King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath

Police have arrested 17-year-old student (grade 10) Roshan Kharel of Chahabil for allegedly hurling stone at king Gyanendra. UWB condemns the arrest and demands immediate and respectful release of Roshan Kharel.

Update: (A day after): Ganesh Kharel, the uncle of Rohan Kharel, has said that his nephew is innocent and didn’t hurl stones at Gyanendra’s fancy and bulletproof car. Ganesh said Roshan was stuck in the crowd at the time of spontaneous attack on Gyanendra by the people. “There was no light at the time of incident,” Ganesh said after meeting 17-year-old nephew in detention. “Police caught him in the chaos.” Roshan is student of grade 10 in Dhumbarahi’s Insight Vision School and lives in a nearby home with uncle. According to the Principal Bhim Kumar Shrestha Roshan is a very attentive in studies. “I don’t believe a genuine student like Roshan did such thing,” Principal Shrestha said.

King Gyanendra’s Mercedes: on the driver’s seat was the man himself when stones were hurled at the car. Pics via eKantipur

It was a historic day by all standards. A king came under attack by his formerly suppressed subjects. People chanted slogans denouncing him as he quietly and helplessly listened to them. And suddenly someone hurled stone aiming at his car that king Gyanendra was driving. The situation in Pashupatinath, the biggest temple in Nepal, instantly turned into a chaotic one as Gyanendra entered the temple premise driving his super fancy car while normal people were shivering in the cold and were struggling to get inside the temple standing in a long queue. “Gyane Chor, Desh Chhod” [Thief Gyanendra, leave the country] was one slogan heard while people protested the royal arrival in the temple of Lord Shiva. People had gathered in Gaushala to protest the temple visit of Gyanendra forcing the king to stay in temple premise for half an hour.

Fundamentalist Hindu love to stress the disillusioned belief that king is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. But the king who came to throne in dubious circumstances after the royal massacre in 2001 and challenged Nepali people’s democracy aspirations by introducing suspending civil liberty, imposing emergency and introducing his autocracy in February 2005. The historic popular uprising in April 2006 forced king Gyanendra to hide inside the palace and people’s rule was restored. The government formed after the uprising successfully signed comprehensive peace agreement with Maoist rebels who were fighting against the establishment for the last 10 years.

Today was particularly sensitive because the government had received credible information about possible agitation by Hindu fundamentalists sabotaging the Shivaratri festival. Hindu fundamentalists of Nepal, with the encouragement of Indian Hindu fundamentalists, are against the parliament declaration that made Nepal a secular state from previously the only Hindu state in the world. It is widely believed that royalists who are dissatisfied with the present democratic government are trying to create problem by using the Hindu fundamentalists.

Here is what eKantipur reported about the incident:

Sticking to tradition, the King’s visit to the Pashupati Nath Temple on the occasion of the Mahashivaratri festival was not put off, however, the longstanding custom did not go as smoothly this time around.

As King Gyanendra, escorted by a security caravan, drove his black Mercedes into the main throughway of Pashupati Nath Temple Friday evening to offer puja, sections of the crowd pelted stones at the King’s bullet proof vehicle. Following the stone throwing, security personnel had to use batons to disperse the crowd.

The king’s vehicle was pelted with stones three times. One policeman was injured in the incident.

Since the reinstatement of democracy after the April uprising, the all state power stripped King is seen outside of the palace during religious festivals only.

King Gyanendra who took absolute power on February 1, 2004 later handed it back to the people after the April uprising last year. The House of Representative reinstated after the Jana Andolan II later shifted all executive powers to the then HoR, which later was dissolved to form the existing Interim Legislature-Parliament.

The interim constitution that is the provisional law-enforcing document in the country has removed the King as head of state as he is stripped off all executive powers.

