King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath

Police have arrested 17-year-old student (grade 10) Roshan Kharel of Chahabil for allegedly hurling stone at king Gyanendra. UWB condemns the arrest and demands immediate and respectful release of Roshan Kharel.

Update: (A day after): Ganesh Kharel, the uncle of Rohan Kharel, has said that his nephew is innocent and didn’t hurl stones at Gyanendra’s fancy and bulletproof car. Ganesh said Roshan was stuck in the crowd at the time of spontaneous attack on Gyanendra by the people. “There was no light at the time of incident,” Ganesh said after meeting 17-year-old nephew in detention. “Police caught him in the chaos.” Roshan is student of grade 10 in Dhumbarahi’s Insight Vision School and lives in a nearby home with uncle. According to the Principal Bhim Kumar Shrestha Roshan is a very attentive in studies. “I don’t believe a genuine student like Roshan did such thing,” Principal Shrestha said.

King Gyanendra’s Mercedes: on the driver’s seat was the man himself when stones were hurled at the car. Pics via eKantipur

It was a historic day by all standards. A king came under attack by his formerly suppressed subjects. People chanted slogans denouncing him as he quietly and helplessly listened to them. And suddenly someone hurled stone aiming at his car that king Gyanendra was driving. The situation in Pashupatinath, the biggest temple in Nepal, instantly turned into a chaotic one as Gyanendra entered the temple premise driving his super fancy car while normal people were shivering in the cold and were struggling to get inside the temple standing in a long queue. “Gyane Chor, Desh Chhod” [Thief Gyanendra, leave the country] was one slogan heard while people protested the royal arrival in the temple of Lord Shiva. People had gathered in Gaushala to protest the temple visit of Gyanendra forcing the king to stay in temple premise for half an hour.

Fundamentalist Hindu love to stress the disillusioned belief that king is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. But the king who came to throne in dubious circumstances after the royal massacre in 2001 and challenged Nepali people’s democracy aspirations by introducing suspending civil liberty, imposing emergency and introducing his autocracy in February 2005. The historic popular uprising in April 2006 forced king Gyanendra to hide inside the palace and people’s rule was restored. The government formed after the uprising successfully signed comprehensive peace agreement with Maoist rebels who were fighting against the establishment for the last 10 years.

Today was particularly sensitive because the government had received credible information about possible agitation by Hindu fundamentalists sabotaging the Shivaratri festival. Hindu fundamentalists of Nepal, with the encouragement of Indian Hindu fundamentalists, are against the parliament declaration that made Nepal a secular state from previously the only Hindu state in the world. It is widely believed that royalists who are dissatisfied with the present democratic government are trying to create problem by using the Hindu fundamentalists.

Here is what eKantipur reported about the incident:

Sticking to tradition, the King’s visit to the Pashupati Nath Temple on the occasion of the Mahashivaratri festival was not put off, however, the longstanding custom did not go as smoothly this time around.

As King Gyanendra, escorted by a security caravan, drove his black Mercedes into the main throughway of Pashupati Nath Temple Friday evening to offer puja, sections of the crowd pelted stones at the King’s bullet proof vehicle. Following the stone throwing, security personnel had to use batons to disperse the crowd.

The king’s vehicle was pelted with stones three times. One policeman was injured in the incident.

Since the reinstatement of democracy after the April uprising, the all state power stripped King is seen outside of the palace during religious festivals only.

King Gyanendra who took absolute power on February 1, 2004 later handed it back to the people after the April uprising last year. The House of Representative reinstated after the Jana Andolan II later shifted all executive powers to the then HoR, which later was dissolved to form the existing Interim Legislature-Parliament.

The interim constitution that is the provisional law-enforcing document in the country has removed the King as head of state as he is stripped off all executive powers.

