Young Criminal League? Here is Why.

Expressing serious concern over what it said were criminal activities of YCL (that is, Young Communist League of the Maoist party), the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to independently and impartially probe crimes committed by the Maoist youth wing and punish them on charges of criminal offence. “NHRC has received complaints and information that YCL has committed inhuman activities like abduction, murder, beating and issuing threats. NHRC expresses serious concern over these activities,” NHRC said in a statement issued yesterday.

In the statement, NHRC, the constitutional human rights watchdog, has listed 10 complaints it has received in recent days against the Maoist youth wing. They are:

* Murder of Ram Hari Shrestha after abduction.
* Seriously beating and injuring UML cadres Ram Singh Rai, Khagendra Kumar Rai, Dedraj Basnet and Kul Bahadur Rai at Kulung Bhojpur. All are being treated at TU Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.
* Destroying the house of Chandra Bahadur Shrestha of Okharpauwa, Nuwakot, accusing him of not casting vote for the Maoists and being active against Maoists. The house was under construction.
* Beating up and injuring Rameshwor Pokharel, a teacher of Nepane Secondary School in Gorkha for not casting vote for CPN (Maoist).
* Disrupting drinking water supply by cutting the pipes in Nawalpur-8, Sindhupalchowk, accusing villagers of not voting for Maoists and for not donating money for a road construction project.
* Death threats from YCL has forced the five-member family of one Nara Bahadur Gurung to flee their home in Changthapu VDC of Panchthar district.
* Mercilessly beating up five brothers of a family at Kaskikot of Kaski district.
* Manhandling Ram Banjare, the owner of Gulmeli Hotel in Arghakhanchi.
* Threatening Pratap Singh Tamang of Hokse VDC, Kavre district for voting Nepali Congress.
* Beating up teachers Krishna Prasad Pathak and Ram Nath Tiwari of Rameshwor Higher Secondary School in Chitwan.

Meanwhile, YCL beat couple in Kavre: Giving continuity to their excesses, cadres of YCL beat up Ram Bahadur Tamang and his wife Devmaya of Salle Bhumlu VDC-2 in Kavrepalanchowk, in the name of settling a dispute with their neighbor five days ago. The incident came to light after the victims on Sunday lodged a complaint to Dhulikhel police against the YCL cadres. Tamang had treated his wounds at a public health post at Dhulikhel while his wife was taken to Life Care Hospital in Sundhara, Kathmandu, where she had to stay for three days for treatment.

“YCL cadre Dipak Chaulagain had dragged my mother out and began beating her mercilessly,” said Roshni, who took her mother to Kathmandu for treatment. “She also told me that Dipak, Kanchhi and other Maoists had beaten her up before she fell unconscious.” However, the accused YCL cadre Chaulagain maintained that Devmaya was injured after falling off from bed during the incident.

Meanwhile, police arrested Chandra Bahadur, the neighbor, to investigate the incident. Enmity began between the neighbors after Tamang’s wife allegedly beat up Chandra Bahadur over a dispute during maize seed plantation recently.





24 responses to “Young Criminal League? Here is Why.”

  1. whatif Avatar

    Now you can easily predict that how maoist won in CA election. It was none other than intimidation that compelled people to vote for maoist. Result of CA election is not true verdict of nepali people. So people shouldnt let maoist to lead the goverment.

  2. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    The answer is simple. The sister organization of TERRORIST(India
    supported) can’t be saint.

  3. Saroj Dangol Avatar
    Saroj Dangol

    All the newars of Kathmandu should get opportunity to ejaculate into prachande’s mouth for encouraging immoral activities of YCL.

  4. Rajendra Pokharel Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel

    I am not sure if Belgium still has its universal jurisdiction over crimes against humanity, if it does, I think, we can get a case against Prachanda and other thugs in Belgium. Nepal will never try them . The concept of universal jurisdiction was developed precisely to try criminals like Prachanda who would never face trial in their own country!

  5. hope Avatar

    If there is just go for it Pokharel jee, atleast that would initiate the long awaited justice. People from different countries including people in Nepal would give enough evidence of his crimes against humanity to make it a strong enough case to indict one of the most cruel criminal country has ever seen!!

  6. nepstar Avatar


    Let’s prioritize the judgment day!!!!
    1. King need to trialed
    2. All the Ranas who ruled for 104 years and emptied the national treasury need to be trialed
    3. 30 years of Panchyat System of Corruption need to be trialed
    4. 2046 onwards all the corrupted leaders should be trialed by the present government

    Everybody need to brought to justice not a peaceful way of departure

    Otherwise all will go to government and the palace they will loot and rape the country “Nepal” and will be removed with honor.

    All the culprits ” Ranas, shahas, and all the corrupters” need to punished and the wealth of the nation should be back in national treasury Then the real democratic republic is established.

    This is the main work of MAOIST


  7. Vibek Shrestha Avatar
    Vibek Shrestha


    What about your father pol pot Prachande who killed 13,000 innocent people and displaced thousands from their villages. It looks like you are one of the YCL thugs who were involved in the killing of Ram Hari Shrestha. Yes, all the corrupts, including you should be hanged at Tundikhel.

  8. Prabin Pradhan Avatar
    Prabin Pradhan

    I urged all the newars of kathmandu to rise up against all these criminal bahuns like Prachande and baburam and criminal bhote like Badal. I am not against any particular caste, but I am against criminals like Prachande, and others who is instead of punishing the culprits trying to protect these culprits. Enough is enough!!