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128 thoughts on “King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath

  1. agree with bhudai…that kid instead of preparing for his SLC comes up with a cheap way to express his anger….we are all angry and given any such situation i would have felt like pelting boulders at Gyanendra…but wont that bring us all down to his dirt level…shudn’t we be acting beyong our age and be more civilized…

  2. The shit has hit the fan hope King Gyanendra BB Shah knows it well. It is stupid to throw stone to the person who come to worship god. Government should take action about the King’s misdeed, so people can trust the government. People has seen nothing happening so they started throwing the stone.

  3. It’s the attitude this kid will have – that if you don’t like someone its okay to throw stones at them.
    Yea good job UWB – you guys have really out done yourself with this article.

  4. The boy, who stoned the King, must be really given medal of honor by the Maoists and of course supremely democratic media champions. After all, the new definition of democracy in Nepal is do whatever you like without any consequence.

    But Wagle, remember when MJF activists beat journalists to pulp in Birjung and Tanki (Biratnagar), your kind was asking for protection and government inquiry. Before you throw stones at someone else’s glass house, remember that you also live in the glass house. If you rejoice at someone’s expense because of your political ideology, the same is bound to happen to you. As Buddha says, what you do comes back to you.

  5. I can’t help but agree with most of the things budai pundit says…good to know that there r still sound people like u living in this country…

    As far as i know, UWB was created when the monarch was trying to suppress the media…i was totally against it…but now when i read such articles where u actually support such acts, i think he was right again…at least he was preventing the public from being misinformed by what is apparently country’s most popular news agaency.

  6. Stoning is perfectly okay as long as the persons in target are Gyanendra and kuputra Paras. UWB, don’t listen to these royalist folks who are saying that your credibility will be reduced by reportign abotu such incidents like people stoning king Gyanendra. Even during the April’s democracy movement, I was reading these folks screaming at you guys for reporting the truth. They were saying, “Oh… why these people are on the streets shouting slogans? How can you shout againt THE KING? That’s illegal. You can’t oppose to anything done by THE KING.” These are gods and the keep barking. But they don’t bite. Nepal is undoubtly heading towards republicanism and such protests are bound to happen. Gyanendra wasn’t in Pashupanath to worship, he was there to show off his car and his arrogance. He still feels he is the richest person in Nepal who looted all poor Nepalese. What do you expect from people if you bring out a criminal to public place? Garlands?

    To those who say it’s not good stoning Gyanendra:

    Is it good to kill all family members and become a king?
    Is it good to kill democracy and bring out autocracy?
    Is it good to kill singer Praveen Gurung?
    Is it good to break legs of people dancing in disco?
    Is it good to fire bullets in Galaxy disco?
    Is it good to force devotees to stand in queue for hours just to let some rich bastards go insdie the temple at their wish?

    First answer these questions and we will talk.

  7. Bhudai Pandit,

    Are you among those 55 pandits who used to get head and gut of a goat in Dashain in Basantapur Durbar in king’s time? well if yes it is justifiable why you hate democrats this much.

    Your right to speak is just because of this democracy else you would have been kissed to death by your beloved Majesty, if you would have talked against him to same level.

  8. The only respectable exit to Gyanendra from this mess is to abdicate the crown. There is no way he can continue sticking with that thin in coming days. People today stoned him; tomorrow they will burn him alive inside his car if he keeps loitering around. I can understand how people feel about monarchy in Nepal. They just hate it. They really really hate it. They hate it to the extreme. Monarchy can’t sustain eating on tax payers’ money, they must understand it. Gyanendra and company can have a relatively peaceful life if they quietly leave the Narayanhitti palace (even better if they live Nepal).

  9. sometimes it takes a nasty thing to create a new situation.
    Reactions are fast, on the longer run I feel this incident was clearly provoked by all of us commenting pro and contra, somebody helping so called helping NEPAL…
    too much fighting thats all. No respect. Not because somebody does not respect we do same.
    I like the idea that maosts in Chitwan are doing develpment work thats the idea. daniubad Jay Nepal.
    shoot me for saying ther should be an apology…

  10. Kill all bastard people who stoned king Gyanendra.
    Hang them all in Nakku Jail.
    Who dare to stone our beloved king Gyanendra.
    Shoot all these bastard.

