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New YCL in Town

After UML, Nepali Congress follows the YCL path of the Maoist party

Following the example of the Maoists’ YCL and the CPN-UML’s Youth Force, Nepal Tarun Dal (NTD), youth wing of Nepali Congress, has formed its own separate group “to combat corruption and anarchy”. NTD aims to mobilizing the party’s youths to counter the activities of YCL and Youth Force of the two major leftist parties. However, its leaders said their youth group with will be different in nature from YCL and Youth Force. “We have not set up a force like the YCL and Youth Force, but a taskforce to launch a nationwide public awareness campaign against all kinds of corruption,” said Uday Shumsher Rana, vice-president of NTD. “It won’t scuffle with YCL and Youth Force physically but will always be ready to face any situation while carrying out its anti-graft political campaign.” NTD Secretary Janmajaya Timilsina has been assigned to lead the campaign. The NTD’s decision comes amidst wide criticism that YCL and Youth Force are taking the law in their hands and ignoring the authority of law enforcement units of the state. Continue reading New YCL in Town

Young Criminal League? Here is Why.

Expressing serious concern over what it said were criminal activities of YCL (that is, Young Communist League of the Maoist party), the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to independently and impartially probe crimes committed by the Maoist youth wing and punish them on charges of criminal offence. “NHRC has received complaints and information that YCL has committed inhuman activities like abduction, murder, beating and issuing threats. NHRC expresses serious concern over these activities,” NHRC said in a statement issued yesterday.

In the statement, NHRC, the constitutional human rights watchdog, has listed 10 complaints it has received in recent days against the Maoist youth wing. They are:

* Murder of Ram Hari Shrestha after abduction.
* Seriously beating and injuring UML cadres Ram Singh Rai, Khagendra Kumar Rai, Dedraj Basnet and Kul Bahadur Rai at Kulung Bhojpur. All are being treated at TU Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.
* Destroying the house of Chandra Bahadur Shrestha of Okharpauwa, Nuwakot, accusing him of not casting vote for the Maoists and being active against Maoists. The house was under construction.
* Beating up and injuring Rameshwor Pokharel, a teacher of Nepane Secondary School in Gorkha for not casting vote for CPN (Maoist).
* Disrupting drinking water supply by cutting the pipes in Nawalpur-8, Sindhupalchowk, accusing villagers of not voting for Maoists and for not donating money for a road construction project.
* Death threats from YCL has forced the five-member family of one Nara Bahadur Gurung to flee their home in Changthapu VDC of Panchthar district.
* Mercilessly beating up five brothers of a family at Kaskikot of Kaski district.
* Manhandling Ram Banjare, the owner of Gulmeli Hotel in Arghakhanchi.
* Threatening Pratap Singh Tamang of Hokse VDC, Kavre district for voting Nepali Congress.
* Beating up teachers Krishna Prasad Pathak and Ram Nath Tiwari of Rameshwor Higher Secondary School in Chitwan.

Continue reading Young Criminal League? Here is Why.

After the Dinner, They Ate Him Alive

Eye on Maoist: The Koteshwor area of Kathmandu is tense today, just like yesterday, with traffic to and from Bhaktapur completely disrupted by the agitating locals who are protesting the brutal murder of a local resident by the Maoist PLA recently. Tires are being burnt. As I am typing these lines, people in Tinkune are shouting slogans against the Maoist atrocities.

Maoist chairman Prachanda, third from right, leader Baburam Bhattarai, fifth from right, and leader Badal, sixth, eat dinner in Ram Hari Shrestha’s (encircled) home a year ago. Pic courtesy Shrestha family Continue reading After the Dinner, They Ate Him Alive

People on the Street Chant a New Slogan: Down With Maoist

A reporter’s diary detailing pre-election atrocities of the Maoist in far west Nepal in Blogmandu.

Anti Maoist Protest in Koteshwor
Residents of Koteshwor organized an anti-Maoist protest rally today by blocking traffic.

