British Belles Bethi (Plant Paddy and Dance)

Saturday photo blog: British girls and boys and locals of Ghattitaar village of Ilam district in eastern Nepal take part in paddy plantation in tune with the Bethi tradition. The tradition has almost disappeared in other parts of the district though it has survived itself in this village. While some farmers are starting to plant paddy in Ilam and some other parts of Nepal, others were seen weeding the paddy in places like Kathmandu valley. Photos by Biplab Bhattarai

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  1. Wow !

    I’m back after a few days off and the discussion is litterally vibrating !

    Hey Mr. Jyoti : I am a white man, therefore you must hate me…
    Unfortunately, I was hated as well by the French people when I was a kid, because my parents are Italian immigrants… The called me “macaroni”, which is as unpleasant as the “bhandar” I heard many times about me in India and neighbouring countries.

    You see, everybody hates everybody. Not funny.

    Actually, I am “color blind”, that means I really don’t give a damn about skin variations and/or cultures differences. A human being is an interesting bipedian animal with a big brain, supposed to be able to elaborate complex thoughts…

    OK, you hate the Brits because some of them despise you. But they hate those immigrants from Poland too, you know that. In France, right now they hate Arabs (that means Algerians, Morrocans, etc.) . In the 60’s their hatred was concentrated against Italians. Different times, differents fashions, as usual.

    Happily, most of the people on Earth are not like those abominable racists… but those bastards shouts louder than the peaceful ones…

    You never met nice white people, but you should, because they do exist. They even care about poor illegal immigrants. Yes, in 2008 there are such nice people. You know that the French elected Nicolas Sarkozy as a president last year and that this guy hates immigrants. His governement even chases them to send them back forcefully into airplanes that will drop them back in their original coutnry.

    Well, how to say… hum hum… OK, here it is :

    There is a very efficient network coping with this horrible fact (RESF, follow the link, even if you don’t speak french, you’ll undestand) :

    …and those bloody white monkeys, do you know what they do ?
    They HIDE them ILEEGALLY, facing huge penalties (fines upto 50000 euros and upto five years imprisonment, so those black immigrants do not get deported.

    And they are not just a mere dozen of those chaps : they are thousands, from every class of the society and political parties (except the fascists, of course). Remember : I IMPORTED a Nepali in France. You can smile : it’s supposed to be a joke 🙂

    But Jyoti, you are so much obsessed by your… obsession, that I forgot I initially came here to comment this UWB! post, which I found wery refreshing from the usual political melodrama jam stuff. And not only in Nepal : listening to the news in Europe is rather depressing, by the time being.

    Wish I would be 30 years younger (I’m 50), ’cause those gals look are so pretty in their nepali dresses 🙂

    I will not talk about he tantalizing nepalese beauties on the pics, because I’m sure you would overeact….

    As I write this, I remember the 80’s whre I could have been a part of this scene, too… Have you ever been in the deep countriside, in you own land, Jyoti ? I mean in, let’s say about two weeks away by foot from KTM or big cities ? They are like that, like me too, ’cause I’m basically a villager, not a city guy. And in Nepal too.

    Push your keyboard aside, Jyoti, and make your brrowser zoom full sreen on those photographs, breathe well and relax.

    There is beauty and love somewhere, at last !

    free online writer

  2. Noname are you kidding me? using my name “itoyj” ? you are trying to give a sort of impression that make us believe that it (itoyj) is a “different person ” i don’t believe you.

    there isn’t any…. itoyj….ok. but I am sure its you. Only you.

  3. Hello Jyoti,

    I was also surprised by name ityoj, but unfortunately it is not me! Come on, Im not that bad! I do agree with some of his/her views though.

    Its fine to criticise foreign policies, and and the way organisations such as the UN work, not to mention British immigration policy… As “itoyj” said though, do not reduce it all to a single race!

  4. itoyj

    come up with different name – that’s a shame you used my fake name.

    Just wanted to say this ” yes, I’m bitter coz I am real” haven’t you heard that “reality is bitter” I believe in reality. Stereotype people in Britain or US it can’t be possible, can it? they are the ruler of the world. we follow their policies, don’t we? people like you and Noname aren’t stereotype but how come ppl from Developed country, suddenly happen to be stereotyped?

