Happy Marriage Devyani!

Devyani the Behuli (here is a big pic)

The name Devyani Rana still generates tremendous amount of curiosity in Nepal. “Devyani sanga bihe garna napayera Dipendra le testo gareko re!” People still whisper (these days they say it loudly because of the freedom that has come with the restoration of democracy in April.) People said all kinds of things about the almost mythical-like relationship of Dipendra and Devyani. She must be damn beautiful, people used to say, otherwise why would a MAN like Dependra go after her to that extent. Who is this Devyani, people used to ask. Pahsupati ki chhori re, some used to answer. While all these questions and answers were exchanged, Devyani never appeared in front of the Nepali public to present her side of the story. She vanished. Many thought poor girl, she became the victim of the “love web” of big folks in Kathmandu. Dependra Shah is a history now though he left many questions unanswered. Even the old Devyani is a history now. She will be Mrs. Divyani from today in a lavish marriage ceremony in the Indian capital. Here are images from her Swayamvar ceremony yesterday.

Here is a report published in TKP and Kantipur:Devyani Rana Becomes Behuli of Ashwarya

By Gopal Khanal in New Delhi

Devyani Rana, the heartthrob of late crown prince Dipendra, chose to make Ashwarya, a royal family member of Madhya Pradesh, India, her life partner by offering him a garland and a diamond ring, amidst a grand function held here on Thursday (22 Feb). At the Swayamvar Ceremony organized a day before the wedding, Devyani and Ashwarya exchanged garlands and a set of diamond jewelry as token of their vow to live together for the rest of their lives.

Devyani was clad in a red saree, while Ashwarya wore Ajakan, a specially designed dress for the bridegroom during the Swayamvar ceremony. The duo received blessings from relatives and held informal talks with their friends after they exchanged rings. Some 1,000 people, including Congress I leader Karan Singh, former British Ambassador to Nepal Keith George Bloomfield, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Basundhara Raje Scindia and officials of various diplomatic missions based in India were present on the Swayamvar ceremony.

Over 5,000 guests are expected to be present at the wedding ceremony to be held on Friday. “I am extremely happy,” Devyani told the Post, after the Swayamvar ceremony. To avoid any untoward incident, security was beefed up and media persons were denied entry to the Swayamvar ceremony.

Devyani did not want to talk about her past. “I do not want to remember the past,” she said for the first time to the media after the royal massacre in 2001. “I am happy with the marriage.” Asked if she wanted to comment on her future, Devyani said, “I have a job at the United Nations. I will continue with the job. Appearing frail, Devyani showed no sign of the pomp and arrogance generally associated with aristocracy and Royalty, contrary to her upbringing in an elite Rana family of Nepal as well as the royal family of Gwalior.

Family members had arranged the marriage after Devyani, the youngest daughter of Rastriya Prajantra Party chairman Pashupati SJB Rana and Ashwarya made their marital preferences clear.

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  1. We can only miss you HRH Devyani. Long live the legend of Royalty in Nepal. Long live you. Long live the lost Royals. Long live their Majesties. Long live Nepal and Nepalis!

    May lord Pashupatinath bless us all (humankind).

  2. Nepali janta must have their rights to know what happened from Devyani on the nights of 1 June 2001. She must give the answers otherwise she will repent all her life. We want to know whether Deependra is a real culprit or is it Paras and his father of this gruesome killings of gentle King Birendra and his family ?

    I think those who killed such a nice family will definitely go to hell. There is no doubt about it. But we must know. I think it is the handiwork of Paras and his father. Isn’t it Devyani ?

  3. This woman has had more trouble than she deserved, feel sorry for her. But like Loktantra Mama said, its her duty to let the people of Nepal know someday the real truth behind that fateful night.

    Apart from that her dad needs to be [icd] (sorry devyani). Not to outdo Maoists, Pashupati Rana and his royalist party provoked the madhesis and now Nepal is in danger of splitting.

    UWB: From now onwards whole comment will be deleted instead of certain words replaced by ICD. Please be civilized while posting and save your time.

  4. Comment Deleted.

    UWB: From now onwards whole comment will be deleted instead of certain words replaced by ICD.

  5. hi,

    can you please remove such filthy commment (hunak’s) ? I dont feel like visiting your blog anymore. good-bye.

