Khukuri Rally in Kathmandu: Janajatis Want Proportional Election

khukuri rally

In a spectacular show of Khukuri (or Kukri as they prefer to spell in English), the traditional weapon of Nepalis (Gorkhali), thousands of people organized a rally in Kathmandu to stress on their demand of proportional electoral system for the upcoming elections to the constituent assembly. Thank God, Khukuris were not sakkali, they were all nakkali, made from paper. But words written in a sticker pasted in a big Khukuri clearly said: “We hope we don’t have to raise sakkali weapons to make our demands fulfilled.” The people participating in the rally were either associated with the Federation of Nepali Indigenous Nationalities (FNIN) or supporters of their demands. They also want federal set up in Nepal with greater autonomy. Here are photos from the rally by Ujir Magar

khukuri rally

Expressing themselves with Khukuris. Still confused about the spelling Kukri vs Khukuri? “Either way,” they say in this web site, “the thing itself is the renowned national weapon of Nepal and the Gurkhas.”

Is he thinking that Khukuri and cell phone go hand in hand in this modern age of technology?

Both hands are busy: And he thinks both hands are delivering his voice

As he speaks, they demonstrate their power

Sannani ko hatai ma khukuri kya [na]suhayeko! Read that in the tune of singer Sudip Giri’s Sannani ko galai ma kaalo kothi kya suhayeko!!





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  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What’s next I wander?

  2. sonam Avatar

    looks good in the rally, but don’t use it. If used future of nepal is doomed.
    When the muslims invaded india, they took over all the small hindu kingdoms and made one united hindustan which was passed on to the british. The british did not break up India.
    The leaders and people of India now do not want to break up India into small kingdoms and countries that existed before the muslim invasion. We should also move forward and not try to break up our country, based on language, cast and other criteria.
    If our country is broken, then we all will become citizens of Republic of India, and this is exactly what India and some of our political parties want.

  3. Patriot Avatar

    Its obvious for the fact this whole “revolution” and all that happened in Nepal, the leaders thought they could hijack it. But they will realise as they did with Madhes that the ground beneath them has shifted much more then they would like to believe. The handling of the post-revolution transition was all but cosmetic. Why are you surprised Bhudai?

  4. Patriot Avatar

    As for the Maoists, if they don’t come up to our support right away, it will be their biggest political suicide. Actually I wish it’d be that way coz we gonna get what we want anyway. But this way we could check the Maoists.

  5. Patriot Avatar

    They are the real threat to Nepal … not indigenous citizens.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


  7. Culture Avatar

    Federal system – O.K.
    Relative autonomy – Probable
    Minority reservation – N0

    We cant have minority reservation in a country made up of minorities. The main majority is itself 30%, unless there is reservation for every group in Nepal the reservation process will utterly fail. If we make reservations for every group then democracy goes down the drain.

  8. Patriot Avatar

    Hmmm .. you are right Culture. I was a proponent of reservation earlier but increasingly I think it does more harm than good. Having said that the state must find an innovative way to give a leg up to the oppressed least they feel nothing has changed and give rise to another rebellion. This can be real believe me and is a necessity if we want a truly inclusive society least that power is concentrated in few hands (e.g. 98% govt jobs going to a certain community). Thats why I had earlier proposed reservation but for a limited period – say 50 yrs. Any thoughts?

  9. mp Avatar

    Politics of violence, as taught by the Maoists!

  10. Jit Rai Avatar
    Jit Rai

    Equality and balance governmental power is the most important in Democracy. In fact that, Equality is the true Democracy.

    In Nepal, Chettris and Bahuns 96% get oppertunities in (1) Education (2) Government employments (3) Political participation and (4) business and social activities of the country Nepal. That makes other Natives and Indigenous people left behind… another term make them suppress or make them backward. Anotherside, Chettris and Bahuns rule Nepal government and political parties solely. They do heavy National crimes, corruption which make country in 5th poorest country in the world.

    Beside that, Nepali democracy failed 4 th times since 6 decades, but Nepal indigenous people (native Nepali) pay all bloody price. At the end, Indigenous people never ever get fair share with Chettris and Bahuns people of Nepal.

    So these corrupt and crimes root sources must be End for good for all.