  5. Jyoti- I think you should type in nepali bc u know even the language that you are tyoing in shows “racism”. Don’t blame the “white people” for all your problems. There are many examples of people who did not get opportunity in their own countries and have gotten success in the western world.
    You are greatly mistaken to assume that white people dominate everyone. There are many who have been successful in the western world who are not white. This success came to them becasue they were treated no different than the local residents of that country.
    Jyoti- if you don’t know people in Nepal you cannot get anything (any government work done), this is not true in the western world. As a woman in the middle east you are no one but an object so remember that the status of woman is far better in the western world.
    Think with your pea sized brain for a moment before you open your mouth and write in a grammar that has a TOEFL score of less than 100.

  6. So the problems lies me writing in English ? I knew that, how scared R U? are you scared…is it because, in case, English read my comments then they will shoot / dominate you? or what?

    Matri…..its my problem whether to write in English or Nepali. Don’t you worry about it. I can handle it.

    I am not coward like you even i live in their country. Look at you, its a shame! I dont want to put myself (my pride) down by communicating with you (your kind of ppl).

    I feel sick even typing…oh….you are so….it tells your level, truly.

  7. and i know that you want to so British….how much you care them, don’t you?


  8. Hi everyone,
    I know many Nepalis who have moved to the Uk and had a great time. Some have become quite successful and some have had harder times. From what I heard though, most found local people welcoming and friendly, especially away from the big cities, which i guess is just like Nepal!

  9. Our dear Jyoti, (who secretly lives ‘w the nazis in heaven or sth)
    Jyoti, clearly most of us here haven’t denied racism but we like to hope that there’s always someone who surprises you (its one way to prove that we are not animals!) but yr approach is unique…again, did u read that article i sent u?
    any thoughts at all miss?

    haha..its funny u generalize everywhere miss…ever wonder why the Russians, eastern Europeans ALSO get this same question….“why do you come here?” when they r seen doing sh*t work in US…FYI: Russians are white(surprise!)…do u get it? That’s irrelevant. People in developed country will ask that questions whatever yr f*cking color is…It’s about the feeling of insecurity with jobs at home…ask the red necks in here…once u r FOREIGN(the word u r missing), boy u r damned!
    guys she’s just gonna keep whining here! that’s the only way these creatures get through life! after all, we love differences

    Jyoti, 1 credit for u thou, fr getting all the attention here!

  10. hi joyti ji ,if people from other country comes to nepal for work?what do u do? i think u are racist.not those people.u better go to the mental doctor

  11. This discussion is going no where. I don’t understand why there is so much of hatred against a group or community of people with certain background. Like maila dai, it reminds me of Hitler and his atrocities towards Jews. Reconciliation is the only way out of this. Again, this is a dichotomy that a person with a name “Jyoti” indeed using the names in the likes of Mandela, Gandhi and so forth puke out that bile hatred. If I am not mistaken “Jyoti” means light, but here it seems the person is devoid of any light, or may be the light is too bright that the person is not seeing anything. It reminded me of that comic i read couple of weeks ago, Watchmen by Alan Moore, this eternal struggle between just and unjust and how we are all blinded by in this cardinal sin of universal hatred, and the only way to end this hatred,….. well, I am not going to spell it here!

  12. AK,
    ‘ “Jyoti” means light, but here it seems the person is devoid of any light,.. eternal struggle between just and unjust and how we are all blinded by in this c’ – very well said.

    Yas, i realize now that this whole discussion is going absolutely nowhere…but hey, thank god it still rains in Nepal!

  13. It seems that I’m the only person left who experienced ‘racism’ here? all of you guys seem never had to experienced of “racism” (who knows, perhaps, they never want to admit / share their past – except from Cuprien Luraghi who seems realistic, appreciate your story).

    I don’t hate you just bcoz you are white guy, when i was at Uni, i had lots of frens from French, Germany and i worked with Italian, Spanish and Polish students in Italian restaurants. You know, Cyprien, this is the main problem on us. if nepali people have something they think, they are very rich – out of touch!, if they don’t have a little, then our society gives them a second look which makes them feel small person. I still can believe these other guys who “talk the talk but can’t “walk the talk” not only nepal but this happen in entire South East Asia. They are more likely to listen to foreigner than their own. That’s why UN is so successful in Africa and S. E. Asia. (coz, we don’t trust our own ppl rather we embrace foreigners)

    In contrast, China is the only country left in the planet that, foreigner are not successful to air their influences. Because Chair man Mao, forcefully made chinese people realized the important of self reliant. No matter how hard challenges were, look at china now, Even USA is building “the world’s biggest Embassy in China” Chinese have improved their lives by double standards. We used to see in CNN, China’s misery before but now China can shake the entire world. Even world’s most powerful country USA is running after China now.

