British Belles Bethi (Plant Paddy and Dance)

Saturday photo blog: British girls and boys and locals of Ghattitaar village of Ilam district in eastern Nepal take part in paddy plantation in tune with the Bethi tradition. The tradition has almost disappeared in other parts of the district though it has survived itself in this village. While some farmers are starting to plantContinue reading “British Belles Bethi (Plant Paddy and Dance)”

Nepali Congress Mass Meeting in Pokhara

The 80 plus year old Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala still has the same energy that he used to have in his young days. This man, the most powerful prime minister of Nepal, went to India the day he took oath in the parliament and addressed the meeting of SAARC in New Delhi. Back inContinue reading “Nepali Congress Mass Meeting in Pokhara”

Khukuri Rally in Kathmandu: Janajatis Want Proportional Election

In a spectacular show of Khukuri (or Kukri as they prefer to spell in English), the traditional weapon of Nepalis (Gorkhali), thousands of people organized a rally in Kathmandu to stress on their demand of proportional electoral system for the upcoming elections to the constituent assembly. Thank God, Khukuris were not sakkali, they were allContinue reading “Khukuri Rally in Kathmandu: Janajatis Want Proportional Election”

Terai Photo News: Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Maoist Clash, Lathi Rallies

UWB Photo blog: Southern Nepal demonstrations For the record, images from Feb 6. A Maoist cadre is taken to hospital in Bharatpur. She was injured in a clash with Madhesi Jajaadhikar Forum (MJF) Tuesday (6 Feb). 8 Maoist cadres were injured in the clash that took place in Parasi in the morning. Pics by ChetanContinue reading “Terai Photo News: Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Maoist Clash, Lathi Rallies”

Terai News: Journalists Beaten, Rallies With Lathis

Images of protests in Biratnagar, Nawalparasi and Birgunj Journalists took out a rally today to protest beatings to scribes by activists of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF or PRPF). Unruly activists had beaten journalists in Tankisinawari yesterday while collecting news about a peaceful rally. Journalists have been beaten by police as well in the past fewContinue reading “Terai News: Journalists Beaten, Rallies With Lathis”

It’s Damn Cold Out There and People Are Dying

Four more people in Siraha died today due to the cold wave that has hit the Terai region hard in the last few days. The death toll in Siraha district alone has reached 9 till date, totaling to 22 in the eastern Terai. Though precautionary measures have been taken, because of improper management, the coldContinue reading “It’s Damn Cold Out There and People Are Dying”

Pen, Gun and A Maoist Guerilla

Pen Is Mightier Than Gun!Let him to the quick homework before going to the cantonment. A young Maoist student guerilla in Taplenjug takes time to study putting his gun aside. As the party has decided to join the mainstream to establish capitalistic democratic republic in Nepal, there is no need for the guerillas to boycottContinue reading “Pen, Gun and A Maoist Guerilla”