  11. gthug Avatar

    Violence seems to be rooting our nation as a norm for getting anyones demands fulfilled. You may get whatever asked for but turn around and look behind. Who’s following the same path you paved ? Sooner or later all ethnicieties representing their own needs; pretty much it will engulf entire Nepal. I believe we as a nation need to prosper economically and the best results will be from a collective effort.

  12. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Back in July 2006 my following comments were printed in this blog:

    Representation in the House should be one Representative for 100,000 people. So that the House look like Nepal it is necessary to draw electoral map in such a way that various ethnic group like Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Newar, Rai, Gurung, Limbu, Sherpa and others will be in distinct electoral map. This way Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Newar, Rai, Gurung, Limbu, Sherpa and others will be able to elect their own representative to the House. It may not be possible to draw electoral map to include 100,000 people of distinct ethnic groups in each and every district. But in many districts it will be easy tasks. It does not mean that we are uprooting certain ethnic groups to different areas to make up the distinct electoral maps. Local politicians will be able to figure out very easily.
    I could be wrong. But I think more or less we are heading that way. I believe in preserving and respecting each and every ethnic group in Nepal.

  13. thuram Avatar

    bahuns and chhetris have fucked nepal for so long…now it’s janjatis turn to fuck it up more

  14. Birman Limbu Avatar
    Birman Limbu

    Why and How Racism or Racial discrimination practices and applies in Nepal:

    What key matters must be done before any political change?

    Bahunism or Aryanism is a form of racial discrimination in Nepal.

    In Nepali constitution:
    In Nepali constitution Nepal considers Only Hindu kingdom is racism while there are more than 55 native tribes live and they have their own religion in Nepal.

    In Nepali Army and Police:
    In Nepali army and police force employ only Hindu people and give only high army rank to Bahuns and Chettris is racism and racial discrimination.

    In Education sector:
    To teach only Sanskrit language and suppress other language is racism. Provide 98% educational vacancies and scholarship to Bahuns and Chettri is Racism. Rest other Nepalese race or native tribes do not have even luck for higher education. Most of them (native tribes) even do not have elementary education because of political, governmental and social suppression of Chettris and Bahuns.

    In Nepali Government employment:
    Nepal government employs 98% Bahuns and Chettri people and left behind rest tribal Nepalese people is racism. They force native Nepali tribes to do labor jobs in country or force to go to unknown country for labor job with high risk like life and death.

    In Nepali politics and Leadership:
    In political parties and Nepal government offices, Bahun and Chettris only give high vacancy and leadership role to only Bahuns and Chettris, and these people keep rest indigenous people in lower level in party workers who have no political value and voice. In political participation, 7 political parties systematically make isolate to Indigenous people to participation in politics which make Indigenous people hand off from Leadership roles. But if you study and research history of Nepali politics, there was not any Liberation and Democracy without Indigenous people of Nepal. Nationalist Revolutionaries Lakhan Thapa and Ram Prasad Rai (commander of Mukti Morcha Front) who did Revolution against Rana Regime and borough Democracy in Nepal. But Bahun and Chettris people make their name disappeared from Nepali history. Since 6 decades all false history implemented in education of Nepal.

    In Social, cultural, Language and religion:
    Bahuns and Chettri create Caste and Race systems, and they convert Nepali democratic system into Caste Systems that is racism. Government which rule by Bahuns and chettris never ever concern about promotion and preservation to other Nepalese culture, religion and languages.

    Crimes and corruption:
    95% Bahuns and Chettris works as high government officials and high political leaders where they control all law, order and they rule country. They do 8% all kinds of crimes and corruption like briberies, black marketing, smuggling, trafficking, murder etc. So there is no justice for other Nepalese race or native Nepali tribe people.

    Racist behavior and mentality:
    Bahuns and Chettri thinks that they are only superior people where there is No single point to claim as them superior race. That is bad mentality of racist.

    Un-respect, selfish, un-trustworthy behavior and mentality of Bahun and chettirs:
    In Nepal, There so many indigenous people gave their live for this country for many different good causes. Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Magar, Tamang people gave their life to protect Nepal from British, World War-I and World war-II. If these people do gave their life in desperate times, Nepal did not exist, And World did enjoy with peace. But when these indigenous people come back home, they did not get even citizen rights. Chettris and Bahuns tell them foreigner dogs and behave them 3rd class untouchable people. It was impossible to get Nepali citizenship to their families.