  6. This is a serious intrusion in the privacy of Devyani. There is no business posting these photos in the public domian. And why on earth would anyone ask Devyani on her bitter past, especially right after her marriage. Journos have some morals and ethics.Respect your self and learn to respect others privacy.

  7. Happy Marriage Devyani! Live a beautiful c life. Please do tell us everything that you know about the Palace massacre. If you don’t, you will be hiding the history that we Nepalese people deserve to know. You must come forward and reveal whatever you know. Please…

  8. “UWB: From now onwards whole comment will be deleted instead of certain words replaced by ICD. Please be civilized while posting and save your time.”

    UWB & Wagle, you stupid morons, now you started preaching wht we should write and what we shudnt. Shame on you assholes. If I wrote the same thing abt others you have no probs but you choose to single this out and tell me to be civilized. Fcuk off you bloody morons, corporate sell offs, I know you wouldn’t think twice to sell your motherland for a couple of bucks you shameless SONOFABITCHES. Dont tell me wht is civilized and wht is not. Like you and your SOB masters are civilized. You crooked, money hungry bastards. Wish I cud punch you so hard on your nose motherfcuker.

    UWB: We deliberately approved this one, without changing a word, just to tell you that you are free to tell us anything that comes to your healthy and wise mind. But we will not approve any comments that contain uncivilized and filthy words on the site. We know that is against the absolute freedom but we are forced to maintain some sort of civility in comments section. This is our request to all people here: please refrain from typing any words that are uncivilized and targeted personally in bad taste. We will remove the whole comment instead of replacing selected words with ICD. So please don’t waste your time. If you don’t want to post any comments, fine, please don’t do so. Just to show you which words we consider unfit for the site, below is the edited version of your above comment.

    UWB & Wagle, you stupid morons, now you started preaching wht we should write and what we shudnt. Shame on you [icd]. If I wrote the same thing abt others you have no probs but you choose to single this out and tell me to be civilized. [icd] off you bloody morons, corporate sell offs, I know you wouldn’t think twice to sell your motherland for a couple of bucks you shameless [icd]. Dont tell me wht is civilized and wht is not. Like you and your [icd] masters are civilized. You crooked, money hungry [icd]. Wish I cud punch you so hard on your nose [icd].

    UWB: We hope we don’t have to tell you that we strongly disagree with your comment. Still we defend your right to say so. After all, it’s democracy!

  9. UWB really sucks man. It is trying to muffle voice of dissent. Wht are you trying to do UWB and gang there … have some shame idiots. If you dont know how to run a blog then shut it down. But dont tell me to be civilized if I have to express my opinions you cannot fcuking tell me to be civilised. Go tell your masters to be civilized who are on the verge of selling this country off to India.

  10. noname (20:32:10) :


    Another good try at imitating my nick.

    Charlie Chaplin inspired a lot of look alikes. So did the immortal Elvis Presley. Hitler too had a lot of look alikes. Saddam did it too. This time around people are trying to imitate me. Good going SPAMmers. Try being original so that I can keep swanking you.

    Anyway, my respect for the Royals is immortal. HRH Devyani, see you on the other side.

    Now, I am going on to the topic to beat up the SPAMmers unless something more meaningful comes up here.

  11. But I guess I will agree with what noname (20:32:10) had to say. We can give others some privacy. We can leave HRH Devyani to her own personal life. We must move on with our lives. Devyani has gone through the troubles and she doesn’t deserve anymore of that.

  12. everyone is indian dogs. especially this so called high class people, we r mere poor, uneducated jantas who live in mountaneous terrain but hav to toil hard just to manage two meals a day with only rags covering us. don’t know where thier loyalties lies if we hav any kind of conflicts with india in future.?? casue they hav already blamed us for providing shelter to pakis intelligence n other islamist extremists n r threatning to do anything to protect thier national security interest.

  13. Here’s wishing her the best!

    Though I can’t help adding that it’s these same royals who spout the neverending anti-Indian rhetoric to fool the ordinary Nepali and then marry an Indian themselves. Just a game, isn’t it?

