EC to Nepal Govt.: Formulate Policies Soon

The Election Commission (EC) today urged the government of Nepal to formulate rules and regulations and to determine the election procedures for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections as soon as possible. The commission said that the security situation must be strengthened and the government must extend the necessary assistance, adding that the EC couldn’t just “stage a drama” in the name of holding a timely constituent assembly elections.

Chief Election Commissioner Bhoj Raj Pokhrel made the remarks today during a discussion with top leaders of the major parties in the commission office to brief them about the preparations undertaken by the commission for the CA elections. During the programme, CEC Pokhrel urged the government to immediately promulgate three election-related acts indispensable to the EC and announce the dates for the CA elections. “If security situation is not ensured, the commission cannot stage a drama in the name of holding the elections,” Pokhrel said. (more here)





2 responses to “EC to Nepal Govt.: Formulate Policies Soon”

  1. Sanket G Avatar
    Sanket G

    Moaists are the biggest obstacles for the CA election. Why? I just quote what UWB posted the other day:

    “But unfortunately Maoists are playing villain in that process. They seized voters’ list from the government team yesterday in Dolakha’s Kavre VDC. The team had reached there distribution of citizenship certificates. Maoists seized the documents following a dispute regarding enlisting their cadres’ name on the list.”

    Clear? Teach some lessons to Maoists, then only we can have CA election on time.

    Strange, the SPA is not declaring the date of CA election yet.

  2. sonu Avatar

    MAoists don’t want to go for a constitutent assembley elections. Even if they say CA elections, in reality they are against it.
    They have a more than comfortable position in the Parliament, without having to face the public.
    Their base in Terai is wiped out and without the guns, they will be confined to the cities.
    They loot voters list, are responsible for the terai crises, give slogans that will break up the country, ask people not to pay back loans, so the economy comes to a standstill, and always say peace will be broken if their demands are not met.
    Thus they are the main obstacle in holding the CA elections, and not the SPA.

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