Nepal in Transition: Public Trial For Past Crimes

If we want to solve the Terai issue, we must first try the criminals- from Nepalgunj, Rhitik Roshan kanda, Iraq kanda till now. This is the first step to say ‘we are sorry’. This is the first step to restore social harmony. By Ram Bahadur Chhetri [This is not a real name] 1. Rhitik RoshanContinue reading “Nepal in Transition: Public Trial For Past Crimes”

Ozomatli in Nepal: Music Makes You Loose Control!

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal. Saturday Edition All pics by Wagle. [नेपालीमा यहाँ छ: ओ ए बेबी, ओ ए मामा] Wil-Dog Abers: Hami Ozomatli Los Angeles Bata! Oh… Khulamanch (open air theater) what a fate you have! A day before Valentine’s Day, you hosted a spectacular show titled Huge Mass Meeting in which aContinue reading “Ozomatli in Nepal: Music Makes You Loose Control!”

King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath

Police have arrested 17-year-old student (grade 10) Roshan Kharel of Chahabil for allegedly hurling stone at king Gyanendra. UWB condemns the arrest and demands immediate and respectful release of Roshan Kharel. Update: (A day after): Ganesh Kharel, the uncle of Rohan Kharel, has said that his nephew is innocent and didn’t hurl stones at Gyanendra’sContinue reading “King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath”

Pistols in Parliament: Oops Maoists Did It There Too

Security guards of the CPN-M legislators of the Interim Legislature-Parliament today were found to be carrying weapons while entering parliament. Two security guards of two legislators were carrying a set of weapon each and were found by the police during routine security check. Here is what happened: An Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) of Nepal PoliceContinue reading “Pistols in Parliament: Oops Maoists Did It There Too”

A Day After Snowfall, It's Strike in Kathmandu

A day after Valentine’s Day and the historic snowfall in Kathmandu valley it was time to be disappointed for the residents of Nepali capital who were planning to go to the hills surrounding the valley and play with the snow. There is a strike in the city thanks to an organization that claims to beContinue reading “A Day After Snowfall, It's Strike in Kathmandu”

Khukuri Rally in Kathmandu: Janajatis Want Proportional Election

In a spectacular show of Khukuri (or Kukri as they prefer to spell in English), the traditional weapon of Nepalis (Gorkhali), thousands of people organized a rally in Kathmandu to stress on their demand of proportional electoral system for the upcoming elections to the constituent assembly. Thank God, Khukuris were not sakkali, they were allContinue reading “Khukuri Rally in Kathmandu: Janajatis Want Proportional Election”

EC to Nepal Govt.: Formulate Policies Soon

The Election Commission (EC) today urged the government of Nepal to formulate rules and regulations and to determine the election procedures for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections as soon as possible. The commission said that the security situation must be strengthened and the government must extend the necessary assistance, adding that the EC couldn’t justContinue reading “EC to Nepal Govt.: Formulate Policies Soon”