A Day After Snowfall, It's Strike in Kathmandu

A day after Valentine’s Day and the historic snowfall in Kathmandu valley it was time to be disappointed for the residents of Nepali capital who were planning to go to the hills surrounding the valley and play with the snow. There is a strike in the city thanks to an organization that claims to be the representative of Nepal’s indigenous and ethnic people. Very few public vehicles are playing on the otherwise chaotic streets and supporters of the organizer, Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN), mainly unruly street kids, are in charge of many junctions in the city. They are stopping the vehicles that dare to run and vandalizing them. A few vehicles carrying tourists can be seen. A few cabs and three wheelers are carrying passengers in mainly in those routes where no protesters were present. The NFIN called for a valley banda to put pressure on the government to address its demands and amend the interim constitution, reports eKantipur. The NFIN has been demanding proportional representation electoral system based on ethnic population. (Here is more about the strike.)





8 responses to “A Day After Snowfall, It's Strike in Kathmandu”

  1. Birko Avatar

    So the excitement created by sudden snowfall is evaporated just like the snow itself. Back to the suffering. I walked for an hour today to come back to home from college. I didn’t know it was strike but when I came out of college there were no buses on the road. What could I do, poor me? Walked and walked and walked. I am very tired now.

  2. Kirat Avatar

    I will never condone a strike because it’s only the ordinary folk who will suffer but really that’s the message this govt. is sending to everyone-if you have a grievance call a successful strike and then we will listen otherwise we will ignore you. Fcked up that’s what these so called leaders are.

  3. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    It’s frustrating to reach such news. We are a failed state.

  4. Patriot Avatar

    Couldnt agree with you more Kirat. I just hope the leaders dont take too long to realise that they dont have a choice but to yield to a legitimate demand like this. We really cannot afford more strikes.

  5. xnepali.com Avatar

    Why don’t these people discuss before BANDAs ?

    I think bandas could have been a great bargaining tool in the negotations.

    It is all because everybody think Nepali people are CHEAP and you can do/experiment whatever you like with them.

  6. Patriot Avatar

    Its more what examples our leader set.

  7. Patriot Avatar

    Its more what examples our leaders set.

  8. sonam Avatar

    No one has the paitence to wait for the CA elections and everyone wants their points to be included in the IC. at this rate we should just amend the old constitution, include all the demands and forget about the CA & IC.
    This will save a lot of time, lot of money and working days will not be lost, and lots of tyres will be saved.

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