It’s Damn Cold Out There and People Are Dying

cold grips nepal

Four more people in Siraha died today due to the cold wave that has hit the Terai region hard in the last few days. The death toll in Siraha district alone has reached 9 till date, totaling to 22 in the eastern Terai. Though precautionary measures have been taken, because of improper management, the cold wave has been claiming lives in the Terai region everyday. However, the district police said that there is no data available on the deaths due to cold only. According to Kantipur, Jagdev Yadav, 70, Mahesh Mahato, 65 and Ramdev Kamati, 55 of different villages in Siraha died of the cold wave today. Similarly, Jhagal Majhi, 45 of Bara died Wednesday night.

cold grips nepal

Due to the heavy fog that covers the region whole day has forced the elders to stay put at home, whereas the schools are seeing students in the classrooms in small numbers. With the mercury also falling down sharply along with the cold wave, minimal commercial activities have been noticed in the region. Earlier, three people had died in Rautahat alone due to the cold. The deceased were Chamelia Devi, Ram Lakhan Mahato, 85 and a yet to be identified 65-year old woman.

cold grips nepal

Previously, the cold wave had already claimed three lives in the same district. Likewise, due to the extreme cold, over a 100 primary schools have been shut down in the district. Three people have succumbed to the severe cold in Bara. Sushila Khatun, 28, Sahudari Devi Shah, 65 and Shah Dev Mahara, 50 have lost their lives to the cold wave. Earlier, an Indian citizen had also died in Bara due to the cold. Similarly the cold wave also claimed a life in Siraha where earlier five people had died due to the excessive cold.

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12 thoughts on “It’s Damn Cold Out There and People Are Dying

  1. Even in Kathmandu, its getting too cold in the past few days. No sun light could be felt till 10 or 11 am as the city is covered by thick fog. Not the cold wave like they are experiencing in Terai though. That’s too bad. And those kids, I feel sorry for them. And I extend my sympathy to those animals as well. Jado ma seet lahar and garmi ma loo, kehi garda pani sukha chhaina ho Nepal ma.

  2. Raja ko dosh ho. its his fault that the terai is cold. down with the king. ki kaso ho bidhwan bhadrajan haru. lets vandalize some post office or govt. buildings.

  3. What solution government is thinking to those poor should be the major points.

  4. Blame it for global warming, I feel my temperature rising like El Nino….. oops just the opposite, Perhaps

  5. Well the political parties should carry out their demos in a constructive way, perhaps providing warm blankets to people hit in cold waves is a good idea !!!

  6. The government must divert royal family’s salary to relief for people hit by cold wave. Those people don’t deserve no salary anyway. They don’t even need it. They have enough. The money belongs to people and to people it should go.

  7. What in totality is “Neta lai masti janta lai shasti” in the country which is found in the political map only.

  8. cheaper central heating system could help…but why would any one bother to invest in developing such techno. if u are comfortable in A.C rooms and can turn ur head from those poor,draped in thin blankets and still dying of cold…

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