    Yes polish gets questions like “why do you come here” actually its a national debate in UK. Brits are complaining on “Too many Polish came to Britain and took their jobs (not only service providing job but other too like: doctors, engineer etc)” even politician are finding hard to tackle this issue now. There are so many documentaries shown on TV about polish living in the UK. which mainly documented on how they think of Brits and how Brits think of Polish. Compare to polish, we are nothing. Many asians never or haven’t have yet, reach there, to experience “racism’. So I don’t expect some ppl to understand this just by meaning.., afterall ‘racism’ is about feeling, experiencing…and so on…

    if some body talks about something that doesn’t mean that is all about that meaning. we don’t even say to each other that we are hungry because we don’t want to show other people to show our problem. we just learnt to fake our shortcomings. Asian in UK are too shy to share this problem each other therefore never got the solution either, and the result is – stay at home, accepting doll.

    But some ppl are challenging, have a different drive (a hope, idea, vision) in mind and try to face and fight for it. there are still one organisation called “BNP” in england and one in US “KKK”

    I like to scrutinize every thing before i jump into conclusion. the will be no “Hitler” and there will be no “Holocaust”, if there was no middle east (Oil). There will be no Israel, if there was no “Hitler”.

    I live very well. perhaps some of you guys never dream of. But that’s not fair if I fake “racism”. Just the way you are faking it. How our new generation, will be known, or how can we educate them if we don’t talk about “racism” the more you know. you will survive better.

    Racism will never go away as long as we (human beings) live in this world of Globalization.

  14. Hey Mrs Joti, wassup?

    I scollled up your comments. you said. “Tourism is good for Developed country, not for developing country.” where did you get this naice idea from? Give me some reasons and examples if you are wise enough and why???? I’m really shocked

  15. For Mrs Kathmandu Born Baby

    From your question, i can guess that, you think yourself very wise person. I would have answered you, if you have approached me different way.

  16. CYP

    I hadn’t looked up your writing until now. I have no idea, why you put that french links?

    Cyp, you may be 50 but I am sure i have travelled many places more than you and met many ppl than you. Let me tell you how i did that. at he age to 7 i started to help my father with his shoe shop in Kathmandu. When i started college, i started working voluntarily in a magazine. when i was 18, i went to different places of nepal, sometimes for 2 months or sometimes 1 weeks for data collection.

    Cyp, you have asked me question like i never have put my feet out side to Ktm? Do you know, even in USA and Europe (doesn’t matter whether you belong to a country or a big city), people don;t know about their own country.
    Despite the fact these people are in developed country ( this means – they have good transportation system ie trains, tubes, buses, own transport), what about Nepal? as you mentioned, that you’ve been to Nepal, did you see any trains running or any systematic transportation? None. and Still we could n;t afford it. But i still managed somehow to travel my own country.

    Cyp, if you ask, people in scotland a question “Have you been to London?” and answer you get is “No…Never!” but I heard of it! there we go. Therefore Cyp, do you ask me that stupid question again. I know, not only Britain but many parts of America and Germany but still to explore France.

    As i said on my previous comment, I like to know things and open my mouth. that’s exactly I’ve been doing here. you may be thinking that I am ‘Illegal or refugee”, I am not any of these. But I keep myself aware of these issue. I saw a documentary about a “french man” helping refugees from Afganisthan, Iran and African continent to go to Britain. He gives foods to these refugees everyday. So you don’t need to tell me, how people are in this world.

    Cyp, i would like to ask you one question. since you said you know Nepal and its places and people very well, apart from giving false compliments, ie “nice people people” “lovely country”, what have you done for poor people of Nepal so far from that?

  17. or are you planning to go nepal for quite ‘meditation” because you are 50 now (don’t get me wrong here, coz, that ‘s what foreigners do- they open charity school , keeping 20 pupils on their school and make money)

    Cyp, you know one french doctor, he is in nepal, living there doing meditation. No wonder these old foreigner will make nepal like “Tibet” . meditation …meditation …..meditation but no work! its okay for them coz they get money from their country or perhaps pension but what about Nepal? What if youth, teenager or adults (hot blood) follow the same path as you? who will be responsible for that?