  14. Hey UWB, great to see you come out in the open like that. Nice, you guys are more savvy than I thought. But common who you trying to kid?? You trying to dish out the notion that using filthy words is uncivilized?? Well they may be, I dont disagree but atleast they are honest and harmless. Not like vieled propoganda you guys carry by using nice and politically correct words. Tell me of any single article you have posted against SPA or Girija. All you know is bash the king and maoists. Common buddies we’re not a bunch of pushovers that you can dish anything with your worldly lecutre on democracy. If you wanna be good at wht you do then stop being partial and pursue true journalism by giving us neutral views. But dont lecture me on wht is filthy and wht is not. I am sick of self proclaimed neo-intellectuals like you who cant tell his cheeks from his ass.

  15. Kirat (21:34:45) , Do you know who your mommy and daddy are?

    And for that matter, who marries whom in this world is decided by your grand father?

    Idiot, they marry according to castes. Your caste is a low pathetic one (accept that fact) and their caste is a higher one and they marry among their castes. I don’t generally say these words but low class, pathetic minded persons like you deserve a lot of humiliation. Not only you do deserve the humiliation, the family which brought up such a creep like you deserves even more. Which hole of a female’s came out of?

  16. People like Kirat try to just bring an agenda for the sake of agenda. No Royalist or no Nepali hates Indians. Nepalis like us hate those SPAMmers like you and your supporters (in India and elsewhere) who fund your terrorist propaganda and activities. Now kid, stop your lowly rhetoric. People have brain to decipher the right from the wrong and because you can’t put a gun on people’s head on the internet (like your master Pushpa Dahal does in real life), people here on internet will not kiss your ass but beat your arse.

  17. It would be good if this article was withdrawn. I duly think that HRH Devyani deserves her privacy and we should give her all the privacy. Whatever people do in their private lives should be none of anyone’s matter. It’s a civilized world and not a SPAMmer’s world after all.

    There can be a small article talking about the marriage but the photos and everything else should be withdrawn.

  18. noname, people like you are the real reason why the royals and their ilk are getting booted out. Read your own postings and tell me why it should not be so? You are the scum of the earth.

  19. Kirat: where have you been. Been missing your comments.
    Noname asked you if you knew who your mommy and daddy are. Lol these Rana Shahs have so many illigitimate children they had to start classifying themslves as class A, B, C so they wouldn’t be confused. Lol and he is asking you if you know who your parents are.

  20. “No Royalist or no Nepali hates Indians”

    The whole Panchayat strategy was based on stiring up anti-Indian sentiment so that they could arouse nationalist feelings and thereby further legitimize their rule. So please, Mr. noname cut the bull.

  21. Good to see her moving on after 5 years after the carnage that still baffles us to our very cores. Today We feel almost certain that we lost somebody that would have made a “lovely” Queen to Nepal to someone from the other side – Ironic as it is. I do sincerely hope her upbringings as a Nepali will never fade and her strong family roots and experience will inspire her to work for Nepal and its Nepali her sole purpose of life.
    Wish her the very best in life and in work.

  22. Hi Bhudai, I’ve been trying to avoid this blog for sometime because of the number of immature comments being posted. But we can’t help coming back to UWB, can we?

  23. Crazy! I wonder where did Pashupati Rana got all these wealth from? Don’t laough guys, all the nepali women are being exported to India in one form or the other- as pleasure materials. While stupid nepali women are viewing Indian or any other non-Nepali guys as desirable husbands because of their stupidity and false greed for material gain, the foriegners percieve Nepali women only as sex-objects

    Here’s story on BBC on todays news:

    Scheme to aid duped Indian brides
    By Geeta Pandey
    BBC News, Delhi

    The women will be entitled to financial assistance
    The Indian government has launched a new scheme to help women who are married and then abandoned by men of Indian origin living in the West.
    The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs says women who are divorced or deserted within two years of marriage will be entitled to legal and financial aid.

    According to one estimate, up to 20,000 women have been abandoned by their non-resident Indian (NRI) husbands.

    Mostly, the husbands disappear after pocketing fat dowries paid at weddings.

    An official in the ministry, SS Rana, told the BBC that women who needed help could approach Indian missions abroad directly or through non-governmental organisation approved by them.

    “The deserted women will be given financial assistance of $1,000 for seeking legal help and will also be offered counselling,” he said.

    Initially this facility will be given to women who have been married for two years or less.

    Migrant populations

    But Mr Rana said: “If we get a large number of such cases where women are abandoned after the two-year deadline, we will review the time limit.”

    Officials say most cases of NRIs duping their Indian brides are reported in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand – countries with substantial Indian migrant populations.