  11. mitali or putali,

    i am suprised that if anything moral or good is said….and if it happens to support the monarchy ….all these people are categorized as royalists….i think it is a SICK attitude…….
    And from my point of view…..”Stoning is perfectly okay” is the current mob mentality.

  12. This bhudai is a confused guy in this blog. he can not say whether is for Loktanyra or against it. thses the types of people who ruined Nepal. Girija is also the same catagory. He does not have any guts to stand against Katuwal. He is affarid of katuwal. Girija is cooking another recipe for desaster. So third Revolution is in the offing because did not have any courage till now to make public the Rayamajhi report. Girija is a political napunsak. He hangs the country and rule in the mid air. So when he will die, the country will fall in the ditch once again. Makune is another napunsak who never playe the role of a good opposition. So our country is full of napunsaks. i am thinking that if good decisions are not taken within a couple of days our country might vanish from the map of the world.

    Now there is a competition among politicians on who is the biggest chamche of India. There is no doubt that Girirja is no. 1 and Prachanda is no.2 and Makune is no.3. After maoists came to forefront, UML has lost its place. It is the result of DAHICHYURE policy they applied till now from their inception. And now when madheshis came to forefront, Prachanda lost some of his prominence. Who can be better chamche of India than the Madhesis ? Sadbhavana is already there which gets regular budget from Indian Embassy. Their work is to spread kubhavana among Nepalese. So with all these end results of Madhesis agitation, we are fast going to the direction to Bhutanization of Nepal. Indians are playing bigger politics in Nepal and people like Budai Pundit are pawns of India unknowinly. You bastards, you musy have gray materials in yoour heads UWB.

  13. To those who say it’s not good stoning Gyanendra:

    Is it good to kill all family members and become a king?—->no, but its also not good to make someone who’s killed thousands of innocent ppl, the president.

    Is it good to kill democracy and bring out autocracy? —->as if SPA was faring any better when gyanendra took over…don forget the level of corruption and nepotism that had prevailed when he had to eventually take over. he experimented with sher bahadur for a few months remember, his decision came over a period of time…what’s wrong with that?

    Is it good to kill singer Praveen Gurung?—-> no its not good to kill anyone for that sake. 13,000 pravin gurungs have died in the so called people’s war, why wud u forget that my fren?

    Is it good to break legs of people dancing in disco? —->why do u want to ignore the many many nepalese who had their legs broken by the maoists outside the disco?

    Is it good to fire bullets in Galaxy disco? —-> is it good to fire bullets outside the disco, to innocent teachers, laborers in the name of spying or mere political affliation?

    Is it good to force devotees to stand in queue for hours just to let some rich bastards go insdie the temple at their wish? —->is it good to cause a traffic jam collecting chanda’s and organising a so called mahdivesan. that aside remember the numerous nepal bandhs and chakka jams and nakabandhi, was it worthwhile?

    First answer these questions and we will talk. —-> you’re too worried about the Galaxy disco man, grow up. life outside disco pani chha, where maoists atrocities have left an ugly scar. its true that paras and gyanendra have been under speculation all the time, but i still think its better to tame the royal regime than to experiment with a bunch of trigger happy radicals….

  14. and about the question of royal regime bein samantibaad, well its a relative term, everyone is samantibad to someone else in nepal…its jus a matter of reckoning. a simple example would be, ppl like us having access to internet are probly samantibads for those who don’t. lets apply John Nash’s game theory for nepal’s development guys, Ceiling and levelling people is never gonna work.


    Well said my dear puttad Jay Madesh, I loved it. I think you’re the real son of Nepal. You should be the hangman to hangs all of these people your referred as BASTARDS. Yes, they are savages and not only bastards, they are mother fuckers. I am really very much disheartened as we Ranas who ruled this country for more than 104 years never allowed to disrespect our king although we paralysed him for many many years. These bastards may be the Paltu Kuttas of Prachande and Makune. These bastards may include, especially illiterate Bhotays, and other poor people of Nepal who are desperately waiting for having those hopes given by Prachande realised. They don’t know that these hopes are just false ones, and once Prachande gets into power he will dash all the hopes given to the people. We have seen in the past such false hopes given to the people.


