Nepali Congress Mass Meeting in Pokhara

The 80 plus year old Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala still has the same energy that he used to have in his young days. This man, the most powerful prime minister of Nepal, went to India the day he took oath in the parliament and addressed the meeting of SAARC in New Delhi. Back in Nepal, he was in Pokhara to address his party Nepali Congress’s mass meeting. Here is a report by Neil Horning All pics by Neil Horning.

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Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala spoke in Pokhara today. A crowd of ten to twenty thousand people, slightly larger than the Maoist Newa Mukti Morcha rally in Kathmandu, gathered in Amorsingchowk to witness the event. Koirala, himself, spoke for about 5 minutes before the crowd hurried off to avoid a gathering hail storm.

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Koirala sits down while others conduct the closing chants. Below: Koirala waved around a looseleaf notepad while speaking, presumably containing his notes. Central themes focused on “Peace, stability, and complete democracy.”

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A look at the crowd

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A view of the crowd from the stage

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Another look at the crowd

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A few spectators stand on a rest platform a ways back from the crowd

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Riot police provide security

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The Armed Police Force guarded the event with light machine guns and other automatic weapons. When Maoists brought the same weapons (under U.N. registration) to Prachanda’s events they were criticized for displaying arms in public.





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  1. gorkhali Avatar

    “Neil Horning is not a journalist, he is a Maoist lunatic”

    Neil Horning is not a journalist. He has a clear bias in favor of Maoists. What a stupid non-sense?

    Did you read above when he says ” The Armed Police Force guarded the event with light machine guns and other automatic weapons. When Maoists brought the same weapons (under U.N. registration) to Prachanda’s events they were criticized for displaying arms in public. ”

    Can anything be more stupid? How can Prime Minister be compapred with a terrorist leader? How can a governement police be compared with the Maoists thugs, who are the most illegitimate in this country? Maoists are not authorized to carry arms, they stole arms from the government. They are thieves, dacoits, thugs, and terrorists. How can they be compared with the police force of the legitimate government?

    What a stupidity!

    Look at the new face of Maoists; read the fresh news below

    YCL cadres thrash businessman in Biratnagar

    A leading businessman has been thrashed by cadres of Young Communist League (YCL) and pro-Maoist union activists in Biratnagar on Tuesday.

    Shyam Sundar Sharda of Sharda Group of Industries was physically thrashed, garlanded with shoes and paraded around the city by the Maoist activists who accused him of framing an abduction of one of their members. He was later hospitalised.

    Sharda has been accused of seeking help of Indian criminals to abduct his driver Raj Kumar Rajdhami who happens to be a member of pro-Maoist workers union.

    Following the incident, business community in Biratnagar have shut down their activities accusing the administration and police of remaining mute spectator when Sharda was being paraded around the city.

    In another incident, Kantipur TV reported that a foreign employment entrepreneur Sher Bahadur Raut has been abducted by YCL in Kathmandu.

    Raut has been missing since last three days, according to his wife Kalpana Raut. She said that the Maoists have conceded that her husband is under their control. The Maoists claimed they were investigating case of cheating, she said. sd Apr 10 07

  2. gorkhali Avatar

    Comrade Neil Horning’s stupid reporting does not prove anything!

  3. gaunle Avatar

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    Hey Neil the “david hicks”, its worthless to compare between Girija and Prachanda, as one having 60 years of Political career and the other being killer and dacoit. Girija deserves honour where as prachanda should be present against international court for all of his wrong deeds.

  4. gaunle Avatar

    Hey Hicky,

    What does YCL mean? Is it Young Criminal League?

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    don’t push it there buddy. girija doesn’t deserves to be tried in a court as well for all his embezzelment of state funds and misuse of power during his reign.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    sorry i meant to say girija does

  7. NepalBlood Avatar

    Neil is the “Lawrence of Arabia” of Nepal. 🙂

  8. gaunle Avatar


    Girija deserves to some extent as we all have seen he is to one to dissolve the government and parliament when his party was having half the majority of the seats and from where all the ups and downs in nepalese politics started (after 046 BS).

    These politicians fought among themselves for power after 2048. Further, the achievements of 2046 did not lasted and the practise was short lived as Maoist started their struggle after 2052.

    so, to whom to blame : King, Political parties or Maoists? I think those whom started armed revolution should take the responsibilities. After all killing is not a solution.