    Heavy national crimes, corruption and destruction of democracy:
    Chettris and bahun people never ever have on them Responsibility, Faith, Trust, Respect, morality and good citizenship. In Nepali proverb say “ Chettris ra Bahun ko pet ma dar huncha”. Every proverb has had historical value. Almost each and every around 95% national, political, governmental and social crimes and corruption belong to either Chettris or Bahuns. Democracy of Nepal failed so many times because of their (Chettris/Bahuns) racial discrimination, crime and corruption.

    Therefore, Racial discrimination IS MAJOR KEY PROBLEM of Nepal. It has deep dark root problem inside Bahun and Chettri people and their mentality, social, cultural, religion, employment, governmental and political practices.


    Racism in Nepal must be end before any new Nepali democracy, Peace, Human rights, new political change and dreaming of Nepal development.
    It is very very serious matters for today’s Nepal.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Birman Limbu: I am sad to say that I agree with most of what you have written. But I only ask you to consider that not all Bhuns are well off or have a condesending attitdue. There are many many Bhuns living in poverty as well. I think perhaps you should change the attack to the KTM elite which comprises of more then just Bhuns and Chettris.

  16. Captain Crash Avatar

    Janjatis they are the product of maoist. Now Maoist are want to save their own arse from Janjatis. Beware! maoist!! We will get you if you play foul in peace process. It is not about bahun or chetteri or gurung or magar it is about the corrupt politicians who make big promise and cannot deliver it. You cannot just ask for the position Janjatis, you must be capable to prove you are the one for the position.

    “We hope we don’t have to raise sakkali weapons to make our demands fulfilled.” People are ready to kill, but whom?

  17. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    binas kalen biparit budhhi. Every thing in this country is done on the basis of life threat, and we want to put buddha on our bank notes. Indeed Nepal is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Loktantra is the right to threaten others to get what you want. F***king Idiots. It was in similar situation about 250 years ago that Prithivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha had emerged to militarily conquer all the proud janjatis. This time even the shahs seem defeated and if the communal friction does not subside then Prachanda and Girija’s mai-baap India will do what PNS did two centuries ago. Then you can show your plastic khukuri.

  18. sagarmatha Avatar

    I don’t think Chhetris have that much influence in political power and the government right now.They are not leading the country after Janaandolan-2.

  19. mayalu Avatar

    chhetris are fanatical hindus because they made one wrong marriage and lost the high priest status
    ha ha
    stop meat eating be holier than cow

  20. xyz Avatar

    How would you differentiate between a bahun, a newar and a limbu? Here is the litmus test.
    In case of a limbu, after taking a nap in the chautari he will wake up and move on to his destination.
    In case of newar, he will wake up and check out, before leaving the place, to make sure he had not dropped anything valuable.
    In case of bahun, he will wake up, check out to make sure he had not dropped anything vaoluable AND also check out for valuables possibly left out by previous occupants.

  21. angelica Avatar

    KTM’s elites are comprised of Gurungs(lahures), Thakali,Manages,Ranas and Shahs( most only show off ancient prestige but are hollow), Newars(n coz they have most land holdings and most of the rentable buildings around ason,newroad etc),Bahun politicians, Chettri politicians, Madvaris (if we can call them Nepali/ or if they’d like to be called Nepali) etc…but all of them are minority coz majority are middle class and poor of all race and ethnicity so to say only bahuns and chettris are elites will be a little odd…don’t u think? if i’m wrong correct me..coz i dont know a lot about wat’s going on around here…i have just started to make a sense of this situation in Nepal out of all speeches and this blog…

  22. angelica Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit (21:46:44) :

    What’s next I wander?

    I rekon it’ll be shree pench march next…

  23. sagarmatha Avatar

    I am also wondering about their khukuris, whom they are going to kill if demand is not fulfilled???

