Pistols in Parliament: Oops Maoists Did It There Too

Security guards of the CPN-M legislators of the Interim Legislature-Parliament today were found to be carrying weapons while entering parliament. Two security guards of two legislators were carrying a set of weapon each and were found by the police during routine security check.

Here is what happened: An Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) of Nepal Police first noticed two Chinese-made pistols with two Maoists (personal bodyguards for Maoist leaders Dev Gurung and Lokendra Bista) while they were entering from the south and east Gate of the parliament this afternoon. The ASI instantly notified about the discovery to his seniors and, after receiving orders to let Maoists enter the House with the weapon, he let them go inside. A few lawmakers from other political parties were witness to this incident. They immediately created noise. They encircled the Speaker’s chair to bring the issue to his attention. Later the home minister said, “I have taken it seriously.” After the debate became intense, the two guards were expelled from the house in coordination with the Home Ministry. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the Maoist spokesperson, expressed his ignorance over the incident and said that he was seriously committed in not repeating the incident in future. After the whole incident, some MPs were heard saying something like this: “Who will be responsible if someone fires at us at the time of heated debate in the house?” (more here) -reported by Sureshnath Neupane and Rajendra Phuyal







35 responses to “Pistols in Parliament: Oops Maoists Did It There Too”

  1. scoop Avatar

    People are fed up to the back teeth with such things. Maoists have lame ass excuses but no one can say much because even their bodyguards are allowed into parliament of all places with arms. What must be the state outside I wonder if in parliament they can do this. And this weasel home minister must have allowed them in, in the first place. Are you jokers still serious about any notions you may still have about the maoists having democratic intentions? This Prachanda is no less than Hitler and should be tried in the international courts for crimes against humanity.

  2. NePaLi Avatar

    BEWARE: once a terrorist, always a terrorist. Thats all i got to say.

  3. Patriot Avatar

    God … these guys are crossing all limits. Seems they’ve taken “Democracry comes from the barrel of a gun” too seriously.

  4. sonam Avatar

    good, so all the bunch of good-for-nothing jokers will kill each other, and the King and the army will be having the last laugh

  5. bibekananda Avatar

    There are so many reason I call to Maoist degenerated,untrustworthy and back stabber mob. This is the reason I never been to able to trust them as a political party. Even a so called legislature doesent have idea it is total illigal to bring weapons to parliament. Anyway this whole mob is total illigal product of political thought.

    We are now on peace processing through UN. But its not happening according to procedure. They have killed peaceful protester to Lahan. They took in custody opposition ruthless manner. They killed custoder in their custody.And, finally they entered to parliament with weapons.

    With all this reason i demand resignation of home minister on these factual ground. Readers might get confused about my expression. But thre is no surprise about this. I want accoutibilty and liabilty with responsibilty. Iam not from Madhesi forum or some thing like regional parties but Iam preety sure about first days of Madesi forum protest. It was total peaceful protest. Unfortunately we didnt make notice ,how serious it was. this is the result we have face that havoc state property disaster.

  6. Patriot Avatar


  7. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Maoists are in the parliament with the help of guns and they need the guns to get the best seat in the House.

  8. amar Avatar

    Thank God its only a Chinese pistol. Next year they will bring the Klaskinovs and the Ak-47s that they have recently bought from the Lashkar-e-Toiba in Kashmir.

  9. Patriot Avatar

    Wagle – please remove post # 6 “Prachanda …. ”

    I didnt make them, some loser is using my name. please delete and ensure tht this doesnt happen. Thanks

  10. sonu Avatar

    they think they are above the law, like in the driving licence case. they themselves beleive that without guns they have no existence, and to get media attention they indulce in this type of behavior.
    The Guns are also to warn the SPA members, to not to disagree with what they say, and if this is their behavior then we can surely guess what the CA elections will be like.

  11. Kirat Avatar

    With Sitaula as Home Minister (Sinister) expect a lot worse in the days to come.

  12. Suntale Avatar

    LoL, Hang all the maoist b*stard* in Tudikhel…

  13. guyfromktm Avatar

    Pushpa Kamal was busy the other day with his usual rhetorics about transforming Nepal.. but he is in the process of transforming Nepal into gun trotting hooliganisms and make it a terrorist state.. the power of the barrel will rule this nation from here on and the Parliament will be no exception..the only surprising part was that Situal was unaware of the entire incident– I thought he was one of the Maoists to begin with– well, that is not official, is it? So, his official version might have been to plead ignorant.

  14. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    This is a precursor to the way CA elections are going to be handled. So long as these Maoists exist there cannot be a threat free environment. If they can bring weapon to the parliament they can carry it anywhere.

  15. xnepali.com Avatar

    I am surprised… .
    …. It is quite surprising: How come the police became smart enough to find those pistols even if they were carried inside the parliament
    …. It’s quite surprising: maoist were not smart enough to hide them properly

    The overall incident is not that surprising, is it ??

