New YCL in Town

After UML, Nepali Congress follows the YCL path of the Maoist party

Following the example of the Maoists’ YCL and the CPN-UML’s Youth Force, Nepal Tarun Dal (NTD), youth wing of Nepali Congress, has formed its own separate group “to combat corruption and anarchy”. NTD aims to mobilizing the party’s youths to counter the activities of YCL and Youth Force of the two major leftist parties. However, its leaders said their youth group with will be different in nature from YCL and Youth Force. “We have not set up a force like the YCL and Youth Force, but a taskforce to launch a nationwide public awareness campaign against all kinds of corruption,” said Uday Shumsher Rana, vice-president of NTD. “It won’t scuffle with YCL and Youth Force physically but will always be ready to face any situation while carrying out its anti-graft political campaign.” NTD Secretary Janmajaya Timilsina has been assigned to lead the campaign. The NTD’s decision comes amidst wide criticism that YCL and Youth Force are taking the law in their hands and ignoring the authority of law enforcement units of the state.

Referring to the current activities of Youth Force cadres in various districts including Banke, Youth and Sports Minister Gopal Shakya, on Tuesday urged the party’s youth wing not to erode the UML’s public image. Addressing a program of youths affiliated with the CPN-UML in Nepalgunj, Minister Shakya said, “The whole party is behind this volunteers’ organization (Youth Force) but it must maintain the party’s reputation.” Shakya warned that the Youth Force would be more destructive than the Young Communist League (YCL) if it becomes undisciplined. Gopal Pun, joint coordinator of the Banke Youth Force, said the organization would not disobey the party’s directions. Following nationwide criticism, Maoist Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has vowed to dissolve the paramilitary structure of the YCL.






11 responses to “New YCL in Town”

  1. IT Freak Avatar


    What is the reason behind these group formations. the only reason that can be thought of is to show their sheer human force. to frighten people and businessmen for ransom and stuff and yes not to forget to fight against rival groups from time to time.

    these group formation has to be stopped. it won’t lead the country anywhere. just into total darkness.

  2. blackberry thunder Avatar
    blackberry thunder

    Kinda exciting huh!

  3. Janajati Avatar

    -First, they made unemployed to young generation…
    -Second, they are misusing the youth…
    -Third, they are making shield for them to safeguard the chair
    -Fourth, they are misusing the young groups specially of Janajati…
    Fifth- The young generation fight each other eye of eye and blood for blood for nothing…
    Sixth-These old crooks are trying to rule the nation in the blood of young generation…

    So, wake up young guys, fighting with each other for spoiling the nation neither give you anything nor to the people. Don’t be slave of these feudal leaders for nothing..

  4. Janajati Avatar

    In short…

    It is ;


    of young unemployed generation

  5. Janajati Avatar

    “Don’t allow politicians to misuse you”

    -Youth urged in Ghana

  6. entertainment ground Avatar

    it’s really sad to know the formation of such groups, it is in no way a good and healthy practice…

  7. Patriot Avatar

    This is gross abuse of unemployed youth by politicians. It is better to go abroad for labor than help these crooks ‘rebuild’ this country. Atleast the role of remittance cant be discounted.

  8. naya nepal Avatar
    naya nepal

    Formation of all these group will not only abuse the youth force but will frighten the public. These political now have started by exploiting these young men by all means just to fulfill their motive .Rather than showing the road to employment and creating opportunity for employment our politician want youth force to stand up for them against their wrong doing .This is sad and wont do good for our society. They will put these young innocent people in the wrong path and let the root that way for the rest for the life.
    show the way to employment
    show them the path of education so that we can create a sober society

  9. passer by Avatar
    passer by

    It is indeed a sad story that these politicians are misusing the youths for their selfish ends.Neapalis fighting with Nepalis for the sake of political powers for the Bahuns.

  10. Rohsik Avatar

    The group formation trend takes the country towards anarchism. The freedom of formation of unarmed, unisolated group is democratic culture, but i request all group members to leave their orthodoux thought and hangover of power. The politicians are trying to diveide the youth spirit and rule over our future. But mine is a kind request that gathering of youth for the purpose of federal democratic republic Nepal and common youth issues is most appreciable and important. In spite of dividing youth it is better to handover the ruling power to youth and see, the Nepal will be heaven of world, can you imagine it ” Budha-Pusta”/Old Generation.

  11. How to Get Six Pack Fast Avatar

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