Musical Stardom: Story of Three Nepali Singers

Saturday Blog: Small it is but vibrant Nepali music industry has immense reach in all stratums of Nepali society that you can be a national celebrity with only one hit song. Proof? Read the story of these young guys (in the pic above): Jabeek (left), Rajeev Lohani (right) and Babu Bogati (middle). [The following isContinue reading “Musical Stardom: Story of Three Nepali Singers”

Time for Music and Masti in Nepal: Shake Your Bum!

Ahhh…nachyo maichyang timi damphu ko taalai ma: An unidentified sundari enjoys her time in a concert, Surya Lights Rhythm Nights, organized by Party Nepal in Dharan late Friday night as singer Preeti Kaur enthralls the crowd. About five hundred youngsters from the town participated in the dance party. Pic by Raju Ghising Saturday Blog: Let’sContinue reading “Time for Music and Masti in Nepal: Shake Your Bum!”

From Machhapuchhre To Mount Hood

The Snow Girl: Lady from Pokhara where people experience the world famous mountain Machhapuchhre in Phewa Lake, got opportunity to play with snow only after she reached the States. So how was the adventure? “Might have been romantic,” she writes in this blog, “if only I had been with my boyfriend.” And quickly adds, “damn.”Continue reading “From Machhapuchhre To Mount Hood”

Turning Twenty, Tata Teens: Birthday of a Kathmandu Teenager

Our blogger emerges out of the teenage circle and, as she enters 20, shares her experience of life in this blog: “I have entered into a twilight zone between teenhood and adulthood (why use sexiest hoods like girlhood and womanhood? For I believe in gender-indifferent life, i.e. human being hood.)” Peek-A- Boo: Little Things, IContinue reading “Turning Twenty, Tata Teens: Birthday of a Kathmandu Teenager”

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful… Dreams (of Miss Nepal Contestants)

By Dinesh Wagle on August 10th, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal What does it mean to be a Miss Nepal? Who Will Be a Miss Nepal?: Contestants of Miss Nepal 2005 are visiting to different places including Bal Mandir, an orphan center, in Kathmandu. They went there on Monday, Aug 8 and collected information regardingContinue reading “Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful… Dreams (of Miss Nepal Contestants)”