    Don’t try to make Nepal another “Tibet”!

  18. u clearly didn’t get the point: U seem to want to talk(n preach) abt racism at a wrong place, wrong article ‘w a wrong approach! but hey blog’s not a bad place to answer an idiot so im gonna go at it. oh im sorry did i hurt yr feelings?oh I’m just another “innocent Nepali people” like u said.. keep reading…

    Joti, may b u r the kind of person who takes comfort in conveniently believing that there is this problem in life that will treat u like a b*tch and there’s nth you can do about it OTHER THAN WHINE ABOUT IT. most of us don’t. oh and we appreciate, if things are going the right way (hint: this article) With racism, there’s only one solution- increase awareness and learn how to keep an open mind and POSITIVE ATTITUDE…without b*tching about it. let’s see how we’ve(YOU) handled it…

    Okay, so racism is a big deal and it’s a problem..what do we do? go out to UK, US, etc etc…get the whole racism EXPERIENCE (Joti is a self proclaimed gold medalist on this) and with this increased awareness, wat do we do? live a pretty gud life abroad like u mentioned…and then start preaching online through holistic approach about how people should open their eyes to what’s new in the World- racism!…miss u think we are living in stone age?…wat do u think of yrself the ONLY one to have seen the world? wake up!…..but you are right with one thing, it is about experience…in a 98% white community, where I had my culture shock at its best/worst there were was one white family (my roommate’s) who treated me like their own when I was an ‘alien’ to that community, since then I like to think that there are good people around.. You probably had a horrible experience..sorry!

    “Racism will never go away as long as we (human beings) live in this world of Globalization.” So that’s the best u can come up with….acknowledge, and share how shitty it is..take a break share a gud story every once in a while, it’ll make others smile 🙂 , its gud for yr health. life’s too short to complain and frown all the time.

  19. Hello everybody and sorry because I did not reply fast… work, work…

    Jyoti : I am not of the meditative kind. Not at all. Neither was I a working for a charitable trust : I was a trekking guide. And as such, I just did my job the best I could.

    That means : for my tourists AS WELL AS for the nepalese staff. That means : I fought fiercely for the porter’s cause and trekking crew, for a long time, along with a friend and coleague, and I got so extreme about it that I even lost my job with one french company because of that (I found another one six month later.)

    And I supplied quite a few health posts with medicine for years (in Kusma/Baglung region) for a french NGO. And the chaps who managed this association made no money at all, believe me. They had rather hard times finding a job when coming back to France, little man…

    You mix up everything.

    If you don’t believe me, just keep in touch and I’ll give you my best friends contacts in Nepal.

    Oh, I forgot something : I was (and am stil) a strong and very active supporter of democracy during the first Andoolan in 1990, being blacklisted by the former king Birendra’s govt. If you want details about this period, just ask me.

  20. u are physco why we are giving so much attention to this punk joyti.who doesnt live in nepal and talking about racist.hey u if u think people are racist there.why dont u stay in nepal? why u are out of country ?u…..

  21. stupid, DK !
    R u an ass…hole? just today, 2 chinese students were killed…what do you think of that? no racist?

    U physco bass…tard.

    why don’t you f…up you mouth

  22. DK

    Thanks for the modern education of Nepal. All they learn is to use bad language . what’s the point of going in a boarding/english school spending so much money?

    Shame on you! who can’t even pronounce a word and who can even spell properly, a word “psycho”?

    Why don’t you get one thing – ‘Bloody Americans knows about Mars without being in there” I don’t have to be in nepal just to know racism, do I?

    who is asking for attention? i don’t need any of yours comment. You are short sighted arrogant psychopath!

  23. CYP,

    How do you first participated (reasons? what made you interested?) on this blog?

    I don’t think that you need to justify yourself to me by giving your friends contact in Nepal. But I am glad that you did good job. you mentioned 80’s and 90’s…, you see, i was at secondary school in 1991, i still recall the movement; how we had to run home every day! …you know things like that.

  24. I know this blog since the very beginning ; also I do read nepali e-newspapers everyday : Kantipur, THT, Nepalnews… just because I think Nepal is my homeland, even if I am far away and not able to go back there (family + work, and I’m not rich, too).

