Who is the Real Witch? YCL or the Pregnant Woman?

Cadres of Maoist youth wing, YCL, thrashed a couple at Pwang VDC-8 of Rukum district yesterday accusing the latter of practicing witchcraft. Dal Bahadur Gharti and his pregnant wife, Devi, were severely beaten by local YCL cadres, Chunlal Gharti and Rajesh Malla, after the locals accused the Gharti couple of casting spell on a local girl, Bishnu Budathoki, who suddenly fell ill Friday (18 April) night. The locals also smeared black on the faces of Gharti couple and took them around the village after forcefully making them sign a paper stating that they would take responsibility if something goes wrong with Bishnu. Injured Dal Bahadur said, “They (YCL) forced us to concede to the allegation threatening us to drive out from the village.”

Meanwhile, YCL member Rajesh Malla said, “We thrashed the couple as they kept changing their statement when we quizzed them.” Due to poor economic condition, injured Gharti couple has not even able to get treatment, neither have they lodged any complaint seeking justice.

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12 thoughts on “Who is the Real Witch? YCL or the Pregnant Woman?

  1. This issue has been ignored for a long time in Nepal. Why there have been many incidents like this before as well. “A woman accused of being a witch forced to eat shit”, there were news in TV on this topic and as far as I know the movie “Mukundo” is realted to this witchcraft thing in Nepal. I haven’t watched the movie so I don’t know the actual content of the movie.

    Anyways, this is a long so called “tradition” of our country to blame a woman of practicig witch craft and a group of so called leaders of village thrashing her, forcing her to eat shit or get exile from the village. As long as people are going to be superstitious and believe in such things, this tradition is going to stay in Nepal.

  2. good work ,
    now you people have the state and government….
    so,scold them,
    thrash them,
    beat them,
    hack them,
    intimidate them,
    do whatever you would like to do them,
    kill them!!!!!!!!!????????!!!
    this is a kind of work a lot of people are trying to see form you people especially the oppositions .if these people are really the MAOISTS, they haven’t learned from chinia sanskritik kranti.
    NB: either you change yourself or the PEOPLE will change you.

  3. The Maoists originally gained popularity for stopping crap like this. The Maoists are in power now, so power seekers join the Maoists.

  4. how long do we have to take a crap from ycl or moist?

    for how long 10 criminals are going to kick 200 nepalese?

    what is it called when 10 as.hol..with khukuris kill/beat 1/2 individuals? brave or chhakas.

  5. Is it not the case that YCL operates separately from the adult Maoists? I am rarely one to advocate for the police, but a bit of enforcement of basic laws and principles of civil society such as the don’t-thrash-people code might help.

    I also find it somewhat ironic that a neo-Marxist movement like Maobad would have the interest and belief requisite for addressing an issue like witchcraft.

  6. commies thrashing a poor women for being a witch. how appropiate when your idology dictates that there is no god and supernatural.

  7. What Prachanda has to say for this hanious crime? Where his scientific materialism fits with this ultra superstitious acts that his beloved caders are doing? No, it a conspiracy of Palace . Mr Chairman says.

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