  16. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    It is simply that Maoists are killers and they do not stop. Girija did a great mistake in trusting Maoists before he dies. BP was not a fool, who never trusted the communists. Girija is a Havaldar. He is putting the country in the line of fragmentation or disintegration by siding with the Maoists.

  17. rambler Avatar

    Well, what you call is rebellious adventure does not work in mainstream liberal politics.
    either they change themselves or they be ready to join the vile dust.

  18. sonu Avatar

    The maoist can never be trusted, they take about 35 crores from the govt and still harress the people for forced donations.
    They say their guns are in the UN containers, and they are still using them.
    The UN must inform the people of nepal and the international community, as to how many guns and types are in the container, and how many are floating outside.
    If the maoist beleive in the people power, they there is no need for guns, but this behavior shows that without guns, they themselves beleive they are wiped out.
    Somebody should move the international courts to try these people for killing common nepali people, they must be brought to justice. Saying sorry does not make a dead man alive.

  19. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Frankly I am getting really sick of these Maoist Bastards. Prachanda is a Killer and he needs to be sent to the Hague to be tried like Saddam Hussain and hanged! He has killed over 10,000 innocent Nepalis, displaced thousands, tortured thousands more. What I don’t understand why the public is so in awe of this faggot! I am suprised to see such a large crowd – what the hell is wrong with the people?
    And all these Royalist pieces of sh*ts who keep coming here and ranting and threating. Why the hell don’t they go and put a bullet in Prachanda’s head?

  20. stoic_ros Avatar

    -why they people under estimate oters ?
    -why they are not under the rules and regulation of nepal govt. even they are the members of 8 party al;laince?

    these are some questions that must be solved to make us beleive you ….remember GUNS AND WEAPONS .. never brings peace happyness….do as you say….your voice is hard and tough but you behave doubtly…we come to beleive you then you did something unwanted…..

    the way you want to show yourselves superior is not the right way…..be people and try to live like a nepali not as a MAOIST…

  21. sagarmatha Avatar

    I don’t see anything wrong with maoist. They like to bring their own democratic regime and which is and will not be possible throught peace and without gun. There are many examples in the world.The day will come people expect more with real dictatorship than democrats because of unstable democracy and ethnic crisis. Girija is one of the person who is either foolish or more ambitious in his position which might head this country toward civil war. Regarding maoist, they already announce publicly they like to bring their own kind of democracy and development but these NC people are foolish followers of maoist and Girija. Girija should take the responsiblity of all whatever it maybe good or bad.

  22. Shaman Avatar

    Surprising comments since most had assumed that once Maoists are brought into mainstream through negotiations, it will be peace and peace. Suddenly, that dream is shattered into pieces. And they are feeling the heat in the capital city. Earlier it was rest of the country burnt and elites within safe confines of Kathmandu delivered speeches about democracy and negotiations. Once the negotiations will be completed, everything will fall into place was the promise. Now it is ‘total’ democracy and there is practically nothing left to negotiate about. All prevasive human rights activists and nagarik samaj assholes have nothing to preach about. Politicianss don’t have autocratic king to blame for misrule and mayhem. Media does not have its favorite whipping boy, royal regime and the army, to scream about. Perhaps it time to look for new scapegoat – US, UK, and UN.

  23. Sergent Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit,

    Well, who killed 10,000 people,Prachanda ? I don’t believe this, he would not even kill a fly. Blaming the entire death to him is to blame George Bush for the everyday Mayhem (100/day) in Iraq. He is a HERO isn’t he? Prachanda is a Hero for many. Gyan Maharaj is a Hero for some but hated by many. In those western part, people die of hunger in thousands every year anyway. At least the ones who died died for a cause, a cause to make NEW NEPAL. They are brave people. Do not just bark and think of your self as a lion infront of idiot box, in reality your a mouse in a rathole.

  24. B Avatar

    You idiot sergent,

    You think that over 10000 Nepali people lost their lives on the command of prachanda for a cause? What cause? What New Nepal? Do you mean a better Nepal when you say a new nepal or do you just mean different but worse? Do you think saddam himself killed anyone? Was he hanged because he himself killed someone? Yes, George Bush should be tried and hanged for all the murderers and chaos caused by him in the middle east and the whole world in general. Prachanda is no hero? If he is a hero for many why is he so scared? why does he still need to intimidate people? Why kill people? why the extortions or kidnappings? Why is he afraid of the king (as it is clear by maoists disrupting and physically abusing RPP cadres)? Why does he feel the need to announce a republic Nepal without giving king a chance? I will tell you why…

    It is because he is really scared and the ghosts of all the innocent nepalis he has killed have started giving him nightmares. He is not really popular without guns. Infact he may well be the most hated leader ever produced by this country (yeah you thought we could not do any worse than girija didn’t you).