    I am a blogger in France, but of a special kind : an e-writer. I was published on paper quite a few times, then I realised in 2001 that the web was going to replace books in about thirthy-fifty years. So someone has to start, so I did. And I write also a lot about politics, and not only the french one : I am a leftist, because my parents were extremely poor (father was a mason). I don’t belong or believe in any party, though : power corrupts and spoils everything and everybody.

    But I fight for people’s rights, as much as I can, allways ; here and there.

    Las point : people think that Birendra was better than gyane. Wrong : he was a bloody bastard too, and the ex-queen a filthy snake. They ordered to open fire in front of Narayanhity palace on 6th of april 1990 and I was the : they even shot kids and elders.

    And I am being realistic in thinking that nothing will really change with the republic. Corruption rules.

  25. I hope I can offer several views on this, having lived and worked as a (white) British VSO (like Peace Corps) in Nepal in the 80s, and now as an English-born resident of Scotland.

    The pictures brought back happy memories of doing the same near Dhankuta, and of my admiration for Nepali farmers. When I left I was replaced by a Nepali colleague, and I hope I made a useful contribution through my work (that is for others to judge). It is also for others to judge whether I should have been employed in the first place; perhaps there was a (?racist?) assumption amongst my colleagues (Nepali and British) that a foreigner could do the job better. I learnt far more from my experience than I gave, but that learning has influenced me ever since and I hope helped me understand issues of poverty, development and racism.

    As for racism, yes of course there is racism in most societies, but you are more likely to find it in those who isolate themselves from contact with other races and cultures than in those like the pictured foreigners who seek to get involved. Indeed, they may have been working in Nepal rather than tourists; I’d like to know more.

    I never experienced racism against myself in Nepal; in fact I was sometimes embarrassed by the hospitality and friendlinesss of Nepalis, and their readiness to make me comfortable, often at their own expense. Occasionally I saw racist attitudes amongst foreigners towrads Nepalis, and even more rarely amongst Nepalis towards other castes or ethnicities. Even this was usually sweeping and ignorant generalisations and stereotypes more than actual hatred.

    Context is very important; I have lived in Scotland for 13 years and my accent immediately identifies me as English, but I have never experienced anti-English prejudice. However, if I was interested in soccer, or if I lived or worked in a socially-deprived area, I might have had that experience. Many people outside Scotland, however, are very ignorant about the differences between Scotland and England and again that ignorance can lead to thoughtless stereotyping.

    Jyoti has obviously experienced racism in my country and that makes me deeply ashamed but I can assure him that not everyone is like that.

  26. Asale Mulekom JOTI

    Joti is a black skiny girl for sure.
    White pplz hate Joti because she seems like an Islamic terrorist.(even nepalese ppl ignore islam)
    Joti can’t have job with white guys cause her brain is backward.
    As i know Joti is from Birjunj, souther black girl even she hate Madhesi, Pahade and Himale cause she is totally different from them, absolutely she is from middle-east, golf country fled to Nepal. But I love JOTI :))

    Long live Islamic Republic of Nepal

  27. Jhilke

    I am talking about Racism here as general. Let me clear one thing, this is nothing to do with whether I’ve been bullied by Racists or whether I’ve experienced Racism. You are right on saying “not everyone like that”.

    Jhilke, I am not sure about you, you can be emerged from nowhere just like that, or maybe another face of “Cyprien” both were in Nepal in 80’s, who knows. With these reasons I am a little bit of tentative involving in this conversation.

    Jhike, If you say, Nepalese people are friendly and nice, do you know, what we think? what that makes sense/means to us? – that means, we don’t think of bad people in nepal and we only think of good thing that people are really and truly friendly and nice.

    If you say, Chinese people are rude, then, we/all the people think chinese are really rude and ruthless animal rather than human being. That’s what we been thinking because of British/American media coz we never get to know each other closely. But I understand, there are so many reasons behind that for British and Americans to say about China and Chinese people.

    Jhilke, when you say, I am from Britain (or I’m British), we never think of whether you’re a scottish, welsh, or Irish ? you see, a person can represent whole country / whole community.