  24. telic_op Avatar

    i guess bahun n chetrri would have already gone to extremism at this stage had they been indigeneous population of nepaL who had been living here for thousands of years, who got oppressed culturally, religiously, linguistically, who were made to follow n live in a constitution made from that oppressers religious n cultural background, made second class citizen or untouchable, sold to foriegn imperials for royalties, n all shits. yeah they would had organized the same uprising movements. infact janjatis r uprising from many years before but peacfully.

  25. Patriot Avatar

    Dont worry you folks, we might be most fierce in the battlefield, but we are one of the most kool, peace loving and cultured people in this world. Even our Jap/German enemies in wars have admitted and admired this trait of ours. So dont worry abt the Khukuri …

  26. Hari Shrestha Avatar
    Hari Shrestha

    Now only a fake Khukuri…….

    If you do not change your criminal, corrupt and racial discriminatiory behaviour and mentality,….. Definately there will be real Khukuri and bloody bath of Civil Revolution.

    That time You either will die or leave this heavenly mother land Nepal. You have to go to India wherever your ancester came from.

  27. Patriot Avatar

    angelica – you are twisting this whole minority/majority thing to suit your argument. trying to pull a fast one eh … you claim you dont know much abt Nepal which if true … lemme explain. The kind of majority/minority dissection you talk about is Stage 2 and that which revolves around economic status that happens in a developing world where they have already figured out most of their Stage 1 probs like discrimination on the basis of caste, releigion, looks, language, culture etc. Mjority/minority based only on economic disparity is a progressive thing and is inherent in a developing economy. But to be developing we have to first sort out this stage 1 mess. clear ??

    shekhar mayavi – i thought u were either too smart to be so sacarstic or u r too dumb, am beginning to think u r the latter. stop ranting and say something that makes sense.

  28. Subir Gurung Avatar
    Subir Gurung

    Nobody need to tell how these Bahuns and Chettris – government officials and politicians are corrupt, criminal, irresponsible and moral-less, You simply can see Big Building, many big private lands, Pajero and Lavish life in Kathmandu. These are all properties of Chettris and Bahuns and which are the root source of their national crimes and corruption.

    It is impossible to them to do these things without national crimes and corruption.

    By new law and constitution, these dirty, crime and corrupted people must be punish and their properties must be seize by government.

    Or People must take action on it.

    Corrupted and Criminal as well as their dirty culture must be End.

  29. sagarmatha Avatar

    The thing which people are not understanding right now is who is the barrier for equal rights after Janaandolan-2 ?? SPAM is superior now if they wish they can decide whatever they like ??? The SPAM is peoples’ party. If they can demolish the 238 years old regime then why not address the reasonalbe voices of the people and wait for civil war…BAHANAGIRI RA CHATURAI CHALDAINA ABA…

  30. asr Avatar

    Shree Shrestha, I agree with you, I also think that the development might be similiar in coming days ahead. And I think every ethnic group, be it janajatis, dalits, madeshis or the self proclaimed touchables should accept it, accepting the fact that figure can be comprimised to some extent , since our population is about 24 million.

    Everybody knows Netwon third law of motion,’every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, why don’t we accept the current phenomenon in Nepal is a reaction to the deeds done by the touchables so far in our country.

    So there is no point is denying or being sarcastic on these, it is better to accept all of them as Nepali and giving them the basic right they need. Their demands are genuine.

  31. lumpingaintright Avatar

    The bahun-chettri lumping may not be totally accurate. One could look at the politicking in post 1990 Nepal as a struggle between the bahuns and the chettri/thakuris. Bahuns and chettris don’t stick together like most people assume. There is as much, if not more, animosity between these two groups than between them and the rest of the groups in Nepal.

  32. Patriot Avatar

    Which community/caste ever shared a bond with another in Nepal with our history of divide and rule, state sponsored isolation from one another and kings, politicians whose interests lied there. Its most unforunate. But newer generation like ours holds hope. Let not our gen develop that animosity so our kids cant point a finger at us. It’d be utterly shameful for them to be debating about it at that time.

  33. Kiran Tamang Avatar
    Kiran Tamang

    In truth and real political ans social context of Nepal,

    Bahuns and Chettris suck the blood of mother land Nepal and Indigensou people of Nepal by doing national crimes, corruption and racial discrimination.