    And most of the abandoned women come from the Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala – states which send out a large number of migrants to the West.

    Dowries have been the subject of much debate in India

    The deputy secretary in the National Commission for Women, Gurpreet Deo, says they have received several complaints where after marriage a woman goes abroad with her husband only to find that her husband is already married.

    “In many cases, men claim they hold fantastic jobs abroad, but when the wife goes, she realises that he is either out of work or does some odd jobs,” she says.

    Then there are “holiday brides”.

    Ms Deo says: “In these cases, NRIs come to India for a holiday, get married, pocket the dowry, and then disappear without leaving a trace.”

    With their dreams shattered, the duped women have to grapple not just with emotional scars, but with the practicalities of being abandoned.

    Sometimes they also have to deal with pregnancy and worry about bringing up children on their own.

    Highly coveted

    Because of social stigma, they are unable to remarry.

    In India a financially well-established son-in-law living in the UK, US or Canada is highly coveted.

    A Green Card holder in the US [which gives a foreigner right of residency and right to work] or one possessing a similar document in the UK or Canada or other Western countries is regarded as a “good catch”.

    Ms Deo says the reason why NRIs get away after duping their wives is “because in their greed to send their daughters abroad, most parents don’t do enough verification. There is very little awareness about these problems”.

    Once dumped, there is little these women can do.

    Ms Deo says: “Because there are extra-territorial boundaries involved, most women are left in the lurch when their NRI husbands run away. There is no legal way to get them back.

    “The police are often reluctant to file a case. And even if they do, and the court issues a summons, how do you deliver the summons on foreign territory? The court can order confiscation of property, but what about those NRIs who do not own property in India?”

    The National Commission for Women is now demanding tougher laws to deal with such cases.

    The commission has also called on the Indian government to sign extradition treaties with foreign countries so that the runaway grooms can be brought back to India and tried in a court of law.

    “Domestic violence or matrimonial offences at present are not extraditable offences. We need to address that,” Ms Deo says.

  24. You’re right Kirat/Bhudai. Its appalling the kind of extreme one sided views you find here. Wht makes it worse is the author UWB who posts propagandic half baked stuff all the time. But still I think it makes it worth to visit for the sake of exposing people who try to mislead.

  25. I come here to basically discuss with other bloggers because as Patriot correctly pointed out the articles themslves are worthless 99% of the time. Also I come here to make sure that extreamists (on both sides) like noname and other pro student/congressi don’t go around saying all sorts of crap without any recprecussions. They should at least be aware of just how idiotic their comments are.

  26. UWB and Wagle, I tell you guys that when you wrote about the marriage of Pyar Jung’s daughter some months ago, there was one filthy comment about the daughter of PJ. At that time I used to write by another name and I asked to delete that comment (several times) which was too filthy but you never listened to me and deleted that comment. Now you are giving speech about personal or to be civilised etc. You guys have double standard or you had some enemity with PJ or her daughter. I think many people may still see that article on the wedding of Pyar Jung’s daughter.

    You guys are real cheaters in the name of journalism. It is called a mission journalism which you bunch of guys are practicing in Kantipur and KTP.

    UWB: That particular comment was deleted as soon as we saw.

  27. But look at the lavish marriage.
    Janata chusera thupareko dhan ho sabai!

    saat saal maa sabai khosnu parthyo sampatti!

    Mahendra le bhumisdhar laagu garda pani aafno relatives rana haru lai concession dieko thyo re!

  28. Perhapas noname likes Judhha Shamsher because he had about 100 wives and kepts. He had about 40 legitimate and illegitimate children or even more. So what he did was he gave the post of commander in chief to one of his sons. Another one is in Western command and another one is in eastern command like that. I think noname also is also from one of the these illigitmate children of Juddha. So he is asking and saying that Kirat is low level. I think Kirats are brave people of Nepal and they have their own culture and tradition unlike RANAS who came to power through massacre. They don’t have any culture. They fcuk their own sister like Nir Shamsher and others. But Kirat never fcuk their own sisters.