    When British Prime minister, then Chancellor, in Indian in 2007 was asked by reporters about “Big Brother” thing that Shilpa shetty being attacked in the BB house. Do you know what he said? He said that British people don’t believe in racism and Britain is a country of fairness and human rights, and people of other side of world believe him.

    Jhilke, my point of saying these are to make clear that if people racist they are racist no matter which background they belong to, no matter how modern or how educated they are (as you are aware, there are many MP who made a racist comments and they’ve been sacked by Tory leader recently!)

    Jhilke, have you seen an award wining English movie called “This is Britain”? I think you should see this,….you know Jhike, Racisim is very complex thing, there are so many elements and factors involves in it. So its not that simple to define racism is about only “Color or skin” . Do not try to categorized these people, when it comes to “racism”.

    Jhilke, you said that you lived in Edinburgh for 13 years. I sure you recognize some places this places in Edinburgh like, Niddre, Pilton, Muirehouse, Broomhouse, Gilmorton, stenhouse?
    Oh, you can’t even drive through these roads, you know what children do? they throw stone at you, they throw eggs at you not only that they break public transports buses and telephone booth etc etc. even kids like 6years old can be quite intimidating to talk. when they talk, they swear every word.

    So please don’t try to ignore these people, when advetising and teaching Britishness and British value. when these people bully and make racist treatment, please don’t try to convince us by saying, ‘oh, these people comes from deprive family” and don’t try to treat these people as “some people”
    Like it or not, these people represent “Britain” and Britishness.

    Just like Jade goody represented Britishness. Oh not only that but interestingly, former “MIss England”- Daniel and singer “sclape” were all involved too. Jhike, do you categorized them in a different category too?

  28. UWB, this is the first time you put my comment straight with out having to await for moderation????

  29. I dont think Jhilke’s intention was to define Britishness. There is no such thing as “britishness” or “british values” anyway. It is something that the government and right wing tabloids use to try to justify who “belongs” and who does not “belong.” In reality, the UK (and any country) will always be made up of diverse peoples and social groups.

    So called “anti-social” or “non-British” behaviour has a cause (eg. free market economy, racial discrimination, social alienation, family breakdown- and all of these are interlinked and cause each other). By talking of “british value” the government can ignore these social structures that prevent people from fitting into their notion of “britishness.” Instead they criminalise people.

  30. Just to make it clear – no I am not Cyprien.

    I actually agree with alot of what Joti says about racism in Britain. I live in Edinburgh and recognise the places he mentions. I once considered applying for a job with an NGO in one of these areas, and realised to my shame that I probably knew more (and not much) about Nepali peasants than about my fellow citizens.

    Nepalis would sometimes ask me whether Britain had a caste system and I would say “well, not exactly, but….”. We have a class system that is often unstated and very subtle, but, just the same as you can know a Nepali’s jat by their surname, we usually make judgments about someone’s class by the way they speak and what they wear, and their interests. We probably shouldn’t, but we do. I suppose the important part is what you then do; whether or not you show prejudice, even at the level of making wrong assumptions.

    As I said before, context is everything. Within Britain, others make assumptions about me as soon as I open my mouth and within Scotland I am thought of as English. It doesn’t bother me because it has never led to prejudice.

    There are shocking examples of racism in Britain, of both the unthinking and the more active kind. Many of the tabloid papers encourage this with stories of immigrants and “bogus asylum seekers” taking jobs and benefits, and the 2 main political parties pander to those views;it’s easier than tackling underlying problems like poverty and edcuation. The resentment of poor white people also feeds on this, and leads to support for extremist, even fascist, parties like the British National Party.

    Europeans have absolutely no right to take the moral high ground about the caste system. I once explained the Holocaust to a Nepali colleague as Hitler killing 6 million Jews “because they were another jat” and he was of course, like any feeling human being, utterly horrified.

  31. Jyoti.. You are just another cynical individual. It seems you argue just to argue.. without much sense

  32. And Jyoti, take it easy… life is hard for everyone everywhere… Nepal is not racist for you then go back to Nepal, why are you craving for a job in Britain? Of course you can thrive in Nepal and you donthave to bother who is what and not.

  33. Dont want to make look like a series of comments.. but I have to tell you Jyoti, that look around everyone is sharing views against ‘you’. ever wonder why is that? why does everyone else find the world an easy place?? in fact its hard for everyone. but the key to survival is the ability to accept things as it is and understand the beauty of being positive. So what some britons come and enjoy a paddy event? or is it that you are so cynical, unsocial and solitar that you lock yourself in your dank attic in scotland, and not talk to any britons around?