  16. Look Girija retired Rajendra Bahadur Singh from the post of AIG. Only fault of his was he was related remotely to himani. So whats the fuss ? Nepal is for all the Nepalese. It is not only’s Girija’s Nepal. Everybody should co-exist.

    Rajendra is one of the best police offcers I know. He worked for Rwanda tribunal with Louise Arbour. Internationaly he was liked but in Nepal that does not work. What should be counted is one ‘s professionalism. But in Nepal people ignore everything. Now Koiralas are the supreme but Girija failed the country several times. This time also he will fail us.

    Kasailai Kakha kasailai pakha garna Painna state machinary ma !!!

    Jai Nepal. Jai Bharat.

  17. If King Gyanendra did wrong, he should be tried in a court, in a civilised way. Hurling stone at anyone to vent one’s anger and frustration is a very primitive way of expressing anger. That can be expected from a 17 year old “child” but it should not be the approved way to punish someone in any real ‘democracy’. And there is nothing to rejoice about this incident.

    But if we believe in ‘stoning people to death’ for their crimes / mistakes, and if some of us want to follow the laws of Taliban ‘or’ the Islamic Shariah law, 🙂 then I don’t have anything to say 🙂

  18. The title ” King Gyanendra Stoned At Pashupatinath” followed by ” UWB condemns the arrest and demands immediate and respectful release of Roshan Kharel” !!!!????, reads exactly “2 people stoned to death” or ” hands of a thief cut off in public” in Taliban ruled Kandahar province of Afghanistan. Shame on us. I think that’s our future and that’s where we are headed.

  19. gyane chor deserves it….all corrupt leaders also deserve it……it is the angry soul of our beloved king birendra who is dng all this so that his murderers can never live in peace..see even devyani rana is suffering from meningitis a week before her marriage…why?because she is also a traitor whom our king dipendra liked so much…but what did she do….she played a major part in a dramatic false story just so that her father can remain in politics….but devyani …remember dipendra still loves u and he doesnt want u to marry some indian as-h-le….if u marry him then even god cant decide ur fate…all of u who are the part of mastermind of the royal massacre are being punished by lord shiva in shivratri…including girija whoz suffering from jaundice….haha

  20. Hey Bhudai why did you change your name? Now your ku-tarkas are out. Now you have came you your level, chi chi chi. I already knew that you think like this. Pandit vanna laaj lagyo? aba bhinaju naam rakera ke garna khojeko?

    Be ashamed to be king’s pandit. You would not be ashamed of name pandit hahhahahah

  21. It’s now too much……….you should be shame of yourself Mr. Wagle…Go to hell…….everyone should be punished for her/his wrong doing….

  22. All the ROYALISTS should read THIS:
    Ceau?escu and his wife Elena fled the capital by helicopter together with Emil Bobu and Manea M?nescu. They headed for Ceau?escu’s Snagov residence, from where they fled again, this time for Târgovi?te. The presidential couple kept moving through the countryside more or less aimlessly. Near Târgovi?te, they abandoned the helicopter, having been ordered to land by the army, which by that time had already declared Romania to be restricted air space. The flight included grotesque episodes: a car chase to evade citizens attempting an arrest, leaving their aides behind, a short stay in a school. The Ceau?escus were finally held in a police car for several hours, while the policemen listened to the radio, presumably in an attempt to get a clue as to which political faction was about to win. Police eventually turned over the presidential couple to the army. On Christmas Day, the two were condemned to death by a military kangaroo court on charges ranging from illegal gathering of wealth to genocide, and were executed in Târgovi?te.