  25. sagarmatha Avatar

    Does New Nepal means;

    1. ethnic crisis
    2. civil war
    3. geo-political-division

  26. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    We are using our country motherland Nepal as whore ? i do not want to use this word but I can not help. The so called democratic parties could not control nepal for 12 years. Girija was PM for the 10 years during that period. Idiot King raped the country for 15 months along with his serial killer son. Maoists raped the country for the last 11 years. General and simple people who are peace loving people of Nepal- where they go now ? Girija should be reformed and do something immediately otherwise there will be another civil war based on ethnicity. If they want to bring the Maoists to the cabinet, bring them immediately. Even if they have some of their sophisticated weapons, they can not kill all the people because international community is closely watching them and UN is already involved in the process. When they have some responsibility as Ministers, they might show some maturity.

    Actually Prachanda is the biggest bastard any Nepali mother can produce. His parents should spit on the face of their son. Why kill poor peace loving villagers ? Nobody can understand. Have they touched any SAMANTI ? Because they are protecting the Samantis who give them the money and instead killing the poor people. They are no diffrent than Pol Pot.

  27. U2 Avatar

    Could we all stop using the word “Prachanda”. His name is Puspa Dahal. Let’s not glorify this “awesome” murderer by using the silly name he has given to himself.

  28. sonu Avatar

    When i took part in Jan Andalon 2, the political parties, said Nepal will be a better place without the ditatorship of the King.
    But now there is no government, there is ethenic war, which may even divide Nepal into different countries. These are not the mandate of Jan Andalon 2.
    The major mandate of Jan Andalon 2 was CA elections, at the present rate this will not be held for another year.
    If this is Loktantra and Naya Nepal, then sorry, I prefer my sweet old nepal, where i could travel around the country, wihthout worrying about bands and chakka jams, which had no ethenic civil war and all people were peace loving.

  29. scoop Avatar

    “all people were piss loving, licking powerful Bahun, Chhetri, Newar clansmen” will be a better description of things before Jan Andolan II.

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    B: stop trying to explain anything to this Sergent Maoist idiot. Look Saegent just realize that Prachanda, Bbauram and Mahara are all selfish bastards. They have brain washed you into thinking they will change Nepal for the better.
    They have caused suffereing to countless people and they have caused so much destruction and mayhem that they deserved to be punished. Look in during insurgency you pussy ass Maoists did sh*t to the rich and influential people. Who suffered the most? Poor Rural Nepalese. You guys targets poor migarant Nepalese workers who worked his backside off in the Middle East. But you did NOTHING about the currupt political leaders. You guys are pathetic, useless bunch of thugs. And you know what I cannot wait till the elctions when you will be humilitated. The Madeshis (40%) population is never going to vote for you, 90% of the people in KTM are never going to vote for you. They only place you are going to get votes is Rolpa because you have probably threatened people. HAHAHA I cannot wait to see you fcuking Maoists with like 6% of the vote humilated. Then I would personally like to come and SPIT on Prachanda’s face and piss all over Baburam!

  31. Nepaliby heart Avatar
    Nepaliby heart

    Yeah right Sergent !
    Do you realize that all the lives lost in this war was just because of a psychopath and a demagogue named Pachanda ! Well, Pol pot says he did that for people too, Hitler said the same, ‘to restore the pride of German’ ! It does not get into the heads of fools like you, you shallow readers ! Go deep, study how communism is a failed experiment all over the world and all maoists are trying to do is to re-live the same dream ! What Maoists leader have now is power, and mighty proud about it. Its not because people liked them that they are in power now. Why do you think they carry guns and pistols in places like parliament ! Sergent ! wake up sleepy head ! You dumb SOB ! Knock your head, or bang it on the wall ! You don’t seem to realise simplest of things in a straight way !

  32. angelica Avatar

    The People’s War for New Nepal was a way to take Pushpa Dahal( agree with U2 why call him Prachanda) abd bhattarai bahun to a platform where they could show their incompetant sorry arses…look at their wariors who probably were promised better life dying like rabid dogs in those camps where they can neither lit fire to keep warm or defend themselves from the diseses…they killed and tourtured their fellow being and are now paying for the sin…is that what u call “war for a cause” a cause to die in rat holes fested by bacterias and cold…good cause eh…

  33. kshitiz Avatar

    well mr. suresh nath neupane, I dont quite think that u r fulfilling ur duties of giving our rights back asap so should it matter if you were to be killed. Actually it would be a martyrdum if a mp died in the parliament.

    Maoist leaders who seem to be making the most efforts to maintain peace and form an interim government to the soonest have all rights to their security. In a country where noone knows whats going to happen and where leading websites like this have sections called “nepal in transition” maoist leaders have full rights to security.

  34. nepal nepal Avatar
    nepal nepal

    UWB: comment deleted

  35. nepal nepal Avatar
    nepal nepal

    yo saab girija ko style ho. he was PM then and he should have said in live TV right there. he was scared.

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