    Actually Ranas are the descendants of Ram Krishna Kunwar. Now they say they are Rana and they came from Chhitaud Garh in Rajashtahn. All lies. They were born in Nepali mountains like any other Chetris in Nepal. Now they say that they are Rajput. Oh if you are a serious student of history, they are liers and cheaters of Nepal. Actually they ruled about 160 years in Nepal keeping Shahs like prisoners. Bahulha thakuris did not know that. Tribhuvan pleaded to his son not to marry Ranas, he ultimately didi it. Bahula Thakuris don’t have brains in their skulls. King’s recent 15 months in power was also enjoyed and really misused by Ranas, decendants of Juddha. Bahulaha Thakuri didn’t know that. I feel pity on King Tribhuvan. Juddha’s suntan are still ruling nepal. I think that Dilip S Rana was also one of the illigetmate decendents of Juddha. First get rid of Ranas in Nepal, then the peace in prevails.

  29. Loktantara Mama you are just like noname but on the other end of the specturm. You dumbass fool the Ranas have been irrelevant for the last 15 years. Don’t come here and spit out stupid sh*t. Fist get rid of Ranas? What will that do? Tell me excatly how getting rid of Ranas will tame the Maoists and miraculously turn Nepal into Singapore. What we need to get rid of people like you and noname.

  30. Top five jokes of noname you will find nowhere but UWB:

    1. noname: God! Save Nepal! Revive monarchy to its old glory. Give me the power of the chosen one in UWB.
    God: Shut up you moron. I sent you to UWB to get you screwed red.

    2. noname: Hey beautiful marry me and I will be your children’s father.
    Girl: Uhhh … but I heard you don’t even know your own father. hihihihi

    3. Fellow Royalist: Damnit! I wish I could shoot all SPAMers in this country. I miss the good old days.
    noname: Yeah until this UWB came along everything was ok (Duh). But don’t worry I kick their ass everyday… Duh Duh Duh

    4. noname: Give me an anti SPAMer on rocks with sliced lemon.
    Barman: We’ve invented exactly what you want. Since we couldnt come with a name, we named it “noname”. And the special ingredient is a spoonfull of horse shit.

    5. noname: Dad dad! Where were you all these years. I missed you so much.
    Clock: Trrrrinngggg ….. its time to wake up! its time to wake up!

    enjoy ….. more on noname later ….

  31. i think it is foolish of us to look at the history then generalize and get frustrated. I am not a RANA, SHAH, Thakuri or any of the so called upper cast class… we got to move on from here… going forward we should stop discrimation, racism, nepotism & corruption then only we may get some where, if not then we will be back in square one… learn to respect each other, each others opinions.
    Budhai Pundit, what is wrong being pro student or a congressi(everyone has it’s own opinion)…
    Kirat, what is wrong marrying an indian or a westerner…
    Loktantra mama, why must Devyani tell what happened the night the royal massacre took place… first of all she was not there… all she can tell is her part(what she was doing that night, how she got to India after the incident, what was last time she talked to Deependra, did Deependra give any indication of his motives???)… I don’t understand why the investigation panel(Rana Bhat(another cartoon) and his team did not question her, they should have gone to India to get her side of the story)… unless there is another investigation she does not have to say anything, it is all upto her (no one caan force her now).
    Whatever happened in the past(RANA, SHAHs then the business men, govt officers extortion)… we cannot blame their children for that… what I am trying to say is that don’t forget the history but, just need to be careful so that the history does not repeat.
    If we start punishing each and every culprit then we may end up punishing a lot of people. Most of the government officers(police & army men), most of the politician for being corrupt, lot of business people for evading the tax(price gouging) and taking advantage of the poor, every middle class household for keeping a servant(slavery).
    UWB, good job for sensoring the blog going forward(it should have been done a long back)… we need to learn to respect each other(whatever the cast, race, color, sex be).

  32. Bhudai,
    I have been constantly reading the comments of idiots like you. Since when you became the AATHPAHARIA of Rana ? Do you think that from 1990, was there a real democracy people of Nepal were enjoying ? Otherwise, GPK didn’t have to resign because of Holeri scandal. Maoists would have been completely wiped out. People like Prazwol Shamsher was the real power center under the King at that time, not the elected PM. Before commenting, read the recent history of Nepal seriously, you dumbass fool and idiot.

  33. nepali_choro, nothing wrong in marrying an Indian. I was just pointing out to the irony or lies of the anti-Indian sentiments that these same people used to whip up during their rule. It sort of exposes them doesn’t it?