  23. ha ha ha seriously laughing me &his famliy whos gone be a demonstration against autocracy & monarcy .i got a really beat happy.just 4r a get freedom with in a all think .thts say to good

    AN Threat to mrs gyanendra ko dont go out of narayanhity place b4 public sent to u packing on cargo to south africa .ok

  24. what’s the big deal? if the son can get stoned everyday, should not the father be allowed to get stoned at least once a year? after all, this was shivaratri and everyone has the right to get stoned on shivaratri! dum maro dum

  25. Hey all,
    Again all Nepali are back to the same “afai tantra”. Hurling stones to the king is the utter display of foolishness. Take legal actions against the king, try him in law and punish him for whatever wrong he did.
    Why do Nepali people always resort to violence? Without burning tires they can’t protest!!!! Instead of demanding the government to properly investigate the king’s wrong doings they are hurling stones at king. Demand that from government. Did anyone raised voice on the maoist taking gun in the parliament? Nepali people don’t be so “MURKHA” and look the reality rather then just hurling stones or burning tires.

    I fully condemn the stoning. Also I want to demand why government is still not investigating the king and punish him for this wrong doing?

    Also, that boy should be punished for what he did.


    *****Lastly, the car king is was in is not mercedes its a jaguar.

  26. Hey Nepali – why do you keep coming here and embarrassing yourself uh?
    No I am not whoever the hell that is: Paramendra Bhagat. Who the hell is that.
    Again please stop using your half-as*sed Nepali. And stop suc*king prachanda’s coc*K and think about Nepal’s well being for a moment.

  27. what the hell you suc*k gyanendra’s coc*K doesn’t mean same do I do with any body other. Go to gyanenra’s room and stop disturbing us

  28. Whatever there happened, it should be happened a long time earlier. Anyway, all the royal families and the supporters as well as the corrupt and the so called elites politicians of all the parties with the vested self interest should be chased away from this beautiful country then only our country will have get rid of the evils.

  29. Hahaha Now you are just losing man. You cannot even come up with you own come back – prachanda’s constant use of your a*ss must have tried you out.
    I have already said dimwit that I don’t support Gyanendra, but I don’t support stoning people even though your slow witted 14th century mind may approve of such barbaric actions. Get it?
    Oh and change your name from Nepali to ‘Prachanda’s B*itch’

  30. nepalese are nothing but a bunch of uncilvilised barbarians who are ignorant about the basic civilities of life. Nepalese youths are today a symbol of shame, arrogant rebels who can be led by anyone like a herd of sheep.and stoning the king is ultimate act of shame for all of us. The country surely does not have a future. The society has come to such that if someone does not like another person he resorts to physical action without a care in the whole world.
    no wonder nepalese are now being thrown out from all countries !
    i think nepal is finished for civilised people because there aint no security for anyone. people die like dogs these days and no one is even surprised.
    targetting the monarch is not loktantra…i think these punks like prachanda,mahara,girija,makune should interpret what loktantra is all about. or else get the country back to previous order!!

  31. Alright guys hang on there for a minute and stop behaving like this 17 yr old kid. Fact is we all know wht right thing is yet we choose to engage in a debate that leads to nowhere. And while we despise Gyane, we equally despise the SPA and Maoists. But by supporting this boy we are somehow playing into the hands of Maoists. Now we dont want that do we? So the right thing to do is, keeping our diff and ideologies aside, just stand by the right thing, which means condemning this boy’s act (though not necessarily his feelings for Gyane). Every time we act purely basis our emotions, we play into the hands of someone. So lets think cool and stay put and not give this thread any more than its worth.

  32. It leads to some one going to be shoot or hanged without the justice tomorrow…we are heading toward it and which definately bring civil war…tomorrow any incident happened like this to them, no one will get surprise…that is what happened in terai case also…no one get surprised when democratic journalists and civil society and human right members are being stoned and threatened to kill…this case will lead to not less than anarchism…35 people are being killed in Madhes during the tenure of Girija and Sitaula..if they stoned in terai then what these journalists are going to report tomorrow and what announcement will be made…

  33. You fuckin morons…u didnt realise throwing stones at gyanendra was hurting the moral of common civilians, hurting the spirit of shivaratri – a tradition that defines nepal…all of you short-sighted fuckers need to re-educate urselves on “community and values”

  34. Fucking morons…People post comments saying “king should die..or his actions from past blah blah”…dont u fuckin get it…the king is a mere person too…who has basic human rights as everyone else…and must be respected in the same manner…also…mob mentality should be never be condoned…the kid should learn a lesson.