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128 thoughts on “King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath

  1. Dear Loktantra Mama,
    Probably you may be the best friend or relative of Pudke Rajendra.

    No matter what Pudke did, he was not at all suitable for any national force because of his hight in a first place. He was recruited to the Police simply because of the blessing of Mohan Bahadur Shahi, Hem Bahadur Singh, and Rana Bahadur Chand, otherwise he would have been still working in the Nepal Rastra Bank as a Head Assistant (at the most). I think because of his relationship with palace people and some Thakuries like Hem Bahadur Sing and Rana Bahaur Chand, he at least got a top police job and retired. Therefore, you should be happy for his achievement, and should not make such a stupid comment saying: Kasailai Kakha Kasailai Pakha”. Rajendra at least got an unthinkable chance to earn a position as well as build a big house in Narayanthan.
    When Rajendra was in power he pretended as if he was a six footer, now after being suspended and retired I believe he might be thinking in a rational way that is he is in reality only 52”.

  2. Rohan,

    Why not we hang you along with your Mommy and Daddy who gave birth to a dirt like you?




  4. Haha. It’s funny the kind of SPAMmers come here. More than their sentiments, I love laughing at the Senseless here. International Tribunal…ummm where is it? I guess it’s called Cour International de Justice and Cour Pénale Internationale. Just to let you know that there are cases pending against Maoists there – courtesy that they have InterPol notices running against them. Courtesy of SPA aiding the Maoists in terrorism – SPA becomes an equal partner in crime.

    Learn a few tricks of Legal procedures. Barking like Wagle or his Masters like Pushpa will do no good. Courts don’t work on Rhetorics and terrorism! It’s funny that cases will be brought against HM King. I mean what cases? Hahahahaha. It’s fun to beat your asses here. Everytime you bark your rhetoric, I will beat you with a bloody stick.

  5. hell with your legacy and hell with those outdated words. I don’t oppose Gyanendra but just his acts that are just ruining our state. He is a culprit in a way or other and FUCKING PEOPLE LIKE YOU are just STIRRING THE ASHES within the extinguishing flame.


    YOU ALWAYS SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!




  6. Dear

    My dear boy, you expressed the above ideas probably after being abused by your Indian boss at the restaurant where you work, and consequently getting drunk with frustrations.
    I know my boy it is difficult to be a kitchen hand or waiter or cook, especially in a foreign land and under Indian bastards. I know these Indians who give you jobs are really bossy and abusive, especially for Nepalis. Don’t get disheartened my son. One day Nepal will be fine and you can make your comeback with whatever way you want.
    For the time being, concentrate on you job and don’t waste your valuable time in talking about Nepal or Gyanendra or Girija. Take my sincere advice my son.
    Earn a lot of money, because money talks, money fucks, money socks.

  7. Neither King, nor NC, CPN UML will do best for the country. Sonofbitchesare powerhungrymotherfuckers. Corruptedasses. We need to hang those motherfuckersat Tundikhel. We need some strong soldiers who can fight and kill. Anybody wants to join?

  8. ….hahaha…the drugs are getting to u buddy…hahaha…noname trashed you without saying anything…u need to learn how to crawl first, before experessing ignorant political comments

  9. paap dhuri bata karuchha bhanne suneko thiye tyo ghatanale prove garyo kharel was really a good boy
    gantai siti bhanidiye

  10. It’s really a shameful day. HM the King is the true leader and patriot of Nepal. He denied to loose to the foreign powers but aacepted to loose before his own countrymen. Oh Goddess Nava Durga, bless him and empower him. Because he really loves Nepal. In my view, he is the living martyr of Nepal and I salute him from the inner heart with great respect.

    By the way, who is the another Nepali who typed so rude and uncivilized words to the King. He must be a paagal.

    Parties have cultivated so much dirty politics games and they are safe now. wow……. n they placed their sins to the king’s head!! And some ppl forgot the parties’ cultivated dirty political cultures n were angry to the King. What a unjust justice??

    Happy Vijaya Dashami to HM the King Gyanendra and all the patriotic ppl of mother Nepal.

  11. Can someone please tell me who is an alternative to lead this country full of corrupt leaders. I do not support the king personally, and do not think he is Mr. right, but I am sure he is better than most of our politicians and leaders. I personally have seen these politicians transform from rags to richess,they who once couldn’t afford schooling for their children now own mansions.
    Now our country is in the brink of collapsing only because these politicians cannot hold the country together and are now upto dividing it, only to increase their vote bank. Its upto the people to stay together and act as one setting aside the differences and embracing what holds us together as Nepalis.
    Please try to answer one question by yourselves – What have the ordinary people of Nepal gained in the last 12-15 years of democratic rule?
    We certainly need to limit the role of monarchy in this country and move towards a more democratic system, but is this the right time???