  34. Ha ha ha ha, A pedigree German shepherd of Rana/shah is barking. Stay in your din and bark. It does not make any difference. If I would have been a Maobadi I would not have spared you Mundres in the discos and the blue diomond members in the city. But unfortunately Maoists killed only the poor villagers. That is the paradox of our society. Maoists say that they are great Krantikaris but they could not even remove Katuwal, do you think they will be able to chase the King away when their weapons are already locked up ?

    In fact, we never had a complete revolution in Nepal. I was always for the mass of people to go inside the Narayanhity Palace and remove the King forcefully from his KHOPI this time. Ani Lachhar Pachhar Pardai Bahir Lyaunu Parne. But Girija and other leaders were too nice. Thus we compromised several times such as in 2007 BS, 2046 BS and 2063 BS. When you compromise, there is no complete revolution.

    I am happy that from the political changes we are recently witnessing in Nepal, Shah/Rana are fast losing their grip of power. Their days are numbered. Dogs of Rana and Shah can bark strongly but it will not have any effect to the ears of Loktantric elephant. It will walk on its own pace.

    Jai Half-Hearted Revolution.

  35. Kirat,
    My above comments are not directed at you but to Bhudai’s whose comment was duly deleted by UWB. I like kirat’s commenta as always. thanks.

  36. Loktantric elephant: isn’t loktantric elephant just great. i am sure if Nepal keep marching forward with the current loktantic wave we will achieve great things. Who cares about the well being of the people or peace or stability or anything of that sort. What matters is that the Rana/Shahs are loosing their grip on power. No longer will they be able to tell Girija, Mukune, Deuba to undermine each other and ignore Nepal’s development. No longer will they be able to compel sujata koirala to take huge bribes and sink the nepal airlines. It’s all their fault. Our poor SPAM are just victims of the Rana/Shah legacy.
    What a future Nepal will have with wise minds like Loktantra Mama…

  37. Bhudai,
    Sujata, deuba, makune and GPK are 1à times better than Gyanendra Shah and Paras. Why don’t you take the names of Sachit, prazwol, sharad chandra, Niranjan, kamal, bharat keshar etc. Do you think that the future of Nepal is assured with these names ? I know Sujata is a silly woman who divorced her German hubby to come to Nepal for currption in her father’s name. She is the chief of foriegn deparment of NC. Do you think she is Indira Gandhi who knows foriegn relations ? But still Loktanra besides its sideeffects is better than dictatorship of Rana and Shah. I am a victims of that period of 15 months.Perhaps you did not see the dictatorship at the close range.

    I got to know that the Army at that time put six suspected maoists alive in the Safety Tank in their barrack. Can you imagine that ? When a person is disarmed, NA should respect the HR and treat any enemy in a civilised manner. So this should never happen in Nepal. But the irony is that Girija could not punish the culptrits instead he is protecting them by even not publishing the Rayamajhi report. This sort of impunity must stop in Nepal.OHRC Chief is also complaining this. Otherwise we need Jana Andolan Vol. III which may sweep away the likes of Girija also.

  38. loktantra mama: no one here is saying we need a dictatorship. i just don’t like your statement that getting rid of ranas and shahs will solve nepal’s problem. some people even say getting rid of bhuns and chettris will get rid of nepal’s problems. such low communal attitude is about the last thing nepal needs right now.
    quiet frankly with the way prachanda is behaving and the way in which the SPA has shown its utter incompetance I am in FAVOR of having a ceremonial monarchy as a balancing force. it’s very easy to say there will be jan andolan III to get rid of the likes of girija but then who will fill that power vacume?

    our political leaders were worthless incompetant sons of B*tches and that why they were unable to curb the palace and put people like bharat simba in their place. you see the SPA had no moral authrotity to do anything because they were scum and that’s what emboldend these palace hardliners. so don’t shift the blame as well.

  39. a sweet secret- MY dad used to scold me witht hename “Devyani’. I once asked him why so.He replied,”Since you have long type of neck like her.”
    I fondly missed that moment when the news of Devnay marriage broketo me.I remembered my dad,I remembered that clash scene between me n my dad….N remembered the moment when I bought Society magazine of past edition just for Devyani….
    I like Devyani n I feelfor her mental disease.The real Devyani tied knot.when will be wedding for this BUWAKI Devyani!!???…………I fantasise in a fanatical way!

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