continue with the job. Appearing frail, Devyani showed no sign of the pomp and arrogance generally associated with aristocracy and Royalty, contrary to her upbringing in an elite Rana family of Nepal as well as the royal family of Gwalior.

Family members had arranged the marriage after Devyani, the youngest daughter of Rastriya Prajantra Party chairman Pashupati SJB Rana and Ashwarya made their marital preferences clear.






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  1. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-surely you realise by now that these guys cannot stay ‘ceremonial’? It’s beyond them I am afraid.

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I think if our political leaders are strong and have moral autohrity, if our democratic system is functional and strong there is not a damn thing these guys can do. I don’t really think from 1990 to the palace massacar birendra was interfering and not staying ceremonial – was he?

  3. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    Still i think that constitution of 1990 could not embrace all and problems of all the disadvantaged groups of the society. Yes Birendra remained ceremonial upto the limit but there were hardliners behind Aisworya who were working to defame the democracy. On the other hand the same Girija and his cabinet colleagues were submerged in corruption up to the neck. Actually they were incompetent to run the administration. But looking back the period from 1990 to 2002, we must blame our leaders for that. Still I think our Constitution of 1990 was not adequate to accommodate all the aspirations of the people.

  4. Mavis F Avatar

    The young lady should not feel soor for herself nor is she to be blamed for the unfortunate incident that occurred in Nipaul. the prince did not act wisely and should should be blamed for his actions.

    I wish her the best of everything good luck

  5. hinterland Avatar

    If she is a true Nepali- she should at least speak what really happened, did Dipendra planned it or not, was he alone? This way she and rest of us can leave the past behind.

  6. Nischal Karki Avatar
    Nischal Karki

    Devyani wow u look cute

  7. angelica Avatar

    UWB seems scared of something…or someone more precisely…otherwise wat other logic can there be for deleting several comments…why r u jurnos scared so shitless…talk abt freedom of experssion and they smother u rite here…
    i was busy for a few days so i couldnt be updated to comments here and when i come some are deleted…wat is wrong with u wagle…if u cant dare let stay comments with stronger point to make then why run this blogspot…

  8. angelica Avatar

    i think Devyani doesnt look beautiful at all…but wish her happy life…

    1. praveen Avatar

      To me, she is below average looking lady. Not that kind of a beauty that a prince would go to great lengths for her.

  9. noname Avatar

    SPAMmers are right here. Talking among themselves in their Darkened glory. LOL. The best part is one NEPALI/ROYALIST/MANDALE/and whatever comes here and they get up and take attention because they are scared that one hard bang all their terrorism will be gone.

    And the second part, the imitation of names. LOL. They get so scared that they try to put down the others by using the name of others. LOL. Just like SPAM warlords do in real, their goons do it on the internet.

    – Done, done. Done dana done.

  10. HRHdipendra Avatar

    what do u mean by HRH devyani?India isa republic country for god sake…there are no kings left…the present people who call themshelves royals are infact limited to bussiness men.only illiterate ppl call them royal now…if these bussiness ppl are royals then bill gates is also the royal…i mean past is past…who cares if their ancesters were royals in the past…we should live on present.well devyani would have been HRH if she had married dipendra…
    but i feel sorry for this unfortunate lady…i mean she just fled after the incident…that proves she is a true traitor…she remained quiet …this proves she did not liked dipendra…she only liked his status and property…so what if my comments gets deleted…its not necessary that everyone should have positive response in this marriage…i am one of thousands nepalese who calls devyani and her corrupt dad a taritor to nepal and nepalese for putting us in confusion.Sometimes we nepalese doubt if a man like dipendra will ever think of marrying devyani…neither she looks that good nor her dad has any prestige in nepali politics.