  12. Well, Gaye only got stone, didn’t get bullet! I will salute that brave person who will dare to shoot Gaye! remember he was shooting innocent nepalese public once calling them Maoist?

    They should be killed (whole family) at once, just like in Russia. You know the longer they will be, there will be problem. I wonder they still get money from poor nepali government……Does any one think of this, how much money royal family still getting?

  13. Come on ! let it go…..Nepal is a democratic country now. Freedom of speech should be allowed.

  14. dear Nepalese people,
    i think you r doing very wrong in supporting communists, you r simply going into the trap of china. the moment you support communists, you are saying good bye to growth and freedom. let me tell you how these communists will make your life a miserable one. kolkata(calcutta) was once considered as financial capital of india and one of the main trade centers in the world, after these communists came to power 30 years ago they reduced this city to a slum, where there are no oppurtunities and these are going to other places in india in search of oppurtunities like beggars. the same thing with kerala in india. do you think people in china enjoys liberty, its just an illusion. communists are obstacles to growth, if are really a corrupt and a scawenger, who likes to rely on some others earnings then it is a good party to you, because your expenses can be met from others hard earn earnings. think before you vote for these idiots. once you made a mistake you cannot rectify it or change it. there will be no use even if scorn for years and what will be left to you will be lamenting at you own fate.

  15. You will have freedom of speech to talk about yourself , your family n King Gynendra under Maoist rule, talk against Maoists, then YCL will teach you what is fredom of speech. gutluck Nepal n Nepalese

  16. ight mnarchy is gone now what next…well its always the saem , aint it politicin fighting for power and tryin to fill there tommy….i dont think anything is changed after the king is thrown again…i take this all matter as a personal conflict……man these fuckin politician really know to really fuck us up real bad…they are not there when we need them in need…….if they were real fuckin nepalese then better have our fuckin natinal dress on when takin the fuckin oath..and all u fuckin stupid nepalese asswhole got no clue what the fuck u doin….

    nepal’s per capita income is $274 a year..whilein usa $19000 yearly is taken as a proverty, u tell me is there ne good with not having enough income…
    people need job here not throwing stone…we need to fill out tommy not to kill others……need to have a steady government……at the same time…fuckin GIRIJA PRASAD KOIRALA…if i were given a goldden oppurtunity to kill him ..i would not take more than 1 sec to think before i shot his fuckin brain offf….

    now u guys think and wake up coz these faggat politician will fuck u all up ….u guys will be still thinking of giving hard time to king..which is a past now…so better open that fuckin eyes..all u nepalese dum non human……

  17. uwb condemns arrest of that kid… tomorrow that kid would throw stones at wagle (the uwb blogger team, i assume) under someone’s influence, would uwb simply let that kid walk away. it’s not about favoring gyanendra or favoring republican, but it’s about teaching that kid the norms of a society. Don’t bite a dog which bit you. Gyanendra is an ordinary citizen now, punishing him through legislations is justifiable.

    if only that kid had a gun with him, he would have surely killed gyanendra, but is that the solution? wouldn’t that provoke gyanendra’s off springs to repeat the same kind of avenge in the days to come?

    Let us all be a wise citizen and stop these kinds of filthy practices..

  18. hey joti…does ur stupid fuckin brain recall when fuckin maoists were killin all poor inocent people…now dont tell me u have not heard story about the crazy and brutal acts of fuckinf maoist …maoists are always a terrorist and will always be…if u waanna hear some real stories plz contact me..coz i know how un human and mercelyless those fuckin animals are…..fuck baburam and fuck prachanda..i would be surprised if they really know how to drive the nation….

  19. If nepali people want to do more progress in future then they should force their government to include all the national force in nation making process.The national force could be gyanendra or ram raja prasad singh or anbody.

  20. if prachanda had left his sit for Gyanendra i can take guarantee that undoubtedly the nation wiil go forth.

  21. hello mate, nice to see such photos of Gyanendra… but my opnion towards the implementation is King need not to be throne the stones and I get amaged of seeing armymen… so that conclusion is if Lake king Gyanendra needs army then stones are the minor things that are really inneed of….

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