    Nepali Democracy faile because of their heavy national crime, corruption and racial discrimination. Nobody refuse on these fact.

    How come Bahuns and Chettris who used to live in village their Huts and become Karodpati (millionary) in kahtmandu over night? It is just impossible for them. But they are becoming karodpaties because they are involving in National crimes and corruption like bribery, smugling, trafficking, blackmarketing, Robery of national teasure fund and corruption on national development project funds.

    These national criminal and corrupted Bahuns and Chettris people must be Eliminated by Law, Order, Constituation, Governemnt and Politics. Otherwise, Indigenous people must do CIVIL WAR. These people must be wipe out somehow and for many good reason.

    These is too much too deep racial discrimination in Nepali government and political parties. These matter is very deep serious and these matters must be fixed. Otherwise, we have to take Arms and Revolt Nepal for the best.

  34. firan Tamang Avatar
    firan Tamang

    In truth and real political ans social context of Nepal,

    Bahuns and Chettris suck the blood of mother land Nepal and Indigensou people of Nepal by doing national crimes, corruption and racial discrimination.

    Nepali Democracy faile because of their heavy national crime, corruption and racial discrimination. Nobody refuse on these fact.

    How come Bahuns and Chettris who used to live in village their Huts and become Karodpati (millionary) in kahtmandu over night? It is just impossible for them. But they are becoming karodpaties because they are involving in National crimes and corruption like bribery, smugling, trafficking, blackmarketing, Robery of national teasure fund and corruption on national development project funds.

    These national criminal and corrupted Bahuns and Chettris people must be Eliminated by Law, Order, Constituation, Governemnt and Politics. Otherwise, Indigenous people must do CIVIL WAR. These people must be wipe out somehow and for many good reason.

    These is too much too deep racial discrimination in Nepali government and political parties. These matter is very deep serious and these matters must be fixed. Otherwise, we have to take Arms and Revolt Nepal for the best.

  35. Patriot Avatar

    Kiran – I share your empathy since I am also a Janjati, but wht you sayin is not the solution. They have drowned the ship with all of us in it (including themselves) so let not our fight for rights race us deeper below, instead let it be progressive where we get equal opp and salvage all. Else, theres hope for nobody. But then again I do share your disgust at times.

  36. angelica Avatar

    oh comon Patriot …i am twisting nothing and i am not arguing…i am Nepali BTW if u didnt perceive it and was aloof of politics until recently…i remain indoors mostly and not very social that is why i said i didnt know wat was going around…which didn’t mean i knew nothing ’bout Nepal…but i do know who comprises the elites of Nepal was educated with some of them…oh no actually KTM…only KTM has elites…rest are all poor and they are of all races…i only said wat i knew coz everyone here was talking ’bout the Stage 2 majority minority as u like to call it and lemme tell u the stage 1 happens in rural areas however all are poor despite race and caste there… so lack of education and blind faith in religion and culture causes it…if u visit schools and colleges in Ktm u’ll hardly find bahuns and damai sarkis not sharing lunch and not touching each other… it all comes down to economy pal…that’s all…

  37. sonu Avatar

    Band Band Band, it affetct only the COMMON PEOPLE and not the politicians. So all parties whatever their demands be, please spare the common people of chhaka jams, bands.
    Nepal would be a better place if these bands were not there.

  38. Patriot Avatar

    angelica – u r not totally wrong. Karl Marx too was in awe of capitalism that could someday dissolve all class, religion, international boundaries and identities bringing the world closer. Thomas Friedman (in his book TWIF) elaborates it even more in the context of the modern world. So wht u notice in Ktm is an effect of economic activity like u rightly said.

    But then there is the other softer and more powerful side to all this which we must understand. For a sustained and planned economic activity to happen, first there must be a social revolution. Else whtever we gain in economy will be lost like we did in all these years of unrest in Nepal. So you see why its imp to solve stage 1 probs first.

  39. Patriot Avatar

    And you cannot have a phased social revolution depending on whether its urban or rural part of the country. It has to be one sweeping phenomenon, else there will always be loopholes.

  40. Shaman Avatar

    Welcome to the Land of Ever-recurring Revolution till Nepal fades to oblivion … Is not that what we want?