Eye on Maoist: Even after the surprise victory in the April 10 CA polls, the Maoist hasn’t changed its wartime behavior of intimidation, abduction and killings. The Maoist is increasingly looking like a criminal gang with its YCL engaged in organized efforts to take law into their hands. Here are a few examples of how Maoist (or YCL) are engaged in criminal activities:

Maoist cadres kill a capital resident: Maoist cadres killed Ram Hari Shrestha, a resident of Koteshwar in the Capital, after abducting him two weeks ago. The Maoist conceded that the Shrestha, who was also the chairman of local Tole development committee, was killed after abduction by his own party activists. Locals of Koteshwar disrupted the traffic in the area today afternoon following the airing of the news. They shouted slogans like Maobadi murdabad [Down with Maoist] Continue reading People on the Street Chant a New Slogan: Down With Maoist

Who is the Real Witch? YCL or the Pregnant Woman?

Cadres of Maoist youth wing, YCL, thrashed a couple at Pwang VDC-8 of Rukum district yesterday accusing the latter of practicing witchcraft. Dal Bahadur Gharti and his pregnant wife, Devi, were severely beaten by local YCL cadres, Chunlal Gharti and Rajesh Malla, after the locals accused the Gharti couple of casting spell on a local girl, Bishnu Budathoki, who suddenly fell ill Friday (18 April) night. The locals also smeared black on the faces of Gharti couple and took them around the village after forcefully making them sign a paper stating that they would take responsibility if something goes wrong with Bishnu. Injured Dal Bahadur said, “They (YCL) forced us to concede to the allegation threatening us to drive out from the village.” Continue reading Who is the Real Witch? YCL or the Pregnant Woman?

Maoist Madness After Victory

As the vote counting was going on Maoit’s YCL cadres were stopping people at different places and searching their bodies, bags and wallets. Some Nepali Congress cadres were complaining that their money and mobile phones were confiscated. Maoists were searching for NC cadres and beating whoever they found.

By Damodar Neupane in Gorkha
Diary of a reporter

Nepali Congress activist beaten up

Many people might be curious to know how the election was conducted in the district where Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai won by the margin of more than 40 thousand votes. As soon as the voting ended in April 10 Nepali Congress and CPN UML complained to the Election Commission about voting irregularities. They refused to take part in the vote counting and because of that the counting was delayed by a day. Since representatives from other parties didn’t come, the counting began in the presence of the representatives from the Maoist and Janamorcha (Peoples’ Front). I reported about that live on Kantipur TV at 10 AM in April 11. Within hours Maoist cadre Amrit Upadhayay came to me and started debating over the report. As I was thinking there was no use in debating with them, my cell phone rang. I excused myself. Continue reading Maoist Madness After Victory

The Constituent Assembly Elections: hindrances and hope

The Constituent Assembly Polls around the corner, YCL cadres are being dragged into more than one controversy,with condemnations of trying to disrupt the elections.National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday condemned the Maoist attack against NC activists including Badu two days ago in Darchula district. The human rights watch dog has also slammed Maoists for reviving the United Revolu-tionary People’s Council. More Here The Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML, the two major factions of the ruling seven-party alliance Thursday flayed the Maoist decision to revive its United Revolutionary People’s Council (URPC). More here Though Senior Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai has claimed that the United Revolutionary People’s Council(URPC) is not a “parallel government”.

The assurance of the Maoist leader aside, Young Communist League(YCL) Ganesh Man Pun claimed that they are capable of capturing the entire Kathmandu in just five minutes.He was speaking at a protest function in Ratnapark to protest against police action at YCL offices Wednesday. More here

protest of YCL

The YCL Protest against the Police raid in Ratnapark on Wednesday. Pic by DK

The unrest in Terai, added to the list of hindrances to hold the Constituent Elections successfully Ameet Dhakal writes in The Kathmandu Post on why the elections are unstoppable now.

Election: Unstoppable now
Five reasons why election will happen


Will there be an election? Will the Madhesi parties come on board for the election? Is the election possible without them? We face a barrage of questions about the election these days. Everyone seems to be anxious about the polls, and it includes people from both ends of the spectrum: The ones who want it and the ones who want to scuttle it at any cost. On the surface, the closer we move to election day, the more uncertain it seems to become. But that’s just what appears on the surface; scratch beneath it, and the polls appear unstoppable. Here are five reasons why.