  9. gaunle Avatar


    do not show how contaminated you are. Neil is no other than “David Hicks”

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    gaunel: technically all the leaders are to blame. Nepal has had no leader that cares about its people – that’s why we are where we are.
    I agree killing is not a solution. But many people have made major mistakes in this war. The political parties did not take the Maoist threat seriously. Remember Sher Badhur Deuba making fun of the Maoists? Also don’t forget that the SPA authorized operation Kilo Sierra which killed hundreds of innocent people and fueled the Maoist insurgency.
    The army is also to blame because they were very ineffective in fighting this insurgency. RNA men killed and tortured many many people as well – it may have played a part in fueling Maoist sentiments. I still don’t think they are worse then the Maoists as some people like to suggest. But I am saying there are many many people involved here. It was a mess.

  11. gaunle Avatar


    You are right to some extent. Infact, leaders are not born in Nepal. Thats why foreign elements play their role.

    If you find two nepalese together, they will fight with each other. If third nepali joins them, then one will be the leader and other two will follow him. If two more join the group, then there will be fraction among them. This is the harsh reality in Nepal. We talk about unity but we do not have attitude to unite.

    Ok, lets talk about unity. As a normal citizen, I myself admit that I am reluctant to accept maoism but for the shake of my country I am ready to join hands with Maoist group. So why not try to include all the groups, even madhesi groups, royalists, armies and polices. Lets stop all the critisism and unite among ourselves.

    What factors do you think are most important to unite we nepalese?

    Ok, I will not say any thing to Neil, in return I will expect some good advices from him for our unity.

  12. scoop Avatar


    Duh! Koirala or any Prime Minister of this nation (or other nations for that matter) is always given armed police and army for security. This is normal practice in case you did not yet know. What is’nt normal practice is for leaders of political parties to go around with not a “small number” as you claim but quite a contingent of armed thugs. As for protection required for Prachanda, well it probably holds water as one of his own or a maoist victim would probably try to kill him, but the state or King on the other hand have had plenty of opportunity in the past but did not do so which should give you a little heads up as to the sort of politics that this nation follows.

  13. NepalBlood Avatar

    I was being sarcastic, and not too subtly either.

    Anyway Neil, why don’t you go climb a mountain or something? We expect that much from a tourist.

  14. noname Avatar

    Guys, I am still saying that WE Nepalis are giving too much importance to foreigners. Especially who do not require my sh*t too. We should be united…either Nationalists or Royalists or Maoists or SPAists. It’s out country and not these tiny winy arseh*les. First let’s get rid of the foreigners and then we fight with each other. Okay? This Neil Horny is on a Tourist visa…first give him a ride to Base camp…he will tour there…and then deport him.

    And this incident to Mr Sharda has baffled me…Now I am going to work double hard to bring down the criminal politicians and terrorists! And none of you…the Great Loktantrawadis here aren’t saying anything?

  15. noname Avatar

    F*ck Loktantra…Everyone is burning here…f*ck the loktantrabadis! Saaley chor haru. When your mom and dad die are killed then you will realise how wrong you are. But how can your mom and die because they are SPAMmers and they are killing innocent people in Nepal.

    You all will burn the death of rascals!

    School employee shot at in Thamel

    An unidentified group shot and injured an employee of a school in Thamel of Kathmandu Wednesday morning.

    According to reports, a group of people in motorcycles shot Basanta Maharjan, an employee of Lokhit secondary school at around 8.30 am. He was shot while on the way to the school, reports said.

    Maharjan is undergoing treatment at Manmohan Memorial Hospital in Sorakhutte. pb Apr 11 07

  16. noname Avatar

    My 2 comments went into SPAM filter…please wait.

  17. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Good for you. I am glad to see your stance changing. I agree with you that all Nepalese need to unite. That’s crucial right now.
    However, with regards to holding hands with the Maoists. We have given them a chance. We have given peace every opportunity. However, after all this if the Maoists do not behave and continue with their ways then holding hands is not the solution! Today the Maoist central committee announced that they would start a fresh struggle if CA polls are not held. Who are these damn Maoists to keep throwing threats? If they don’t control themslves, control the YCL and accept the results of the elections (which I think they won’t do as well as they are excpecting) then we should not hesitiate to put the military option back on the table. It this event we would have full international support and we should resume an all out war and send Prachanda back to the jungles.

  18. gaunle Avatar


    I dont know whether holding hands with maoists will be fruitful or not. But still I do hope that Maoist will follow the peace process. Its true that maoist do have control over themselves. There are good leaders in Maoists but the lower level, uneducated and unemployed cadres are the trouble makers. Since, top level leaders do not have any financial plans (apart from forceful donations) to sustain themselves, the lower lever cadres will still continue their forceful deeds.

    Well, what am I to say? We have nothing to loose as most of us have lost everything. Even, if they start struggle again, we will retaliate to some extent as we did before. We nepalese are used to with these struggles.