  9. Sunil Avatar

    Prachande, Baburam, and Badal are real randi ko chhoros who are encouraging violent activities of YCL thugs. So, I urge all newars of kathmandu to kick them out of kathmandu valley. Mass murderer Prachande should be tried at international court of justice. All this is happening because of the ineffectiveness of pataki Girija who did nothing besides fu’cking Nona koirala ‘s ass.

  10. ram Avatar

    We will see how terroist Jhakku prasad will win in the next parliamentary election.

  11. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    nepal has been ruled and opressed for ages by dictators, tyrants and murderers and its quite clear that the maoists will to add themselves to this list can only be seconed by their enthusiasm to be crowned the bloodiest and cruelest of them all.

  12. Hemanta Avatar

    The tears of Ram Hari shrestha’s mother, Ramila and her two kids seem to be more powerful than the current of mighty Karnali river that will definitely sooner or later sweep away all these criminal maoist leaders.

  13. Madhesi Avatar

    I will not stop until I cut Prachande’s son Prakash into 1000 pieces so that he can feel the pain that Ram hari shrestha’s family is currently bearing.

  14. bhote Avatar

    ooi jatha ktm ko jyapu haru, kharpne jatha haru kai garnu sakdaina field ma, virtual world ma chai karaudai bas. sakchas bhane jaa nepal ma aani lead gar tero newari death squads haru. hami so called bhote haru taali bajaudia herdai basaulaa.

  15. QPR Avatar

    He janmara bhote:

    Are you the brother of kali bahadur magar, the murderer of Ram hari shrestha? Polyandry is prevalent in Bhote community. I think Ta bhote is born as a result of polyandry.

  16. poo Avatar

    seems like people have got a platform to pour down all their racial hatreds in this site… I hope this will happen only in this ‘virtual’ world and not in reality…
    Comeon people, don’t lose your track… if you start taking life for life, what will be the difference between you and the YCL cadres?
    I wonder if people really want to stop bloodshed and establish unity… otherwise why would somebody write about cutting Prachanda’s son or a ‘bhote’ or ‘jyapu’ pulling each other’s legs… It’s ridiculous!!

  17. Sus J Avatar
    Sus J

    I am newar too. But before that i believe I am a Nepali.. and I am dead sure every Nepali feels tha same. Then why this hostility towards each other in the name of ethnicity? Please guys.. specially so called ‘sunil and prabin and saroj dangol’..dont think we here at this blog are united to ridicule each other … we hear are united to share our views so that they can be positively accepted or commented … as watchdogs for betterment of Nepal and nepalese’ minds. and i also urge ‘bhote’ on behalf of all the other non extremist ethnists (nepalese at large) to not bother other idiots’ indecent comments towards us nepalese as a whole. Lets not get effected by their negative vibes. Thank you for understanding.

  18. Sus J Avatar
    Sus J

    Aftr all they say.. united we stand.. divided we definetly fall…

    choice is ours

  19. Sus J Avatar
    Sus J

    besides… ram hari wasnt only killed by kali bahadur magar.. he was killed by the maoist institutionas a whole.. and that doesnt include only bahun prachanda and magar badal and bibidh but also ‘Mohan vaidya aka Kiran’ so all we newars we unite against newars too?? what have you got to say about this?? we have had enough of this ethnic beastiality. No racism.. and no nazism, Not in Nepal.

  20. bhote Avatar

    dude u r right, well, all i was saying to that ignorant hypocrites was if u really want bhotes n bahuns to flee frm ktm why not raise ‘newari death squad’ or newari sniper units or any such extreme forces after all ktm is strategically best for urban guerilla warfare, dont need massive firepower to harrass the occupants. simple strategy soak them in then hit n run inside the gallis. ( just a humor dudes)

  21. anesh Avatar

    FOhori newari.
    i haven’t seen the people like NEWAR( KODEs), the most uncivilised people in the world.
    Raga ko Masu toknev &&& Rath tannne bahek kehi kam chhaina timiharuko.

    Timiharuko matra ktm ho ra????????

    Ek din Bhote ra Bahun le (pahadbata) CURRY & FRUIT && Terai ma basne dajubhai le CHAMAL (rice) pathauna banda garne ho vane 1 din mai maraula. HOS Garera Bolne gara.

    SOrry for Gali
    lets make new nepal together

  22. nepstar Avatar


    Just i am giving my thoughts i don’t belong to any party. I am not a politician. I am nepali and i have right to express my views.

  23. Texas Nepali Avatar
    Texas Nepali

    YCL is a deliberate attempt of Maoists to monopolise power and become the ruling party of Nepal. As the name Maoist they have derived from China’s Mao, YCL is a carbon copy of Red Guards, the group of Young Chinese that was violent and loyal to Mao and attacked representatives of the party and the state including the local leaders, teachers, factory managers and even high-ranking party leaders and cabinet ministers. It spread terror. YCL is doing the same.

  24. dizi odası Avatar

    besides. ram hari wasnt only killed by kali bahadur magar.. he was killed by the maoist institutionas a whole.. and that doesnt include only bahun prachanda and magar badal and bibidh but also ‘Mohan vaidya aka Kiran’ so all we newars we unite against newars too?? what have you got to say about this?? we have had enough of this ethnic beastiality. No racism.. and no nazism, Not in Nepal

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