Resham! Nepathya Shares Sorrow and Joy with Sydney

Nepal’s Premium Rock/Folk band performs in Australia “Let me share with you all a real life story,” said Amrit Gurung amidst his debut performance in Sydney on Saturday. “I was talking to a second generation Nepali immigrant residing in Europe. When I asked him if he liked visiting Nepal, he simply answered ‘no’. When askedContinue reading “Resham! Nepathya Shares Sorrow and Joy with Sydney”

Time for Music and Masti in Nepal: Shake Your Bum!

Ahhh…nachyo maichyang timi damphu ko taalai ma: An unidentified sundari enjoys her time in a concert, Surya Lights Rhythm Nights, organized by Party Nepal in Dharan late Friday night as singer Preeti Kaur enthralls the crowd. About five hundred youngsters from the town participated in the dance party. Pic by Raju Ghising Saturday Blog: Let’sContinue reading “Time for Music and Masti in Nepal: Shake Your Bum!”

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???? ????????? ???? UWB Note: In this concluding part of a series of articles written in Nepali language, Maya the blogger, a Nepali girl, describes her experience of growing up (early to late teen life) with expanding Maoist activities around her neighborhood. In previous articles (first, second and third), Maya wrote about how she feltContinue reading “???? ???? ???????-?”