British Belles Bethi (Plant Paddy and Dance)

Saturday photo blog: British girls and boys and locals of Ghattitaar village of Ilam district in eastern Nepal take part in paddy plantation in tune with the Bethi tradition. The tradition has almost disappeared in other parts of the district though it has survived itself in this village. While some farmers are starting to plant paddy in Ilam and some other parts of Nepal, others were seen weeding the paddy in places like Kathmandu valley. Photos by Biplab Bhattarai





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  1. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    I know you stupid live in US. People in nepal won’t have time to waste their time for this. I also know people like you and other people, how they live their day to day life there. Seeing and believing and watching and talking is two different thing for me. I can guess how you live your life there. I’ve go family all over America.

    I am very happy with my British Dreams life style. Well, well ! since when a Nepali use vessel to travel. In this world of IT, which stupid use vessels? Oh yes, people like you do…. You know what, here is my suggestion – if you open your 6th sense/eye then probably you could see there are many air board flying in every fraction of time all over the world.

  2. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    don’t you have a wife / family to feed? yes, you have.. no wonder you are so obsessed here.

  3. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    idiot ! idiot ! …..lovely name ‘mailadai’.

  4. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    for idiot Sushrut

    I will not go nepal even it is like a haven. I will live here in Britain, you country (possibly not, by name you sound like a Terro….rists to me) until i die, what can you do??????

    I stay here as much as I like and complain about people as you’ve mentioned, “who is what and not”, do you have any problem with it?

    I am also going for the talk show on Edinburgh book festival, of first minister “Alex Salmond” what can you do about it?

    You are a Freak therefore you would be poison for nepal. Let me know if you are going nepal, I (my frens) will break you leg.

  5. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    oh, i forgot to put this, (….should i be bothered?) if Britain (British Prime minister) don’t like “Zim….babwe” why don;t (he bring his fellow citizens in Britian) he close British Em..bassy there?

    If British journalists don’t like chinese policy then why can’t they ‘stop going to China”?

    Freak Sushrut, dig into your own people first !

  6. mailadai Avatar

    uuh…I’m glad u like my name….u gotta hit me some time..;-)…oh, and is ‘idiot’ another word for attractive in British?

    “…which stupid use vessels?” umm…those ppl who participate in kayak triathlon and know how to handle a vessel…u heard me! In the world of IT? That sounds familiar? oh crap, that is my career! thanx for the reminder.

    “…will break you leg” …oh now you are liking it…

    Oh, that’s it, THIS IS ON!!!! ..wanna hop in the vessel and row all the way to China for a revolutionary co-ed UWB sponsored wrestling match in light of the Olympics? or the mile high club is just fine to me..

  7. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    …will break you leg’ should be ‘….will break your leg’ its a mistake again! while you read my comments, you always have to put some effort on it.

    well, you pple have a great time, for me this is it… I am off line and back in few months time.

  8. mailadai Avatar

    didn’t u notice the double quotes? it was really yr mistake..this time i’ll take the blame for it:-)

    giving up the discussions already? going to offline for two months? in this day and age IT, as u like to put it…can’t believe it…?

    Well, we all hope that u get some time to sneak in every now
    and then..until then bye.

  9. Suren Avatar

    Joti has put down some very interesting fact that people never realizes even they faces those things everyday.. Open your eyes guys be aware of what is happening in your surrounding.. bidesh gayera khali paisa matra dekhnay Nepali haru ………… kahile kahi … critical analysis garna pani jannu parchha……… WELL done joti … I m in your favor

  10. cha Avatar


    you are right. “JYOTI / JOTI” has done very good job here. She has got a brain for analyzing critically and objectively. Racism is very powerful issue itself. we need to learn how to express / share things with other people. Most people hide things that happens to them or happens in the community.

    Westerners, UN or other international organisation talk about such as Poverty, child marriage, Dowery, make negative comments about our religion ie muslim, hindu. But these foreigner never hesitate or shy to comment on this issue and we nepalese people never bother or dare to ask questions about the facts about their publications. So why, If JOTI made comments about RACISM in britain especially the White community, makes our people who been attacking JOTI’s thoughts???

    As many of you live in USA, may have noticed that white racist people wanted to shoot Barak Obama? and openly make comments about him being MUSLIM ?

    Well done JOTI. I am with you.

  11. cha Avatar


    why still under moderation? aren’t you forgetting to put my comments made 24 hours ago?

  12. Bikash Avatar

    Wood Stock !!!!!

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