    Lets break Nepal into pieces … Why Limbu should be part of Nepal? He should be proud citizen of Republic of Limbuwan. Why Tharu should be a Nepal? He should be proud citizen of Republic of Tharuwan. Why should Tamang be a Nepali? He should be proud citizen of Republic of Tamangsaling. Why should Madhesi be Nepali? He should be proud citizen of Republic of Madesh.

    There is no need for federal republic or proportionate representation. Every community should be happy to have independent country of their own with their own money, language and government. Let us work towards that and stop raping the name – Nepal and Nepali.

  41. Patriot Avatar

    Shaman – what you said is strong and it gave me a mixed feeling. While fighting for rights is a genuine agenda, yet losing the country is a bigger stake. You have highlighted our dilemma in a powerful way. I don’t really have an opinion and I think this reflects whats in the minds of most of our bloggers here.

    All you friends, lets keep thinking and it is these debates that will help us understand each other better.

  42. scoop Avatar

    The problem is clear, instead of tackling these issues fairly before any elections are held, the parties are in a rush to have elections just to grab as much power as they can get. Either, the citizens have to say okay let us decide these matters after CA elections thereby agreeing with the parties and having no more protests and violence so that elections can be done freely and fairly OR the parties listen to the people and hear everyone out peacefully before any such elections without protests and violence. We cannot have both. We just had a Terai andolan and everyone seems to have moved on to the next one. Sense has to prevail and it has to be clear whether we allow CA elections to go ahead as planned as per the SPAM’s request OR we tackle these issues of representation now which would mean the parties make a new schedule for CA elections. Everyone has forgotten their duties and seem to be only wanting their rights.

  43. scoop Avatar

    In the interim constitution there is a provision where all citizens have the right to form parties and contest elections or independently contest elections, yet the likes of KP Sitaula is trying to tell the election commisssion to block this. This democratic pretender has to be ousted out into the history books for good.

  44. scoop Avatar

    Yesterday Sitaula in a NTV (govt. owned) interview refused to answer key questions like – If the top demand of the Madhesi forum is for you to resign why don’t you and why are you putting this on the PM’s head?
    He was also talking about reforms required in the police force to control deaths and abuses. Well, yes Minister but who is at the head of the police force? If the likes of Kamal Thapa was held responsible for Janandolan 2 with the same force, what makes you escape punishment for Terai andolan 1 and the killings of even more people than Thapa? What a weasle, trying to blame it on the cops. Either he has to admit that the cops were doing their job under him which would also mean the cops were doing their job under Kamal Thapa OR he is in the wrong the same as Kamal Thapa. Which is it?

  45. sonu Avatar

    For what reasons are we going to waste money on the CA elections. Lets modify the present IC and include all the demands of the various communities. This way there will be not need for CA and the present IC will be permanenet Constitution for the next “5-10” years, after that again it will be changed.
    Every party (SPAM+King), every caste, communities, NGO, INGO and that dollar sponsored 5 star Nagarik Samanj, know that CA will not be held on time, or they will not allow it to be held on time, so they are in a hurry to include their demand in the IC. This way, everone will be satisfied and no money needs to be used in the CA, rather the money alloted for the CA should be spent on hydropower so that we do not get 40 hours blackouts.

  46. Dipak Tuladhar Avatar
    Dipak Tuladhar

    Dear all NEPALI people,

    We have to understand why JANJAATI, MADHESI and DALITS are not satisfied with the government policy so far:

    1. In Nepal, there are many languages in Nepal. But only KHAS (parbate)
    languages is recognized as NEPALI. Are other languages of Nepal
    NON-NEPALI ? We have to call NEPALi (Khas), NEPALI (Newa), NEPALI
    (Tamu), NEPALI (Tamang), Nepali (Rai), Nepali (Bhojpuri) language, etc.

    2. Religion is trully personal. But some of the funatic people wanted to call
    the whole nation as HINDU.

    3. State spent huge amount on Sanskrit education and university, whereas
    it has not even made a primary shcool for other languages of Nepal.