  35. there is no law and order in nepal. there will be no law and order in nepal as long as maoists are not treated as terrorists. today it was the king who was stoned. who will it be tomorrow and what good will it do for the ordinary nepali citizen?

  36. Hey Wagle Moron,
    Don’t try to correct yourself now. You are trying to justify your statement “UWB condemns the arrest and demands immediate and respectful release of Roshan Kharel” by saying that the kid is innocent, NOW.

    You didn’t demand the release of Roshan Kharel when you wrote this piece of shit because you believed he was innocent dammit. You thought it was okay to stone the king, or for that matter anyone.

  37. if someone throws a stone at your car, you will probably get out and smash that guy. The police should treat him as a criminal and start legal actions against him.
    Thr country has more problems than wasting time on this stone trowing guy.

    For the maoist rally in Biratnagar, their party members took over the traffic management and traffic was only allowed to move in certain roads, so that their KING Mr. Dahal could move like a royalty under heavy security, as they were very scared that the terai people would throw stones at his vehicle.
    They resorted to forced donations from shops, vehicles plying on the roads, homes, offices so that their KING is able to live a lavish life. If they say any dark skinned people, they started speaking in Hindi and presumed they were from India. They havent learnt anything from the Madesh revolt and as far as terai is concerned they are history.
    These people are more dangerous for the country them either the madeshish or janjaties.

  38. I agree that kid must be release let the kid prepare his SLC, but no before he gets a spanking or two.

  39. I believe that the kid wasn’t the only one to throw the stone… There must have been at least a group of people inciting the crowd, and pelting stones. (May be anyone – Maoists, SPAM, or just a bunch of Howday guys). The kid was the only one dumb enough to get caught. But, I do think that the kid should be prosecuted but as a minor – though I seriously doubt if we have a law for minors and facilities like juvenile detention centers in Nepal.

  40. I am extremely saddended with the news of stone throwing. This is completely against our Hindu culture and tradition which asks us to respect elders. The King is our first elder. If we cannot respect him, how can you call yourself a Hindu and then a Nepali??

  41. Warning all you guys, good to see many of us backing the right thing, but careful, dont let this turn Gyanendra into a martyr. We Nepalese need to watch our step everytime.

  42. All culprit should be punished why only the king? What about prachande and others who are involved in killing of 14000 people and the 19 people during tarai upraising. So was King only stoned by one individual?

  43. Patriot is right all this could turn Gyanendra into a martyr… if such goes on he’ll be getting all the public sympathy…”Bichara Mailo lai dhunga hanechhan”…u want to protest him do it in civilized manner…they could have chanted anti monarch slogans and few witty satires…somethig that would have hurt him deep down his heart and not his bulletproof BMW or Jag or Merc. watever it was…dont let a sec. of immaturity ruin u and in it’s course turn the sympathy routine to benefit gyanendra to use it as his weapon…dont let ur anger be ur weakness…think ’bout it?

  44. Wagle,

    With this article you are being stripped off your hoodooed veil of Journalist. You pathetic peice of mornonic disposable waste. Can you imagine how hard the beating you are going to get? And this time there would be no Veil of Journalist that is going to save your ass.

  45. Bhudai, whats up man? long time….I know…I was out and not connected. Finally good to see you all boosted. I know and really appreciate what you are trying to do. People here have serious attitude problem. You know they can differentiate whats food and whats not (like every animal can do). What they cannot do is think beyond the animal instinct, like humans. And Nepal is filled with educated animals. Its sad but true. I agree with you man. 100%.

    And for the rest of you people. Welcome to the animal farm. You can call it a pig farm to be precise.

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