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  12. mozzas(prana) Avatar

    she got married Nepalese have probem…what is this..? its so funny when manche haru daha bhannne chiz garcha.well,she is a daughter of a leader and grand daughter of the indian Royal….she can get married either in lavish manner or whatever..its non of our business…hune manche le jasto j pani garchan nahune le kina tauko dukhaune…wat did she do to us?sheis not the leader or onto Nepali politics or anything..She is justa daughter of a Nepali leader n Rana family .dats all

    secondly,where ever Rana came from its not ur concern..u want to write history write .

    are u jeaslous bcz Rana’s are bit higher then u..Now its too late for u even if u say Rana’s are bla bla la..bcoz they are already in the history and it remains forever..u want to write ur name then go do sometehing and prove u r that intellegent ..not just do a blog.

  13. dipendra Avatar

    hye devu…how r u doin???

    lol have fun with aishwrya ….

    i heard that aishwarya married abhishekh…


  14. renu Avatar

    Wish you all the best Devyani. Here is a small request to you. today I watched the royal massacare documentary after 7 years. My heart says Dipendra didnot did it and your name was blamed. All nepalese heart says that both of you were inoccent and it was the grand design of Gayendra, Paras and Prajwal. Everyone of us says that,but history doesnot. the history will be written as Dipendra as a killer. Please tell the truth and you are the only one who can save the real history. I think your husband is a modern understanding generous person. This will be a tribute to the death prince, who never did the act and got blamed. Being a daughter of Nepal and a modern woman of 21 century you have to tell the truth. Dipendra will bless you from heaven and Nepal’s history will bow before you. Though you are not our queen but this will make you the queen of our heart. Princess Di has proof the world that she was the powerful than the Queen till now, you can be the same, please save the history.

  15. jabar Avatar

    give it a rest. Unforutnately, your knight in shining armour -Dipendra was a drug addict, women beater and a drunk – not unlike Paras. I can bet my fat bottom he killed his dad. Just like Paras would kill Gyanendra if he had half a chance. They are/were both warped up, badly brought up idiots.

    Let’s not fall into this media trap of trying to blame Gyanendra or Paras – they maybe idiots but Dipendra was a patricidal maniac.

  16. jabar Avatar

    To add about your typical media mania on your reference to Princess Diana – another loose slut who knew how to manipulate the media. A disgrace to the good Queen Elizabeth.

  17. Rabin Karki, Kathmandu Avatar
    Rabin Karki, Kathmandu

    The comments are crap yaar. Why don’t you moderate the comments??
    If you need a moderator, I am willing to help you, but please don’t let the people spam your site. These spam comments will only decrease the credibility of this blog.

  18. ramesh. Avatar

    k 6 hau divyani? baule ta harihale timi vane jindagilai jitdai jau yahi suvakamana 6 hai.

  19. ramesh. Avatar

    dhoti sanga bihe garer furkiyaki hauli dhoka dela hai b4 gara ni

  20. Deepak Bista Avatar

    comment deleted

  21. sushnep Avatar

    leave the girl alone for the sake of god,yall let past fly sack the king,get ready to build new nepal
    rest inpeace

  22. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    I’ve just noticed this column before anyway friends of mine told me some days ago that Div works for UN? of course she has many relatives and family of her own, who easily offered a job with out past work experiences. It is so easy, especially in South east Asia, if you have a family or relatives in power.

    By the way what exactly she is doing in UN? What’s her work responsibilities? I don’t think she is in any Strategic Level as she seems to have no brain!….Could be JUST a “Coordinator or an administrator”

    I also heard that recently she has written something (article?) about Nepal? is that true? How dare she? how does she think she is? she thinks, her father still has a big voice? or she thinks that she is a property of nepal?

    Remember, we/the world know about that woman as “Girlfriend of late Prince Dipendra” nothing more than that. but we don;t know for sure because she hasn’t declared so. Well who knows,..who are to blame for that massacre? her father “Pasupati Samser Rana or Surti’s Husband or King Gyne or his son Paras?

    How come suddenly, she writes on political issues. She said that Nepal don’t need too many politicians” she should shut her mouth just like she did before. is she suggesting us that we don’t need many politican? so who exactly she is referring is it her father or king?

    for suggestion for you would be “be indian queen of your husband” and don’t interfere in our home issues. You Rana are from india and you are indian therefore you are history after new Nepal. Its good that you married where you belong to. You look 100% Indian and there is nothing in your face that says that you are a nepali.