Continue reading The Constituent Assembly Elections: hindrances and hope

Economics of YCL upkeep :Rs 1 b a year needed

By Ghanashyam Ojha
( Published in the Kathmandu Post Feb 5, 2008) Can also be accessed at Ekantipur

KATHMANDU, Feb 5 – Much has been said and written about extortion, intimidation and abductions by the Young Communist League (YCL) and its occasional dabbling in social work. But hardly anything has been written on the financing of this most sophisticated and perhaps most ruthless political machine with 40,000 full-time paid cadres across the country.

The Post approached a number of YCL leaders in Kathmandu Valley and asked where they got the money to keep their organization going? The answer was almost unanimous: “It’s the generous contribution of the people.” But there is more to it than that.

Consider room and board first: YCL provides Rs 500 monthly allowance and food and accommodation to its full-time cadres. At a merge Rs 60 per day for two meals, YCL needs to spend Rs 18,00 for each cadre.

For 40,000 cadres, the monthly budget (including allowance and meals) is Rs 92 million, which means one billion rupees in annual terms. On top of this, YCL needs to find accommodation for the cadres, who are ready to ‘act’ any time the party orders.

YCL dance

Maoist YCL workers perform a dance at a property at Kapan belonging to Nepal Bank Limited.


Surprisingly, each of the YCL units is ‘self-sufficient’. The party doesn’t provide any financial support and has asked each of them to generate its own revenue. There are over 10,000 full-time YCL members, in 41 units, in Kathmandu Valley alone.

When asked how YCL manages its finances, Chandra Bahadur Thapa aka Sagar, YCL-in-charge for the Valley, said, “People provide it voluntarily.”

He offered a further explanation: People know that a parallel Maoist administration exists in the country and they cooperate, providing us financial assistance.

He proudly elaborated how his 300-member YCL unit, based in Balaju, has constructed new buildings for the unit with the help of ‘generous’ support from local people. “Generous people provided us bricks, cement and other items. So we were encouraged to build new houses for our comrades,” he said pointing to a construction in progress.

Pratap Gurung aka Mausam, YCL-in-charge of Kapan, also says he has been running his 100-member YCL unit smoothly with ‘generous aid’ from people in different walks of life.

“Shoe factories provide us shoes and various other industrialists provide food and other items. Even some hoteliers here willingly give us a monthly levy ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000. So we have not faced any financial problems so far” says Gurung, former company commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Third Division in Chitwan.

He also claimed that since the YCL punishes any criminals operating in the area, many business entrepreneurs and hoteliers are happy to provide them a monthly donation as ‘levy’.

Mausam’s team has occupied a garment factory, which is essentially the property of Nepal Bank Limited. The bank seized the factory after owners Laxmi Acharya and Sher Bahadur Thapa failed to repay debts.

But that’s bank property, how can you take it under your control? “Our party (Maoist) will soon talk to Nepal Bank and request it to sell it to us us at a reasonable price,” he said.

The locals in Kapan refuse to talk to the press about what they think of YCL activities in their vicinity. “I don’t want to speak about it,” a local hotelier told the Post, refusing to reveal his identity.
Forget the locals, even Kathmandu police refuse to comment about the YCL on record. A senior police official, preferring to remain unnamed, said, “The people are forced to provide money to the YCL.”

He also said the YCL has taken the law into their own hands in the name of maintaining security in various places.

“It’s an open secret that the YCL has been operating as a parallel administration in the country. Although we document their crimes, the government dissuades us from taking action against any YCL person. So we just ignore any crime in which the YCL is involved,” he said.

Police records, obtained by the Post, show that the YCL has set up offices in 23 locations in Kathmandu Valley alone.

When asked about the future of the YCL, Sagar, former brigadier commander of the PLA Dinesh-Ramji Battalion, said, “Once we form our government, it will be dismissed.” Till then, the ‘generous aid’- euphemism for soft extortion – will continue.