    About the military options you mentioned, it will be implemented if maoist started their armed struggle again.

  19. gaunle Avatar

    oops.. correction in third line.. maoist do not have control over themselves.

  20. gaunle Avatar

    Role of India:

    (a) Supported Political parties against Rana regime.
    (b) supported king Mahendra’s autocracy during 2017 BS
    (c) again supported political parties during late 30’s and 40’s
    (d) Provided Moists the hideouts during late 50’s and early 60’s
    (e) Arranged meeting with political leaders and maoists for peace accord
    (f) Now supporting Madhesi Agiation (silently)

    I guess, Maoist minister received orders (from india) to allow Beauty contest in Ktm as the main organizer was Indian company Dabur. As maoists wings were protesting but leaders were unaware of the happenings.

    Further, because of Indian orders, maoist minister mentioned that it is not possible to stop foreign investment on Media which contradicted their own Chairman’s Views, as APCA house is being run by Indians.

    For how long will maoist get support from India? Since Maoist group in India are following the same path. Even Indian press highlighted some issues regarding unregistered arms being handed to indian Maoist by nepali Maoist and by which they launched recent attack in Indian police posts killing 50 Policemen.

    So, so, so… Lets see to whom India will support in recent days? wether create new political force or support agiating madhesis or try to re-stablish king?..

  21. Ashokanism Avatar

    No doubt he is powerful but I don’t like considering him a great leader. one should not forget the followings
    1. His daughter is Sujata Koirala who is the most nasty and dirty in Nepali Politics
    2. Dhamiza Kanda (Curruption)
    3. Lauda Airlines Corruption
    4. His nepotism and favourism in Nepali Congress Party
    5. Tanakpur Damside etc
    6. and what does he said in Pokhara ‘corrupted will be punished’ what ????? what a bull shit is that – currupted will be punished. is that a thing to say. Its a default message as ‘water is wet’ or fire is hot he he he funny saying by such a big leader, which don’t suit him at all

    he is the one who is responsible for this situation of the country.


  22. Neil Horning Avatar

    That was my reaction to “Corrupt people will be fired immediately.” Wasn’t that the policy before? If it wasn’t why the hell wasn’t it?

  23. bridohi Avatar

    Hey Mr Horning:

    Why don’t you mind your own business & go report the War in Iraq or Afghanistan? I bet you would get your white ass blown to pieces… No wonder you choose Nepal (safer eh? & not to mention you are now an EXPERT).

    Nepal is not a White Man’s burden. We have no oil, no nukes, no natural resources. Let us be. We will take care of our mess eventually.

    Please do not show the Ugly American (pun for the West by the way) side.

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    who the hell made you Nepal’s spokeperson? I actually happen to like Horning’s reporting even though I strongly disagree with his views. If you don’t like something he said then let’s hear your side of the argument… if you don’t have one I suggest you shut up and go line up outside a Western Embassy (maybe you are already in the west?)

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    just kidding about the lining up outside the embassy part. I certainly don’t want to encourage any more brain drain.

  26. bridohi Avatar


    Who the f..k made you the blog police… PKP or GPK or MKN? No wonder Nepalis are in arms against pundits like you. The day you burn your damned janais, we may find an iota redemption.

    Get a life. Go get a job. Do something as oppossed to wasting your time annoiting yourself the blog cop. Otherwise, we will have to put that danda up your ass.

    Who knows you may like it… ha ha…

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I appointed myself as the blog police. Just like Nepal, its time bloggers take things into their own hands police themslves. Much like Krishna Sh*tula, Wagle just sits around and allows chos and moronic comments on the website so its up to each individual blogger to take matters into their own hands.
    This is the new Nepal so you better get used to it. This blog is just a start.

    Get a job? Burn my Janais? Now that sounds a little contradictory doesn’t it?
    If I burn my Janais who is going to come around to your house and perform all those poojas? And then how will I have a job? Next time a bhun comes around to your house to perform one of your poojas you should put down extra dakshina for your insulting remarks. Who knows the poojari might be please and forget your remarks and put in a good word with the gods.

  28. noname Avatar


    Why do you pick up fight with everyone? In Blogdai too you fought with everyone. Here too everyone detests you. The fact is YOUR way of thinking and your acts are wrong. Grow/Shape up or Ship out.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    hey noname: guess what? I don’t really need your approval to be here. besides you are the last person I will heed any advice from considering the kind of things you say. Please kindly just stick to saying those 2 words you have in your vocab: SPAMMERS, Warlord and leave me alone. How about that?

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    by the way its Bhudai not Bhude.

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