Time for Music and Masti in Nepal: Shake Your Bum!

musical concerts in nepal

Ahhh…nachyo maichyang timi damphu ko taalai ma: An unidentified sundari enjoys her time in a concert, Surya Lights Rhythm Nights, organized by Party Nepal in Dharan late Friday night as singer Preeti Kaur enthralls the crowd. About five hundred youngsters from the town participated in the dance party. Pic by Raju Ghising

Saturday Blog: Let’s face it, the singing and dancing and celebrations that you are seeing in these photos were in no way planned to coincide with the signing ceremony of the Interim Constitution of Nepal. That’s why there is something called coincidence. Evenings in Fridays are colorful but when it comes to day time in Nepal, Saturdays rock! As leaders of ruling SPA and Maoists put their precious signatures on the final copy of IC early in the morning today, boys and girls in Kathmandu, Biratnagar and Dharan started twisting their enviable waists. It can be argued that many of these bindas youngsters might not have an iota of idea about the IC. They might not have a hint that the prime minister of Nepal in the next (interim) government will be the most powerful after Mohan Shamser JB Rana. King will still be in Narayanhitti, unfortunately not in a cage like in Mohan Shamser’s time, but hey lets conclude that no person with self-respect would continue sticking to the powerless, in other word impotent, throne. I would have publicly (and proudly) renounced the crown and become the respectable citizen of the New Nepal. Can Gyanendra prove that is he is a son of a Kshetriya?

Boys and girls, give him a few days time (until the IC is promulgated) and, in the meantime, go to Tundikhel to experience the, ahem, not so great concert by a Pakistani band called Jal. 🙂 This report by Pawan Neupane aka Pawan Dev!

musical concerts in nepal

Singer Preeti Kaur

It seems as if Kathmandu’s rock music lovers are bound to return home half satisfied when it comes to gigs by Pakistani rock bands. When Strings was just about heating up the crowds at the Pulchowk Campus ground during its first concert in Nepal on a chilly October evening, the skies suddenly opened up and forced the much-hyped-and much-awaited concert to be scuttled right there and then. Another happening Pakistani rock act, Jal, also performing first time in Nepal, and expected to scorch the Tundikhel on Saturday afternoon, as it had successfully done on its tour across India. It didn’t rain this time, but blame it on the sound system as the audience, and everyone involved with the concert, must have been left less than satisfied again.

musical concerts in nepal

This in Biratnagar, same Surya Lights Rhythm Nights, today evening. Pic by Bhim Ghimire

Jal opened its act with the mellow Teri Yaad at around 4:30 pm, followed by the massive hit Woh Lamhay that had the whole audience backing Jal’s vocalist Farhan Saeed Butt all the way through. It was surely a hit with the audience. Then came the number Ik Din Aayega, after which Farhan told the crowd that they would return after two minutes after fixing the sound settings. This however, took more than 15 minutes before the band took to the stage again. Jal’s second phase started with the cover of the song Lal Meri Pat, which was followed by Rangon Mein. Up next was Dil Haarey, during which the band also sang snippets of old Hindi film numbers – Kya Hua Tera Vaada, Kabhi Kabhi and Yeh Dosti, which Jal dedicated to the friendship between Nepal and Pakistan.

musical concerts in nepal

Beautiful girls in Rangeela mood in a Jal concert in Tundikhel

All this while, the problems with the sound system persisted as it continued to produce strange, disturbing sounds making it difficult to hear the band properly. Jal finally wrapped up the concert with its two most popular hits, Woh Lamhay, a fast-paced version this time, and then Aadat.

Before Jal, the audience was entertained by two Nepali bands also. X-Mantra, the Nepali heavy metal band, as always made for some head banging time with its numbers like Makurako Jaalo, Khaate and Haami Dherai Saana Chhaun. After X-Mantra, rock group 1974 AD took center stage and enthralled its fans with around a dozen songs for around an hour. The group’s performance included songs like Pijadako Suga, Pahilo Junima, Aappa, Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho and a song called Aaja Bholi from its new album On Air.

musical concerts in nepal

Clapping to the wonderful performance? In Tundikhel

The live concert, entitled Winter Warm-up ’06, was organized by The Kathmandu Mall in sponsorship with Plantain IIFT and was managed by Rings Live Entertainment. Better luck next time for Jal’s fans. In the meantime, they can wait for the band’s next album Payal releasing in March, 2007 and also hope to see the band play live in the city soon again.

musical concerts in nepal

Jal singers

musical concerts in nepal

Members of our won rock band 1974 AD





20 responses to “Time for Music and Masti in Nepal: Shake Your Bum!”