    We don’t care what you Ranas or Shahs think about Nepal. Mind your own business.

    To UWB
    Is Pasupati S. Rana or Divyani paid you a lot of money in order to post these pictures on this blog? this is so out of context or anyone’s concern.

  23. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland


    You are so bias. you act like a “big brother”. you want to control us on how and what we say? if you don’t put our stuff then what’s the point of being in form of media? you should be helping us by reaching our views to all in contrary your are doing just opposite.

  24. Anne Smith Avatar
    Anne Smith

    comment deleted.

  25. Krish Bogati Avatar
    Krish Bogati

    Happy Anniversary Darling. You are darling to all Nepalese people because they love Prince Dipendra who was close to you.
    God bless you.

  26. Maya Rana Avatar
    Maya Rana

    comment deleted

  27. Maya Rana Tofu Avatar
    Maya Rana Tofu

    comment deleted

  28. Peter L. Blandwith Avatar
    Peter L. Blandwith

    More deleted comments. Why? Are you guys still intimidated by Ranas that you do not dare to publish anything – however true – that one particular Rana does not like to have other people know? A bunch of bandits oppressing the population of an unfortunate country. How sad. And they are trying so hard to constantly re-write history. Hey!

  29. Lydia Romeroesco Avatar
    Lydia Romeroesco

    Yeh we have noted the removal of some good comments pointing out the Rana rubbish one particular fool keeps putting on other people’s websites. He is so paranoid. He thinks everyone is interested in him. Of course, no one cares at all as they do not care about him. It would be good for you guys to leave the comments that criticise that rat from Adelaide – you know the one – always looking for money and blonde women.

  30. BICES Avatar


  31. prateek Avatar

    hey! devyani..congratulation on ur wedding.but still we want the truth.we know dipendra was a drug addict but still i believe he wasnot the real killer that night..so let the worls know the truth

  32. nepali Avatar

    who the hell is devyani…

  33. Raj Avatar

    STRANGE WHY PEOPLE STILL THINK THAT PRINCE DIPENDRA KILLED HIS OWN FAMILY ??? DEVIYANI WAS AN INDIAN AGENT DIPENDRA HAD ANOTHER GIRL FRIEND. STILL SHE WISH TO BE THE QUEEN OF NEPAL BUT CAN’T. THOSE WHO WAS ALIVE ON THE PALACE . PUT THEM ON PRISON AND GIVE THEM SISNO PANI .THEY WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH . Truth was that no one could have kill Birendra then his own People So India Has used Gyanedra And Paras As a Puppet Even the People From Royal Army . RAW agent were dispatch from Indian Embassy And They were using Mask look a like Dipendra . They KIlled Whole Family And Left to India on the Diplomatic Vehicle . WE GORKHALI WE PROTECT THE WHOLE WORLD BUT CAN’T PROTECT OUR OWN KING … SHAME ON US !!!

  34. Amy Waterman Avatar

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  40. jyoti Avatar

    i was in 2nd grade when the royal massacre took place…..at that time i didnt understand what losing a king means and not just a king but a kind and a wise king….i wonder what nepal would have been today if the king was alive and more in more people are blaming the crown prince as the culprit…thats absolutely ridiculous…i think thats the last thing a son would do to his father and mother no matter how much angry he is with them.
    ALMOST 13 YEARS have passed since the massacre took place and still the incident remains a mystery.

  41. Julieta Avatar

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  48. mohan kharel Avatar
    mohan kharel

    As far as I know and heard the royal massacare took place as reported.in the media.Only thing reported not true is that Dependra commited suacide.The truth is he was shot dead by the then major Sashi Singh who was queen Ratna’s a.d.c.The order was given by queen Ratna because Dependra was coming towards her quarter to kill her also Also.Paras when not drunk is a very nice person.

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