  34. Yes… best is to be positive. Prejudice and racist attitudes are in pretty much every country, open minded people are also in every country.

    The best things we can do is to understand how to deal with the problem (along with other opoen minded individuals). There are many organisations that seek to tackle racism, at least in the UK context. However, it is also important to understand that racism usually has a cause, which is quite often economic deprivation and/or ignorance.

  35. Dear Jyoti : no, I am not Jhilke… but I do agree with what he says.
    It’s exactly the same everywhere and that is sad. Beign a victim of racism makes you react like you do and I understand, but please, do aknowledge that everybody is not like that.

    Hello to Mr. Smith, by the way. And have a nice day, all of you.

  36. Also remember that there are different forms of racism in European countries. People may have racial prejudices or talk about losing jobs to “outsiders” etc (fuelled by tabloids), but in reality when they meet someone from a different race common humanity kicks in (or so i like to think) and they will actually be perfectly decent to them. This is probably most common, and I have met many people like this.

    Supporters of fascist groups etc however represent a much nastier form of racism, and fortunately such people are the tiny minority. Such groups prey on the poor, just like groups all over the world that promote politics of hate. Rather than raising their voice against socio-economic oppression, excluded groups are deceived into believing oppression is a result of some “other” group.

  37. I am totally upset by some people who can’t even use their own name for this. So is this the beginning of another propaganda; “e-bullying” “e-racism” or
    “e-abuse” ?

    I know why they are treating me like that because i am the only woman who is arguing with so many men, isn’t it? That’s how you treat a woman?

    I think , we need a woman president in America and Britain. These people will understand how women really behave!

    I wanted to write something on Smith’s comments but as soon as i saw my name being used, all my desires collapsed.

    Smith, you are lucky that you didn’t get anything from me.

  38. Sushrut

    Idiot Sushrut, if you don’t know the context that we are talking, don’t bother to involve your worthless and thoughtless ideas on me.

    I don’t care, how many people made comments against me. I am confident, intelligent and bright person. I respect myself and my achievements.

    I don’t need any suggestions on where and how I should live my life. I am living in Edinburgh paying income tax, paying council tax, paying TV license, paying rent and paying my gas and electricity bill. So, here, I pay everything, you (Sushrut) don’t these bills for, do you? Therefore stop, barking at me like a dog.

    You cynical idiot, get this right – It’s my life and I decide where and how i should live my life. and get this clear, I am completely capable of making a decision of my own.

    You are like another “George Bush” who thinks all the muslim are “Terrorist”.

  39. correction – should be ” you cheap Sushrut, don’t pay these bills for me, do you?”

  40. Sorry other people were using your name Joti. I would like to see an end to the abusive language that pops up from time to time also.

  41. Smith

    I know what you mean. I like to have proper debate on any issues and I think, its nice to share opinions. But most of this blog users don’t understand what a proper debate/conversation should be like. These people live in USA and they use different names every time they sign in and if they don’t like someone they misuse their names to show that they are bad.

    I guess, they never seen a debate before. Well they are living a Americans dream there – work…work….work!

  42. “Well, hi! I’m Joti and I represent Nepal for all reasons here in UWB” You are such a joke and we all know it! except some ppl who are showing some sympathy..(well, you cud use some friends!)

    “These people live in USA and they use different names every time they sign in…” Well, I do live in US…but not sure if ALL OF US do…plus, don’t have a myusername – Scotland format to easily figure out the identity and geographical position…so, unless u got a sixth sense to figure that out (promise…I won’t be surprised!)….oh, and i don’t use another name, just for the record 🙂 I’m sure u can take my word for it

    Hmm..generalization..generalization….that’s word..all the Brit’s can ever learn. well at least u seem to be the epitome of generalization.

    American’s dream? What’s the British dream? Sit, watch, comment and preach? You might wanna try the America’s dream for a change…it really works..!

  43. sorry, my vessel isn’t ready for a maiden voyage to your island…it usually works the other way around….You and yr neighbors hop on yr little boats and get over to the liberty land of US… British dream? I’m sure it’s nth more than watching 5 days of cricket anyways. fun fun.thanks for the invite!

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