    4. Local offices of Kathmandu, Dhanusha and Rajbiraj declared Newar and
    Maithali languages as official languages in the respective location
    besides Khas language some years ago. This did not hamper Khas
    language because Khas language still existed after adding Newar and
    Maithali language. But Khas Bhasi judges ban on using other languages
    of Nepal except Khas. Is the Khas only language of Nepal ?

    5. Only DAURA SURUWAL was made allowed to enter Sinha Durbar. How
    about Lungi, Dhoti, Bakkhu, etc ? Are thesea lso not the dresses of
    Nepali people ?

    6. Why such a long holiday is made for the whole nation in DASHAIN ? How
    about festivals of other Nepali people ? So Dashain holiday must be

    So let us think about the whole nation and try to be true NEPALI by respecting each other’s language, culture and religion.

    Thank you.

  47. Gurkha Rai Avatar
    Gurkha Rai

    I can see the frustrations among the JanaJati (Indigenious) people of Nepal.
    The sole reason is because the Janajati people of Nepal have always been manipulated and used by the Bahun and Chettris who holds 99% in Government, Civil, and other top positions in Nepal.
    After Privithi Naryan Shah united the country, the Janajatis have basically been left out in running Nepal.
    The bottomline is because of the Racism/Discrimination practiced by our Aryan government, Nepal is in this deep_shit_hole now.
    We can call this type of Government plainly as Bahunism or Aryanism.

    From the historical perspective, we need to realize that they were two Races in Indian-SubContinent.

    Either you are Aryan or Kiratis:

    The history of Nepal evolve through these two Races coming to Indian-SubContinent in pre-historic times.
    In Nepal, Kiratis are the Indigenous people having settle along the Himalayas regions first.
    The Aryans later having coming from India meets the Kiratis and the two civilizations plays
    an important role’s in shaping history and culture of India, in which Nepal becomes the center of these two civilizations.

    The Kiratas in Vedic Literature:
    The name Kirata is for the first time found in the Yajurveda (Sukla Yajurveda, Vajasaneya, XXX, 16;
    also Krsna Yajurveda, Taittiriya Brahmana, III, 4,12,1).
    In connexion with the Purusa-medha or ‘Man-Offering’ sacrifice, where a list of all kinds of human beings and animals symbolically or figuratively offered to the gods as sacrifice is given, we find the following passage:–

    guhabhyah Kiratam; sanubhyo Jambhakam; paravatebhyah Kimpurusam
    which upon translation will read ‘A Kirata, for the caves; a Jambhaka (long-toothed man?) for the slopes;
    a Kimpurusa (an ugly man, a wild man, an ape?) for the mountains.’

    Then in the Atharvaveda (X,4,14) we have a reference to a Kirata girl (Kairatika) who digs a herbal remedy on the ridges of the mountains:–

    Kairatika kumarika saka khanati bhesajam:
    hiranyayibhir abhribhir girinam upa sanusu.

    ‘The young maid of Kirata race, a little damsel, digs the drug:
    Digs it with shovels wrought of gold on the high ridges of the hills.’
    (Translation by R.T.Griffith.)

    “Macdonell and Keith have the following note in their Vedic Index on Kirata:
    ‘Kirata is a name applied to a people living in the caves of the mountains, as appears clearly from the dedication of the Kirata to the caves in Vajasaneyi Samhita (also Taittiriya Brahmana), and from the reference to a Kirata girl, who digs a remedy on the ridges of the mountains.
    The Manava Dharma-sastra regards the Kiratis as degraded Ksatriyas (ref. X, 44).’
    When a non-Aryan or foreign people is describes in an old Indian text as being of degraded Kshatriya origin,
    there is always an implication that they were, to some extend at least, advanced in civilisation or military organisation”. — Suniti Kumar Chatterji (KIRATA-JANA-KRTI)

    “The allusions to the separate family of the Kiratas (Kirata Kula) in some of the Brahmanas also

    indicate that they were the original inhabitants of India. Relying on
    the information supplied in the Vedic Samhitas and Brahmanas herein
    referred to it has been correctly stated that the name Kirata was
    applied to the aboriginal hill folk. They were the class of people, who
    inhabited the woods and the caves of the mountains

    and supported themselves by hunting. They were barbarous non-Aryan
    tribes representing the degraded race.” –G.P Singh (The Kiratas in
    Ancient India)

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