  1. Ulka Avatar

    Yea, yea! I wanna dance like you baby!! Actually I am already dancing! Yea, yea!

    Thanks for the photos and the news. Problem in sound system? Myaan, you gotta be taking care of that next time. Yea, yea…!!

  2. New Road Avatar
    New Road

    Music and fun have always been part and parcel of Nepali lifestyle. We dance, we sing and we enjoy! Thats our nature and heritage. We smile even in pain.

  3. Rosha Avatar

    As for me,I enjoyed talking to Jal band members.I could not enjoy their performance quite much during the concert as I had to go somewher else after that concert.However,I truely enjoyed Jal band members and their songs.

  4. Unveil Avatar

    “hey lets conclude that no person with self-respect would continue sticking to the powerless, in other word impotent, throne. I would have publicly (and proudly) renounced the crown and become the respectable citizen of the New Nepal. Can Gyanendra prove that is he is a son of a Kshetriya?”

    I thought sticking to someone depends on principle, but for u looks like who holds power makes difference, I am sure u might have stuck urself with the palace when it was powerful. U make urself more funny when you say u would renounce the crown if you were him, be realistic. and my fren dun ask him to prove he is Kshetriya, Kshertiyas are known to fight but they do not surrender and if the king does the same imagane what could happen to the country, the need of the time is the king surrender to the people and the people decide.

  5. ojaswi gautam Avatar

    i am surprised! if gyanendra had no gut to play politics the why he jumped on politics. you are right, as a silent king he can’t do any thing. if he want to revive his image and join as a public king then he must act not lonely but with the support of well wishers like you.

  6. jigumana Avatar

    Let’s njoy, but beware of HIV !!!

  7. HealthandBiology Avatar

    Well, dancing is good for fun as well as fun.

  8. Pawan Avatar

    Well Rosha,
    You are one lucky lady (in the City of Night?) as you got to talk to the Jal band members. Guess it was a great experience for you.

    As for me, I was not so lucky. Firstly, the Jal concert was a disaster, literally, due to the horrifying sound system. It felt as if you were listening to a radio station in a SW radio in the years gone by.

    And secondly, I didn’t get to meet the boys despite being a big admirer of their music. All that despite my greatest efforts to catch up with the band.

    Had the concert been a good one, which it wasn’t despite no fault of the band itself, I would have been happy to some extent. But, alas, that was not to be as was the case with the Strings concert.

    So long!

  9. muskaan Avatar

    i love u jal love you love you love you,i am crazy about you crazy crazy crazy,i really love you
    i want to become no 1 fan of jal and i know i am

  10. shriya Avatar

    hey……i luv jal alot specially farhan………he is so cool ,hancy,,cute and a rocking singer…i wish jal to be entitled as the no.1 band ..oh god…jal rocks…and plz….i want jal to perform again in nepal…..soon..

  11. aroosa Avatar

    hi i like jal band too much the members of the band r so sweat and hard worker .i wish that allah will help themand i also wish that there next album will be gr8 as the previous.bye

  12. abii Avatar



  13. AMISH Avatar

    hiiiiiiii farhan i love ur songs
    i love

  14. Reality Touch,Mr.Maharjan Avatar

    wwowow fatty fatty gels

  15. james Avatar


  16. Tawfika Rahman Jishan Avatar

    Jal I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. shree thapa Avatar

    Realy ,I love music .
    God bless to all actore

    Shree Thapa

  18. tara jhedi Avatar

    i love my country nepal & missing to all my friends and relativeses & festivals, movies, actoors & actress and i love him/her very – very much and so much thanks to net becouse of net, i will touch with my country & i want to do something for my lovely nepal.

  19. Downloadable Nepali Songs Avatar

    Cool , guys hav a nice time

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